T-Shirt Tuesdays » Shark Attack!

November 20, 2012

Givenchy Shark Tee

I am absolutely jonesing for Givenchy these days (oh Antigona…). And I can just add this painterly statement tee to the lengthy list. My closet is already a veritable shrine to the men’s tee, with my favorite look being a half-heartedly tucked-in tee, some skinny jeans, a pair of exuberant socks and my trusty Tretorn sneaks. Any more fuss than that and I’m wasting precious time. But that doesn’t mean it’s careless. With my carefully curated tee collection, I always find just the right design for any day’s mood. This toothy shark? Mondays, for sure.

Go for the Gold » Grin and Bear It

August 5, 2012

Frédéric Perigot Gold Bear Bag Large Shopper

Just the right size for a heptathlon
of Olympics-watching treats!

Care about the planet? Might as well be cute about it. Let your green credentials shine with this golden shopping bag by French designer Frédéric Perigot. It tucks away adorably into a little matching golden bear when not in use. We’d bust it out to shlep around our farmer’s market provender – or, better yet, to hold a heptathlon of Olympics-watching treats: Ritter Sports bar, Kind snacks, Volvic, TJ’s trail mix, watermelon, gum and Ella’s Kitchen squishies for the little guy.

The Perigot site is definitely worth a perusal, full of utilitarian-gone-chic household wares and minimalist bags made from one of our favorite materials, Tyvek!

Papercuts » J’adore Paris vs. I ♥ NY? To Each City its Own…

November 3, 2010

It’s the City of Lights against The Big Apple – and this battle is a sight to behold! We’re talking, of course, about Paris Versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities, the charming blog started recently by Paris-based art director and graphic designer Vahram Muratya. He calls it “a friendly visual match” between the two cities, comparing their details, clichés and contradictions. The simple side-by-side graphics demonstrate the cities’ differences — from the look of la façade to the shape of le pain. It’s a quirky, delightful tribute to two beloved cities – and quite frankly, Lo’s List can’t get enough!

Since the kickass crew at Cool Hunting first mentioned it, Paris Versus New York has been winning internet fans the world over. The infant site has been inundated with love notes and suggested comparisons — and there’s also been more than a few requests to make Muratya’s work available for purchase. Yesterday he noted on the site that Paris Versus New York will be “printed soon, in some way or another.” Whether that means posters or booklets, we’re not sure. Just get them to Gotham so we can show some hometown love! Bisous!

Welcome Home » Pining for Powder-Coated Steel

October 28, 2010

top: Peter Johansen Minis Side Table and TPV Chair
bottom: Peter Johansen LD Table and D9 Stools

For ages now we’ve been singing the praises of powder-coated steel to anyone who would listen, and we love what Copenhagen-based designer Peter Johansen has been doing with this lightweight and flexible material. He perfectly commands its functional whimsy. His colorful, distinctly modular Metro stool, for example, has a shape that recalls the branchings and intersections of a subway map, combining visual intricacy with a pleasing simplicity of form. We’re also seriously coveting the stackable Roses stool and the Chicago chairs (both shown below), whose spare, classical profile wouldn’t be out of place in the Tuileries — in green, of course.

These are the perfect October chairs: chairs that put in their best days of service standing brightly outside on a garden terrace under scooting grey clouds — or hung with droplets after a shower and hastily dried off so you can catch that last half hour of a nippy autumn sunset.

top: Peter Johansen Tee Tables and Chicago Chairs
bottom: Peter Johansen Gibi 01 Chair and Roses Stools

Fashion Scout » Castelbajac’s Medieval Models

September 30, 2010

Eccentric Parisian designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has traded Muppets and tropical adventures for a darker fairy-tale this Fall. His collection had the look of medieval times, replete with Robin Hood garb, woodland creatures, and dresses inspired by stained glass and knights.

Not one for subtlety, Castelbajac used these themes quite literally, opening the show with structured shoulders and touches of chain mail before presenting capes, high necks, leather buckles and hoods. And then Bambi came prancing down the runway! The iconic Disney deer – who is forced to find his way in the wild after his mother is killed – gave Castelbajac a signature cartoon and played up the ominous forest motif at the same time. Bambi could be found on slinky shirts, suit jackets, dresses, shoes, and – oh yes – there were antlers galore.

As the collection finished with gleaming armored mini-dresses and stained glass embellishments, Castelbajac had Lo’s List feeling much like Maid Marian.

