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Found @ Etsy » Fall for Autumnal Vintage

October 18, 2012

Bright Wall Vintage Ceramic Mug Trio
Bright Wall Vintage King ThermosBright Wall Vintage American Tourister SuitcaseBright Wall Vintage SX-70 Polaroid Camera
Bright Wall Vintage Red Enamel SaucepanBright Wall Vintage Renauld Tortoiseshell GlassesBright Wall Vintage Green Enamel Fondue Pot
Bright Wall Vintage Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve TypewriterBright Wall Vintage Southwestern Wool BlanketBright Wall Vintage Children's Book Trio

Chilly nights, cozy blankets, steaming mugs of cocoa…
It’s Autumn on Lo’s List!

The air’s turning brisk, the leaves are changing, school is back in session… it must be autumn! I’m already missing those long, lazy days of summer, but there’s something so delicious about the season of cozy wool sweaters and steaming mugs of tea. The onset of chilly nights calls for a bit of warmth around the house, and these fabulous finds over at Bright Wall Vintage are just the ticket for creating that autumnal charm.

1. Mug Trio:One of my favorite cold-weather treats is a cup of hot cocoa — especially the ultra-luxurious dark hot chocolate from Burdick. Sip that chocolatey indulgence in these cheery floral mugs.

2. King Thermos: Always on the go? Take your cocoa with you in this air pot Thermos from King. Hold enough cocoa for you and your friends whether you’re romping through the woods or swimming in a sea of cubicles.

3. American Tourister Suitcase: Go away for the weekend in style with this covetable American Tourister suitcase. It’s just the right size for a couple days of drinking in gorgeous fall foliage, or a getaway to wine country to celebrate the harvest.

4. SX-70 Alpha 1 Polaroid Camera: Capture the beauty of autumn leaves with a classic collectible like this SX-70 Alpha 1. Instagram may be the way of the future, but nothing is as magical as seeing a Polaroid snapshot develop before your eyes.

5. Enamel Sauce Pan: Nothing says welcome home like a pot of something delicious simmering away on the stove. Let this sweet saucepan fill your kitchen with the scent of spiced cider or mulled wine.

6. Fondue Pot: Speaking of kitchens, I’m a sucker for cold-weather comfort foods. Whether you think it’s classic or hopelessly retro, hot melty cheese never fails to delight. This darling avocado-green pot is its own excuse for a fondue party. And don’t forget the forks!

7. Renauld Eye Glasses: Ease your strained eyes with these fabulous vintage frames. Back-to-school chic never looked so good!

8. Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve Typewriter: There’s something writerly about autumn, isn’t there? When inclement weather keeps you indoors, unleash your inner Hemingway with a wordsmith’s classic tool. With a pop of sky blue, this Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve is the perfect addition to our growing typewriter collection…

9. Southwestern Wool Blanket: As temperatures drop, snuggle up with a luxuriant flannel blanket. Don’t you feel cozy just looking at it?

10. Vintage Children’s Books: What better way to spend an autumn day than curled up with a good book?  This picturesque set of vintage hardbacks is perfect for sharing with the young ones in your family — or the young at heart!

Found @ Etsy » Summer Brights

July 16, 2012

Rib & Hull Dijon Yellow Raw PurseRib & Hull Cognac Brown Leather Heirloom Tote
Rib & Hull Coral Canvas and Leather Tokyo ToteRib & Hull Violet Leather Oversized Clutch
top: Dijon Yellow Raw Purse and Cognac Brown Leather Heirloom Tote
bottom: Coral Canvas and Leather Tokyo Tote and Violet Leather Oversized Clutch

Rib & Hull’s collection of luscious leather goods is perfectly in line with this season’s celebration of all things neon. These Tokyo-style totes, carry-all wallets and oversized pouches – offered up at reasonable artisan rates – are just the right pop of color for this strict New Yorker’s grey-on-black daily attire.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Do You Have a Happy Family?

