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Found @ Etsy » Fall for Autumnal Vintage

October 18, 2012

Bright Wall Vintage Ceramic Mug Trio
Bright Wall Vintage King ThermosBright Wall Vintage American Tourister SuitcaseBright Wall Vintage SX-70 Polaroid Camera
Bright Wall Vintage Red Enamel SaucepanBright Wall Vintage Renauld Tortoiseshell GlassesBright Wall Vintage Green Enamel Fondue Pot
Bright Wall Vintage Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve TypewriterBright Wall Vintage Southwestern Wool BlanketBright Wall Vintage Children's Book Trio

Chilly nights, cozy blankets, steaming mugs of cocoa…
It’s Autumn on Lo’s List!

The air’s turning brisk, the leaves are changing, school is back in session… it must be autumn! I’m already missing those long, lazy days of summer, but there’s something so delicious about the season of cozy wool sweaters and steaming mugs of tea. The onset of chilly nights calls for a bit of warmth around the house, and these fabulous finds over at Bright Wall Vintage are just the ticket for creating that autumnal charm.

1. Mug Trio:One of my favorite cold-weather treats is a cup of hot cocoa — especially the ultra-luxurious dark hot chocolate from Burdick. Sip that chocolatey indulgence in these cheery floral mugs.

2. King Thermos: Always on the go? Take your cocoa with you in this air pot Thermos from King. Hold enough cocoa for you and your friends whether you’re romping through the woods or swimming in a sea of cubicles.

3. American Tourister Suitcase: Go away for the weekend in style with this covetable American Tourister suitcase. It’s just the right size for a couple days of drinking in gorgeous fall foliage, or a getaway to wine country to celebrate the harvest.

4. SX-70 Alpha 1 Polaroid Camera: Capture the beauty of autumn leaves with a classic collectible like this SX-70 Alpha 1. Instagram may be the way of the future, but nothing is as magical as seeing a Polaroid snapshot develop before your eyes.

5. Enamel Sauce Pan: Nothing says welcome home like a pot of something delicious simmering away on the stove. Let this sweet saucepan fill your kitchen with the scent of spiced cider or mulled wine.

6. Fondue Pot: Speaking of kitchens, I’m a sucker for cold-weather comfort foods. Whether you think it’s classic or hopelessly retro, hot melty cheese never fails to delight. This darling avocado-green pot is its own excuse for a fondue party. And don’t forget the forks!

7. Renauld Eye Glasses: Ease your strained eyes with these fabulous vintage frames. Back-to-school chic never looked so good!

8. Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve Typewriter: There’s something writerly about autumn, isn’t there? When inclement weather keeps you indoors, unleash your inner Hemingway with a wordsmith’s classic tool. With a pop of sky blue, this Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve is the perfect addition to our growing typewriter collection…

9. Southwestern Wool Blanket: As temperatures drop, snuggle up with a luxuriant flannel blanket. Don’t you feel cozy just looking at it?

10. Vintage Children’s Books: What better way to spend an autumn day than curled up with a good book?  This picturesque set of vintage hardbacks is perfect for sharing with the young ones in your family — or the young at heart!

Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: Fashygram

September 12, 2012

@psimadethis reveling in the classic style that is Oscar de la Renta
@songofstyle shows off her killer styleA quiet, in-between moment for @manrepeller from a week of weather extremes@mbfashionweek celebrates the details in craftsmanship at the Concept Korea show
@refinery29 goes in for a lacey closeup at the Catherine Malandrino presentation@glamourmag captures the paint palettes of the makeup team at Proenza Schouler@bof at the Ostwald Helgason presentation
@eholmeswsj loves Marimekko too!@mbfashionweek savors the edgy, androgynous pinks in this Clover Canyon ensemblefor @bof the front row at Lacoste just might steal the show
1. @psimadethis reveling in the classic style that is Oscar de la Renta
2. @songofstyle shows off her killer street style
3. A quiet, in-between moment for @manrepeller from a week of weather extremes
4. @mbfashionweek celebrates the details in craftsmanship at the Concept Korea show
5. @refinery29 goes in for a cutout closeup at the Catherine Malandrino presentation
6. @glamourmag captures the paint palettes of the makeup team at Proenza Schouler
7. @bof at the Ostwald Helgason presentation
8. @eholmeswsj loves Marimekko too!
9. @mbfashionweek savors the edgy, androgynous pinks in this Clover Canyon ensemble
10. for @bof the front row at Lacoste just might steal the show

I must say, it was hard to stomach day after day of unworthy, too-blurry-to-discern-a-thing Instagrams of fashion week’s runway moments. For an industry brimming with editors, where had all the editing gone? The need for a hash tag along the lines of #holdstill or #frontrowcantfocus needed to be released upon these despicable shots. Photo faux pas!

Yet, scattered throughout this NYFW refuse were some gems: true photojournalistic moments that painted a picture of the whirlwind week. I’ve gathered up my top ten to share here. #decisivemoment

Top Ten » Thank You Santa!

