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Go for the Gold » Midas Touch Found in Columbus, Ohio

August 14, 2012

Vintage Doc Martens by CWhatPhotos via Flickr
image via Flickr user CWhatPhotos

Dip those Docs in gold, forever preserving this
iconic ‘90s footwear and emblem of teen angst.

Investigative journalism is not our usual beat, but a recent parental text message to Lo set us off on an unexpected quest: “Mom wants to know: do you need to keep those old Doc Marten boots?”

“Yes!!!” we replied immediately, thinking of all the trouble those boots got into with us in junior high. If they could write a book – well, we wouldn’t let our little Henri read it. “Dip ‘em in gold,” we added sarcastically. And then we did the classic double-take: maybe we should dip those Docs in gold, forever preserving our iconic ‘90s footwear and emblem of teen angst. And why stop there? Bronzed baby booties may be a parental cliché, but there’s a ton of stuff we’d be willing to glaze in gold if we know how.

Enter Valley Forge Gifts. “You can preserve almost anything from a hard-won game ball to a unique gag gift,” their website claims. We discovered that, like most retailers offering the service, they outsource to American Bronzing – the oldest and largest bronzing company in America. Since they were established in Columbus, Ohio, in 1934, AB has bronzed over 14,000,000 baby shoes. They use authentic electroplating – not painting – using multiple layers of real-metal plating to coat your keepsake. All 22 steps of the process are done by hand, and the workmanship is covered by a full 25-year warranty.

We contacted longtime American Bronzing staff associate Sue Maynard and inquired about gold. “We used to coat objects in gold – until about a year and a half ago. With the sky-rocketing cost of gold, it just wasn’t profitable anymore, so we stopped offering it.” You can, however, still bronze those boots! Our pair of Docs would run to $75-100 with an 8-10 week turnaround. “The metal shines like a brand new copper penny,” Sue says. Doc Martens, welcome to the new Bronze Age.

Go for the Gold » Brass Takes the Cake

August 10, 2012

Oji Masanori Brass Paperweights

Set these paperweights down on the top page of your finished novel by the window on a breezy day…

Although brass is not a traditional medalling metal – and although paperweights belong to the class of less-than-necessary desktop equipment – we’re awarding gold to these exceptional objects by Japanese designer Oji Masanori. The solid brass polyhedra will oxidize over time, building up a gorgeous patina. They come in three different shapes, each with a satisfying heft and unfussy integrity. These paperweights are clearly made for more than holding down a stack of bills: they’re meant to be admired and held in the hand and set down on the top page of your finished novel, for example, by the window on a breezy day. Buy the set from one of our favorite shops for all things home, Toronto-based Mjölk.

Go for the Gold » Royal Tee

August 7, 2012

Martine Rose Gold Tee from August/Winter 2011 Collection
Image via i-D Magazine

Although a bit of a throwback, this gold tee from Martine Rose’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection has just the right degree of pomp for a king of the track field. Imagine sweating through a 10,000m speed workout in this number! Royally cool. The London designer has been whipping together eclectic collections for four seasons now, building on inspiration ranging from Zephyr Team skate style to Man Ray’s artifact collection from his post-Paris “exile” years in Hollywood. This particular Lo’s List favorite is made from hypothermia blanket fabric, making it ideal for a post-workout cooldown. Get your own bit of Martine Rose over at Daniel Jenkins or brick and mortar shops GR8 in Japan and Joyrich in Los Angeles.

Go for the Gold » Grin and Bear It

August 5, 2012

Frédéric Perigot Gold Bear Bag Large Shopper

Just the right size for a heptathlon
of Olympics-watching treats!

Care about the planet? Might as well be cute about it. Let your green credentials shine with this golden shopping bag by French designer Frédéric Perigot. It tucks away adorably into a little matching golden bear when not in use. We’d bust it out to shlep around our farmer’s market provender – or, better yet, to hold a heptathlon of Olympics-watching treats: Ritter Sports bar, Kind snacks, Volvic, TJ’s trail mix, watermelon, gum and Ella’s Kitchen squishies for the little guy.

The Perigot site is definitely worth a perusal, full of utilitarian-gone-chic household wares and minimalist bags made from one of our favorite materials, Tyvek!

Go for the Gold » Sunnies that Shine

August 2, 2012

Miu Miu Noir SunglassesMiu Miu Culte Sunglasses

Dazzling gold peepers that make all other sunglasses look lackluster by comparison

Nothing says style champion like a pair of Miu Miu sunnies, and their recent eyewear designs are pure gold. No, really: both their 2012 Spring/Summer and Resort collections included pairs of dazzling gold peepers that make all other sunglasses look lackluster by comparison.

