Duck Duck Goose » Cloudy with No Chance of Rain

November 20, 2012

Magis Me Too's Cloudy by Benedetta Mori Ubaldini

“The voice of children demanding,
insisting to have their own objects,
that correspond to their own world,
which is different from the adult one,
not only for its dimensions
but also for its values.”
— Eugenio Perazza, Magis president

Me Too, the children’s division of interior design company Magis, has been killing it with the kids wares for almost a decade now. This comes as little surprise. Magis’ president is well aware of the finicky taste of children: in no small part thanks to his discerning granddaughter Anna.

A delicate and artful addition to the Me Too lineup is this year’s Cloudy. The resin-covered chicken wire cloud is a whimsical alternative to the standard mobile and, based on your weather preference, can be hung solo or in a cluster of small, medium, and large sizes for an all-out overcast vibe. Artist Benedetta Mori Ubaldini is the creative force behind the object, and no stranger to working with the material: her body of work includes mesh giraffes, flocks of mesh bunnies, and scurrying mesh rats, amongst many other wiry characters.

Fashion Scout » Moncler’s Gamme Rouge: High Fashion for Low Temps!

December 10, 2010

Moncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 Collection
Moncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 Collection
Moncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 Collection
Moncler Gamme Rouge Fall 2010 Collection

Temperatures are dropping here in NYC and Lo’s List is dreaming of a Moncler coat for winter. The Italian-based sportswear brand has been around for decades – popular for its timeless collection of puffy ski jackets. Over the past few years, though, Moncler has moved beyond the slopes, sweeping the world of high fashion. And that probably has something to do with Gamme Rouge.

In 2008, the company tapped swish Italian designer Giambattista Valli to add his haute couture touch to this line of coats. The results: to die for. Veritable works of art, each piece seems to envelope the body like a dazzling, down-filled cocoon. Thus far, he’s kept the Gamme Rouge collections feeling fresh by digging into what seems like an endless fabric bag of tricks: silk and organdy, fur trim, lace embroidery, origami pleats, color-blocking and patchworks…

Our favorite from this year’s Fall 2010 collection: the dramatic ostrich-esque paillette grey cutaway coat (above center). This season, Valli chose a more subdued color palette (mostly black, ecru and camel), integrating square motifs and pastiches of cable knit, wool, mohair and fur. The result is a Gamme Rouge headed in a sleek new direction. Dear Santa – please take note!

Gift Guide » Welcome Home for the Holidays!

December 8, 2010

Ferm Living Decorative Molecule Set
Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger by Gustav HallénCB2 Knitted PoufsErnest Perera Dish Drainer
Fine "Splash" Pillow CaseOfficina Nove XBook by Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno RacoRope Ball Doorstop from The Orchard
Ladies & Gentlemen Superior ServersMagazin Classic Hotel KeyfobCasamania Alieno Chair by GamplusFratesi
top: Ferm Living Decorative Molecule Set
first row: Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger, CB2 Knitted Poufs, and Ernest Perera Dish Drainer
second row: Fine "Splash" Pillow Case, Officina Nove XBook, and Rope Ball Doorstop from The Orchard
third row: Ladies & Gentlemen Superior Servers, Magazin Hotel Keyfob, and Casamania Alieno Chair

The holidays are all about home, home-comings, and homeyness so why not give a gift that celebrates the abode? From the tiniest trinkets to the enormously extravagant to the quirky never-knew-I-needed-that shwag — the home is like one more child that can’t stop asking for something new. Here’s our 2010 gifting roundup — all in the spirit of adding a dose of whimsy and color to your home this season.

1Ferm Living Decorative Molecule Set$70

Ferm Living Decorative Molecule SetIf yo’ve got a science whiz on your list, show that brainiac that nerd and style can happily coexist in any home with this timeless molecule set from Ferm Living. Now quiz them on how well they remember those endless chem labs!

2Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger by Gustav Hallén$40

Design House Stockholm Arrow Hanger by Gustav HallénWe’ve had our eye on this great hanger by Gustav Hallén ever since we saw it at the MoMA store a couple years ago. Just flip forward the vertical bar and voila – a perfect place to hang your guests’ winter coats! Available in green, red, black, and white at Design House Stockholm.

3CB2 Knitted Poufs$80

ECB2 Knitted PoufsWe’re big knitting fans here at Lo’s List: as soon the weather gets a tad brrr, out come the needles and yarn. We have a big soft spot for these snuggly, 100% cotton knitted poufs from CB2 and are quite keen on the price tag too! They’re currently available in two colors: grey or blood orange.

4Ernest Perera Dish Drainer$112

Ernest Perera Dish DrainerKitchen tasks can be so bah-humbug. Why not ake them a little less miserable for your favorite workhorse with this slick dish drainer by Ernest Perera? Modest, modern, and handily fold-away, it’s a great addition to any slightly squashed NYC apartment.

5Fine "Splash" Pillow Case$46

Fine "Splash" Pillow CasePillows are like socks: yep, you can get grey ones. But why not be a more whimsical with the details? This “Splash” pillow cover from Fine Little Shop adds a spirited and painterly accent to any humdrum couch or armchair. Be sure to check out the shop’s other sweet housewares!

6Officina Nove XBook by Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno Raco$170

Officina Nove XBook by Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno RacoThe slick, haphazard-yet-orderly system behind Officina Nove’s XBook magazine rack is perfect for the humbly orderly home. Designed by three rockin’ italians, Danilele Bedini, Massimiliano Settimelli, and Bruno Raco, the piece is available in every hue of the rainbow at Made in Design!

7Rope Ball Doorstop from The Orchard$43

Rope Ball Doorstop from The OrchardBring a little nautical nostalgia to your favorite hermit’s home with this monkey’s fist rope ball doorstop from The Orchard. And, if you’ve got a knack for knot-making, try your hand at one too! Check out the tutorial here and get some natural fiber rope here!

8Ladies & Gentlemen Superior Servers$35

Ladies & Gentlemen Superior ServersWe love everything at the Ladies & Gentlemen online shop — from their vintage selection at their Etsy shop to their own selection of quirky tchotckies: the mega doily rug, the chalk piggie bank, the repurposed serving spoons… Get a couple Superior Servers for the gastronaut on your list.

9Magazin Classic Hotel Keyfob$39

Magazin Classic Hotel KeyfobThere’s something so naughty and nostalgic about hotel keys… Get your special someone this great spin on the classic hotel keyfob from Magazin. You can also go the cheesy route and engrave the backside of the solid aluminum base… Be sure to check out the Magazin site for tons more great gift options!

10Casamania Alieno Chair by GamplusFratesi$426

Casamania Alieno Chair by GamplusFratesiFor the most deserving on your Naughty & Nice list, splurge on this ridiculously chic varnished metal Alieno Chair by Gamplus Fratesi for Casamania. Available in black, white, red, or light green at our favorite site of the moment: Made in Design!

Gift Guide » Buy the Best for Your Bookworm!

December 7, 2010

Blurb Gift Card
Established & Sons Landmark Table LampCampomaggi Leather Messenger BagTarget's Fish Bowl Bookends
Knock Knock Personal Library KitCustom Embossed Monogram SealMontblanc Fountain Pens
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David MitchelliBride Junior Polar Bear BookshelfOut of Print Tees The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
top: Blurb Gift Card
first row: Established & Sons Table Lamp, Campomaggi Messenger Bag, and Target’s Fish Bowl Bookends
second row: Knock Knock Personal Library Kit, Custom Embossed Monogram Seal, and Montblanc Pens
third row: The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell, iBride Junior Polar Bear Bookshelf, and Out of Print Clothing’s The Catcher in the RyeTee

For some of us, the holiday season is about one thing and one thing only. Ok, two things. Ok, a bunch of things—all nicely wrapped and book-related. Because there is nothing more satisfying than winter reading, whether it’s the classic you know almost by heart, the novel everybody else already read six months ago, or the thriller you’ll never admit you couldn’t put down.

