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Eco-Friendlies » Flipping Great!

October 26, 2012

South African Flip Flop Bracelets via Paper Source

These bright, fair trade bracelets coming out of South Africa are made using upcycled flip flops. They’re dirt cheap, eco-friendly, and the perfect lighthearted accompaniment to all that studded, metal arm swag everyone seems to be wearing this fall. No two are alike. Get a set of ten from Paper Source and rock the 80’s vibe.

Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: Alex Wang and His Gang

September 11, 2012

As if my Rocco duffle isn’t reason enough to love Alexander Wang (it is). Now he sits the snarky duo – Yo-Landi Vi$$er and Watkin Tudor Jones aka Ninja – that are Die Antwoord front row and center at his SS 2013 show and has them headline his after party. True, they are quite the poster children for Wang’s reptilian bondage SS 2013 presentation and have previously collaborated with Wang on a video promoting the designer’s Spring 2012 T campaign. Happy to see that Wang wasn’t just riding the Zef wave.

World Cup Fever » What’s Your Dance?

July 11, 2010

Last night I dreamed I was at the finals. I was dressed in full Oranje regalia with a cheese wedge hat. With an hour to go before the finals, nerves at all three Martin-Verhoeven camps are high and I keep getting random bouts of the goosebumps. I’ve been practicing my Roger Milla-inspired goal dance (with the hopes that I will be calling upon it at least once this afternoon) and am so hopped up on coffee I can’t quite complete a sentence. The final day of the cup is here and, although I clearly want my Dutch peeps to come out on top, it’s just a thrill to watch them fight for the chance.

Before this Beautiful party comes to a close, I wanted to share one of my favorite ads from the World Cup tournament, an animated spot that the Cameroonian legend Roger Milla did with Puma (shown at top). Animated by James Blagden, the video recounts Milla’s triumphant return to football for the 1990 World Cup during which he carried his national team to the Quarter Finals (a first for any African nation) and introduced the now-obligatory victory dance to the sport. Also worth checking out is the charming Coca-Cola advert that further delves into the victory dance (shown here at left).

World Cup Fever » Svolme Some Neon!!

July 10, 2010

Svolme black backpack

Just one more day of World Cup action. { sniiiiif… } Today’s game for third place (what a doozy) found me screaming at the Celeste to “just score another f***ing goal” in a desperate plea to see the match stretch on for another 30 minutes. Not that wailing during a footie match is anything out of the usual for me, but I want to eat up every fleeting minute at this point.

Thing is, if I had ever been a footballer (I ran X-country) I would have had to be a goalie, what with those killer outfits they’re always wearing. Each World Cup I revel in the flashy, clashy ensembles featured in the penalty box. A stellar collection out of Japan that screams goalie chic with a day-to-day sensibility is Japan’s Svolme label. Although the company’s tag line is “Vive con el Fùtbol” this line is more Harajuku Cosplay than anything else. The 2010 Spring/Summer collection is full of track suits, jerseys, and accessories in neon pink, aqua, and yellow, paired with gray, navy and black. If you’re more of a toned-down fashionista, there are certainly some quieter items worth drooling over like the rubbery-looking backpack above!

Clockwise from top left: black Descarga tank, black & gray baseball cap, and black & pink track suit

World Cup Fever » Top Ten Soccer Balls!

July 9, 2010

Loomstate’s recycled denim and organic canvas soccer balls

It’s always a thrill to see a universal object transformed into artful keepsakes by a whole slew of creative folk. Here’s a roundup of our 10 favorite designer footballs (with a few from previous years that we couldn’t pass up), including a design from Lo’s List favorite Genevieve Gaukler (check out our Gauckler T-Shirt Tuesday post), and the obvious overall favorite, SFIDA! For you die-hards, check out more Lo’s List World Cup action here…

Top row: SFIDA’s No More War Ball, Calle Smooth Criminal Ball, and SFIDA’s España Ball
Middle row: Adidas Y-3 Ball, SFIDA I'm Only One Ball, and X-Large Los Angeles Ball
Bottom row: SFIDA’s Tomorrowland × Fabrick Ball, Calle Street Ball, Stitch x Alexander Girard Ball

World Cup Fever » Arkitip + Chinatown Soccer Club

July 7, 2010

Foosball illustration by Dan Funderburgh

Starting to worry about how you’ll fill your days once the Cup is over? With just two games left to enjoy, you might be wondering: “how will I live without my daily dose of soccer?!”. Well, to help you transition back to the real world, order a copy of Arkitip’s Issue №0055 (the World Cup special edition), done in collaboration with Chinatown Soccer Club. It’s 100% football meets design — cover to cover.

The issue features graphic design, photography, and writing from CSC’s talented collective, including a series of killer soccer club crests by Justin Fines, a photo-reportage on the soccer scene in Haiti by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, and a riotous feature about FC St. Pauli photographed by Kevin Trageser. With 160 pages of World Cup-inspired content, a free Adidas / Arkitip / Chinatown Soccer Club scarf and a slick double-sided poster, you’ll be sure to keep that one-track-football-mind happy for at least a few post-Cup days!

