Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: Mandula

September 6, 2012


A little bit Middle Ages, a little bit Gypsy,
and perfectly urban.

It’s a moody, coastal day in New York, and with the end-of-summer cooler weather creeping in just in time for New York Fashion Week, we all have the chance to really switch up our wardrobes and surprise the fashion lenses out on the streets! I’m more than ready to leave behind the days of glaring colors and to plunge into a fall of deep and moody hues, punctuated by – at most – a dash of zephyr green here and there (YZ, are you listening? Zephyr Green).

Mandula, the six-year-strong fashion label of Hungarian-born Hajnalka Mandula is full of just the right rich and layer-ready garments for your shift out of summer. Hajnalka’s style is an unorthodox mix of vintage, upcycled materials and craftsman-level dyeing and construction techniques. Her attention to detail and the quality of her fabrics shine through each piece, making each of these garments more than just an addition to your overflowing closet. Dip-dyed tanks, rumpled oxfords fraying at the hem, utilitarian bucket bags, and billowing hemp pants: Mandula feels a little bit Middle Ages, a little bit Gypsy, and perfectly urban.

Our favorites include a pair of cashmere hot pants (yes, Lo would wear those), hemp drop crotch pants with a vintage leather strap, and a stunning metallic linen cap-sleeved dress.

Go for the Gold » Brass Takes the Cake

August 10, 2012

Oji Masanori Brass Paperweights

Set these paperweights down on the top page of your finished novel by the window on a breezy day…

Although brass is not a traditional medalling metal – and although paperweights belong to the class of less-than-necessary desktop equipment – we’re awarding gold to these exceptional objects by Japanese designer Oji Masanori. The solid brass polyhedra will oxidize over time, building up a gorgeous patina. They come in three different shapes, each with a satisfying heft and unfussy integrity. These paperweights are clearly made for more than holding down a stack of bills: they’re meant to be admired and held in the hand and set down on the top page of your finished novel, for example, by the window on a breezy day. Buy the set from one of our favorite shops for all things home, Toronto-based Mjölk.

Eco-Friendlies » Chop-Chop!

February 15, 2011

Geoffrey Lilge Walnut Culina Tray
Geoffrey Lilge Maple Culina PaddleGeoffrey Lilge Full Walnut Culina Tray
top: Walnut Culina Tray
bottom: Maple Culina Paddle and Walnut Culina Tray

The kitchen is such a happy place in our house: full of anticipation, tempting aromas and (mostly) great results – thanks to head chef YZ. I’ve always had quite the weak spot for kitchen supplies but, with my klutzy husband breaking most of the japanese glassware and ceramic treasures of my past life, I realize that my attention should now turn to accessories of a less breakable nature. Already a big fan of beautiful wood objects, cutting boards are a great culinary object to focus on.

For the absolute cream of the crop of artisan cutting and serving boards, look no further than Canadian Geoffrey Lilge’s sumptuous FSC-certified walnut and maple offerings. Use the x-large walnut Slab (love the huge hanging hole) to wow your dinner guests with an endless spread of charcuterie & fromage or whip out a maple Culina paddle if you’ve got some serious chopping to do. Each board is handmade to order and ships from Canada so expect about 4-5 weeks for delivery…. Hmmm, plenty of time to arrive before my birthday {ahem}.

“I happened to grow up on a commune in northern Alberta and first gained a feel for natural materials by sanding maple cutting boards in my mother’s woodshop. Growing up surrounded by woodworkers, potters and musicians introduced me not only to bushy nudists but more importantly to the gratifying acts of making and collaboration. The one object that I have held onto from that time is one of her boards, and I have come to appreciate what it symbolizes to me – the passionate spirit of the craftsperson.” — Geoffrey Lilge (read the full text here)

Geoffrey Lilge Long Walnut Hole SlabGeoffrey Lilge X-Large Walnut Hole Slab
Geoffrey Lilge Long Walnut Hole SlabGeoffrey Lilge X-Large Walnut Hole Slab
top: Long Walnut Hole Slab and X-Large Maple Hole Slab
bottom: Long Walnut Hole Slab and X-Large Walnut Hole Slab

Beatbox » Gravité!

April 27, 2010

I’m just loving Gravité, a visually breathtaking spin on beatboxing by Renaud Hallée (with the help of DP Simon Allard & PA Laurent-Dominic Chantal-Fortin). Ping pong balls, cutlery, glow sticks and sparklers — just goes to show that pretty much anything can be transformed into music!! Remember when you were a kid smashing the bejeezus out of the kitchen pots? Well, this seems to be the grownup rendition of that… Be sure to check out Renaud’s other music-in-motion video Sonar as well!