So check your friends and family. Who’s been stacking books around the chair beside the radiator? Who keeps slipping away for chapter-shaped intervals? Take note—and give them something from this list.

1Blurb Gift Cardvar.

Blurb Gift CardEverybody has a story to tell. Whether you’re sharing yours with someone you love, or you just want to give that gifted nephew his first chance to see himself in print, Blurb makes it easy to edit your own oeuvre.

2Established & Sons Landmark Table Lamp$835

Established & Sons Landmark Table LampGood books on winter nights require a good lamp. With the Landmark Table Lamp, Established & Sons sheds a whimsical light on even the most serious page. And should your eyelids flutter and your hand get heavy, guess where you can rest your book?

3Campomaggi Leather Messenger Bag$725

Campomaggi Leather Messenger BagTrain platforms, airport waiting rooms, the sticky chairs in take-out restaurants, the benches outside dressing rooms: the world is full of places where you’ll want a book. Have one always at hand in this elegantly rumpled messenger bag from Italian designer Campomaggi.

4Target’s Fish Bowl Bookends$30

Target's Fish Bowl BookendsWhile we applaud the idea of propping up Moby Dick with a goldfish, we’d probably repurpose these Fish Bowl Bookends from Target as terrariums, leaning a collected Keats against selected titanopses. Kudos to Target for always having something design-savvy at a super-reasonable price!

5Knock Knock Personal Library Kit$16

Knock Knock Personal Library KitMost of us have lent or borrowed books that never made it back. This
kit by Knock Knock is no guarantee that your set of Boys Own Adventures will remain whole in the future, but it may serve as a gentle reminder to some close, forgetful or unscrupulous friend that you know exactly where that volume’s gone…

6Custom Embossed Monogram Seal$66

Custom Embossed Monogram SealAnd even if you’ve resigned yourself to lending books that end up gifts, at least you can leave a subtle and distinctive mark on the flyleaf. There are endless sources on the web where you can have a custom seal made – just Google it! Or click here…

7Montblanc Pensvar.

Montblanc Fountain PensOf course a pencil usually does the trick. But sometimes we just give in to the pleasure of an extravagantly well-made thing. We all choose our excesses: mine’s a Meisterstück Le Grand rollerball: warm in the hand, smooth on the page, an engagement present from my fiancée.

8The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell$13

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David MitchellIn this case you can safely ignore the old chestnut about books and their covers. It looks and reads beautifully. Set in turn-of-the-19th-century Japan at the first, tentative point of meeting between Dutch traders and an isolated island nation, this new book is David Mitchell’s masterpiece.

9iBride Junior Polar Bear Bookshelf$1882

iBride Junior Polar Bear BookshelfFor readers of every age, a bookshelf (like this one by iBride) properly stocked is an object of wonder and adventure. We’re glad to see that, at last, form is following function. Two suggestions to start off a collection here: Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez and The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.

10Out of Print Clothing’s The Catcher in the Rye Tee$28

Out of Print Tees The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. SalingerNot just another crummy t-shirt. Our favorites from the collection include The Catcher in the Rye, 1984, The Hound of the Baskervilles (priced six shillings) and, dare we say it, the Hardy Boys classic The Mark on the Door. More about Out of Print Clothing here…

Fashion Scout » Monochrome with Me!

October 18, 2010

Neil Barrett’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection favorites!

