Fashion Scout » Sock It to Me Sandy

October 28, 2012

Henrik Vibskov Chappy SocksHenrik Vibskov Lightness SocksHenrik Vibskov Airport Socks
Henrik Vibskov Judith SocksHenrik Vibskov Dong SocksHenrik Vibskov D Socks
Henrik Vibskov Triangle SocksHenrik Vibskov Helsinki SocksHenrik Vibskov Lightness Socks

As Sandy comes creeping towards us, threatening to shut down NYC for the better half of the week and – oh the horror – seriously screwing with every child’s Trick-or-Treating plans, I, as a responsible mother, am checking my list twice for our household hurricane preparedness. Candles? Check. Batteries? Check. Chocolate? Check. As worried as I am for those who will surely be impacted by the brunt of the storm, I can’t help but get a wee bit gleeful as I consider the possibility of a week cuddled up at home with my kid. And, beyond chocolate and good books, cosy socks are a must.

Enter a Lo’s List favorite: Henrik Vibskov. This Scandinavian powerhouse falls firmly into the zag while they zig category of designers. The nonsensical names of his defilés (ie The Eat and The Shrinkwrap Spectacular) are a joyous introduction to the wonderland presented in each collection. Along with the quirky layering and unrestrained pattern-mixing comes a real wearability: these are clothes for those just ballsy enough to step out of the fashion mainstream and be a little daring. But not everyone is ready to go strutting off to work wearing this or this. For the rest of you who need to wade in from the shallow end: snag a pair of these Vibskov socks and go from there.

Gift Guide » Welcome Home for the Holidays!

December 8, 2010

Ferm Living Decorative Molecule Set
Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger by Gustav HallénCB2 Knitted PoufsErnest Perera Dish Drainer
Fine "Splash" Pillow CaseOfficina Nove XBook by Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno RacoRope Ball Doorstop from The Orchard
Ladies & Gentlemen Superior ServersMagazin Classic Hotel KeyfobCasamania Alieno Chair by GamplusFratesi
top: Ferm Living Decorative Molecule Set
first row: Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger, CB2 Knitted Poufs, and Ernest Perera Dish Drainer
second row: Fine "Splash" Pillow Case, Officina Nove XBook, and Rope Ball Doorstop from The Orchard
third row: Ladies & Gentlemen Superior Servers, Magazin Hotel Keyfob, and Casamania Alieno Chair

The holidays are all about home, home-comings, and homeyness so why not give a gift that celebrates the abode? From the tiniest trinkets to the enormously extravagant to the quirky never-knew-I-needed-that shwag — the home is like one more child that can’t stop asking for something new. Here’s our 2010 gifting roundup — all in the spirit of adding a dose of whimsy and color to your home this season.

1Ferm Living Decorative Molecule Set$70

Ferm Living Decorative Molecule SetIf yo’ve got a science whiz on your list, show that brainiac that nerd and style can happily coexist in any home with this timeless molecule set from Ferm Living. Now quiz them on how well they remember those endless chem labs!

2Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger by Gustav Hallén$40

Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger by Gustav HallénWe’ve had our eye on this great hanger by Gustav Hallén ever since we saw it at the MoMA store a couple years ago. Just flip forward the vertical bar and voila – a perfect place to hang your guests’ winter coats! Available in green, red, black, and white at Design House Stockholm.

3CB2 Knitted Poufs$80

ECB2 Knitted PoufsWe’re big knitting fans here at Lo’s List: as soon the weather gets a tad brrr, out come the needles and yarn. We have a big soft spot for these snuggly, 100% cotton knitted poufs from CB2 and are quite keen on the price tag too! They’re currently available in two colors: grey or blood orange.

4Ernest Perera Dish Drainer$112

Ernest Perera Dish DrainerKitchen tasks can be so bah-humbug. Why not ake them a little less miserable for your favorite workhorse with this slick dish drainer by Ernest Perera? Modest, modern, and handily fold-away, it’s a great addition to any slightly squashed NYC apartment.