December 28, 2010

DKNY Shaped Down Jacket
Alexander Wang Rocco DuffleBarney's SocksMaison Scotch Toggle Poncho
Mariage Fréres Lapsang Souchong TeaRestoration Hardware Cashmere HandwarmersLili's Truffles
Tretorn Snow JoggerShel Silverstein's Falling UpKanoodles
top: DKNY Shaped Down Jacket
first row: Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle, Barney's Socks, and Maison Scotch Toggle Poncho
Second row: Mariage Fréres Lapsang Souchong Tea, Restoration Hardware Hand-warmers, Lili's Truffles
Third row: Tretorn Snow Jogger, Shel Silverstein's Falling Up, and Kanoodles

Oh Santa! I almost forgive you for that flu you plagued YZ and I with this Xmas, what with all the juicy gifts you lugged down our chimney along with it. All in all, the 25th was a veritable indulge-fest, with everything on my list neatly wrapped in recycled paper under the tree. Top that with a visit from our niece Lir – who also benefited from being more nice than naughty this year – and her parents, a magnificent brunch orchestrated by YZ, and an all-out blizzard (albeit a day late) – 2010 was a keeper in the Book of Holidays.

1DKNY Shaped Down Jacket$2295

DKNY Shaped Down JacketNot that I didn’t love my very loud Burton pixel jacket, it was high time for a new winter coat. And, seeing that there’s a bun in the oven (just going to slip that one under the radar), I needed something with a wee bit of room to grow. DKNY’s classy collection of outerwear was just the place…

2Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle$875

Alexander Wang Rocco DuffleI don’t want to tell you how much time I’ve wasted drooling over the Alexander Wang Rocco bag. And now it’s mine. Santa searched high and wide for the exact model I wanted and found it at a Barney’s in Chicago. It did come with a Claus(e) teehee: no more bags ’till next Christmas. That’ll be tough.

3Lots ‘o’ Socksvar.

Barney's SocksAnyone who knows me is aware of my weakness for loud socks and this year I got a massive dose of the accessory. Thanks to Itamar & Nessa for the stunning Vivienne Westwood over-the-knee pair and to Santa for the Barney’s and Happy Socks numbers.

4Maison Scotch Toggle Poncho$93

Maison Scotch Toggle PonchoI’m a sucker for big, knitted sweaters and usually find some greats in the men’s department of some of my favorite chains. But, for a change, this Fair Isle Toggle Poncho from Amsterdam’s Maison Scotch has all the snuggle factor with a bit more femininity.

5Mariage Fréres Lapsang Souchong Tea$9.50

Mariage Fréres Lapsang Souchong TeaIf you’re a tea lover like YZ and I, then you know that any old Twinings just won’t do. And, when you’re plowing through the holidays abstaining from all the tasty Champagne, wine, Hot Toddies, and Egg Nog, it’s good to know you have the very king of tea purveyors – Mariage Fréres – to keep you warm.

6Restoration Hardware Cashmere Handwarmers$10

Restoration Hardware Cashmere HandwarmersJust in time for the big blizzard, these snuggly cashmere-covered hand-warmers from Restoration Hardware are the perfect remedy to walking in a winter wonderland. They’re still available in four of the original colors and at half price – just $10 a pop! You can also purchase replacement gel packs.

7Lili's Truffles

Lili's TrufflesI think we can all agree that Christmas and homemade goodies go hand in hand. We can always count on or favorite neighbors Lili & Thomas for a sampling of Lili’s scrumptious truffles. Check out one of our favorite foodie blogs, Smitten Kitchen, for a hazelnut/chocolate version.

8Tretorn Snow Jogger$75

Tretorn Snow JoggerI’m a total Tretorn junkie – been wearing the same style sneaker for years now – they’re just too comfy. So, it came as no surprise that these Tretorn Snow Joggers are the most foot-friendly pair of winter boots I’ve ever donned. Go on weather. Show me what you’ve got.

9Shel Silverstein Booksvar.

Shel Silverstein's Falling UpIn anticipation of our Summer bundle of joy, I’ve taken a head start on building the little one’s personal library. Alongside several Coralie Bickford-Smith designed editions, Pipsqueek will of course need all the Shel Silverstein classics. So, under the tree we found Runny Babbit and Falling Up.


KanoodlesKanoodle is the most addictive game since I first set my paws on Tetris. Colorful, compact, and with two puzzles to solve – one 2D and one 3D, this will provide you with hours of fun. Perfect for all those airport delays and that long trip back home.

Gift Guide » Welcome Home for the Holidays!

December 8, 2010

Ferm Living Decorative Molecule Set
Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger by Gustav HallénCB2 Knitted PoufsErnest Perera Dish Drainer
Fine "Splash" Pillow CaseOfficina Nove XBook by Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno RacoRope Ball Doorstop from The Orchard
Ladies & Gentlemen Superior ServersMagazin Classic Hotel KeyfobCasamania Alieno Chair by GamplusFratesi
top: Ferm Living Decorative Molecule Set
first row: Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger, CB2 Knitted Poufs, and Ernest Perera Dish Drainer
second row: Fine "Splash" Pillow Case, Officina Nove XBook, and Rope Ball Doorstop from The Orchard
third row: Ladies & Gentlemen Superior Servers, Magazin Hotel Keyfob, and Casamania Alieno Chair

The holidays are all about home, home-comings, and homeyness so why not give a gift that celebrates the abode? From the tiniest trinkets to the enormously extravagant to the quirky never-knew-I-needed-that shwag — the home is like one more child that can’t stop asking for something new. Here’s our 2010 gifting roundup — all in the spirit of adding a dose of whimsy and color to your home this season.

1Ferm Living Decorative Molecule Set$70

Ferm Living Decorative Molecule SetIf yo’ve got a science whiz on your list, show that brainiac that nerd and style can happily coexist in any home with this timeless molecule set from Ferm Living. Now quiz them on how well they remember those endless chem labs!

2Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger by Gustav Hallén$40

Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger by Gustav HallénWe’ve had our eye on this great hanger by Gustav Hallén ever since we saw it at the MoMA store a couple years ago. Just flip forward the vertical bar and voila – a perfect place to hang your guests’ winter coats! Available in green, red, black, and white at Design House Stockholm.

3CB2 Knitted Poufs$80

ECB2 Knitted PoufsWe’re big knitting fans here at Lo’s List: as soon the weather gets a tad brrr, out come the needles and yarn. We have a big soft spot for these snuggly, 100% cotton knitted poufs from CB2 and are quite keen on the price tag too! They’re currently available in two colors: grey or blood orange.

4Ernest Perera Dish Drainer$112

Ernest Perera Dish DrainerKitchen tasks can be so bah-humbug. Why not ake them a little less miserable for your favorite workhorse with this slick dish drainer by Ernest Perera? Modest, modern, and handily fold-away, it’s a great addition to any slightly squashed NYC apartment.

5Fine "Splash" Pillow Case$46

Fine "Splash" Pillow CasePillows are like socks: yep, you can get grey ones. But why not be a more whimsical with the details? This “Splash” pillow cover from Fine Little Shop adds a spirited and painterly accent to any humdrum couch or armchair. Be sure to check out the shop’s other sweet housewares!

6Officina Nove XBook by Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno Raco$170

Officina Nove XBook by Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno RacoThe slick, haphazard-yet-orderly system behind Officina Nove’s XBook magazine rack is perfect for the humbly orderly home. Designed by three rockin’ italians, Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno Raco, the piece is available in every hue of the rainbow at Made in Design!

7Rope Ball Doorstop from The Orchard$43

Rope Ball Doorstop from The OrchardBring a little nautical nostalgia to your favorite hermit’s home with this monkey’s fist rope ball doorstop from The Orchard. And, if you’ve got a knack for knot-making, try your hand at one too! Check out the tutorial here and get some natural fiber rope here!

8Ladies & Gentlemen Superior Servers$35

Ladies & Gentlemen Superior ServersWe love everything at the Ladies & Gentlemen online shop — from their vintage selection at their Etsy shop to their own selection of quirky tchotckies: the mega doily rug, the chalk piggie bank, the repurposed serving spoons… Get a couple Superior Servers for the gastronaut on your list.

9Magazin Classic Hotel Keyfob$39

Magazin Classic Hotel KeyfobThere’s something so naughty and nostalgic about hotel keys… Get your special someone this great spin on the classic hotel keyfob from Magazin. You can also go the cheesy route and engrave the backside of the solid aluminum base… Be sure to check out the Magazin site for tons more great gift options!

10Casamania Alieno Chair by GamplusFratesi$426

Casamania Alieno Chair by GamplusFratesiFor the most deserving on your Naughty & Nice list, splurge on this ridiculously chic varnished metal Alieno Chair by Gamplus Fratesi for Casamania. Available in black, white, red, or light green at our favorite site of the moment: Made in Design!

Gift Guide » Buy the Best for Your Bookworm!

December 7, 2010

Blurb Gift Card
Established & Sons Landmark Table LampCampomaggi Leather Messenger BagTarget's Fish Bowl Bookends
Knock Knock Personal Library KitCustom Embossed Monogram SealMontblanc Fountain Pens
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David MitchelliBride Junior Polar Bear BookshelfOut of Print Tees The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
top: Blurb Gift Card
first row: Established & Sons Table Lamp, Campomaggi Messenger Bag, and Target’s Fish Bowl Bookends
second row: Knock Knock Personal Library Kit, Custom Embossed Monogram Seal, and Montblanc Pens
third row: The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell, iBride Junior Polar Bear Bookshelf, and Out of Print Clothing’s The Catcher in the RyeTee

For some of us, the holiday season is about one thing and one thing only. Ok, two things. Ok, a bunch of things—all nicely wrapped and book-related. Because there is nothing more satisfying than winter reading, whether it’s the classic you know almost by heart, the novel everybody else already read six months ago, or the thriller you’ll never admit you couldn’t put down.

So check your friends and family. Who’s been stacking books around the chair beside the radiator? Who keeps slipping away for chapter-shaped intervals? Take note—and give them something from this list.

1Blurb Gift Cardvar.

Blurb Gift CardEverybody has a story to tell. Whether you’re sharing yours with someone you love, or you just want to give that gifted nephew his first chance to see himself in print, Blurb makes it easy to edit your own oeuvre.

2Established & Sons Landmark Table Lamp$835

Established & Sons Landmark Table LampGood books on winter nights require a good lamp. With the Landmark Table Lamp, Established & Sons sheds a whimsical light on even the most serious page. And should your eyelids flutter and your hand get heavy, guess where you can rest your book?

3Campomaggi Leather Messenger Bag$725

Campomaggi Leather Messenger BagTrain platforms, airport waiting rooms, the sticky chairs in take-out restaurants, the benches outside dressing rooms: the world is full of places where you’ll want a book. Have one always at hand in this elegantly rumpled messenger bag from Italian designer Campomaggi.

4Target’s Fish Bowl Bookends$30

Target's Fish Bowl BookendsWhile we applaud the idea of propping up Moby Dick with a goldfish, we’d probably repurpose these Fish Bowl Bookends from Target as terrariums, leaning a collected Keats against selected titanopses. Kudos to Target for always having something design-savvy at a super-reasonable price!

