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Fashion Scout » Brook&Lyn’s West Coast Wares

December 11, 2012

Brook&Lyn Large Medallion NecklaceBrook&Lyn x Juju Made Scalloped Ceramic Ponytail Barrette
Brook&Lyn Doublestrand Ink Lavender BraceletBrook&Lyn Tumble Nude Lemon

Basic shapes, suspended at precise length
demonstrate Brook&Lyn’s mastery of both
restraint and proportion.

Ever since we laid eyes on Brook&Lyn’s bewitching “Deflected” collection, we were taken by the brand’s unexpected and original approach to jewelry design. Combining natural materials with bold shapes, their work gracefully walks the line between delicate and strong, such that we see our own femininity reflected in its construct.

Their latest “Medaled” collection, for instance, places a large plated brass circular pendant on black or natural cord. Available in a few iterations – gold yellow or rhodium plated, featuring a trio of pendants or as a bracelet – the design is marked by its dramatic simplicity, consistent with their portfolio. Basic shapes, suspended at precise length from the neck or each other, demonstrate Brook&Lyn’s mastery of both restraint and proportion. Less is indeed more… except when it comes to the number of their pieces we own!

Though established in NYC, Brook&Lyn has always conjured the expansive quality and earthen palette of the west coast. Fitting, then, that the wife and husband proprietors have recently decamped for LA. To celebrate their new city, the duo have collaborated with a series of native artisans to produce Los Angeles inspired wares, from beautiful, unfussy ceramic ponytail barrettes by JuJuMade to richly detailed wood print silk scarves by Jayne Min, the blogger behind Stop It Right Now. The brand is hitting a creative highpoint, and we look forward to their continued success in Cali.

Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: Mandula

September 6, 2012


A little bit Middle Ages, a little bit Gypsy,
and perfectly urban.

It’s a moody, coastal day in New York, and with the end-of-summer cooler weather creeping in just in time for New York Fashion Week, we all have the chance to really switch up our wardrobes and surprise the fashion lenses out on the streets! I’m more than ready to leave behind the days of glaring colors and to plunge into a fall of deep and moody hues, punctuated by – at most – a dash of zephyr green here and there (YZ, are you listening? Zephyr Green).

Mandula, the six-year-strong fashion label of Hungarian-born Hajnalka Mandula is full of just the right rich and layer-ready garments for your shift out of summer. Hajnalka’s style is an unorthodox mix of vintage, upcycled materials and craftsman-level dyeing and construction techniques. Her attention to detail and the quality of her fabrics shine through each piece, making each of these garments more than just an addition to your overflowing closet. Dip-dyed tanks, rumpled oxfords fraying at the hem, utilitarian bucket bags, and billowing hemp pants: Mandula feels a little bit Middle Ages, a little bit Gypsy, and perfectly urban.

Our favorites include a pair of cashmere hot pants (yes, Lo would wear those), hemp drop crotch pants with a vintage leather strap, and a stunning metallic linen cap-sleeved dress.

Kawaii! » Ka-Bam!

July 18, 2012

Ban.do Ostrich Pouf

Totally useless, totally huge, totally overpriced. I want it. A neon pink ostrich pouf? How did I live without this for so long?! I don’t think I’d be wearing this pinned to my chest like a bachelorette party boutonnière – actually, I’m not sure what on earth I would do with it… Maybe display it in a specimen jar labeled “fireworks”?

Fashion Scout » An Updated Godard Getup

January 27, 2011

Band of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear CollectionBand of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear CollectionBand of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection
Band of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear CollectionBand of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear CollectionBand of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Scott Sternberg’s Band of Outsiders is getting bigger. For Spring 2011, he introduced Girl, adding a breezy feminine aura to the brood. The new diffusion line is sophisticated without being too solemn. Draping faint floral and pale-colored fabrics, Sternberg balances Grecian-style cuts with shorter hemlines and long asymmetrical silk skirts with midriff-baring tops. Girl is a departure from the twisted preppy look that’s made the brand a cult favorite – but she’s still fresh enough to be part of the fam.