It’s not only their bright gold color that makes these glasses stand out (though the glitter of the Noir is rather spellbinding). It’s the unique shapes Miu Miu pioneers that put these specs in a league of their own. The Culte frames are pentagonal and grow dramatically thicker at the temple, finished in brushed gold with brown gradated lenses. Showy yet chic. Think Jackie O with a futuristic twist. Or simply look to Rihanna, snapped on a yacht off Saint Tropez wearing them this very weekend. Need we say more?

If the super-sized geometric shape is not really your steez, try the Miu Miu Noir instead. The Noir takes the classic cateye frame and amps it with a more extreme arch. Featuring skinny metal arms that give a bug-eye effect, you add the gold glitter and basically get a 1940s Hollywood ingénue on the cusp of catastrophic mega-stardom. Wide-eyed beauty gone haywire…in a good way.

Of course, both pairs of handmade in Italy with 100% UV protection and custom fitting. But these sunglasses already got the gold – all that is just gravy.

Go for the Gold » Bust out the Bubbly!

July 31, 2012

Sieger by Fürstenberg Sip of Gold Champagne Tumblers

Congratulations, Michael Phelps! You’ve just won your 19th medal and become the greatest Olympian ever. So now what? Bust out the Champers and get celebrating! Of course, your victorious glass of bubbly demands a vessel that’s suitably elevated. You want nothing less than Sieger’s Sip of Gold collection. These sumptuous Fürstenberg porcelain Champagne goblets come in glossy white, black or silver – and with their rim and interior gilding of 24kt gold, they should quench any Olympian’s thirst (for decadence). Yes, even yours. Snag ‘em here for a modest $200 a pop.

Go for the Gold » Paint the Town Krink

July 28, 2012

Krink K-60 Paint Marker in Gold

You’re in town for the summer games: might as well leave your mark! Every street artist knows that London is a classic canvas and a long-time hub of the graf world. And what better way to get your tag on than with Krink’s K-60 paint marker in gold? These are the classic markers from the famed Brooklyn ink company (those mailboxes doused in dripping paint? Yeah, that’s Krink). Each squeezable bottle of K-60 has a broad, round tip and goes on super opaque to ensure that your John Hancock is scrawled to last.

Go for the Gold » Gold, Silver, and Bronze from Anna Sheffield

July 27, 2012

Anna Sheffield 14kt Gold Tiny Rivet RingAnna Sheffield 14kt White Gold Tiny Rivet RingAnna Sheffield 14kt Rose Gold Tiny Rivet Ring
from left: Tiny Rivet ring in 14kt gold, 14kt white gold, and 14kt rose gold

I have been downright pining for these Tiny Rivet stacking rings from Anna Sheffield for quite some time and now, with all things gold staring me in the face, the temptation is painful. YZ, can’t our anniversary come early this year? I’ve particularly had my eye on the bronze, erm, rose gold version of the design: simple, modern, and delicately pink. A perfect fit stacked with my wedding ring. Head over to Sheffield’s main site and the bridal collection for gobs of exquisite jewels for the special person in your life ( or just for you!) While you’re poking around, be sure to take a tour of the designer’s lovely blog!

Go for the Gold » That Sounds Golden.

July 27, 2012

limited edition 24kt gold-plated Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones by Crystal Rocked

Ideal for long cardio workouts – especially if you’ve always wondered what it’s like to sweat all over two thousand bucks

There’s nothing like some thumping beats to get you through another hard workout. And I’m just going to gloss over the science here and make the assumption that any track sounds better when blasted through gold. So go on then! Head over to Crystal Rocked, your expert in all things bedazzled, and pick up a pair of limited edition 24kt gold-plated Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones. They’re ideal for long cardio workouts – especially if you’ve always wondered what it’s like to sweat all over two thousand bucks worth of bling (it smells the same). They’re also good for squats: think weights, hugging your face. Only 50 of these guys were made (10 are at Harrods in London so you Olympians can hurry over and get a pair too). Best snatch one up before that snob with the Swarovski-encrusted gym shoes does! Oh, and an auditory suggestion for your new tchotchkie… No excuse not to work out now.

Special Feature » Go for the Gold!

July 27, 2012

Golden Nugget

As a toast to the Summer Olympics, we’re rolling out a new special feature here on Lo’s List, enthusiastically titled Go for the Gold. While the London Games unfold, we’ll be celebrating all things Olympics and, well, all things golden. From gilded fashion to golden gadgets to the shiniest tools to help every athlete, for the next few weeks we are all about gold.

Let the games begin!

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