5Knock Knock Personal Library Kit$16

Knock Knock Personal Library KitMost of us have lent or borrowed books that never made it back. This
kit by Knock Knock is no guarantee that your set of Boys Own Adventures will remain whole in the future, but it may serve as a gentle reminder to some close, forgetful or unscrupulous friend that you know exactly where that volume’s gone…

6Custom Embossed Monogram Seal$66

Custom Embossed Monogram SealAnd even if you’ve resigned yourself to lending books that end up gifts, at least you can leave a subtle and distinctive mark on the flyleaf. There are endless sources on the web where you can have a custom seal made – just Google it! Or click here…

7Montblanc Pensvar.

Montblanc Fountain PensOf course a pencil usually does the trick. But sometimes we just give in to the pleasure of an extravagantly well-made thing. We all choose our excesses: mine’s a Meisterstück Le Grand rollerball: warm in the hand, smooth on the page, an engagement present from my fiancée.

8The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell$13

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David MitchellIn this case you can safely ignore the old chestnut about books and their covers. It looks and reads beautifully. Set in turn-of-the-19th-century Japan at the first, tentative point of meeting between Dutch traders and an isolated island nation, this new book is David Mitchell’s masterpiece.

9iBride Junior Polar Bear Bookshelf$1882

iBride Junior Polar Bear BookshelfFor readers of every age, a bookshelf (like this one by iBride) properly stocked is an object of wonder and adventure. We’re glad to see that, at last, form is following function. Two suggestions to start off a collection here: Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez and The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.

10Out of Print Clothing’s The Catcher in the Rye Tee$28

Out of Print Tees The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. SalingerNot just another crummy t-shirt. Our favorites from the collection include The Catcher in the Rye, 1984, The Hound of the Baskervilles (priced six shillings) and, dare we say it, the Hardy Boys classic The Mark on the Door. More about Out of Print Clothing here…

Gift Guide » Top Ten Handmade Finds @ Etsy

December 2, 2010

Beau Champing Alfabeto Print
The Pin Pals Pine Tree Hair BarretteEtco White Gold Paper Mini BowlMudpuppy Baby Head Vase/Planter
Flying Star Toys Molehill MouseNonfiction Tees' Minerals Geology TeeMacha Jewelry Karis Gold Ring
Less and More Crafting Cindy Wooden Desk OrganizerIng00te's Dad and Me Felted SlippersPeace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger Bag
top: Beau Champing Alfabeto Print
first row: The Pin Pals Pine Barrettes, Etco Paper Bowl, and Mudpuppy Baby Head Vase
second row: Flying Star Toys Molehill Mouse, Nonfiction’s Minerals Tee, and Macha Karis Ring
third row: Less and More Crafting Cindy Organizer, Ing00te's Dad and Me Felted Slippers, and Peace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger Bag

Etsy has to be one of the coolest places for gift giving — simply because most of the offerings on the site are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. But, with this endless trove of offerings, a bushy-eyed shopper can quickly get dissuaded by too much good stuff! So, just in time for the holidays: our top ten suggested Etsy gifts (check out last year’s Etsy guide) for all the people on your list! We’ve tried to offer up a good cross-section of what the crafty marketplace has to offer: ceramics and housewares, clothes and accessories, sewn plushes and things for the little ones, and of course, art and prints! If you’re looking to take a deeper dive, be sure to explore Etsy’s numerous browsing tools here!

1Beau Champing Alfabeto Print$75

Beau Champing Alfabeto PrintWhether for bilingual baby or just the foyer, this slick, limited edition (175 copies) xylene transfer print by Beauchamping adds a humorous wink to any room. Don’t worry, there’s an aglo version too!

2The Pin Pals Pine Tree Hair Barrette$12

The Pin Pals Pine Tree Hair BarretteCan’t forget to stuff the stockings! After the big gifts have been drooled over, it’s fun to dig into your stocking and find glee in the small stuff. The selection of cross stitched barrettes, buttons, and brooches in The Pin Pal’s store are a great place to start. Ahem! Lo wants these wintery evergreens please…

3Etco White Gold Paper Mini Bowl$10

Etco White Gold Paper Mini BowlWe’re loving the delicate and precious look of these bitty gilded papier-mâché bowls from Etco’s store. What’s more, they’re eco-friendly: made with recycled paper. Choose gold, bronze, or silver inner sheen with a black, white, or brown outer gloss. A perfect place to store a trinket or jewel…

4Mudpuppy Baby Head Vase/Planter$40

Mudpuppy Baby Head Vase/PlanterFor the slightly off-kilter green thumb on your list, these hilarious baby head vases (which also work as planters) from Mudpuppy are a top-notch gift! We also love the way they look with the tillandsia air plants (which you can also buy at Mudpuppy’s shop). A one-stop solution!

5Flying Star Toys Molehill Mouse$60

Flying Star Toys Molehill MouseOooh! These cute-cute-cute molehill mousies from Flying Star Toys are great for kids of any age! Despite their patchworkishness (?) these plushes are still super elegant. The store has a constantly rotating collection of critters so check back often!

6Nonfiction Minerals Tee$18

Nonfiction Minerals TeeFor the t-shirt aficionado or science geek on Santa’s list, the selection at Nonfiction Tees is a perfect fit. We’re digging the very bling Minerals design – can you name all the gemstones? The store offers up a ton of other great options like the Carbon Cycle Tee and the Dinosaur Evolution Tee!