If you think monochromatic black is boring, let Neil Barrett’s A/W 2010 collection sway you. For fall, the designer cut a lean, mean, sexy collection — nearly all in black. Barrett earned his stripes as a menswear designer for Gucci and then Prada, and it’s his accomplished jacket tailoring that gives his clothes oomf. That and his way with leather. He’ll weave leather sleeves and lapels onto an otherwise unassuming peacoat, subvert a gorgeous blazer with a deep leather V neckline, fuse a leather biker jacket with classic melton wool on the bottom… The mix gives his look beautiful texture, dimension and a dose of badassedness. We New Yorkers, known to live by our all-black wardrobes, may have found a new favorite in Neil! Shop the collection here!

From: Tel Aviv » Alon Livne

July 29, 2010

Holy gods of fashion! Everything, just everything, is spot-on with this Alon Livne campaign I found on (which translates to “Getting Married”). The collection (for bridesmaids perhaps?!) is worn by a waify, pixie-esque model in creepy bug-like poses sporting headpieces fit for any good Cleopatra impersonator. The soft, Victorian color palette brilliantly contrasts the dark, lurking feeling of the clothes, of which I would wear every darned piece.

At age 24, this Shenkar College graduate was the Season 1 winner of Israel’s Project Runway (watch the finale here). Now, not a year later, he’s churning out impeccable collections like the one pictured here. Livne’s pre-Project years weren’t too shabby either, with stints for Israeli designer Yosef, Italian uber-label Roberto Cavalli and the beloved Alexander McQueen. If you’re lucky enough to be soaking up the sun in Tel Aviv, swing by Alon Livne’s boutique at Dizengoff and Arlosoroff.

World Cup Fever » Flip Flops for Fanatics

June 30, 2010

Ahhh.. the good life! Not only is it World Cup time, summer is also in full-swing (at least, in our neck of the woods), making these Havaianas just the perfect thing to complete that head-to-toe hooligan look you’ve been going for. The Brazilian beach shoe legend launched their first World Cup flip-flop for the ’98 series which, with the little Brazilian flag on the strap, bolstered their already comfortable status in the beachwear world to one of epic, global proportion. Now, 12 years later, they’ve added 17 new World Cup styles to their arsenal, including footwear for die-hard US, South African, Argentinian, Australian, English, Paraguayan, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Dutch, Spanish, Nigerian, Portuguese, Cameroonian, and yes, Brazilian fans! Choose from womens or mens styles…

Fashion Scout » Retire the Ray Bans!

June 17, 2010

Clockwise from top: SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE® W Series, Ciccio Crystal Nerd Frames, Sex on the Beach at Night Frames, Ciccio Light Gray Frames and Ciccio Red Frames

The future is here — as far as one Italian specks maker is concerned. SUPER, by RETROSUPERFUTURE® is responsible for some high quality acetate sunglasses that bridge classic styles with a completely modern look. These handmade Italian shades are perfect for summer, with plenty of “safari”, tortoise shell, and solid styles to choose from. They also come equipped with German Zeiss lenses for maximum protection against those UV rays. If you’re looking for something different from the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer, their line of similarly-styled flat top sunglasses are superb and equally hipster-worthy. Choose from a plethora of options — each with beautiful details, like the classic RGB Flat Top’s bi-colored body: a true stand out from the average pair of designer frames. If you want to gravitate away from the Wayfarer look, check out my favorites, the Luciano 3 Occi (that’s “3-eyes” in Italian). A blend of the futuristic and fashion-forward, these geometric sunglasses recall the engineer-driven design found in the Futurista movement of the early 1900s. Check these out in Cheetah and Colony Dark. For more feminine frames, the Giotto-esque circular lenses of the Lucia line add a nice spin to the current round lens trend. These sunglasses make a bold statement: be sure to wear them with conviction!

Clockwise from top: SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE® Colony Dark Frames, Sideviews Gray Frames, Colony Light Frames, Apollo Classic Frames and Lucia Puma Frames

Welcome Home » A di Alessi — Always an A+!