February 8, 2011

Happy Family Microscope OnesieHappy Family Bicycle Onesie
Happy Family T-Rex OnesieHappy Family Astro Man Onesie
top: Happy Family Microscope and Retro Bicycle Onesie
bottom: Happy Family Roaring Dinosaur and Astronaut Onesie

After another visit to the midwife’s office yesterday and, thus, another precious chance to listen to Pipsqueek’s little heart thumping away I can’t help but have a giddy case of baby-brain. It’s taking all of my shopaholic willpower not to spend the little one’s college fund on fluffy booties, clothing, and a comprehensive Dr. Seuss / Shel Silverstein / Richard Scarry / Maurice Sendak library. But… a little stumble here and there has happened and why not one more wee dalliance with these tees and onsies from Etsy’s Happy Family? Perfect for the curious child or a budding geek, the collection features vintage-inspired, brightly-printed graphics inspired by something you might find in grandma’s old thesauruses. Just be ready to answer the questions that might ensue: “mommy, can we start an urban farm in the backyard?”

Happy Family Skeleton TeeHappy Family Wind Power Tee
Happy Family Ship TeeHappy Family Rooster Tee
top: Happy Family Skeleton and Wind Power Tee
bottom: Happy Family Pirate Ship and Urban Farming Tee

Found @ Etsy » Cuddle Up with the Cosmos

January 31, 2011

Stellarquilts Phobos V2

Stellarquilts Phobos V2 Quilt

I’ve always been a lover of quilts – watching my mother create exquisite ones as a child, starting my own collection once I moved to New York City and discovered the East Village Flea and the wonders of eBay, standing awestruck before each Gee’s Bend quilt during the Guggenheim exhibition a few years back… The diversity of the genre – from the pure white and meticulous piqûre de Marseilles to the bright, appliqué styles of Hawaii – the history of quilts is rich with local tales and oozes the patient expertise of endless cultures’ womenfolk.

Needless to say, I get weak in the knees when coming across a quilter with a new style or story to tell. Jimmy Mcbride aka Stellarquilts is definitely a fresh voice at the quilting bee – using galactic imagery as his textile inspirations. My favorite from his current Etsy collection is, bar none, the Phobos V2 quilt (above) – a quilted replica of one of Mar’s moons. The quilts range from a modest $1,000 to $12,000+ so start pinching pennies for your very own piece of art to cuddle up in.

Gift Guide » Top Ten Handmade Finds @ Etsy

December 2, 2010

Beau Champing Alfabeto Print
The Pin Pals Pine Tree Hair BarretteEtco White Gold Paper Mini BowlMudpuppy Baby Head Vase/Planter
Flying Star Toys Molehill MouseNonfiction Tees' Minerals Geology TeeMacha Jewelry Karis Gold Ring
Less and More Crafting Cindy Wooden Desk OrganizerIng00te's Dad and Me Felted SlippersPeace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger Bag
top: Beau Champing Alfabeto Print
first row: The Pin Pals Pine Barrettes, Etco Paper Bowl, and Mudpuppy Baby Head Vase
second row: Flying Star Toys Molehill Mouse, Nonfiction’s Minerals Tee, and Macha Karis Ring
third row: Less and More Crafting Cindy Organizer, Ing00te's Dad and Me Felted Slippers, and Peace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger Bag

Etsy has to be one of the coolest places for gift giving — simply because most of the offerings on the site are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. But, with this endless trove of offerings, a bushy-eyed shopper can quickly get dissuaded by too much good stuff! So, just in time for the holidays: our top ten suggested Etsy gifts (check out last year’s Etsy guide) for all the people on your list! We’ve tried to offer up a good cross-section of what the crafty marketplace has to offer: ceramics and housewares, clothes and accessories, sewn plushes and things for the little ones, and of course, art and prints! If you’re looking to take a deeper dive, be sure to explore Etsy’s numerous browsing tools here!

1Beau Champing Alfabeto Print$75

Beau Champing Alfabeto PrintWhether for bilingual baby or just the foyer, this slick, limited edition (175 copies) xylene transfer print by Beauchamping adds a humorous wink to any room. Don’t worry, there’s an aglo version too!

2The Pin Pals Pine Tree Hair Barrette$12

The Pin Pals Pine Tree Hair BarretteCan’t forget to stuff the stockings! After the big gifts have been drooled over, it’s fun to dig into your stocking and find glee in the small stuff. The selection of cross stitched barrettes, buttons, and brooches in The Pin Pal’s store are a great place to start. Ahem! Lo wants these wintery evergreens please…

3Etco White Gold Paper Mini Bowl$10

Etco White Gold Paper Mini BowlWe’re loving the delicate and precious look of these bitty gilded papier-mâché bowls from Etco’s store. What’s more, they’re eco-friendly: made with recycled paper. Choose gold, bronze, or silver inner sheen with a black, white, or brown outer gloss. A perfect place to store a trinket or jewel…

4Mudpuppy Baby Head Vase/Planter$40

Mudpuppy Baby Head Vase/PlanterFor the slightly off-kilter green thumb on your list, these hilarious baby head vases (which also work as planters) from Mudpuppy are a top-notch gift! We also love the way they look with the tillandsia air plants (which you can also buy at Mudpuppy’s shop). A one-stop solution!