7Macha Jewelry Karis Gold Ring$510

Macha Jewelry Karis Gold RingMove over sugar-plums! This Karis ring over at Macha Jewelry’s shop has been the sole vision dancing through my head. I just love the combination of the 9k gold cathedral setting and silver rock… YZ? Are you there? There are lots of other great rings at the shop too — perfect for the holiday engagement!

8Less and More Crafting Cindy Wooden Desk Organizer$57

Less and More Crafting Cindy Wooden Desk OrganizerThis minimalist wooden organizer would be a welcome addition to my OCD home! There are so many great ways to use these desk accessories from Less and More: pens and pencils, thread bobbins, makeup organizer, minimalist vase… Chose from a variety of sizes and finishes.

9Ing00te's Dad and Me Felted Slippers$125

Ing00te's Dad and Me Felted SlippersMatching Dad and Me felted slippers? How precious would these look in those keepsake holiday photos of you and your little one cuddled up reading The Polar Express by the fireplace? Ing00te’s shop has a gobs of stunning slippers to choose from: a must-peruse!

10Peace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger Bag$300

Peace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger BagFor the rugged guy on your list, snag this Upcycled Messenger Bag — made from bits and pieces of an italian duffle, a leather jacket, some 60-year-old linen, a school bag and a vintage Navy kit bag. The bags in Peace4You’s shop have just the right classy meets couldn’t-care-less fashion sensibility.

Gift Guide » Top Ten Treats for Tots!

November 29, 2010

top: Studio 49 Carl Orff Xylophone
first row: Kaiku Push Pull Wagon, Kid O Floating Ducks, and Franck & Fischer Bobby Cuddle Cloth
second row: Elsie Dodds "M" Pillow, GAP Snowsuit, and My Nose Smells Funny by Andy Smith
third row: Keep Benten Boat Shoe, Kikkerland EZ Fold Short Step Stool, and P'kolino Coat Hanger

Hip hip hooray! ‘Tis that time of year again: christmas trees, wreaths, family get togethers, snuggling up by the fireplace singing carols, oh, yes… and lots of gift giving! Now that we’ve gotten through Turkey Day, Lo’s List will be cranking out gift guides for every size and shape of critter on your list — from now till the big 2-5 (with some Hanukkah goodness along the way).

What better way to kick things off than with the wee ones!! We’ve been channeling our inner tot (and taking some serious notes from Baby Lir) and have come up with the Lo’s List top ten baby-must-have-it gifts for 2010 (check out last year’s guide here). Of course, it’s all a matter of taste, and in our world, the more color and critters the better! Lir can back us up on this one: there are few things she likes more than tucking into her Zoologique book and mimicking every animal’s voice. She’s got almost a dozen locked down: bird, snake, cow, dog, cat, bear, lion, fish, monkey, horse…

1Studio 49 Carl Orff Xylophone$300

The key to giving baby gifts is keeping the fragile state of their parents in mind. In lieu of a harsh, metal xylophone, nurture their musical ear with a mellower wooden xylophone from Studio 49.

2Kaiku Push Pull Wagon$165

At around the 1-year marker, babies seem to really dig pushing/pulling stuff around… I’m not one for mini baby strollers as that just seems weird to me. This tougher Push Pull Wagon from Kaiku is more my cup of tea. But act quick – these are selling like hotcakes!

3Kid O Floating Ducks$12

Duckies are a mandatory bath time accessory. This mother and baby duck nesting duo from Lo’s List favorite, Kid O, is lightweight, elegantly curved, and gently rocks when placed on a flat surface. Lir is just fascinated by how the little one fits perfectly on his mother’s back!

4Franck & Fischer Bobby Cuddle Cloth$27

Naptime is never lonely with a Franck & Fischer character to keep you company. The Danish company has an ENDLESS selection of cloth, crocheted, and wooden toys to drool over (and then on). Our favorite is this striped, monkey cuddle cloth.

5Elsie Dodds "M" Pillow$78

These exquisite letter pillows by Elsie Dodds have all the narrative of a book without the papercuts! Get your little one’s initials, spoil them with their full name, or take out a loan and get the whole alphabet! We’re digging the M, which shows a Moose, Monarch, Motorcycle, Maze, Monkey and Mushroom amongst others!

6GAP Sherpa-Lined Snowsuit$70

Being a New Yorker through and through, I relish this chilly time of year. Tots can love it too — especially if they’re dressed for the occasion. Gap’s sherpa-lined snowsuit with detachable mittens and booties is the perfect solution for an afternoon frolick in (soon-to-be) snowy Central Park.

7My Nose Smells Funny by Andy Smith$10

It’s become clear that Lir’s books could really say anything and she’d be cool with it. So why not go the nonsensical route when adding selections to baby’s library. We’re pining for Andy Smith’s limited edition screen printed oeuvre, My Nose Smells Funny. Can’t wait to see Lir narrate that one.

8Keep Benten Boat Shoe$35

A good pair of baby shoes is hard to find. You want style, ankle-support, durability, and value all in a shoe that’s easy to slip on. Keep’s three styles of baby kicks (boat shoe, mid-top, and high-top) totally hit the mark — and they’re organic!! They make shoes for big people too…

9Kikkerland EZ Fold Short Step Stool$14

Another Lo’s List favorite, Kikkerland livens up everyday objects with humor. This fold-away plastic step stool, available in two heights and a handful of colors, is a versatile addition to any busy home. We ♥ the industrial-meets-childproof aesthetic.