Band of Outsiders’ Boy and Man lines, meanwhile, are going strong. Country club casual was the name of the game for this season’s Boy, featuring knits and separates in crisp white, plaid and primary color blocks. As for Man, it was one of Sternberg’s best efforts yet: the suede varsity jackets and shrunken drawstring shorts oozed relaxed cool, and the Band of Outsiders Sperry topsiders they sported would be a hit with any Girl, Boy or Man! Shop the collection here!

Band of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear CollectionBand of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear CollectionBand of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection
Band of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear CollectionBand of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear CollectionBand of Outsiders Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Big Screen » Just a Few Words…

September 3, 2010

We mentioned Lo’s List’s soft spot for podcasting gem Radiolab in our Complete Carry-On post from last year but the love just keeps growing for Jad and Robert. For those of you who aren’t up-to-snuff with the program’s format, the premise is as follows: each episode dissects — whether scientifically or philosophically — a topic, from Parasites to Parabolas, Mortality to Morality. If you’re familiar with their colleague Ira Glass and his wee program called This American Life, you could say Radiolab is the geeky, science-y little brother of the WBEZ star.

“Radiolab believes your ears are a portal to another world. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. Big questions are investigated, tinkered with, and encouraged to grow. Bring your curiosity, and we’ll feed it with possibility.”

One of our favorite episodes was a recent, heart-thumpingly moving piece called Words. The first story, centering around the experiences of Susan Schaller and a 27-year-old deaf man, shows the full, philanthropic capacity that humans can have. The whole episode just makes you want to run out into the world and so something really effing good… Just because they’re cool like that, the Radiolab team joined forces with off-the-charts-talented production company Everynone to create an accompanying Words video (seen above). Scored by Keith Kenniff of Unseen Music, this clip (the third that the Everynone threesome has produced for the radio show) will surely pull at your heartstrings as it seamlessly captures all the humor, weakness, care and wonder in the world spinning around us.

Fashion Scout » Some Shameless Bling!

July 19, 2010

Suzanne Felsen’s 18 Karat White Gold Necklace with Faceted Unique Cut Onyx

Diamonds are not every girl’s best friend. Some of us (erm.. me) prefer more colorful bling like tanzanite, tourmaline, and topaz. If you’re a member of camp B, look no further than Suzanne Felsen’s collection of oversized, juicy gems (don’t get your panties in a ruffle, she’s got diamonds too). I’m especially fond of her selection of rings: perfectly cut stones set in simple white gold bands: a balance between modern colorways and old-school, heirloom mystery.

It comes as no surprise that the designer found herself in a career as a jeweler. Traveling the world as a youngin’, Felsen was exposed to the arts by her in-the-art-biz family. At the age of 16, her mother suggested that she design a jewel with a sapphire birthstone she had received as a baby. And thus it all began: silversmith classes and a goldsmith apprenticeship followed by courses at the Gemological Institute of America and then off to NYC for a stint at Parsons School of Design. All of this resulted in the opening of her first boutique in 1998, in Santa Monica’s beautiful Bergamot Station followed by her Melrose Avenue location in 2005. If you’re an East-coaster, you can always take a look at her wares on the website, or visit Bergdorf or Barneys to check out selected pieces available there.

Suzanne Felsen’s 18 karat white gold ring with emerald cut amethyst and checkerboard black spinel
Checkerboard faceted black spinel and emerald cut tanzanite white gold ring
Emerald cut pink tourmaline and checkerboard cut black spinel white gold ring
Buff top morganite and faceted peridot white gold ring
Round faceted aquamarine and faceted rubies white gold ring

World Cup Fever » Nike Colab Gear!