Each issue comes with an Adidas / Arkitip / Chinatown Soccer Club scarf and an 18″x24″ double-sided poster designed by Dan Funderburgh

World Cup Fever » Artists’ Interpretation

July 7, 2010

FIFA Official Art Posters: Isolde Krams’ “Red Elephant” and Cameron Platter’s “The Battle”

This year’s official World Cup South Africa poster — conceived by Switch Design’s Johannesburg office — is a stunner, but the Cup is never just about a single team. Why have one when you can have 17? For the second time (check out the 2006 inaugural series) FIFA’s Official Art Posters project has commissioned a group of global artists to give their impression of the Beautiful Game. Featuring works by William Kentridge, Marlene Dumas and Romero Britto, amongst others, each design is printed in limited edition runs of 2010 copies and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a nifty FIFA Hologram (why are holograms so damn mesmerizing? More on that coming soon…). Snag your favorite (must. have. red. elephant) before they’re all gone.

FIFA Official Art Posters clockwise from top left: Peter Eastman’s “Stadium”, William Kentridge’s “Bicycle Kick”, Robert Slingsby’s “The Midas Touch”, and Julie Mehretu’s “Stadia II”

World Cup Fever » African Arenas

July 3, 2010

All photos from African Arenas © Thomas Hoeffgen

At this stage of the tournament, with so many favored teams crashing out (see yesterday’s Brazil v. Holland shock) and with the hopes of entire continents dashed by the sporting fates (poor Ghana! perfidious Suárez!) it may be time for a reminder that the World Cup is, after all, about football. At the heart of the carefully managed fanfare of this four-yearly feast is a simple game, played with no more than a ball and a set of posts. A new book by photographer Thomas Hoeffgen, African Arenas, captures just that pared-down beauty of the game.

Hoeffgen’s project spans more than a decade, during which he photographed African footballers and playing-fields in about a dozen countries throughout the continent. In many ways he presents a sober portrait of the sport: the most striking of his images reveal the football not of vuvuzelas and corporate-sponsored super-stadia but of the half-abandoned edges of daily life. His players duke it out on communal football pitches of packed earth or yellow grass — in open spaces under concrete overpasses and in the lots of the dry, suburban grid. What he reveals in African Arenas clearly transcends these few, frenzied weeks of the World Cup. Stripping back the layers of South Africa 2010 in these spare and honest photographs, he rediscovers for us the intensity and passion that the game demands from those who play it.

Thomas Hoeffgen works mostly in advertising and editorial photography and has shot campaigns for, among others, Adidas and Red Bull. See more of his work here and buy his African Arenas here. Also, for those of you who speak the German, check out this nice little interview he did with Spiegel Online.

All photos from African Arenas © Thomas Hoeffgen

World Cup Fever » Oranje!!!!!!!!

July 2, 2010

Nike Nederland Skills Ball, Netherlands Core Knit Soccer Hat, and Dutch National Team Soccer Scarf

WHOO HOOO! What a game! Although Brazil were tipped to beat the Flying Dutchmen today during the first of the 2010 World Cup quarter finals, there was no stopping this level-headed gang from the Países Bajos (yep, we’ve only got Univision here at home) as the Dutch kept control of the ball and their tempers, ultimately sending the finals favorites home in a 2-1 victory for the Netherlands. For all you kaaskoppen (cheeseheads) out there, now might be the time to hype up your support, starting with some painfully, proudly orange garb, as the Dutch move on to the semifinals against either Uruguay or Ghana and a chance at their very first World Cup victory!! Hup Holland Hup!

Clockwise from top left: Nike Dutch Core Men's Over-the-Head Soccer Hoodie, Dutch Elite Men's Soccer Training Shirt, Dutch Core Soccer T-Shirt, and Netherlands Back-of-Crest T-Shirt

World Cup Fever » Flip Flops for Fanatics

June 30, 2010

Ahhh.. the good life! Not only is it World Cup time, summer is also in full-swing (at least, in our neck of the woods), making these Havaianas just the perfect thing to complete that head-to-toe hooligan look you’ve been going for. The Brazilian beach shoe legend launched their first World Cup flip-flop for the ’98 series which, with the little Brazilian flag on the strap, bolstered their already comfortable status in the beachwear world to one of epic, global proportion. Now, 12 years later, they’ve added 17 new World Cup styles to their arsenal, including footwear for die-hard US, South African, Argentinian, Australian, English, Paraguayan, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Dutch, Spanish, Nigerian, Portuguese, Cameroonian, and yes, Brazilian fans! Choose from womens or mens styles…

World Cup Fever » Bumpy Pitch

June 29, 2010

Bumpy Pitch’s Brazil and South Africa tees

Eeek! The World Cup quarter finals are upon us (Hup Holland Hup!!) and we’re giddy with anticipation here at the office… We’ve been collecting tons of World Cup-related content to blog about but, with our eyes so glued to the screen during the Round of 16, it’s been a tad difficult to actually get anything published! So, since the football gods have given us a 2-day R&R period, here are some of posts we’ve been meaning to share, starting with a whole crop of stellar national team tees from LA-based, soccer-centric t-shirt company Bumpy Pitch. Unlike the extra loud jerseys, hats and foam fingers that are the norm at the matches, this line of tees falls a bit more comfortably in the day-to-day category and includes some beautiful iterations of national ciphers and crests. Definitely check out the e-shop’s sister blog, The Original Winger, which, as the name implies, is total soccer bonanza!