5Flying Star Toys Molehill Mouse$60

Flying Star Toys Molehill MouseOooh! These cute-cute-cute molehill mousies from Flying Star Toys are great for kids of any age! Despite their patchworkishness (?) these plushes are still super elegant. The store has a constantly rotating collection of critters so check back often!

6Nonfiction Minerals Tee$18

Nonfiction Minerals TeeFor the t-shirt aficionado or science geek on Santa’s list, the selection at Nonfiction Tees is a perfect fit. We’re digging the very bling Minerals design – can you name all the gemstones? The store offers up a ton of other great options like the Carbon Cycle Tee and the Dinosaur Evolution Tee!

7Macha Jewelry Karis Gold Ring$510

Macha Jewelry Karis Gold RingMove over sugar-plums! This Karis ring over at Macha Jewelry’s shop has been the sole vision dancing through my head. I just love the combination of the 9k gold cathedral setting and silver rock… YZ? Are you there? There are lots of other great rings at the shop too — perfect for the holiday engagement!

8Less and More Crafting Cindy Wooden Desk Organizer$57

Less and More Crafting Cindy Wooden Desk OrganizerThis minimalist wooden organizer would be a welcome addition to my OCD home! There are so many great ways to use these desk accessories from Less and More: pens and pencils, thread bobbins, makeup organizer, minimalist vase… Chose from a variety of sizes and finishes.

9Ing00te's Dad and Me Felted Slippers$125

Ing00te's Dad and Me Felted SlippersMatching Dad and Me felted slippers? How precious would these look in those keepsake holiday photos of you and your little one cuddled up reading The Polar Express by the fireplace? Ing00te’s shop has a gobs of stunning slippers to choose from: a must-peruse!

10Peace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger Bag$300

Peace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger BagFor the rugged guy on your list, snag this Upcycled Messenger Bag — made from bits and pieces of an italian duffle, a leather jacket, some 60-year-old linen, a school bag and a vintage Navy kit bag. The bags in Peace4You’s shop have just the right classy meets couldn’t-care-less fashion sensibility.

Found @ Etsy » The MOD Squad!

November 15, 2010

top: Green, Violet, and Harold Brown models
middle: Amaro, Black, and Paradise Blue models
bottom: Agata, Harold White, and Jade Green models

Remo & Mariska are a sibling retailing duo with a serious eye for spectacle fashion. Their Zwolle-based Etsy store, MOD* Vintage, is full of bright, plastic frames from Spanish company INDOline optical. Most of the frames run about $29 a pair — great for any 4-eyes out there looking to expand their optical wardrobe! Each set of specs comes packaged in an upcycled VHS box! Cute.

Found @ Etsy » Colorful Collectibles at The Sunday Times Market

November 1, 2010

top: The Sunday Times Market Front number stamp and japanese Foo Dog statuettes
bottom: The Sunday Times Market spice box and 1957 Kay Bojesen rabbit

What is a tchotchke? I would say it’s an object that you just don’t need but, somehow, are drawn towards. In the world of flea markets, antique shops, Ebay, and strange gift-givers, it’s hard to avoid the constant barrage of doodads that are daring you to find room for them in your 4th floor railroad walk-up. As our little house has started filling up with bowls of Italian glass marbles, stacks of vintage flashcards, turn-of-the-century typewriters and so forth, I’m realizing that I must become more strict with my collection curating.

So, from now on, by way of vintage, it’s only the crème de la crème of the brocante. Although Ebay has always been a fantastic resource for old school finds, I wouldn’t say it is the most pleasant of shopping experiences. Between the crap photos and the stress of bidding on something you desperately want, the pleasure of the purchase disappears. Enter Etsy. With an ever-growing group of vintage sellers, this crafter’s marketplace has become my new go-to one-stop-antique-shop. One of my favorite dealers of late is The Sunday Times Market. The Seattle-based storefront, run by husband and wife team David and Ashley, has a bright and humorous assortment of boxes, bins, signs, creatures, and kitchenwares… Their impeccable sense of taste, combined with superb photographing skills, makes perusing the pages of The Sunday Times a true pleasure. Check out the Lo’s List favorites above!