March 31, 2010

A di Alessi Lily Bird Soy Sauce Jar & Lily Pond Sushi Set

A di Alessi’s Lily Bird Soy Sauce Jar & Lily Pond Sushi Set

Just right for springtime, Alessi’s whimsical line, A di Alessi, is full of impeccable housewares that balance function with fun. Although their website is a royal nuisance to browse, the plethora of goodies, from plant-like toilet brushes (so much less depressing) to the perfect kitty bowl for Goobie the Cat, are sure to brighten up so many of those daily dreary to-dos!

Up next: classic Alessi style!
A di Alessi Fruit Sugar Bowl & Paradise Bird CreamerA di Alessi Mr. Suicide Bathtub Plug
A di Alessi Tigrito Cat BowlA di Alessi ShipShapeContainerSpatula
A di Alessi Peppino Pepper MillA di Alessi Te Ò Tea Strainer
A di Alessi favorites:
top left: Fruit Sugar Bowl & Paradise Bird Creamer
top right: Mr. Suicide Bathtub Plug
middle left: Tigrito Cat Bowl
middle right: Ship Shape Containter with Spatula
bottom left: Peppino Pepper Mill
bottom right: Te Ò Tea Strainer

Shutterbug » Serpentine Snaps

March 22, 2010

Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Dendroaspis Viridis

Dendroaspis Viridis © Guido Mocafico 2003

“What animal has inspired as much dread, as many legends, indeed, as much revulsion and terror as the snake? Demon, divinity, sacred animal protector, ancestor – the nature and importance of this creature’s role has changed throughout history. Among the 2,700 known species, few are dangerous, let alone lethal, to humans, but prejudices run deep. These images look at this family of animals with a mysterious biology, and of which new species are still being discovered.” — Steidl Publishing

Serpens is a slithering collection of still lives portraying various serpent species by Italian/Swiss/French photographer Guido Mocafico. The two-phased collection, (view Part 1 and Part 2 here) precisely documents the hypnotizing beauty of these creatures: from their geometric skins to each exquisite color palette.

Typical of his still life collections (another favorite are his watch innards portraits), the snakes are arranged atop a black background and photographed with nothing but perfect technical skill – offering up a blank slate of symbolism for each new observer. Mocafico’s works pull from many old-school art styles: Dutch Renaissance still lives, the slightly morbid concept of nature morte arrangements (identifiable by either rotting organics or a skull or two), as well as the anthropological, large-format cataloging style of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Dendroaspis ViridisGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Lampropeltis Getula Nigrita
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Lampropeltis PyromelanaGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Vipera Ammodytes
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Dendroaspis Jamesoni JamesoniiGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Lampropeltis Getula Californiae
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Boiga Dendrophila MelanotaGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Bothriechis Schlegeli
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Rhynchophis BoulengeriGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Vipera Aspis
All images ©2003 from Guido Mocafico’s Serpens Series
Rows from top (left to right): Dendroaspis Viridis, Lampropeltis Getula Nigrita, Lampropeltis Pyromelana, Vipera Ammodytes, Dendroaspis Jamesoni Jamesonii, Lampropeltis Getula Californiae, Boiga Dendrophila Melanota, Bothriechis Schlegeli, Rhynchophis Boulengeri, and Vipera Aspis

Geekology » You Lose What You Don’t Hold…

March 5, 2010

Lo's List /// Hard Graft® 2UNFOLD (Open)

Hard Graft® 2UNFOLD Laptop Convertible Backpack in Gray

I’ve been ogling these goods for years now, back when Hard Graft® was still Working Class Heroes, and this Austrian-English creative team has only improved with the years. The show-stopper of the collection is by far their 2UNFOLD convertible laptop backpack, available in gray or brown Italian vegetable-tanned leather. Large enough to fit your Macbook, some mags, a jumper, your charger, etc, etc, this super-bag can be carried as a backpack, fold-over clutch, or messenger. The perfect amount of external pockets, elegant hardware, and a black cotton canvas lining are just three more reasons to wistfully count the days ’till the bag is yours.