Clockwise from top left: Bumpy Pitch’s United States, Mexico, South Africa MMX, England, Korea, and Argentina, tees

World Cup Fever » Jump Around in Happy Socks!

June 28, 2010

Happy Socks’ World Cup Series designed by Wong Wong: England (left) and France (right)

The World Cup bonanza continues here at Lo’s List with one of our favorite brands, Happy Socks! Tickle your toes with national pride by donning a pair of these socks designed by Wong Wong especially for this year’s tournament. Choose from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, or the United States. With socks like these you’re going to be tempted to sport the 80’s jeans pinch-roll just to let this footwear get the attention it deserves!

Happy Socks’ World Cup Series designed by Wong Wong: The Netherlands (top left), Argentina (top right), Germany (bottom left), and Brazil (bottom right)

World Cup Fever » Gola Mondo!

June 22, 2010

The World Cup gets plenty loud (thank you, vuvuzelas) without the usual crop of blaring, testosterone-driven, slow-motion mashups that clog the half-time advertising slots, so we at Lo’s List were delighted to discover PepperMelon’s new ad for The Observer and The Guardian. The cleverly designed characters skittering around on their tiny legs, wide-eyed and open-mouthed,  capture all of the gentle, obnoxious joy that we feel every four years when the Beautiful Game takes over our lives.

PepperMelon’s character sketches for Gola Mondo

PepperMelon are based in Buenos Aires and have produced slick animations for MTV, FOX and the Cartoon Network, but this musical offering (scored by Wave Studios) is by far our favorite. The tongue-twisting lyrics are supremely catchy, and we especially like the shout out to Slovenia, Slovakia, Nigeria and the Côte d’Ivoire (Ooh! Ah!  Côte d’Ivoire!). We dare you to watch this twice and not start singing along.

** Note the little comment in the final shot on the advertising clutter of sports tournaments: “razors”, “tires” and “fizzy drinks” appear on the hoardings in the background.

World Cup Fever » Nike Colab Gear!

June 21, 2010

Nike World Cup 2010 Colab France/SoMe Duffle

My voice is hoarse from a week and a half now of hooting and hollering at the television screen, I wish more than anything that my beloved French were still dancing the the ball across the pitch and into the net as was the norm in their heyday (I think I might be going with my Dutch roots for this round of World Cupping), and I feel a wee bit of childish glee when those vuvuzela drown out all other sounds from the South African stadiums. Yep. It’s here. I have it. The FIFA fever!!

Lucky for me, I live in a neighborhood teeming with serious World Cup spirit. Williamsburg is alive and at its rowdiest when this festival of sport comes ’round. People seem to sneak away from their daily grind to converge in the bars and cafés, getting louder and feistier as the daily matches progress. I guess it’s all just part of what makes this such a splendid event: that the world can pause for a moment and come together in the sportsmanship and a bubbling, happy competition of countries.

Clockwise from top left: Nike World Cup 2010 Colab Netherlands/Delta Tank, USA/Mister Cartoon Tank, South Africa/Kronk Tank, and France/SoMe Tank

So… to continue with the celebration during off-the-pitch hours, we’re set to infect Lo’s List with a little World Cup fever as well! Jérôme, our trusty London-based expat will be blogging the cup from his angle, and our resident nordic, Hans Øeuf, might have some Scandinavian soccer fashion tips to impart as well. So, what better way to “kick” it off (heh heh) than some of our favorite graphic artists and their recent World Cup collaborations with Nike. Native Frenchie outta Paris SoMe (check out our recent T-Shirt Tuesday post showcasing more), Londoner James Jarvis (check out a previous post we did on his stunning running advert), South African Kronk form Cape Town, São Paulo, Brazil native Nunca, Amsterdammer Delta, and Los Angelino Mister Cartoon have all created graphics for their team’s shwag available from Nike. What I love about the line is how seamlessly it can go from workout to streetwear: slinky tanks for ladies, classic crews for guys, and unisex hoodies with eye-popping graphics lining the hood (also in the collection are workout shorts, polos, zippie track tops, duffles…).

Clockwise from top left: Nike World Cup 2010 Colab South Africa/Kronk Hoodie, France/SoMe Hoodie, Brazil/Nunca Tee, and England/Jarvis Tee

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