10P’kolino Coat Hanger$80

Having an adorable coat hanger just for baby is totally useful, as tiny hats, mittens, scarves and coats can get lost in the fray. This wooden tree coat hanger from P’kolino takes on both a utilitarian and playful role in your child’s room. Choose from orange, green, white, or natural. Stands 4′ tall.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Top Ten Transitioning Tanks!

August 24, 2010

top: T by Alexander Wang Paneled Stripe Tank
middle: Kiki de Montparnasse Garter Tank and Alexander McQueen Chained Skull Racer Tank
bottom: Adam Embellished Silk Crepe Tank and My Theresa Foil Accent Cotton Tank

End of August or not – these past few days in Tel Aviv have felt like the doggiest days of summer yet. I know autumn is around the corner but 45ºC? Really? What to do when nothing you own is cool enough but you don’t want to blow all your hard earned cash on what should be your fall/winter wardrobe? Um… multitask of course!

Example: the biggest gripe I have about cold weather season in NYC is the overzealous indoor heating to counterbalance the chilly outdoors. The only thing to do, therefore, is to follow the layering philosophy, right down to a slinky tank under the long sleeved tee, sweater, coat, scarf, mittens, et al. Tanks, the very inside layer of this winter fashion onion, are currently ON SALE. Yes, it’s a veritable win-win shopaholic’s two-fer-fest and here are our top ten transitional tank picks! As usual, we’ve got the Lo’s List color of choice: grey, paired with some bling, shimmer, and super sexy, club-worthy styling.

top: Salvor Projects Cashmere Jersey Geode Blouse
middle: Loomstate Bodega Tank and Stella McCartney Horse in Daisies Tank
bottom: Nike 6.0 Luxe Pocket Tank and Vanessa Bruno Double Layered Tank Set

Top Ten » Towels for the Beach!

August 12, 2010

Clockwise from top: Yoshitomo Nara, Missoni Jamelia, and Cynthia Rowley for Roxy beach towels

Ever since we left Brooklyn for our summer stint in Israel, YZ and I have had nothing but internet issues. Slow as snails. Effectively exiled from the web, we’ve had no choice but to hit the beach as many times as possible. Every morning we’ve been hopping into the VW and zipping to the north and south of Tel Aviv in search of the perfect swimming spot. A few days in, I realized that there really is nothing better than getting out of the water and wrapping yourself in a fluffy, oversized, perfectly patterned beach towel. Therefore, to honor the last month of summer (insert long sigh here) we’ve collected our favorite towels for bumming around the beach (or pool, if that’s your poison). From the horribly highbrow (oh Prada, so pretentious, so pristine) to the adorably hooded (Dwell’s kiddie towel comes in tons of tot-friendly styles) to my personal favorite, the zen-kawaii option by Japanese pop artist Yoshimoto Nara!

Clockwise from top: Hermès Fonds Marin, Louis Vuitton Cosmic Blossom, Orla Kiely Multi Stem Print, Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc, Lacoste Crocomer, Dwell Studio Owls Sky, and Prada Logo beach towels

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Our Top Ten from the “A Year of Tees” Project

August 10, 2010

Clockwise from top left: Polar Opposites, Evil Bunny, If Hirst was Shrigley, and Untitled 1 / Mess of Ink tees at A Year of Tees

This super-ambitious, 365 day-long, A Year of Tees project by designer Keith Walsh has resulted in a 200+ piece collection (That’s January 2010 – today) of graphically simple & bold tees. Although a good few dozen of thee tees aren’t quite my cup of tea, the project is brimming with t-shirt gems full of typographic puns, hand-drawn animals, and artsy-fartsy abstractions. We’ve rounded up our top 10, which wasn’t so easy to do seeing that there were so many we wanted scattered across this prolific project. And, being that we’re merely in August, stay posted for almost five more months of fun designs!

Clockwise from top left: Wiener, Floppy, There was an Old Lady Who…, Bear it All, Love You, and Eternal Art tees at A Year of Tees

T-Shirt Tuesdays » 10 Furry Favorites from Society6

July 13, 2010

Top: Brian Cook Illustration's FlaminGOAT Tee
Bottom: Apt.3305s' Creep Tee, and Alex Eben Meyer's Amp-Bear-Sand Tee

There’s nothing we welcome more at Lo’s List than a well-curated T-shirt collective. It’s the sort of e-commerce round-up that results in hours of happy procrastination here at the office and often ends in big fat impulse buys (which we endorse — good for the soul). Some favorite past tee features, should you already be weak in the knees, include Sixpack France, X Collective, The Quiet Life and Palmer Cash… But Society6, based in Redondo Beach, California, offers more than just perks for the consumer. Founders Lucas Tirigall, Justin Cooper, and Justin Wills have built a stellar site with an open invitation to designers, illustrators, artists and the like to easily showcase and sell their wares as original art prints, stretched canvases, tees, and gadget skins (laptops, ipods, etc). Registered artists can collaborate with other members, form mini collectives, or just fly solo. All tees on the site are available in natural, heather grey, light blue, lemon, white, grass, pomegranate, or athletic blue! Perfect for all you fellow control-freak shoppers… Aaand, in honor of the great outdoors, we’ve rounded up our top ten animal-related tees from the site here above and below!

