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T-Shirt Tuesdays » Shark Attack!

November 20, 2012

Givenchy Shark Tee

I am absolutely jonesing for Givenchy these days (oh Antigona…). And I can just add this painterly statement tee to the lengthy list. My closet is already a veritable shrine to the men’s tee, with my favorite look being a half-heartedly tucked-in tee, some skinny jeans, a pair of exuberant socks and my trusty Tretorn sneaks. Any more fuss than that and I’m wasting precious time. But that doesn’t mean it’s careless. With my carefully curated tee collection, I always find just the right design for any day’s mood. This toothy shark? Mondays, for sure.

Exclusive Q&A » DEERDANA

October 23, 2012

Clockwise from top left: DEERDANA Pablo, Kanye, Harry, and Yves tees

DEERDANA’s minimalist portrait tees have been on our fashion radar for some time.  But when Jay-Z broke out their Basquiat for his now-famous subway ride to Brooklyn a couple weeks ago, we knew the NYC brand had hit the tipping point. Featuring a mötley crüe of iconic characters hand-scrawled onto classic white cotton tees, DEERDANA takes a wardrobe staple and gives it the tastemaker treatment. They also have their finger firmly on the pulse. From Rick Ross to Frida Kahlo to Maggie Smith’s Countess on “Downton Abbey,” their subjects transcend pop- and sub-cultures, and can best be qualified as, quite simply, cool.

We caught up with founders Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel to learn a little more about the line, including what their actual criteria is when emblazoning those tees:

What’s the criteria for showing up on a DEERDANA limited edition tee?

Sometimes we think about the selection as people we’d like to have dinner with. Martin Scorcese, Frida, Basquiat, Bieber singing…can you imagine a better dinner party?

RSVP us please! So who creates the images?
Where do the visuals come from?

I draw them with Kevin – we work together. We source from a number of different places. Some are more well known images, like the drawing of John Ford which from a Richard Avedon photograph.

Are most of your tees commissioned via collaborations (ie the kickass new Opening Ceremony line) or of your own choice?

None of our shirts are really “commissioned.” All of the shirts we do with outside people are true collaborations. From OC to Sean Sullivan to Miguel we go through a process of talking about ideas, going through images to draw from and then a number of drafts that we both are happy with. Most of our tees are our own line, but we love our collaborations!

Do you have to get the subjects’ approval or do you just go for it?

We go for it! Everyone has been very supportive, they should be flattering to the subject. We try to get them to the subject if possible.

Can you give us a heads up on a few portrait subjects we’ll be seeing soon?

New faces include Choupette Lagerfeld (Ed: Karl Lagerfeld’s beloved cat with 21,000 Twitter followers and counting), David Lynch, Hitchcock and Raf Simons.

Can’t wait! The line is so fresh and your cast of characters delight and inspire. All the best DEERDANA!

T-Shirt Tuesdays » David David Diptych

October 9, 2012

David David Classic T-Shirt Print BWDavid David Classic T-Shirt Print AY
David David Classic T-Shirt Print BW and Print AY

“A doodle becomes a sketch, a sketch becomes a structure and from that structure comes a geometric pattern.” — David Saunders

Artist-gone-fashion-designer David Saunders started his fashion career as an attempt to spiff up his fashion-party ensembles. From there, he quickly became known for his hand-painted geometric tees and apprenticeships, collaborations (Fred Perry, House of Holland), and a label (David David) quickly ensued. Although he did offer a few seasons worth of separates and sportswear, the David David line is now concentrating on what the designer loves most: tees (and an accessory here and there). You can snag your very own pop art piece from his shop. We particularly love these stripes and polka-dots…