T-Shirt Tuesdays » X (Collective) Marks the Spot!

February 9, 2010

X Collective's The Eagle Has Landed Tee by Ana Benaroya

X Collective's The Eagle Has Landed Tee by Ana Benaroya

X Collective, another lovely artist tee outfit, has a well-curated selection of pen & ink-ish illustrations by some top-notch creative minds. The site’s shop currently features work by Yokoland, Ana Benaroya, Blake E Marquis, Mike Perry, Incu Presents, Jim Stoten, Jeremyville, Jim Datz, Rinzen, and Luke Ramsey. These duds are made in limited edition bunches, hand numbered, and shipped gratis anywhere in the world! And for any creatives reading this, they’re always looking for talent…

More from the Collective
X Collective's Square Eye Tee by Blake E MarquisX Collective's Sweet Tune Tee by Jim StotenX Collective's The End Tee by YokolandX Collective's Succumb Tee by Jeremyville

Top Row: Square Eye Tee by Blake E Marquis and Sweet Tune Tee by Jim Stoten
Bottom Row: The End Tee by Yokoland and Succumb Tee by Jeremyville

Geekology » Top Ten Flash Drives

February 8, 2010

1MahjongDisk by Bronon$190

Bronon 8 and 16 GB Mahjong USB Disk

I know what you’re going to say: 200 bucks for a dinky flash drive is preposterous. But, these boxus, sandalwood, amobna and pteroceltis tatarinowii wood drives are slicker than any overpriced it-brand accessory. What’s more, the 8 and 16 GB Mahjong drives by Bronon can be made to order with custom tile designs and comes with a super slick leather holster and loop.

2Tonia Welter Cuff€185

Tonia Welter Leather and Sterlin 2-4 GB USB Cuff

The made-to-order USB Jewellery by Tonia Welter are so very bling-worthy! This unisex USB bracelet is my favorite and comes in black, red or dark brown. Although the line is carried by a few boutiques across the globe (Le66 in Paris, Dijitalfix in Brooklyn, Simon und Renoldi in Köln, and Monaco’s Best Friends Joailliers), it seems you can email orders straight to the designer as well.

3Memory Key by Arturo Jimenez for Imm Living$33

2GB Memory Key by Arturo Jimenez for Imm Living

This nifty little flash drive from Imm Living is style steps above it’s LaCie competitor, iamaKey. The 2GB Flash key is available in metallic purple or glossy blue. Attach it to your key ring and you’ll always know where your data is (erm, unless you tend to loose your keys) or grab some twine and wear it as a necklace!

4Kikkerland Loop Memory Key$75

Kikkerland 2GB USB Loop Memory Key

We’re big fans of NYC’s Kikkerland (that’s “froggie land” in Dutch), having previously reviewed their adorable Electroman and Hubman ports. These slick 2GB Toshiba Loop Memory Drives by Dutch designer Richard Hutten are equally wish-list worthy and come with a matching colored lanyard. Available in orange, light blue, black and white!

5Hacoa Animals$89

Hacoa Animal 1GB USB Drive

Hacao, a Japanese design firm with a mind-blowing line of wooden office and home gadgets, has designed a collection of geometric 1GB animal Flash Drives in light and dark wood. Choose from the duckie, hippo, piggy, elephant or pup. Stay posted for more on the must-have gadgets at Hacoa!

6Mimobot Urban Treeson$25

Mimobot Urban Treeson USB Drive

The Mimobot flash drives have made their mark on the design world, even finding their way into the MoMA store, and the company’s collection of kawaii critters has grown to include many artist editions including models by FriendsWithYou (check out a previous post featuring the FriendsWithYou gang), Tokidoki, and Bubi Au Yeung’s Urban Treeson (above).

7East by Imm Living$35

Imm Studio 2GB East USB Drive

Another quirky drive from Imm Living, the East 2GB USB Drive is part of their hand symbol collection including West, Peace, Word Up, Change, Rock Out, and Vulcan. “Meanings sometimes evolve through technological advances. The Hand Sign USB key pays respect to the remarkably expressive human hand.” — Imm Living

8Clé byAMTN/A

byAMT Clé USB Drive

Another Lo’s List favorite (we featured her ring in our Top Ten Fashion Scout post), Alissia Melka-Teichroew aka byAMT has just released what seems to be the prototype for a laser-cut plexi USB flash key in black and white versions. I can’t wait to get my paws on these – they look like they’re straight out of Alice in Wonderland! Not to worry – we’ll update as soon as we figure out where to buy!