Top: ThirstyFly's Wild Anatomy Tee
First Row: Valistika's Greedy Bears Tee and Illustrations for a Happier Day'sPandatroski Tee
Second Row: Minotaurelab's What's New Pussycat? Tee and Kate McLelland's Night Owl Tee
Third Row: Yellow Bird Machine's Easy Leo Tee and HelloWilson's Seahorse Tee

World Cup Fever » Top Ten Soccer Balls!

July 9, 2010

Loomstate’s recycled denim and organic canvas soccer balls

It’s always a thrill to see a universal object transformed into artful keepsakes by a whole slew of creative folk. Here’s a roundup of our 10 favorite designer footballs (with a few from previous years that we couldn’t pass up), including a design from Lo’s List favorite Genevieve Gaukler (check out our Gauckler T-Shirt Tuesday post), and the obvious overall favorite, SFIDA! For you die-hards, check out more Lo’s List World Cup action here…

Top row: SFIDA’s No More War Ball, Calle Smooth Criminal Ball, and SFIDA’s España Ball
Middle row: Adidas Y-3 Ball, SFIDA I'm Only One Ball, and X-Large Los Angeles Ball
Bottom row: SFIDA’s Tomorrowland × Fabrick Ball, Calle Street Ball, Stitch x Alexander Girard Ball

Special Feature » Top Ten Tips for Allergy Relief!

June 2, 2010

If you’ve ever been an allergy sufferer or lived with one or witnessed one trying to walk from one side of a park to the other you probably know that the whole thing is just a miserable cross to bear. Although I don’t seem to be allergic to a damned thing, my little sidekick of ten years, Goobie the Cat, was pretty much deathly allergic to it all. Dealing with his terminal asthma was a daily battle of vacuuming, humidifying, checking pollen levels, and coaxing herbal supplements down Goob’s throat. I began keeping a calendar of The Goob’s daily asthma attacks, trying to find the pattern (or at least get a better idea of what was working and what wasn’t). Pair the Goobie-Cal with endless questions for our wonderful vet, Sara at Vinegar Hill, and the result was that all of us here at 16 Judge Street became asthma & allergy fighting experts.

Sadly, we couldn’t stave off the inevitable forever, and although The Goob battled his end-stage asthma for much longer than YZ & I expected, we lost our dear cat last weekend. But, he would be truly miffed if we didn’t share the wealth of allergy-fighting tricks we’ve learned from him throughout the years… Now, we’ve obviously modified the list from cat-centric to human-centric products, so PLEASE: don’t feed your cat honey, or any of the edibles in the list below. Consult your vet for the cat-friendly equivalent of those allergy fighters!!!

Dyson’s DC25 Animal Vacuum

The first step towards fighting allergens is keeping your home and office as sparkly clean & dust-free as possible. Investing in a quality vacuum cleaner will save you time and money in the long run and, certainly in my case, makes the whole tri-weekly vacuuming routine almost fun (!?!). Our pick (by leaps and bounds) is Dyson’s DC25 Animal Vacuum: not only is it the Goliath of any housekeeping lineup, the vac’s not half bad to look at either (it’s gray, purple, and red for Pete’s sake!). Aside from the obligatory lifetime HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter, here are some of our favorite Dyson Animal features:

  • Mini turbine head attachment: This little add-on absolutely obliterates kitty hair and dust on upholstery – something often overlooked in the daily cleaning grind.
  • Dyson’s Ball™ technology: Although we found it a bit odd at first, the easy swivel of the base makes corners and crannies much less of an obstacle.
  • Quick-draw Telescope Reach™ wand: Sure, some of you have houses with multiple floors and staircases that connect them… For this, the Dyson extendable wand contraption would be perfect. For the rest of us living in cramped NYC apartments, the wand is a stellar way to get to those high-up spots like bookshelves, doorway frames, and the like. We dig it – our bookshelves are grateful.

Bee Raw Honey
Bee Raw Honey

Next step (and loads more fun than vacuuming) is getting your paws on some local honey. In the same way that those nasty immunization shots work by giving you a minute dose of the real thing, local honey is a great way to build your tolerance against pollen native to your area. The trick is starting with small amounts (try 1 tbsp a day at first) and slowly building up your tolerance. You need to find non-pasteurized honey, which should be easy to get at your local green market or from a local beekeeper. There are also a few websites — Local Harvest is a great one — that help you hunt down honey (and gobs of other organics) produced in your area. If you happen to live in one of the states that Bee Raw’s selection is produced in (New York, Maine, Washington, Wisconsin, Florida, California, North Carolina, and Colorado) then we suggest trying their line of honey as it is sublime, smooth, and comes in adorably designed jars!

Coway Air Purifier
Coway’s AP-1008CH Air Purifier

If you live in a bustling metropolis then chances are a whole litany of pollutants are sneaking through your windows and doors throughout the day. Enter the air purifier. Something I once considered an unnecessary luxury that only ConEd could love, a good, quiet air purifier is a must for both allergy sufferers and their cohabitants. Coway’s AP-1008CH is a super slick choice for you uncompromising design geeks out there: with a simple, flat body and little light loop at the top that changes hues according air pollutant levels. Say au revoir to that black goo up your nose…

PlusMinusZero Humidifier
PlusMinusZero Humidifier

Many asthmatics and allergy sufferers find great relief from higher humidity levels around the house (40 – 60%). YZ & I have a prehistoric central heating system in our apartment complex that makes the air so unbearably dry that we would wake up each morning with sore, scratchy throats. When Sara, Goobie’s vet, suggested trying a humidifier to help with Cat Cat’s allergies, we really had no idea what a positive effect balanced humidity levels would have on our sleep (and mornings which we’re already not so good at). Goobie loved it too: we saw his attacks reduce immediately after using the humidifier and I would often come into his room to find him snoozing right where the mist was being directed. But again, the conundrum: who wants to put another clunky, off-white appliance in the middle of a room?! Well, if you’ve got a nice wad of cash in your pocket, here’s the solution: PlusMinusZero’s humidifier is beyond lust-worthy. With almost a dozen hues to choose from, ±0’s donut-shaped humidifier sits so elegantly on the floor, you might even forget it serves a function!