Go for the Gold » Royal Tee

August 7, 2012

Martine Rose Gold Tee from August/Winter 2011 Collection
Image via i-D Magazine

Although a bit of a throwback, this gold tee from Martine Rose’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection has just the right degree of pomp for a king of the track field. Imagine sweating through a 10,000m speed workout in this number! Royally cool. The London designer has been whipping together eclectic collections for four seasons now, building on inspiration ranging from Zephyr Team skate style to Man Ray’s artifact collection from his post-Paris “exile” years in Hollywood. This particular Lo’s List favorite is made from hypothermia blanket fabric, making it ideal for a post-workout cooldown. Get your own bit of Martine Rose over at Daniel Jenkins or brick and mortar shops GR8 in Japan and Joyrich in Los Angeles.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Budding Tee Connoisseur

July 17, 2012

Graniph Bear in PainGraniph Yawning Bear
Graniph Megane TrioGraniph Daniel Julien
top: Bear in Pain and Yawning Bear
bottom: Megane Trio and Daniel Julien Vol. 01

I would hardly have predicted that, at the tender age of one, my kid would already be making clear style choices in his t-shirt collection. But indeed, Henri has his absolute favorites, each of which involves animals of some kind being silly in some way. Graniph, therefore, is an obvious go-to source for the little man’s closet. Their kids’ selection is overflowing with bawling bears, DJing dinos, puzzled pandas and the like. Oh, and a little something for Lo while we’re shopping…

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Jonathan Saunders

March 8, 2011

Jonathan Saunders Boyfriend TeeJonathan Saunders Boyfriend Tee
Jonathan Saunders Boyfriend Vest TopJonathan Saunders Boyfriend Tee

Don’t you love it when a tee shirt is more than just a tee? Like a top that makes a major artistic statement while you comfortably go about your business? A loose fitting piece that makes you look put together as opposed to sloppy? Well Jonathan Saunders has your number. The London-based designer’s resort collection includes a handful of black and white tees perfectly proportioned with bursts of color and eye-catching patterns. His emblem designs in neon and pastel hues are graphic beauties while the watercolor bricks are more subtle by comparison. Both pack a punch but keep it polished at the same time — plus you can wear them with anything. In other words, they’re perfection to a tee.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Lead & Light

February 22, 2011

Lead & Light Sleep TeeLead & Light Telemanipulation Tee
Lead & Light Satellite TeeLead & Light Static Tee
top: Lead & Light Sleep and Telemanipulation Tee
bottom: Lead & Light Satellite and Static Tee

It’s hard to find tees that are both interesting and sufficiently subtle to satisfy my design-conscious yet wallflowery husband YZ. Sam Kaufman, the creative behind Lead & Light manages to hit the pin on the head with his black-magic-meets-techno-apocalypse tee designs. The tee collection was launched as a home for Kaufman’s East Fork Studio design rejects (ah, nit-picky clients: we all have them…). Well, hurrah to Sam for finding the perfect way to recycle the sad side-effects of commercial gigs: it’s a win-win.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Do You Have a Happy Family?

February 8, 2011

Happy Family Microscope OnesieHappy Family Bicycle Onesie
Happy Family T-Rex OnesieHappy Family Astro Man Onesie
top: Happy Family Microscope and Retro Bicycle Onesie
bottom: Happy Family Roaring Dinosaur and Astronaut Onesie

After another visit to the midwife’s office yesterday and, thus, another precious chance to listen to Pipsqueek’s little heart thumping away I can’t help but have a giddy case of baby-brain. It’s taking all of my shopaholic willpower not to spend the little one’s college fund on fluffy booties, clothing, and a comprehensive Dr. Seuss / Shel Silverstein / Richard Scarry / Maurice Sendak library. But… a little stumble here and there has happened and why not one more wee dalliance with these tees and onsies from Etsy’s Happy Family? Perfect for the curious child or a budding geek, the collection features vintage-inspired, brightly-printed graphics inspired by something you might find in grandma’s old thesauruses. Just be ready to answer the questions that might ensue: “mommy, can we start an urban farm in the backyard?”