Welcome Home » Hitting a Wall? Just Wallpaper it!

September 22, 2010

top: Minakani Copenhague Wallpaper
middle: Minakani Peacocks and Animals Wallpapers
bottom: Minakani Cloudy Carpathes Wallpapers

I don’t know whether it’s the post-summer doldrums or just that it’s — ugh — Wednesday but I am feeling in a funk! My solution for such ruts is pretty reliable though: a good scrub of the house (mmm… Mrs. Meyers basil) and some heavy redecorating! What better way to give your digs a massive makeover than kicking your wallpaper up a notch with a made-to-order Minakani print? The Parisian creative duo has quite the knack for creating surface designs that are at once minimalist and equally pack a punch. Even the kid-centric patterns have a refined edge to them, giving you all the more reason to hang out in Junior’s room reading Asterix comics!

Fashion Scout » Unforgettable Fall Favorite!

September 1, 2010

top: Forget Me Not Chione VI and Morphe III Scarves
bottom: Forget Me Not Morphe I and Morphe II Scarves

Well, it’s September 1st, which means the kids are back-to-school and the weather should start changing soon (hurrah!). Although I really do love all seasons, there’s nothing quite like autumn in New York. You’ve got crisp cold air blowing in off the Hudson, leaves whirling down the midtown canyons and sharp and slanting afternoon light — the perfect backdrop for that bold new scarf you’re wearing! Oh, you don’t have a new scarf? Well, grab one of these unforgettable silk numbers from Forget Me Not and head off for a blustery stroll in the park.

Forget Me Not’s scarf collection has all the beautiful linear detailing and depth of an Hermès number with a slightly younger, indie sensibility. At a whoppingly oversized 42″ x 42″, this is a great accessory to transition from crisp to cold weather (and to wrap around your neck at night when suffering from a scratchy throat — my little french granny’s trick). Coco, the designer behind Forget Me Not, has been illustrating for fashion rags like Vogue, Elle, Nylon, Bon, and Muse, using her elegant combination of pen and ink and watercolor techniques. Her playful subject matter ranges from fairytale-forest creatures to geometric space scenes. You can still snag some of her brightly colored Spring/Summer 2010 pieces here but we suggest picking up one of our four favorites from her latest Fall/Winter 2011 collection seen above and below!

top: Forget Me Not Chione VI and Morphe III Scarves
bottom: Forget Me Not Morphe I and Morphe II Scarves

World Cup Fever » Nike Colab Gear!

June 21, 2010

Nike World Cup 2010 Colab France/SoMe Duffle

My voice is hoarse from a week and a half now of hooting and hollering at the television screen, I wish more than anything that my beloved French were still dancing the the ball across the pitch and into the net as was the norm in their heyday (I think I might be going with my Dutch roots for this round of World Cupping), and I feel a wee bit of childish glee when those vuvuzela drown out all other sounds from the South African stadiums. Yep. It’s here. I have it. The FIFA fever!!

Lucky for me, I live in a neighborhood teeming with serious World Cup spirit. Williamsburg is alive and at its rowdiest when this festival of sport comes ’round. People seem to sneak away from their daily grind to converge in the bars and cafés, getting louder and feistier as the daily matches progress. I guess it’s all just part of what makes this such a splendid event: that the world can pause for a moment and come together in the sportsmanship and a bubbling, happy competition of countries.

Clockwise from top left: Nike World Cup 2010 Colab Netherlands/Delta Tank, USA/Mister Cartoon Tank, South Africa/Kronk Tank, and France/SoMe Tank

So… to continue with the celebration during off-the-pitch hours, we’re set to infect Lo’s List with a little World Cup fever as well! Jérôme, our trusty London-based expat will be blogging the cup from his angle, and our resident nordic, Hans Øeuf, might have some Scandinavian soccer fashion tips to impart as well. So, what better way to “kick” it off (heh heh) than some of our favorite graphic artists and their recent World Cup collaborations with Nike. Native Frenchie outta Paris SoMe (check out our recent T-Shirt Tuesday post showcasing more), Londoner James Jarvis (check out a previous post we did on his stunning running advert), South African Kronk form Cape Town, São Paulo, Brazil native Nunca, Amsterdammer Delta, and Los Angelino Mister Cartoon have all created graphics for their team’s shwag available from Nike. What I love about the line is how seamlessly it can go from workout to streetwear: slinky tanks for ladies, classic crews for guys, and unisex hoodies with eye-popping graphics lining the hood (also in the collection are workout shorts, polos, zippie track tops, duffles…).