Ultra Fresh Hypoallergenic Pillow
Ultra Fresh Hypoallergenic Pillow 4-Pack

Another great trick (with extra benefits) is investing in hypoallergenic bedding. Whether it’s asthma you’re fighting, or, worse: mites, bedbugs, or other household pests, having bedding that keep pollutants and creepy crawlers from finding their way to the inner fluff of it all will help you rest easy. Get started with hypoallergenic pillows like the ones above from Ultra Fresh. They’re super soft and don’t get lumpy over time like traditional down-filled cushions do. If you’re convinced, go the extra step with a hypoallergenic duvet and a hypoallergenic mattress cover.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea

There are a handful of tisanes (herbal teas) that help ease the symptoms of allergy sufferers. Just pair your local honey with a few cups of chamomile, thyme, or eucalyptus tea each day to help relieve runny noses, sneezing, etc. You can use dried or fresh herbs, just throw a tablespoon of dry or some sprigs of fresh!

Domaine D'Uby Colombard
Domaine D’Uby Colombard

Wine for allergy relief!? Yes, indeed. A certain flavonol (and natural anti-inflammatory) called quercetin is found in several foodstuffs including green, black and rooibos tea, apples, onions, apricots, cranberries, and grapes, just to name a few (there’s a nice list of quercetin foods here). The more the grapes are exposed to sunlight, the higher the levels of quercetin making wine a great source of the super-supplement. This lovely white wine from Domaine D’Uby is a great, budget way to enjoy the warming weather and stunt your allergy & asthma annoyances. If you live in the ‘Burg, head over to DOC Wine Shop for a bottle (just $10!) or get it on several online wine sites. Chin chin!

Smith's Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm
Smith’s Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm

For quick, on-the-go relief, just rub a smidge of Smith’s Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm from Rosebud Perfume Company under your snout and say achoo adieu to allergy- and cold-induced redness and skin irritation. Not only is this compact little balm cheap ($8 from Amazon) and perfectly purse-sized, the tin, designed by G.F. Smith’s niece, Linda, is to die for!

Walnuts & other Omega-3's
Walnuts & Other Omega-3’s

Omega 3’s, full of essential fatty acids, have also proven to be effective as an anti-inflammatory. More great news, foods rich in Omega 3’s are scrumptious: caviar, salmon, basil, and yes, walnuts (for a full list check here). Like the Smith family balm, this remedy is nice and portable: just tuck a small ziplock of walnuts in your bag for an afternoon allergy assault/snack. Cheap and natural, walnuts totally win over those man-made allergy drugs that just leave you exhausted and unfocused.

Innocent Probiotic Yogurt Shakes
Innocent Probiotic Yogurt Shakes

Last but not least, another delicious device for the allergy doldrums: yogurt. This, and other cultured dairy (kefir, for example) provide your body with probiotics – a living organism full of good bacterias which fight the antibody that causes allergy symptoms. Make sure to choose a yogurt that does indeed contain probiotics, as not all yogurts do. They would be listed in the ingredients as one of the following: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium bifidum. Phew, that’s a Latin bonanza! Some of our favorites are the tried and true Fage Greek yogurt or UK brand Innocent’s line of tasty probiotic yogurt shakes, adorably called Thickies!

Papercuts » A Blasphemously Hilarious Top Ten!

April 23, 2010

Knee-slappingly funny Woody Fu sent over a quick top ten list for Lo’s List on a rather religious matter… You can find more of his ROTFL work at Peroxide Comics or peep his outstanding taste in low- and highbrow music (and some questionable fashion choices) at his blog, The 21 Gun Salute! Thanks Woods!!!!

Eco-Friendlies » Top Ten Birdish Abodes!

April 20, 2010

The sun is doing its thing and from our desk here at Lo’s List we can hear the magpies, bluejay and cardinals in the garden singing up a storm. As a city dweller, the return of these birdsongs is a sure sign that spring is here and, thus, summer around the corner! So, in honor of this warm-weather heraldry: a bright collection of our top ten birdhouses and feeders! Hang your favorite on your fire escape (or sprawling porch) and you’ll be sure to lure some local feathered friends right up to your window — a perfect reminder of the world out there beyond your computer screen / twitter stream / MyFace feed, etc…. (and a great distraction for Goobie the Cat!)

Roger Arquer’s Birdland

Radius’ Piep Show in Orange

J. Schatz Egg Birdhouse

Modern Birdhouses’ Richard Model

Vladimir Jaccard’s Birdy Modern Birdhouse

Marcel Wanders Birdhouse for Droog Design

Atelier Bom Design’s Billbirdhouse

Hepper’s Roost Birdhouse in Summer Blue

Dot’s Cip Cip Birdhouse

Kelly Lamb’s Geo Birdhouse

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