From: Tel Aviv » Crazy for Kozo Lamps!

August 27, 2010

Kozo Desk Lamp

A little bit Steampunk, a tad industrial loft makeover, these upcycled KOZO lamps are being produced by a 7-member collective called DEMO Design Clinic working out of Florentin (Tel Aviv’s Williamsburg doppelgänger). The designers build each lamp with miscellaneous plumbing parts and a faucet spigot handle serves as on/off switch! The label currently has nine designs available in their Etsy shop all running around $200.

“The materials are left raw and authentic as possible, aging in their own unique way, with rusty edges and the marks from the hand tools that were used in the assembly process”

Kozo Bookend Lamp and Shelf Lamp

Found @ Etsy » Sara Carr Knitted Garden

July 15, 2010

Sara Carr's Monty the Fox

So, you might say it’s far from wool-wearing weather, what with NYC temperatures up in the 90’s, but with every store, theater, and restaurant cranking the AC like they’re charged with re-freezing the glaciers, it’s comforting to have a little fuzzy critter to curl up with at the end of the day (or a cute scarf to wrap around your little one’s neck to keep the summer sniffles away!). Sara Carr’s collection of hedgehogs, donkeys, owls, and other backyard regulars at Etsy do just the trick. With simple & clean designs, lambswool-soft materials, and colorways bright enough to match any summer day, these pillows and plushes would look great on a white canvas daybed or one of those hanging wicker pods!

Clockwise from top left: Sara Carr's Mabel the Hedgehog, Tulip Scarf, Beryl the Owl Hot Water Bottle Case, and Kevin the Caterpillar

Found @ Etsy » So Dutch! Upcycled Plates & Friends!

April 26, 2010

Nina Invorm’s Custom Plates

The Dutch really know how to pinch a penny — something I learned over and over from my mother growing up. Sometimes the philosophy doesn’t work (ie. having to sport knock-off Converse All Stars from Payless during the painful years of junior high) but other times hits it on the nose: like these adorable polka dot- and garland-clad vintage plates, pitchers and other kitchenwares by Nina Invorm. The buck doesn’t stop there: check out her brighter-than-a-rainbow blog for eye candy galore!

Nina Invorm’s Bird Plate, Cake Plate Set, Lots of Dots Pitcher, and Postcard Set

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Timber!!!!

March 30, 2010

Tees by Etsy Shop Timber: Old Man MazeTees by Etsy Shop Timber: Village
Old Man Maze tee on grass and Village tee on athletic gray

Timber’s Etsy shop is jam-packed with nostalgic, pioneer-hipster illustrated tees in a whole spectrum of subdued colors! Here are our personal favorites from the LA-based company’s selection: be sure to also check out Timber’s official website for great paintings in the same style as well as updates on where to buy!

Tees by Etsy Shop Timber: LumberjackTees by Etsy Shop Timber: Logs
Tees by Etsy Shop Timber: Umbrella TreeTees by Etsy Shop Timber: Jack of Hearts
top Lumberjack tee on pomegranate and Logs tee on silver
bottom Umbrella Tree tee on sand Jack of Hearts tee on creme

Found @ Etsy » Dutch Door Press

March 19, 2010

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

OK – full-blown spring fever has taken over Lo’s List (making it quite the challenge to stay indoors and working) and these delicate letter-pressed prints from Dutch Door Press perfectly capture a distinct highlight of the season: new blooms and birds, birds, birds! Along with gobs of other cute paper goods, Mara Murphy and Anna Branning’s Etsy Shop boasts the first bunch of prints from their Birds and Blooms of the 50 States series (two of our favorites, Texas and Massachusetts below). The collection also currently includes Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, Oregon, New York, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press TexasLo's List /// Dutch Door Press Massachusetts
Dutch Door Press Texas and Massachusetts Prints from the Birds and Blooms of the 50 States collection

Found @ Etsy » Dot Dot Dot…

February 17, 2010

Lo's List /// Robert Siegel Yellow Polka Dot Bowl on Etsy

Robert Siegel Yellow Polka Dot Bowl

Totally in love with these stippled porcelain wares from Robert Siegel’s Etsy store! The small selection of hand-thrown and hand-painted polka-dotted vases, mugs, plates, and bowls are a downright bargain and a great addition to any spirited kitchen. After a year-long residency at the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen, China, the ceramicist moved back to Philadelphia where he set up his studio and started churning out pieces for his Etsy shop and a slew of other online boutiques (check out his pieces on Art Star). Siegel’s collaboration with Philly painter Stephanie Kao (more on her coming right up!) has resulted in another nice bunch of his signature ceramics – for sale over at Stephanie’s shop and definitely worth a perusal!