Each limited edition 2UNFOLD backpack is individually numbered and carefully assembled by a family of leather artisans in the rolling hills of Tuscany with the utmost attention to detail.

Oh. It’s doesn’t stop there. The shop carries Moleskine journal covers of thick gray felt and leather trim, delicate aluminum fountain pens by Kaweco with matching grossgrain ribbon- and leather-trimmed felt holders, Macbook sleeves, little add-on pockets for Macbook sleeves, iPhone cases & wallets: it’s a bonanza of geek chic. The cohesive collection of techie accessories is a real breath of fresh air. I guess that’s what you get when good ‘ole Italian craftsmanship gets paired with some serious Anglo-Austrian design skills. Squisito!!!

Lo's List /// Hard Graft® Moleskine in Small & MediumLo's List /// Hard Graft® KawecoLo's List /// Hard Graft® 2UNFOLD (folded)
Top to Bottom: Hard Graft® Moleskine in Small & Large, Kaweco Aluminium fountain pens & Cartridges, and 2UNFOLD Laptop Convertible Backpack

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Canedicoda Silkscreens!

February 9, 2010

Canedicoda Unique Series #68/1

Canedicoda Unique Series #68 – Edition of 1

“I prefer hands to machines, unique to serial, limited to quantities. Everything i do is carefully hand-made. What you will get from me is totally unique. Everyone has his own history.”

These limited edition and one-of-a-kind tees from Canedicoda in Vittorio Veneto, Italy are sure to turn heads and make your struggling artist friends green with envy. A little bit Basquiat, a little bit op-art, these vivid and layered designs are hand silkscreened on snuggly, vintage tees, ensuring that each tee is a unique piece of fashion art. The label is divided into four collections: Limited, Unique, NPS, and Lave (which includes a killer pair of hareem pants and a bodysuit hooded salopette getup). Be sure to check out Canedicoda’s collaborations section as well – full of punky record covers and yes, more tees! If you want to order or find out the inventory status of any of the garments on the site, just email the designer!

Canedicoda NPS Series #07/01

Canedicoda Limited Series #123/9Canedicoda Limited Series #112/29Canedicoda Limited Series #131/25Canedicoda Unique Series #40/5
Top: NPS Series #07
Second Row: Limited Series #123 and #112
Third Row: Limited Series #131 and Unique Series #40

Fashion Scout » Mad Hatter’s Fashion Party!

February 3, 2010

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

Walter Van Beirendonck’s recent Fall/Winter 2010/11 collection “Take a W-Ride” came as no surprise to those familiar with the Belgian designer’s oddball fashion antics. We thought – why not talk the looks over with the giggle-inducing Adriane using the latest in text messaging technology!? This is what happened…

Lso – just to preface – Walter Van Beirendonck is this 53 yr old Belgian guy who literally looks like a Nordic Viking.

AI thought we were just supposed to make fun observations … like “this is what Hamburger Helper and Little Bo Peep’s love child looks like…”

Lor a character out of Asterix… Wait, hamburger helper? Wasn’t that the gloved hand with the clown nose? I’m getting a very Yoshi Super Mario meets Nursery Rhyme vibe. But, def. Lil Bo – right on the nose. out of this outfit – would you buy anything?

AI guess the lamb… My middle name means “Lamb” in Dutch. I think it could be a family heirloom… Family was 15th century wool traders….

LSchaap!? Your middle name is SCHAAP? amazing! Walter Van B would love that…

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LGreen screen man! This would be such a useful top for a motion graphics house – great investment… Hmm… those ear-warmers…

A…great for in the subway on the way to work. This kid looks rigged for all kinds of weather and situations

L…and weird superhero conundrums that start with the letter “W”.

AI think full-glove sleeves are going to be really in as terrorist disease fears increase … 0% skin exposure!

LY! Tokyo will surely pick up the trend first.