5Fine "Splash" Pillow Case$46

Fine "Splash" Pillow CasePillows are like socks: yep, you can get grey ones. But why not be a more whimsical with the details? This “Splash” pillow cover from Fine Little Shop adds a spirited and painterly accent to any humdrum couch or armchair. Be sure to check out the shop’s other sweet housewares!

6Officina Nove XBook by Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno Raco$170

Officina Nove XBook by Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno RacoThe slick, haphazard-yet-orderly system behind Officina Nove’s XBook magazine rack is perfect for the humbly orderly home. Designed by three rockin’ italians, Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno Raco, the piece is available in every hue of the rainbow at Made in Design!

7Rope Ball Doorstop from The Orchard$43

Rope Ball Doorstop from The OrchardBring a little nautical nostalgia to your favorite hermit’s home with this monkey’s fist rope ball doorstop from The Orchard. And, if you’ve got a knack for knot-making, try your hand at one too! Check out the tutorial here and get some natural fiber rope here!

8Ladies & Gentlemen Superior Servers$35

Ladies & Gentlemen Superior ServersWe love everything at the Ladies & Gentlemen online shop — from their vintage selection at their Etsy shop to their own selection of quirky tchotckies: the mega doily rug, the chalk piggie bank, the repurposed serving spoons… Get a couple Superior Servers for the gastronaut on your list.

9Magazin Classic Hotel Keyfob$39

Magazin Classic Hotel KeyfobThere’s something so naughty and nostalgic about hotel keys… Get your special someone this great spin on the classic hotel keyfob from Magazin. You can also go the cheesy route and engrave the backside of the solid aluminum base… Be sure to check out the Magazin site for tons more great gift options!

10Casamania Alieno Chair by GamplusFratesi$426

Casamania Alieno Chair by GamplusFratesiFor the most deserving on your Naughty & Nice list, splurge on this ridiculously chic varnished metal Alieno Chair by Gamplus Fratesi for Casamania. Available in black, white, red, or light green at our favorite site of the moment: Made in Design!

Kawaii! » Move Over Piggie. There’s a New Bank in Town.

October 29, 2010

Georg Jensen Moneyphant by Jørgen Møller

“Silver is the best material we have. And silver has this wonderful shine like moonlight…a light taken straight from a Danish summer’s night. When covered by dew, silver can look like magical mist.” — Georg Jensen

When it comes to the art of silversmithing, Copenhagen’s Georg Jensen is at the top of any credible it-list. His story is more than a typical rags to riches triumph, however. The son of a knife grinder, Georg studied sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts after an apprenticeship in goldsmithery that began when he was just 14. The designer always held the arts close to his heart and pursued craftsman positions as a financial means to an end. But, when his silversmithy shop on Bredgade Street began picking up steam, Jensen saw his newfound success and developing career as an opportunity to bring back the profession of artist craftsman. He spent the next two and a half decades drilling that work standard into his team of designers so firmly that, over a century later, the label holds true to the founder’s art-meets-craft credo.

Jørgen Møller, the designer of the uber-kawaii Moneyphant above, was a wee 5 years old when Jensen passed away in 1935. However fifty years later (with the help of Møller’s grandson) Jørgen designed an elephant bottle opener for the Danish label. The simple elephantine shape was so well received that a slew of elephant silverwares followed including this adorable bank. Considering that elephants are revered for their wisdom, it seems an appropriate symbol to attach to your child’s first attempts at saving their “hard-earned” cash…

Welcome Home » Pining for Powder-Coated Steel

October 28, 2010

top: Peter Johansen Minis Side Table and TPV Chair
bottom: Peter Johansen LD Table and D9 Stools

For ages now we’ve been singing the praises of powder-coated steel to anyone who would listen, and we love what Copenhagen-based designer Peter Johansen has been doing with this lightweight and flexible material. He perfectly commands its functional whimsy. His colorful, distinctly modular Metro stool, for example, has a shape that recalls the branchings and intersections of a subway map, combining visual intricacy with a pleasing simplicity of form. We’re also seriously coveting the stackable Roses stool and the Chicago chairs (both shown below), whose spare, classical profile wouldn’t be out of place in the Tuileries — in green, of course.