Happy Family Skeleton TeeHappy Family Wind Power Tee
Happy Family Ship TeeHappy Family Rooster Tee
top: Happy Family Skeleton and Wind Power Tee
bottom: Happy Family Pirate Ship and Urban Farming Tee

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Pegleg NYC

February 1, 2011

Pegleg Mid Stripe TeePegleg Sail Tee
Pegleg CTS TeePegleg Embroidered Objects Tee
top: Pegleg Mid Stripe and Sail Tees
bottom: Pegleg CTS and Embroidered Objects Tees

Don’t get me wrong – I love the biting severity of winter, the layers of gray, the way the city looks a century younger when it’s covered in two feet of fresh snow. But here and there, throughout these colder months, my mind does wander to scorching hot days at the beach, watermelon, and skipping around outside in a t-shirt and shorts.

The tees by the twenty-something trio behind Pegleg NYC also feel like a wistful reach towards summer. For their t-shirt line, the designers pull from an inspiration grab-bag of bold, nautical flag graphics, sailor stripes, and zany embroidery. The result in a collection that is not for the faint of heart and can’t help but be wonderfully clashy. Be sure to check out their other departments as well – including plenty of sweats, sweaters, and jackets to keep us warm until the snow melts…

Pegleg Circle TeePegleg Trident Tee
Pegleg Two Pocket TeePegleg Reversible Tee
top: Pegleg Circle and Trident Tees
bottom: Pegleg Two Pocket and Reversible Tees

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Beachy, Worn-In Tees from RVLT

January 11, 2011

RVLT Revolution Melan TeeRVLT Revolution Idol 1972 Tee
RVLT Revolution Idol I Am Okay TeeRVLT Revolution Luis Tee
top: RVLT Revolution Melan and Idol 1972 Tee
top: RVLT Revolution Idol I Am Okay and Luis Tee

While daydreaming about a still-too-far-in-the-future trip that YZ and I will be making out West this spring, these RVLT Revolution tees caught my eye. Their beachy, sun-faded look (thanks enzyme wash!) reminded me of something I would have stolen from my surfer boyfriend’s closet back in my college years. The whole collection is a quirky mix of retro catch phrases and typographic play: perfectly in line with the company’s philosophy of “mixing past and present in our own way”. The best part? These garments just get better with age.

RVLT Revolution Vono TeeRVLT Revolution Idol Retro Watch Tee
RVLT Revolution Cody TeeRVLT Revolution Mono Tee
top: RVLT Revolution Vono and Idol Watch Tee
top: RVLT Revolution Cody and Mono Tee

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Sale on Parachutes this Tues-Thurs

December 14, 2010

Parachute Make Something TeeParachute Trusty Fabrics Tee
Parachute Make Song TeeParachute Lorem Ipsum Tee
top: Parachute’s Make Something and Trusty Fabrics Tees
bottom: Parachute’s Make Song and Lorem Ipsum Tees

Thanks to my brand spanking new (and amazingly talented) colleague David Browning for alerting me of the big fat sale happening today through Thursday at Parachute! The online store offers about a dozen pared down, design-y tees for creatives (and their friends) – and for three days, with discount code GRAPHIC7, they’re just $7 a pop! We’re adding the Lorem Ipsum and Make Something tees to our closet for sure!

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Out of Print? Not Anymore!

November 23, 2010

top: The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
bottom: Animal Farm by George Orwell and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

We’ve been big fans of the Out of Print tee series ever since we first stumbled upon the site. Then, about a month ago we saw this book design gem over on Mikey Burton’s Flickr stream. Thus, when we saw that Out of Print and Mikey hooked up to make the tees above, well, it was like a fairy godmother had read our diary! But, the perks just keep coming with the gang at OoP. Not only can you snag some seriously highbrow tees from their collection — something any bookworm would LOVE for x-mas BTW — they’re serious literary do-gooders too! For each tee you buy, the company donates one book to a community in need through their partner, Books For Africa. Go on! Tackle your whole holiday list with one well-versed swoop.