AAnd the W is clearly for Weezer…

LEew – Weezer. I bet you if you said “Weezer” out loud, Lika would start Karaoke-ing one of their songs for you.

AThat outfit on the right screams “Inmate got a Sweater in the Mail for Christmas”. I’d buy it… Reminds me of Stargate … which you know, is like reminding me of ALL THINGS GOOD

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LLove the rocket scarf! But that beanie is downright dumb. I hate beanies … terrible fashion accessory.

AHowever, this mocks the beanie elegantly I might add. This is VERY hamburgler. I think I meant “Hamburgler” before when I said “Hamburger Helper” … the rounded head, the general attitude…

LRight, because there is a little white glove with a clown nose!

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LIt’s a shame there aren’t more tee’s in this collection – it’s the one thing you can actually buy at his online shop and they’re stunning – here you catch a sliver of one of them … the jacket is rad – see all those pockets? But what’s wrong with his leg – is that a protruding femur? Eat something goddamnit!!!

AThat’s where he keeps his ping pong balls … He’s going to the match … I used to put tennis balls in my spandex shorts like the other girls on the tennis team.

LNo you didn’t.

AI did! I was only on the team in 8th grade though… then i got cool and quit Mathletes.

LThat magenta is hideous.

AIt’s like male Oilily… PEPTO BISMOL!!

LI love NECCO wafers!!!

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LOh! That hoodie was MADE for me!!! …but, is that velour? Velour should drown in the river with his friend, beanie.

AOh no! It’s like Juicy Couture worn by a mobster’s wife with the graphics of her man’s trade

L“Mob Mommy” No one would be able to afford it…

ABrooklyn is rich now, Lo. Haven’t you seen Bored to Death?

LPff – you know, our good friend Stephen Ulrich scored the series… also scored Miao Wang’s Beijing Taxi documentary with YZ’s brother, Itamar…

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

AThese are like, the Wes Anderson outfits. I love the gloves. They say: “This is a man who is willing to do dishes”.

L…a moment of silence for all the men who do dishes? and notice the boots? Killer.

AThey look like those Wolverine gentleman’s boots everyone wants = GREAT.

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LThis pony girl thing is just so perverted… Do like the poncho though.

AIt’s all very Dr. Strangelove. Also reminds me of a failed weather balloon experiment … or a giant hot water bottle!

L…or some first delve into a flying apparatus. What’s with the prison duds on the right? Did Walter have a recent stint in the nick?

AIt’s a Beastie Boy!!!

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

LOooh – great sweater – this one’s got the right color ways – I didn’t like the brown rec-room vibe of the previous one…

AI like the high-waist pants – but is something like, dribbling down his pants? or is that the fly?

LYou know, a couple shows ago… Sexclown, for Spring/Summer 2008 … all of Walter’s looks were based on avatars he created and subsequently launched into the wilds of Second Life! Just, you know, random factoid…

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

AThat’s my fave sweater – on the right… Like a 21st century stained glass window. I’m totally ignoring the headphones now – I’ve become immune.

LMight as well ignore all the annoying themes: prison, headphones, phallic ponies … the sweater is terrif tho.

AThis is like a Snuggie for rich people.

LI would get the laundry in that.

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 RunwayWalter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

AEh! Would have taken me seven minutes and one blue bed sheet to make that dress.

LK -let’s see you wear that to work. Those two blues are great together. Oh, BTW – the collection is called “Take a W-Ride” as you see on the stellar crew on the right… that’s such a slick outfit.

AI like that the man’s nipples are accentuated. People always think women don’t care about a man’s nipples. Well, they’re WRONG.

LAdriane! We’re going to have to censor this discussion? Um, anyhow – those nips are not quite in the right place…

AI’m just trying to create controversy so people read this thing. It’s already 400 pages too long.

LOkay, smut it up then. Here you see many of Walter’s signature ciphers: the Adam & Eve-ish snake, the bear Walter totem…


L…the southwest patterning… You should create some for yourself.