Lo's List /// Robert Siegel Polka Dot Coffee Mug on EtsyLo's List /// Robert Siegel Grape Polka Dot Vase on Etsy
Robert Siegel Polka Dot Coffee Mug and Vase

Found @ Etsy » Aid for Haiti

January 20, 2010

1Kill ’em Dirty’s One Foot In Massachusetts Necklace$21

Kill 'em Dirty's One Foot in Massachusetts Necklace

Brushed silver necklace with contrasting chunky and thin chains from Kill ’em Dirty. Standard chain length is 18.5″ but you can specify the length you want (btwn 15″-25″). 50% of all Kill ’em Dirty sales between now and January 23rd are donated to the American Red Cross.

2Thirty Six Ten’s Single Violet Sterling Silver Ring$35

Thirty Six Ten Single Violet Ring

Lovely little sterling silver ring from Thirty Six Ten’s Etsy shop. Buy one or several and stack! $20 of the purchase price of this item will be donated to the Disaster Relief fund of Compassion International.

3Reqbat Hand Drawn Cards$12

Reqbat Handpainted Cards

Lovely little set of hand-painted birdie cards from Canadian artist Reqbat. Just in time for V-Day! Only one set left so grab it while you can. 100% of sales goes to the Canadian Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

4Silverwoods' Set of 3 Sterling Silver Wave Bangles$87

Silverwoods' Set of 3 Wave Bangles

Set of three forged and hammered sterling silver bangles from Silverwoods. 10% of all sales and 100% of sales of featured items (such as the bangles shown above) will be donated to the International Red Cross.

5Paloma's Nest Tiny Text Bowl$22

Paloma's Nest Tiny Text Bowl

Matte-finished 3.5″ diameter “Today I Will…” bowl from the Fill in the Blank series by Paloma’s Nest. Perfect for jewels or keys… $5 from each bowl sold before February 15 will be donated to the Haiti relief fund.

6Corrie Berry Pie’s Simple Secret Necklace$22

Corrie Berry Pie Simple Secret Necklace

The Simple Secret Necklace is made with a vintage metal skeleton key with a 32″ vintage metal chain by Corrie Berry Pie. For the remainder of January, 50% of all sales will go directly to World Relief.

7Cristin Rae Sky Blue Cowl$30

Cristin Rae Sky Blue Cowl

Hand-knit sky blue cowl made with chunky 100% merino wool by Cristin Rae. 90% of all current inventory proceeds will go towards Haiti relief funds. Check out the shop for gobs of bright cold-weather accessories to splurge on!

8Beads in the Belfry Tiny Text Necklace$20

Beads In The Belfry Tiny Text Necklace

This dainty sterling silver charm by Beads in the Belfry features one letter or number of your choice. The amulet is just a tad smaller than a dime and comes on a 14″ or 18″ chain. 50% of proceeds go to the American Red Cross.

9Gin and Butterflies Sterling Silver Pagoda Ring$70

Gin and Butterflies Sterling Silver Pagoda Ring

Sterling one-tiered Pagoda Ring by Gin and Butterflies out of Portland, Oregon. A $10 donation to is made with each purchase. Check out the main shop page for loads of stunning pieces. Get the Pagoda ring here!

10INKDORk’s Renewable Love Cards$5

INKDORk's Renewable Love Cards

Sweet and simple hand-pulled silk screened cards with envelopes. Dimensions are 5″ x 7″ with blank inside. All proceeds from card sales go to Haiti relief.

Geekology » If an iPhone Rang in the Woods…

January 14, 2010

Woodtec iPhone / iPod Docking Station

Woodtec iPhone Docking Station

Love this! Love this! Woodtec’s handmade cedar docking stations for iPhones and iPods are made-to-order, meaning each one is unique with it’s own knobbies and marbling. The docks are compatible with all iPods (except the shuffle) and use a standard USB wire.

The Cali-raised, Hudson Valley-dwelling designer, Will, and his wife Rachel (and toddler son) are a busy Etsy family (with 3 Esty storefronts between them) – who knows what little Lundon will start making once he’s old enough to go into the DIY biz!?

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