June 21, 2010

Nike World Cup 2010 Colab France/SoMe Duffle

My voice is hoarse from a week and a half now of hooting and hollering at the television screen, I wish more than anything that my beloved French were still dancing the the ball across the pitch and into the net as was the norm in their heyday (I think I might be going with my Dutch roots for this round of World Cupping), and I feel a wee bit of childish glee when those vuvuzela drown out all other sounds from the South African stadiums. Yep. It’s here. I have it. The FIFA fever!!

Lucky for me, I live in a neighborhood teeming with serious World Cup spirit. Williamsburg is alive and at its rowdiest when this festival of sport comes ’round. People seem to sneak away from their daily grind to converge in the bars and cafés, getting louder and feistier as the daily matches progress. I guess it’s all just part of what makes this such a splendid event: that the world can pause for a moment and come together in the sportsmanship and a bubbling, happy competition of countries.

Clockwise from top left: Nike World Cup 2010 Colab Netherlands/Delta Tank, USA/Mister Cartoon Tank, South Africa/Kronk Tank, and France/SoMe Tank

So… to continue with the celebration during off-the-pitch hours, we’re set to infect Lo’s List with a little World Cup fever as well! Jérôme, our trusty London-based expat will be blogging the cup from his angle, and our resident nordic, Hans Øeuf, might have some Scandinavian soccer fashion tips to impart as well. So, what better way to “kick” it off (heh heh) than some of our favorite graphic artists and their recent World Cup collaborations with Nike. Native Frenchie outta Paris SoMe (check out our recent T-Shirt Tuesday post showcasing more), Londoner James Jarvis (check out a previous post we did on his stunning running advert), South African Kronk form Cape Town, São Paulo, Brazil native Nunca, Amsterdammer Delta, and Los Angelino Mister Cartoon have all created graphics for their team’s shwag available from Nike. What I love about the line is how seamlessly it can go from workout to streetwear: slinky tanks for ladies, classic crews for guys, and unisex hoodies with eye-popping graphics lining the hood (also in the collection are workout shorts, polos, zippie track tops, duffles…).

Clockwise from top left: Nike World Cup 2010 Colab South Africa/Kronk Hoodie, France/SoMe Hoodie, Brazil/Nunca Tee, and England/Jarvis Tee

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Masked Clothing

June 1, 2010

LA All Day
Masked Clothing LA All Day Tee

As YZ & I gear up for a quick trip out west it’s clear that I’ve got LA on the brain. This loud LA All Day tee from Masked Clothing, with its timeless Run DMC-esque typographic treatment, immediately caught my eye (for those of you who have no love for Lala Land there’s a great NYC version as well). But the San Jose tee boutique, run by an elusive designer called Bori, has a slew of equally eye-catching designs: masked grizzly bears, masked Marilyn Monroe, masked primate, etc. There’s even a masked Misfits skull! Way to stand behind your name.

Masked LogoMarilyn Masked
Growl Von GrizzlyKnife Life
Masked Clothing Tees (clockqise from top left): Masked Logo, Marilyn Masked, Growl Von Grizzly, and Knife Life

Papercuts » Fleas in Yer Hairdid

May 19, 2010

Travis Millard: Hollywood BabylonTravis Millard: It's in Your Lungs
All images © Travis Millard

The generation of Cracked Magazine readers and skateboarder rats has found its mark in the comic world. Traipsing across a macabre scene of sand fleas, shadows, and black widows — this is the world which cartoonist Travis Millard imparts upon the viewer. His comics are indicative of an innate need for humor to more easily swallow the grotesqueness of the human psyche and social landscape. Whether peering into a mirror and seeing a semblance of our true selves or the environmental hazards of living in the city, Millard uses his depth of perception to display life for what it can be (and all the apathy and paranoia that breeds the urban basket case). Being time-relevant material, you can find his work on skateboards, VANS, and in the form of the many zines uploaded at his website.