9Split Stick by Quirky$25

Quirky Split Stick 4GB Dual USB Drive

So basic – so useful. These Split Stick 4+4 GB USB drives are simple genius. As an OCD neat freak, I hate the feeling that I spend half my day organizing files, links, emails, etc. With this two-for I can keep 2 projects out of each others’ hair while on the go. Thank you Quirky.

10Rei Ayanami USB Drive$62

Rei Ayanami 4GB USB Drive

Look, sometimes you just have to go the fun route. This 4 GB Rei Ayanami USB drive from Japan’s Neon Genesis Evangelion series would be perfect for storing personal snaps and fluffy miscellanea. Other kawaii characters available at Geek Stuff 4 U include Kaworu Nagisa, also from the Evangelion franchise, Izumi Konata from the Lucky Star manga by Kagami Yoshimizu, Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier, Lupin III by Kazuhiko Kato (aka Monkey Punch), and Sheryl Nome from Macross Galaxy.

Found @ Etsy » Aid for Haiti

January 20, 2010

1Kill ’em Dirty’s One Foot In Massachusetts Necklace$21

Kill 'em Dirty's One Foot in Massachusetts Necklace

Brushed silver necklace with contrasting chunky and thin chains from Kill ’em Dirty. Standard chain length is 18.5″ but you can specify the length you want (btwn 15″-25″). 50% of all Kill ’em Dirty sales between now and January 23rd are donated to the American Red Cross.

2Thirty Six Ten’s Single Violet Sterling Silver Ring$35

Thirty Six Ten Single Violet Ring

Lovely little sterling silver ring from Thirty Six Ten’s Etsy shop. Buy one or several and stack! $20 of the purchase price of this item will be donated to the Disaster Relief fund of Compassion International.

3Reqbat Hand Drawn Cards$12

Reqbat Handpainted Cards

Lovely little set of hand-painted birdie cards from Canadian artist Reqbat. Just in time for V-Day! Only one set left so grab it while you can. 100% of sales goes to the Canadian Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

4Silverwoods' Set of 3 Sterling Silver Wave Bangles$87

Silverwoods' Set of 3 Wave Bangles

Set of three forged and hammered sterling silver bangles from Silverwoods. 10% of all sales and 100% of sales of featured items (such as the bangles shown above) will be donated to the International Red Cross.

5Paloma's Nest Tiny Text Bowl$22

Paloma's Nest Tiny Text Bowl

Matte-finished 3.5″ diameter “Today I Will…” bowl from the Fill in the Blank series by Paloma’s Nest. Perfect for jewels or keys… $5 from each bowl sold before February 15 will be donated to the Haiti relief fund.

6Corrie Berry Pie’s Simple Secret Necklace$22

Corrie Berry Pie Simple Secret Necklace

The Simple Secret Necklace is made with a vintage metal skeleton key with a 32″ vintage metal chain by Corrie Berry Pie. For the remainder of January, 50% of all sales will go directly to World Relief.

7Cristin Rae Sky Blue Cowl$30

Cristin Rae Sky Blue Cowl

Hand-knit sky blue cowl made with chunky 100% merino wool by Cristin Rae. 90% of all current inventory proceeds will go towards Haiti relief funds. Check out the shop for gobs of bright cold-weather accessories to splurge on!

8Beads in the Belfry Tiny Text Necklace$20

Beads In The Belfry Tiny Text Necklace

This dainty sterling silver charm by Beads in the Belfry features one letter or number of your choice. The amulet is just a tad smaller than a dime and comes on a 14″ or 18″ chain. 50% of proceeds go to the American Red Cross.

9Gin and Butterflies Sterling Silver Pagoda Ring$70

Gin and Butterflies Sterling Silver Pagoda Ring

Sterling one-tiered Pagoda Ring by Gin and Butterflies out of Portland, Oregon. A $10 donation to is made with each purchase. Check out the main shop page for loads of stunning pieces. Get the Pagoda ring here!

10INKDORk’s Renewable Love Cards$5

INKDORk's Renewable Love Cards

Sweet and simple hand-pulled silk screened cards with envelopes. Dimensions are 5″ x 7″ with blank inside. All proceeds from card sales go to Haiti relief.