Clockwise from top left: Nike World Cup 2010 Colab South Africa/Kronk Hoodie, France/SoMe Hoodie, Brazil/Nunca Tee, and England/Jarvis Tee

Shutterbug » Serpentine Snaps

March 22, 2010

Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Dendroaspis Viridis

Dendroaspis Viridis © Guido Mocafico 2003

“What animal has inspired as much dread, as many legends, indeed, as much revulsion and terror as the snake? Demon, divinity, sacred animal protector, ancestor – the nature and importance of this creature’s role has changed throughout history. Among the 2,700 known species, few are dangerous, let alone lethal, to humans, but prejudices run deep. These images look at this family of animals with a mysterious biology, and of which new species are still being discovered.” — Steidl Publishing

Serpens is a slithering collection of still lives portraying various serpent species by Italian/Swiss/French photographer Guido Mocafico. The two-phased collection, (view Part 1 and Part 2 here) precisely documents the hypnotizing beauty of these creatures: from their geometric skins to each exquisite color palette.

Typical of his still life collections (another favorite are his watch innards portraits), the snakes are arranged atop a black background and photographed with nothing but perfect technical skill – offering up a blank slate of symbolism for each new observer. Mocafico’s works pull from many old-school art styles: Dutch Renaissance still lives, the slightly morbid concept of nature morte arrangements (identifiable by either rotting organics or a skull or two), as well as the anthropological, large-format cataloging style of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Dendroaspis ViridisGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Lampropeltis Getula Nigrita
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Lampropeltis PyromelanaGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Vipera Ammodytes
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Dendroaspis Jamesoni JamesoniiGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Lampropeltis Getula Californiae
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Boiga Dendrophila MelanotaGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Bothriechis Schlegeli
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Rhynchophis BoulengeriGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Vipera Aspis
All images ©2003 from Guido Mocafico’s Serpens Series
Rows from top (left to right): Dendroaspis Viridis, Lampropeltis Getula Nigrita, Lampropeltis Pyromelana, Vipera Ammodytes, Dendroaspis Jamesoni Jamesonii, Lampropeltis Getula Californiae, Boiga Dendrophila Melanota, Bothriechis Schlegeli, Rhynchophis Boulengeri, and Vipera Aspis

Fashion Scout » Collection Vanessa Bruno

February 24, 2010

Lo's List /// Collection Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno’s 2010 Spring / Summer Pret-a-Porter Collection

So, I’m not ashamed to say that, growing up, I had an overzealous obsession for pink. To this day, every time the color gets mentioned in a conversation with my father, he reminds me (in his persistent French accent) of my mini-me catch phrase: “PINK IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!” It hardly comes as a surprise when you consider the wall-to-wall magenta carpeting of my childhood bedroom…

Stumbling upon Vanessa Bruno’s Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear collection while doing some browser-window shopping at, I felt a happy pang of nostalgia – mixed with awe – as I flipped through the designer’s runway show, spiked with some very classy pink ensembles. And, regardless of what the fashionistas over at Style might say about the lace knee pads (“a bit much”) – I’m just loving the whimsy behind the lingerie-gone-80’s-corporate-chic theme.

Lo's List /// Collection Vanessa BrunoVanessa Bruno’s 2010 Spring / Summer Pre-Show Collection

Digging a little deeper over at Vanessa’s website (which opens with a kickass video of the designer’s muse, Lou Doillon, flailing about to a Gonzales piano track) I found more victoriously pink duds in her casual pre-show collection. I also, to YZ’s soon-to-come chagrin, found her bags. More specifically, one bag. That I must have (it’s the one below – on the right). — insert dramatic pause — And the icing on the cake: she’s almost affordable! In a “screw it, I deserve happiness too!!!” kind of way. Get the garments at YouHeShe, Net-a-Porter, ShopStyle, FarFetch, and plenty of other online retailers or just visit one of her chic Parisian boutiques if that’s how you roll…

Lo's List /// Collection Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno’s 2010 Spring / Summer Handbag Collection

Geekology » Happy Cables from LaCie

February 22, 2010

LaCie Flat Cables

LaCie’s Flat Cables

Wires are a miserably ugly thing. And, being a nitpick aesthete, just catching a glimpse of the grayish-white gaggle snaking out from under my office desk sends shivers down my spine. Same goes for extension cords: why are more elegant, colorful extension cords not readily available? Having searched high and wide, all I’ve found are 60-foot neon cords which, for a Brooklyn apartment, is a bit much.