“Each shirt is treated to feel soft and worn like a well-read book.” — OoP

top: The Hound of the Baskervilles by A. Conan Doyle and 1984 by George Orwell
bottom: Final Blackout by L. Ron Hubbard and Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Milk & Eggs? Yes, Please. Funny Side Up!

November 9, 2010

top: Black Cat & Mouse and Draw Your Own Way Tees
middle: Self Portrait and Tree Buddies Tees
bottom: Pencil Corps and Happy Tears Tee

Simple and upbeat line drawings make up the bulk of Milk & Eggs’ inventory of postcards, pins, and (duh) tees. The very bright shirts, screen printed on American Apparel 50/50 tees, will run you between $9 and $22 bucks — quite a nice price for small run garments in today’s over-priced t-shirt circuit…

“Why Milk and Eggs? Because milk and eggs are essentials to our shopping list. We’d like our shirts to be essential to yours.” — Ade & Dave

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Truly Good Tees from FALSE

November 2, 2010

top: FALSE Falcon and From the Deep End Tee
bottom: FALSE Amazing and Gasp Tee

After a whole day of assembling a new IKEA kitchen island my hands are cramped but the kitchen is just that little bit more organized so, phew. To celebrate, I cooked up a totally local dinner for YZ and I: delish rabbit sausages from The Meat Hook, potatoes and onions from the McCarren Park farmers market, and gorgeous swiss chard from the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm crew (they’ve got a stand outside of Roberta’s on Sunday which made our brunch outing twice as fantastic).

It seems the days have been just zipping by, which is always the case when there’s gobs of work to be done: DOC Wine Shop’s eCommerce site to launch on Monday, with two independent film sites and a freelance blogger and stylist’s site launching next week too — Lo’s List has sadly been getting the short end of the stick these past weeks! Not that we’ve been sleeping… hope y’all are liking the new site design?! More great Lo’s List changes and additions are coming, including another writer added to our team (yay Adriane!), contributor’s bios, a new playlist, gift guides and more!

It’s been a few weeks since our last T-Shirt Tuesday and you know what a sucker I am for well-styled B&W collections (NoStyleButGoodSense, A Year of Tees Project, Long, Kate Moross)… These handprinted FALSE tees (available at sister brand Anti-Anti) are gloomy, monochrome, and a perfect match for black leggings, an oversized cardigan, and big leather boots! Funny that we’re blogging yet again about a husband/wife team (The Sunday Times Market, Smiling Planet, Upon a Fold…) seeing that YZ’s and my big 1-year anniversary is coming up on Saturday! Le Messie and Amanda Scully — the couple behind FALSE — are far from lacking in talent and skill. Their precision in printmaking (play the video), bold graphics, and intelligent collaborations (Japanese Cartoon) make each piece a true wardrobe stand-out.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » New Creatures @ Holebrain

October 12, 2010

top: Holebrain Owl and Walestache Tees
bottom: Holebrain Finger and Bear Tees

A wee bit over one year has passed since we first launched our weekly Lo’s List section, T-Shirt Tuesdays. We’ve sunk gobs of time into scouring the interwebs for the very best use of the garment and haven’t had too much trouble finding some must-have duds. Case and point: YZ’s and my closets are now brimming with the favorites of the year, including tons of super-soft tees from Homage, My Ninja, Ugmonk, the NFL and more.

But we can’t forget our inaugural post and to our gleeful surprise, Will, the designer behind Holebrain, has just launched a brand-spanking-new collection of bold and BIG designs. This new crop of tees is full of his signature whimsical creatures which he pairs with taglines like “If only whales could grow facial hair, they might be as rad as dolphins.” As always, each tee is hand silkscreened by the artist on American Apparel tees using discharge or water-based inks. Got your own amazing design destined for t-shirt greatness? Check out Will’s printing service, Monster Press.

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