Millard’s sense of humor can be found in his real-life attempt at becoming Limp Bizkit’s new guitarist:

“So I put on some eye liner, and interviewed kids in the freezing ass parking lot of a Guitar Center in Arvada, Colorado for like 8 hours while I waited to audition. Then when my time finally came to try out, I just destroyed the amplifier and the guitar and knocked over some coffee and only took 20 seconds of my 60 second audition time. I kind of got pushed by one of the guys on the way out of the little audition room and triumphantly announced my victorious selection as the new guitar player for Limp Bizkit to the room full of awaiting applicants who were all very pissed at me. The article came out with a photo of my hotmail address on my application and I got hounded by some violent hate mail and excitable band sluts trying to make a connection.” — via Fecal Face

Travis Millard: Pulling Hair
Travis Millard: Texas Hairdid, Front CoverTravis Millard: Texas Hairdid, Page 1Travis Millard: Texas Hairdid, Page 2Travis Millard: Texas Hairdid, Page 3Travis Millard: Texas Hairdid, Page 4Travis Millard: Texas Hairdid, Page 5Travis Millard: Texas Hairdid, Page 7Travis Millard: Texas Hairdid, Page 6Travis Millard: Texas Hairdid, Back Cover
Texas Hairdid Zine was a collaboration between Travis Millard & Mel Kadel

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Timber!!!!

March 30, 2010

Tees by Etsy Shop Timber: Old Man MazeTees by Etsy Shop Timber: Village
Old Man Maze tee on grass and Village tee on athletic gray

Timber’s Etsy shop is jam-packed with nostalgic, pioneer-hipster illustrated tees in a whole spectrum of subdued colors! Here are our personal favorites from the LA-based company’s selection: be sure to also check out Timber’s official website for great paintings in the same style as well as updates on where to buy!

Tees by Etsy Shop Timber: LumberjackTees by Etsy Shop Timber: Logs
Tees by Etsy Shop Timber: Umbrella TreeTees by Etsy Shop Timber: Jack of Hearts
top Lumberjack tee on pomegranate and Logs tee on silver
bottom Umbrella Tree tee on sand Jack of Hearts tee on creme

Papercuts » New Poketo Wallets!

February 12, 2010

Poketo's Papercut Jayme McGowan WalletPoketo's Papercut Jayme McGowan Wallet

Poketo's Papercut Wallets #1 and #3 by Jayme McGowan

The gang over at Poketo just released a new Papercuts Series of their signature artists’ wallets and they’re stunning! There are currently 6 designs, dreamed up by 4 very talented contributors: Jared Andrew Schorr, Thereza Rowe, Colourbox, and Jayme McGowan (more on all of these guys coming up!!). For $20 you get the wallet with a matching badge and artist bio card. Check out their full wallet collection here!

Fashion Scout » Lo’s 9-5 Duds

January 22, 2010

1Burton Slub Jacket$300

Burton Slub Jacket

I guess it comes as no surprise that my most trusted cold-weather coat was actually meant for rugged snowboarders with a penchant for pixels, not a shivering city-dweller who hates umbrellas. This Burton slub jacket that I found in the men’s section (xx-small!) of their shop down in SoHo has kept me snug as a bug for two winters so far – in fact – I’ve barely noticed the cold since I bought the thing. Not only that, there’s a perfect Metrocard pocket in the front, a bunch of other great pockets all about that, on a daily basis, hold the following: gloves, wallet, iPhone, house keys, pen, lighter, Labello, Visine, various coins, Ray Bans…

2Gap JeansN/A

Gap Jeans

Although they probably won’t last longer than one season, Gap jeans are a bargain (often on sale) and the classic styles don’t change with the seasons. Each time I pick up a new pair I always check the sock racks – there always seems to be a few 3 dollar pairs waiting for a good home…

3Uniqlo Flannels$39

Uniqlo Men's FlannelUniqlo Flannel

So – I think I have this winter layering thing down. This winter, on a particularly biting morning, I realized: I have smaller flannels and bigger fuzzier flannels. And so I marched off to the subway, through heaps of snow, working up a sweat. Uniqlo has mastered the non-lumberjackish flannels with quirky color pairings and at a Uniqlo price – it’s worth the two-for!