Well, one can only hope that these styling LaCie flat cables will blaze a geeky trail into the uncharted waters of upscale wires. The collection, designed by French firm ITEM (more on these guys coming right up), includes seven different interfaces: USB A to B, USB A to Mini B, USB A male to A female, FireWire 400 to FireWire 400, FireWire 400 to FireWire 800, FireWire 800 to FireWire 800, and eSATA to eSATA. The Red Dot Award-winning cables are flat, making them super easy to coil if you don’t need the full length, and come with adorable little label stickies to further satiate your OCD. Hurrah!

Welcome Home » Du Gâteau?! Ou Ça?!

February 4, 2010

La Cerise sur le Gâteau - Blueberry & Cherry Babette Tea Towels

Blueberry & Cherry Babette Tea Towels

I run an anti-paper napkin/towel house and am always on the lookout for fun napkins and dishcloths to add to our kitchen collection. This series from La Cerise sur le Gâteau, a blossoming little boutique operating out of Paris, has all the charm of the French country balanced out with neon, pop culture graphics: perfect for the booming crop of savvy, stylish city-dwelling chefs!

Aside from typical kitchen accessories (dish towels, napkins, tablecloths, aprons & bibs…) Gâteau’s designer, Anne Hubert, has also created whimsical cushions, bedsheets, laundry bags and a whole slew of tees for tots (our fave is the mustache baby beater). Although Anne’s online shop will be hitting the interwebs soon, you can find selected items from online retailers Ilo Deco, Autre Shop, and Deco Clico!

“Behind all these ideas, which perfectly mix Kawaii spirit and nostalgia, is hidden an insatiable appetite for discovery: From fairy tales to Wong Kar Wai movies, from Polaroid images to Rinko Kawauchi photos, from holiday souvenirs to notepad scribbles, Anne Hubert takes inspiration from the sunny side of life and feeds her imagination with it.”

Une Autre Petite Goutte!
La Cerise sur le Gâteau - Lamp Tea TowelLa Cerise sur le Gâteau - Black Bike Tea Towel
La Cerise sur le Gâteau - Brunette CushionLa Cerise sur le Gâteau - Josette Cushion

Top Row: Lamp & Black Bike Tea Towels
Bottom Row: Brunette & Josette Cushions

Fashion Scout » Mad Hatter’s Fashion Party!

February 3, 2010

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

Walter Van Beirendonck’s recent Fall/Winter 2010/11 collection “Take a W-Ride” came as no surprise to those familiar with the Belgian designer’s oddball fashion antics. We thought – why not talk the looks over with the giggle-inducing Adriane using the latest in text messaging technology!? This is what happened…

Lso – just to preface – Walter Van Beirendonck is this 53 yr old Belgian guy who literally looks like a Nordic Viking.

AI thought we were just supposed to make fun observations … like “this is what Hamburger Helper and Little Bo Peep’s love child looks like…”

Lor a character out of Asterix… Wait, hamburger helper? Wasn’t that the gloved hand with the clown nose? I’m getting a very Yoshi Super Mario meets Nursery Rhyme vibe. But, def. Lil Bo – right on the nose. out of this outfit – would you buy anything?

AI guess the lamb… My middle name means “Lamb” in Dutch. I think it could be a family heirloom… Family was 15th century wool traders….

LSchaap!? Your middle name is SCHAAP? amazing! Walter Van B would love that…

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LGreen screen man! This would be such a useful top for a motion graphics house – great investment… Hmm… those ear-warmers…

A…great for in the subway on the way to work. This kid looks rigged for all kinds of weather and situations

L…and weird superhero conundrums that start with the letter “W”.

AI think full-glove sleeves are going to be really in as terrorist disease fears increase … 0% skin exposure!

LY! Tokyo will surely pick up the trend first.

AAnd the W is clearly for Weezer…

LEew – Weezer. I bet you if you said “Weezer” out loud, Lika would start Karaoke-ing one of their songs for you.

AThat outfit on the right screams “Inmate got a Sweater in the Mail for Christmas”. I’d buy it… Reminds me of Stargate … which you know, is like reminding me of ALL THINGS GOOD

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LLove the rocket scarf! But that beanie is downright dumb. I hate beanies … terrible fashion accessory.