Shutterbug » I See London, I See France…

January 14, 2010

Daryl Banks Crinoline Flowers #2

Daryl Banks’ Crinoline Flowers #2

A little bit Wicked Witch, a smidgen Alice in Wonderland, and buckets of kink! This series by Toronto photographer Daryl Banks, gracefully called Crinoline Flowers, is a cheerful explosion of undies, fishnets and stilettos. The limited edition prints are available through Eckhart Gallery in Amsterdam for €495 – €1785. But hey, wouldn’t a foursome of these look stellar in your gargantuan walk-in closet?

Daryl Banks Crinoline Flowers #3Daryl Banks Crinoline Flowers #6

Welcome Home » Top Ten Mobiles

January 3, 2010

Stephen H. Kawai's Flock of Rocks Escaping (2000)

Stephen H. Kawai's Flock of Rocks Escaping Mobile (2000)
More about the artist here!

Mobiles are much more than a temporary distraction for babies. Case in point: the form itself was created by artist extraordinaire Alexander Calder back in the 1930’s and none other than Duchamp is credited for knighting the hangings with their current moniker. Not to say that mobiles should be reserved for museum and gallery ceilings… In fact, as we head into the depths of winter, a kinetic creation dancing before a window can add extra life to any room.

I’ve scoured the interwebs – Etsy and beyond – to find my 10 favorites that don’t scream childish (although a few can go either way) and tried to cover the field in terms of material, function, and form. There’s art mobiles (Ebon Heath’s Stereo.Type series) and eco-mobiles (Jordan Brown’s Driftwooding piece on Etsy), musical mobiles (Mudpuppy’s Moon Chimes on Etsy) and lighting mobiles (yay! David Weeks!)… So, get your hammer and nail out, find a lonely corner, and give it a makeover!

1Ebon Heath Stereo.Type MobilesN/A

Ebon Heath Stereo.Type Mobiles

Creator: Ebon Heath
More about the series here!

2Jordan Brown's Driftwooding Mobile$23

Jordan Brown's Driftwooding Mobile

Creator: Jordan Brown
Get it here!

3Ekko’s Hidalgo Mobile$60

Ekko Hidalgo Mobile

Creator: Ekko
Get it here!

4Flensted Expecting Fish Mobile$23


Creator: Flensted
Get it here!

5Umbra Lunas Frame Photo Mobile$42

Umbra Lunas Frame Photo Mobile

Creator: Umbra
Get it here!

6David Weeks’ Hanging Mobile No. 405$ ~


Creator: David Weeks Studio
Get it here!

7Our Childrens Gorilla Ladies & Gentlemen Mobiles€29

Our Childrens Gorilla Ladies & Gentlemen Mobiles

Creator: Our Childrens Gorilla
Get it here! (UK) or here! (USA)

8Mudpuppy's Moon Chimes$65

Mudpuppy's Moon Chime Mobile

Creator: Mudpuppy
Get it here!

9Round House Designs’ Eight Crane Origami Mobile$45

Round House Design's Eight Crane Origami Mobile

Creator: Round House Designs
Get it here!

10Tea Land Gold's Sunshine and Showers Mobile$45

Tea Land Gold's Sunshine and Showers Mobile

Creator: Tea Land Gold
Get it here!

Found @ Etsy » Top Ten Cold-Weather Caps

January 1, 2010

Winter is in full-swing here in New York: with two snow days so far and plenty of biting winds. So, instead of griping about having to trudge to the bodega for a pint of milk, grab this frosty opportunity and expand your cold-weather accessory collection! I adore busting out my winter hats, and add a few more trophies to the stockpile each year. What’s more, I’m one of those lucky people who’s coiff reacts rather well to hat hair… Etsy, queen of crafty commerce, is an endless trove of caps, cloches, balacavas and berets. Aside from curated top ten below, be sure to check out Dadaya’s exquisite embroidery with a Japanese-Scandanavian flavor, Yellow Field’s collection of 1920’s flapper gear, Rima Designs’ adventures with tweed, and Afra’s off-the-hook caplets and cowls!

1Afra’s Tweed Brown Hood$44

Afra's Tweed Brown HoodMaterial: wool / acrylic
Get it here!

2Dadaya’s Tinydotdot Dragon Beret$108

Dadaya's Tiny Dot Dot Dragon BeretMaterial: wool
Get it here!

3Escao Design’s Headphone Hat in Lipstick Red$55

Escao Design's Headphone HatMaterial: 100% Italian wool
Get it here!