These are the perfect October chairs: chairs that put in their best days of service standing brightly outside on a garden terrace under scooting grey clouds — or hung with droplets after a shower and hastily dried off so you can catch that last half hour of a nippy autumn sunset.

top: Peter Johansen Tee Tables and Chicago Chairs
bottom: Peter Johansen Gibi 01 Chair and Roses Stools

Fashion Scout » Emdal ColorKnit (…Purl Knit Purl)

August 31, 2010

top: A Tree Cape in black / white / rose / peach / pistachio green
bottom: A Tree Cape in peach / midnight purple

In case you haven’t heard, Copenhagen is the word. A hub for hip designers, the city has cemented itself as one of fashion’s most promising destinations of late. Among the slew of talented young creatives there, we at Lo’s List are loving Signe Emdal. Three years ago, the textile designer and artist launched Emdal ColorKnit, a line of digital knits with eye-popping color and graphic intrigue. The printed fabrics for her capes, dresses, hoodies, turtlenecks, cardis and scarves are created with a digitized industrial knitting machine and then finished by hand–making each piece one of a kind. We’re crushing on the Queen Cardigan, a flowing sculpted cardi with amplified rose print and beautiful knit details. Apparently Emdal’s work has caught the attention of several others, too — she created the Queen Cardigan for her Majesty’s birthday and has collaborated with the likes of Nikita, Henrik Vibskov, rockers Oh No Ono and artist Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen.

top: Queen Cardigan in blue / light blue
bottom left: Gerner Dress in wine / pistachio green / pine green
bottom right: Oh No Cardigan in purple / grey / tropical green
top left: A Tree Cape in bright blue / light grey / pink / light green / black
top right: Gerner Dress in black / white rose / pink / wine
bottom left: A Tree Cape in light rose / petrol blue
bottom right: A Tree Cape in light rose / petrol blue / pistachio green / grey

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Is Your Kid SuperFancy?

May 11, 2010

SuperFancy Kids Mustache Tee
SuperFancy’s Mustache Tee

For all the cool kids out there: hipster offspring, weathered NYC youngsters and such, SuperFancy’s line of children’s tees are fresh, bright, and (aside from the one questionable gun tee) innocuous in content: rather important when dressing youngsters in this age of uber-violent video games (I’m against it), horror flicks (against it), and the like. Want your own SuperFancy shwag? Well, the Danish company makes tees for old farts too — although not quite as spirited as the munchkin selection… At a hefty €22 a pop (for kids tees), you’ll definitely want to hand the duds down to the next burgeoning fashionista in line…

SuperFancy Kids Cyclops TeeSuperFancy Kids Skull Tee
SuperFancy Kids Fox TeeSuperFancy Kids Bowler Tee
SuperFancy’s Cyclops, Skull, Fox, and Bowler tees

T-Shirt Tuesdays » (Good Good) Wood Wood

March 23, 2010

Wood Wood's Hourglass T-Shirt in Black

Wood Wood's Hourglass T-Shirt in Black

Loving these punchy men’s tees from Copenhagen-based fashion outpost Wood Wood. And, optimistically assuming that the glorious NYC weather we had over the weekend will return, you might want to start updating your tee collection for the warmer months ahead! The Wood Wood shop carries a large collection of their own designs as well as a smattering of well-curated items from the likes of Comme des Garçons, Eley Kishimoto, Happy Socks, and Tsumori Chisato to name some favorites!