AHowever, this mocks the beanie elegantly I might add. This is VERY hamburgler. I think I meant “Hamburgler” before when I said “Hamburger Helper” … the rounded head, the general attitude…

LRight, because there is a little white glove with a clown nose!

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LIt’s a shame there aren’t more tee’s in this collection – it’s the one thing you can actually buy at his online shop and they’re stunning – here you catch a sliver of one of them … the jacket is rad – see all those pockets? But what’s wrong with his leg – is that a protruding femur? Eat something goddamnit!!!

AThat’s where he keeps his ping pong balls … He’s going to the match … I used to put tennis balls in my spandex shorts like the other girls on the tennis team.

LNo you didn’t.

AI did! I was only on the team in 8th grade though… then i got cool and quit Mathletes.

LThat magenta is hideous.

AIt’s like male Oilily… PEPTO BISMOL!!

LI love NECCO wafers!!!

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LOh! That hoodie was MADE for me!!! …but, is that velour? Velour should drown in the river with his friend, beanie.

AOh no! It’s like Juicy Couture worn by a mobster’s wife with the graphics of her man’s trade

L“Mob Mommy” No one would be able to afford it…

ABrooklyn is rich now, Lo. Haven’t you seen Bored to Death?

LPff – you know, our good friend Stephen Ulrich scored the series… also scored Miao Wang’s Beijing Taxi documentary with YZ’s brother, Itamar…

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

AThese are like, the Wes Anderson outfits. I love the gloves. They say: “This is a man who is willing to do dishes”.

L…a moment of silence for all the men who do dishes? and notice the boots? Killer.

AThey look like those Wolverine gentleman’s boots everyone wants = GREAT.

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LThis pony girl thing is just so perverted… Do like the poncho though.

AIt’s all very Dr. Strangelove. Also reminds me of a failed weather balloon experiment … or a giant hot water bottle!

L…or some first delve into a flying apparatus. What’s with the prison duds on the right? Did Walter have a recent stint in the nick?

AIt’s a Beastie Boy!!!

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LOooh – great sweater – this one’s got the right color ways – I didn’t like the brown rec-room vibe of the previous one…

AI like the high-waist pants – but is something like, dribbling down his pants? or is that the fly?

LYou know, a couple shows ago… Sexclown, for Spring/Summer 2008 … all of Walter’s looks were based on avatars he created and subsequently launched into the wilds of Second Life! Just, you know, random factoid…

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

AThat’s my fave sweater – on the right… Like a 21st century stained glass window. I’m totally ignoring the headphones now – I’ve become immune.

LMight as well ignore all the annoying themes: prison, headphones, phallic ponies … the sweater is terrif tho.

AThis is like a Snuggie for rich people.

LI would get the laundry in that.

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

AEh! Would have taken me seven minutes and one blue bed sheet to make that dress.

LK -let’s see you wear that to work. Those two blues are great together. Oh, BTW – the collection is called “Take a W-Ride” as you see on the stellar crew on the right… that’s such a slick outfit.

AI like that the man’s nipples are accentuated. People always think women don’t care about a man’s nipples. Well, they’re WRONG.

LAdriane! We’re going to have to censor this discussion? Um, anyhow – those nips are not quite in the right place…

AI’m just trying to create controversy so people read this thing. It’s already 400 pages too long.

LOkay, smut it up then. Here you see many of Walter’s signature ciphers: the Adam & Eve-ish snake, the bear Walter totem…


L…the southwest patterning… You should create some for yourself.

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

AWell, to wrap up, I thought I made some really astute references to David Lynch… It’s funny how everyone looks like a little bunny … cuz of the white poopers hanging off their asses butts.

LY – “bushy-tailed” … This must have been so fun to model for though.

AAgreed – I’d like to see pictures of the interns buckling people into hats backstage. Someone should make a coffee table book called: “Fashion Interns Doing Embarrassing Things”. I think it’s probably impractical to design clothes that can’t fit in an elevator tho…

LTrue, but then you’ve gotta take the stairs which saves energy, so…

AAh – yeah, taking the stairs with my giant hamburger helmet – that’s my new fitness routine. You’d learn a lot about poise – can’t slouch with a giant hamburger on your head.

LGood for those cotillion classes.

APretty boy in the boring inmate jumpsuit and sweater looks super jealous and sad of models in crazy suits

LYeah, like, “WTF – I always get the outfit FAIL! I want the wedding gown!!!”