4Yellow Field’s Charming Cloche$350

Yellow Field's Charming Felt ClocheMaterial: felt with vintage button
Get it here!

5Finny and Zook’s Mommy and Baby Bear Hat Set$55

Finny and Zook's Mommy and Baby Bear Hat SetMaterial: 50% wool & 50% llama
Get it here!

6Knittles’ Knit Armor Collection – Woolly Helm$62

Knittles' Knit Armor Collection Woolly HelmMaterial: 80% acrylic & 20% wool
Get it here!

7001 Trick Pony Pom-Pom Cloche$90

001 Trick Pony Pom-Pom ClocheMaterial: beaver felt with rabbit fur pom-pom
Get it here!

8Rima Designs’ Scarf Hoodlet in Classic Black & White Tweed$75

Rima Designs' Scarf HoodletMaterial: 100% wool with wool/silk blend lining
Get it here!

9Cozy Town Knits Hood in Fig$55

Cozy Town Knits' Hood in FigMaterial: wool/acrylic blend
Get it here!

10Joodito 0 0 3$60

Joodito's 003 HoodMaterial: salvaged cloth
Get it here!

Found @ Etsy » ZukZuk Alors!

December 11, 2009

Zuk Zuk Magic Blossom Bears Print on Etsy

Magic Blossom Bears archival print

Toronto-based New Zealander Helen Acraman clearly has a soft spot for bears (ditto here). These tender pen & ink illustrations have the textural quality of aboriginal art: meticulous tick marks and simple geometrics create fur, feathers, and the like, mixed with a very Nordic-folk-ish approach to color: brilliant magentas & reds, sky blues, bright oranges, and soft yellows. At the artist’s Etsy shop, ZukZuk, you can satiate your ursine craving with a limited edition archival print of one of the sunny illustrations. Most prints are available in small (8.5″ x 11″) and large (13″ x 19″) sizes with various colorways to choose from.

“When I was reading a book to my son the other day, one of the characters, a Wombat, said that he liked to think and he liked to dig. I guess that’s a bit like me. I too like to think and to dig, especially come summer, but then digging snow in the winter is good too…” – H. Acraman

Some more ZukZuk favorites!

Zuk Zuk I Run To You Print on Etsy

I Run To You archival print

Zuk Zuk Jelly Bean Birds Print on Etsy

Jelly Bean Birds archival print

Fashion Scout » Krane Man & Bag

September 20, 2009

Krane FW09

Seriously slick menswear found at Toronto design house Krane! Both Krane Man & Bag is crawling with amazingly crafted, rugged-looking pieces perfect to buy for the guy in your life (& then “borrow” back at the soonest occasion). Jackets made from recycled Italian wool military blankets, waxed cotton bombers with meticulous accents (oooh, the pointy wrist cuffs), and odd little leather motorcycle vests (so perfect for us girls too). And the bags! The best looking fanny pack I’ve ever seen (Atillio), a duffel bag to die for (Fletcher) and the Heinkel, a skinny satchel that reminds me of my grandfather in a very dapper way. The collection is currently available in the States, Canada, The Netherlands, and Japan (check here for retailers) and at a handful of online shops (try Oak, Context, or Revolve). Stay tuned for a quick peek at the Spring 2010 collection (I just can’t save it for later!)…

About the label » Krane is a remembrance of vintage uniforms with an ode to modern industrial design. Old-school leather techniques meet a new-school design attitude in pursuit of innovative garments and accessories. Graphic details evolve and transform classic silhouettes in making bold statements that acknowledge the thoughts and aspirations of today’s contemporary male.

About the designer » Ken Chow brings his visual art background into the fashion industry with Krane. As a young child, Ken was encouraged to pursue his gift of drawing, which he honed by entering Remembrance Day / Veteran’s Day poster design contests. This sparked an interest in a militarist aesthetic, a recurring theme that Ken likes to work with.

Krane Fall 09 Bags

Beatbox » Little Miss Moffatt

June 22, 2009

Eeek! Fun fun fun video from Canadian electro-folk singer / songwriter Ariane Moffatt! This amazing celebration of wacky caricatures was realized and animated by Baillat Cardell & Fils, another très talented team hailing from Québec. There’s a high-res version of the video at Ariane’s site plus all the regular details: discography, show dates, etc. I must say, she’s got some catchy little jazzy Franco-tunes…

Ariane MoffattAriane Moffatt
Stills from the Video

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