Wood Wood's Teddy T-Shirt in BlackWood Wood's Mickey Duck T-Shirt in White
Wood Wood's Afrika T-Shirt in WhiteWood Wood's AA T-Shirt in Blue
Top: Wood Wood’s Teddy and Mickey Duck T-Shirts
Bottom: Wood Wood’s Afrika and AA Tees

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Six Greats @ Sixpack!

February 23, 2010

If you’re looking for the online motherload of well-curated, design-minded tees you’ll go bonkers over at Sixpack France’s online shop. With talents like typographic whiz Mark Owens and knee-slappingly funny illustrator (with equally comical moniker – translates to “RememberMyName”) HuskMitNavn – there’s something chic for every t-shirt geek! We’ve curated our favorites here below…

Ill Studio’s pastel-cypher photo montages!

Ill Studio's New Paradigm Tee for Sixpack France

Ill Studio's Dream Catcher Tee for Sixpack FranceIll Studio's Totem Tee for Sixpack France
Top: New Paradigm Tee
Bottom: Dream Catcher and Totem Tees

Mark Owens’ quirky pop-French phrases!

Mark Owens' You Me Oui Tee for Sixpack France

Mark Owens' Savoir Tee for Sixpack FranceMark Owens' Amoureux Solitaires Tee for Sixpack France
Top: You Me Oui Tee
Bottom: Savoir and Amoureux Solitaires Tees

Hell’O Monsters’ meticulous B&W line drawings!

Hello Monsters' Killing Yourself Tee for Sixpack France

Hello Monsters' Jodocartes Tee for Sixpack FranceHello Monsters' La Faucheuse Tee for Sixpack France
span style=”color: black;”>Top: Killing Yourself Tee
Bottom: Jodocartes and La Faucheuse Tees

PMKFA’s selectively perfect color palette!

Lo's List /// PMKFA's Parallel Strokes Tee for Sixpack France

Lo's List /// PMKFA's Burgent Tee for Sixpack FranceLo's List /// PMKFA's Waterlixx Tee for Sixpack France
Top: Parallel Strokes Tee
Bottom: Burgent and Waterlixx Tees

HuskMitNavn WTF cast of characters!

Lo's List /// Huskmitnavn's Heads Tee for Sixpack France

Lo's List /// Huskmitnavn's Who Run Tee for Sixpack FranceLo's List /// Huskmitnavn's Spaceshop Tee for Sixpack France
Top: Heads Tee
Bottom: Who Run? and Spaceshop Tees

Dave Decat’s temporary tat-tees (sorry, couldn’t resist)!

Lo's List /// Dave Decat's Coeur de Voyou for Sixpack France

Lo's List /// Dave Decat's Apache Tee for Sixpack FranceLo's List /// Dave Decat's Fatalitas Tee for Sixpack France
Top: Coeur de Voyou Tee
Bottom: Apache and Fatalitas Tees

Beatbox » Choir of Young Believers

September 9, 2009

I’m one of the oddballs that can play the same song or album on repeat for days on end. The thing is, music tends to blur with everything around you and, months or years later, when you trip over the song in a playlist, not only are you rediscovering a gem, but along with it smells, tastes, all those memories gathered during that first listen. Bob Dylan’s I Want You from his Live at Budokan album triggers springtime at my grandmother’s house in Provence, Tinariwen’s Aman Iman: Water is Life carries me across the Atlas mountains of Morocco. It’s one of those scientific magic tricks that everyone should leverage…

Danish orchestral wonder-band (er, make that one-man-band 26-year-old Jannis Noya Makrigiannis + rotating crew of extras), Choir of Young Believers, has just that time-capsule quality. Achy cello baselines, lo-fi thumping percussions, and crescendoing choruses form songs that waver from melancholy to delight. Have a listen to Jannis’ solid debut album, This Is for the White in Your Eyes and gather up some Autumnal memories of your own! Also, head over to Jannis’ MySpace page for tour dates happening now across Denmark, Iceland, BC, Ontario and the States!

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