AToo bad there wasn’t a wedding gown, BTW…

LTrue – I’ve never seen a wedding design from him – we should ping him ’bout that – although he did start a great shoe collection with some Italians.

AI’ll commission him for my wedding… when I’m a thousand-aire.

LWell, I think dissected, there are some winners in the collection – I admire Walter Van B’s balls to the wall direction…

AWinners? Totally. He’d be perfect to costume-design my adaptation of Willy Wonka…

Welcome Home » Top Ten Mobiles

January 3, 2010

Stephen H. Kawai's Flock of Rocks Escaping (2000)

Stephen H. Kawai's Flock of Rocks Escaping Mobile (2000)
More about the artist here!

Mobiles are much more than a temporary distraction for babies. Case in point: the form itself was created by artist extraordinaire Alexander Calder back in the 1930’s and none other than Duchamp is credited for knighting the hangings with their current moniker. Not to say that mobiles should be reserved for museum and gallery ceilings… In fact, as we head into the depths of winter, a kinetic creation dancing before a window can add extra life to any room.

I’ve scoured the interwebs – Etsy and beyond – to find my 10 favorites that don’t scream childish (although a few can go either way) and tried to cover the field in terms of material, function, and form. There’s art mobiles (Ebon Heath’s Stereo.Type series) and eco-mobiles (Jordan Brown’s Driftwooding piece on Etsy), musical mobiles (Mudpuppy’s Moon Chimes on Etsy) and lighting mobiles (yay! David Weeks!)… So, get your hammer and nail out, find a lonely corner, and give it a makeover!

1Ebon Heath Stereo.Type MobilesN/A

Ebon Heath Stereo.Type Mobiles

Creator: Ebon Heath
More about the series here!

2Jordan Brown's Driftwooding Mobile$23

Jordan Brown's Driftwooding Mobile

Creator: Jordan Brown
Get it here!

3Ekko’s Hidalgo Mobile$60

Ekko Hidalgo Mobile

Creator: Ekko
Get it here!

4Flensted Expecting Fish Mobile$23


Creator: Flensted
Get it here!

5Umbra Lunas Frame Photo Mobile$42

Umbra Lunas Frame Photo Mobile

Creator: Umbra
Get it here!

6David Weeks’ Hanging Mobile No. 405$ ~


Creator: David Weeks Studio
Get it here!

7Our Childrens Gorilla Ladies & Gentlemen Mobiles€29

Our Childrens Gorilla Ladies & Gentlemen Mobiles

Creator: Our Childrens Gorilla
Get it here! (UK) or here! (USA)

8Mudpuppy's Moon Chimes$65

Mudpuppy's Moon Chime Mobile

Creator: Mudpuppy
Get it here!

9Round House Designs’ Eight Crane Origami Mobile$45

Round House Design's Eight Crane Origami Mobile

Creator: Round House Designs
Get it here!

10Tea Land Gold's Sunshine and Showers Mobile$45

Tea Land Gold's Sunshine and Showers Mobile

Creator: Tea Land Gold
Get it here!

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Three Meows for Cool Cats!

December 29, 2009

Cool Cats Girls 'N' Cats #5 Tee

Cool Cats Girls ‘n’ Cats #5 Tee

Since I already touched upon the illustrative prowess of So-Me in our Beatbox post for the top 10 music videos of the decade, I figured, might as well cover the bases and show off the artist’s bountiful tee collection as well. This year, Ed Banger Records and So-Me had the splendid idea to gather together their projects – music, apparel and the like – under the moniker Cool Cats. The result is a site full of the electro-balls-to-the-wall stuff the two are known for: from Justice EPs to SebastiAn tees. Sure, the tees will run you a tad more than your daily duds, but this is collector’s booty! Most styles were made in limited edition batches of 100 – so snag ’em before they’re gone forever!

“Cool Cats t-shirts ain’t thick and our prints are soft. Because we don’t wear those big hip hop tee shirts anymore, like we used to, do you?”

Cool Cats Justice Phantom II TeeCool Cats Ed Rec Vol III TeeCool Cats OZ Tour TeeParty Harders' We Are The Night Tee at Cool CatsRevolver x So-Me Fleetsails Tee at Cool CatsCool Cats Prom Night Tee
Tees clockwise from top left: Cool Cats’ OZ Tour Tee, Ed Rec Vol III Tee, Prom Night, Party Harders’ We are the Night Tee, Revolver x So-Me’s Fleetsails Tee, and Cool Cats’ Phantom II for Justice

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