Walter Van Beirendonck Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway

AWell, to wrap up, I thought I made some really astute references to David Lynch… It’s funny how everyone looks like a little bunny … cuz of the white poopers hanging off their asses butts.

LY – “bushy-tailed” … This must have been so fun to model for though.

AAgreed – I’d like to see pictures of the interns buckling people into hats backstage. Someone should make a coffee table book called: “Fashion Interns Doing Embarrassing Things”. I think it’s probably impractical to design clothes that can’t fit in an elevator tho…

LTrue, but then you’ve gotta take the stairs which saves energy, so…

AAh – yeah, taking the stairs with my giant hamburger helmet – that’s my new fitness routine. You’d learn a lot about poise – can’t slouch with a giant hamburger on your head.

LGood for those cotillion classes.

APretty boy in the boring inmate jumpsuit and sweater looks super jealous and sad of models in crazy suits

LYeah, like, “WTF – I always get the outfit FAIL! I want the wedding gown!!!”

AToo bad there wasn’t a wedding gown, BTW…

LTrue – I’ve never seen a wedding design from him – we should ping him ’bout that – although he did start a great shoe collection with some Italians.

AI’ll commission him for my wedding… when I’m a thousand-aire.

LWell, I think dissected, there are some winners in the collection – I admire Walter Van B’s balls to the wall direction…

AWinners? Totally. He’d be perfect to costume-design my adaptation of Willy Wonka…

Found @ Etsy » Top Ten Cold-Weather Caps

January 1, 2010

Winter is in full-swing here in New York: with two snow days so far and plenty of biting winds. So, instead of griping about having to trudge to the bodega for a pint of milk, grab this frosty opportunity and expand your cold-weather accessory collection! I adore busting out my winter hats, and add a few more trophies to the stockpile each year. What’s more, I’m one of those lucky people who’s coiff reacts rather well to hat hair… Etsy, queen of crafty commerce, is an endless trove of caps, cloches, balacavas and berets. Aside from curated top ten below, be sure to check out Dadaya’s exquisite embroidery with a Japanese-Scandanavian flavor, Yellow Field’s collection of 1920’s flapper gear, Rima Designs’ adventures with tweed, and Afra’s off-the-hook caplets and cowls!

1Afra’s Tweed Brown Hood$44

Afra's Tweed Brown HoodMaterial: wool / acrylic
Get it here!

2Dadaya’s Tinydotdot Dragon Beret$108

Dadaya's Tiny Dot Dot Dragon BeretMaterial: wool
Get it here!

3Escao Design’s Headphone Hat in Lipstick Red$55

Escao Design's Headphone HatMaterial: 100% Italian wool
Get it here!

4Yellow Field’s Charming Cloche$350

Yellow Field's Charming Felt ClocheMaterial: felt with vintage button
Get it here!

5Finny and Zook’s Mommy and Baby Bear Hat Set$55

Finny and Zook's Mommy and Baby Bear Hat SetMaterial: 50% wool & 50% llama
Get it here!

6Knittles’ Knit Armor Collection – Woolly Helm$62

Knittles' Knit Armor Collection Woolly HelmMaterial: 80% acrylic & 20% wool
Get it here!

7001 Trick Pony Pom-Pom Cloche$90

001 Trick Pony Pom-Pom ClocheMaterial: beaver felt with rabbit fur pom-pom
Get it here!

8Rima Designs’ Scarf Hoodlet in Classic Black & White Tweed$75

Rima Designs' Scarf HoodletMaterial: 100% wool with wool/silk blend lining
Get it here!

9Cozy Town Knits Hood in Fig$55

Cozy Town Knits' Hood in FigMaterial: wool/acrylic blend
Get it here!

10Joodito 0 0 3$60

Joodito's 003 HoodMaterial: salvaged cloth
Get it here!

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