4Tous Ring, Bracelet, and Charm & My Wedding BandV/A

Tous Bracelet & Ring with My Wedding Ring

I don’t adorn much. But these are my daily jewels. Tous is a long-standing Barcelona jeweler with a kawaii! little bear as their mascot. The honker of a bear ring was one of the results of an impromptu SoHo shopping spree sometime last year… The bracelet and auto charm were a gift from Santa-Me to Me-Me this Christmas! Thanks Santa-Me! The wedding band is wearing nicely…

5Baggu Duck Bag$18

Baggu Duck Bag

YZ thinks I have a bag addiction. Not so – it’s more of a bag aversion. I keep buying the next one hoping that it will fit my needs. After the allure of fresh leather and clean interior pockets wears, the product always seems to fall short. That’s why I tend to stick with the most basic of shapes for my daily carry-all. Baggu’s Duck Bag has all the trusty simplicity of a big canvas tote with a little extra thought put in. There are two short handles and a nice adjustable longer strap – great for the transitions on my commute: sitting in a crowded metro car, bounding up the stairs, speed walking down the street…

6Tretorn Skymra Sneaker$36

Tretorn Skymra Sneaker

I adore these Tretorn sneaks so much that I bought a few extra pairs to keep me going long after the style got discontinued. In retrospect, I could have bought a couple more… Not to worry though, they have plenty other colors and variations of this super-comfy slip-on. In fact, check out the Skymra Mid Puffer – love the contrast grommets!

7Paul Smith Socks$24

Paul Smith Socks

Well, it’s no shock that I’m a sock fan. From blogging about Ashi Dashi’s hilarious collection to the endless bright styles at Happy Socks… I just don’t own plain socks – there’s enough gray in one day. Hence the near-hypnotizing Paul Smith pairs above, available at UK shop Pockets alongside dozens of other winning designs!

8Banana Republic Men’s Scarf$35

Banana Republic Scarf

Why the hell are men’s accessories so much more rugged than their female equivalent? Scarves, jackets, hats, gloves – sure the chick versions are delicate-looking & refined but what about warmth and durability and girls who don’t like frilly scarves and hats drowning in floral embroidery!? So, dead-of-winter scarf-wise I wear treasures from previous years’ raids on dad’s closet (he lives in LA for Pete’s sake – what would he need a scarf for?) or head over to a trusty menswear shop like Banana Rebublic, where I found this woolly number (actually, that’s 45% wool, 25% rayon, 20% nylon, 10% cashmere) on sale!

9Cotton Aviator Hat$28

Charcoal Shell Aviator Hat

This aviator cap from online shop e4hats is a great winter-to-spring item. The fully-lined hat is perfectly used-looking right off the bat with different buckles and snaps to expand, contract, and bundle your noggin up in any number of ways depending on the weather.

10Lo’s Handmade Neck Warmer

Lo's Handmade Neck Warmer

Although I barely find the time, I do love to curl up on Goobie the Cat’s yellow chair, knitting and purling away an afternoon. Because of the curse that is multitasking, I can’t really commit to complex designs that require my full attention so I tend to make myself the same rectangular checkered knit neckwarmer in color combo after color combo after color combo. I must say though, under a scarf, this little 18″ x 12″ rectangle does an amazing job of keeping the wind from creeping in!

Kawaii! » Terror! Magnus! Death Metal! So Cute!!!

January 15, 2010

Joe Ledbetter's Death Metal Magnus and Terror limited edition set for The Loyal Subjects

Death Metal Magnus & Terror Edition for The Loyal Subjects
Get it here!

“This edition features a hint of blood splatter on Terror (revealing his forceful nature) and his loyal and somewhat less threatening sidekick Magnus. The Death Metal edition is exclusive to The Loyal Subjects web store and is limited to 199 pieces!”

Inspired by YZ’s co-worker Jess (who has a vinyl toy bonanza happening at her cubicle), I realized it’s been a while since I checked in on badass toy designer Joe Ledbetter’s projects. Ledbetter, creator of my all-time favorite vinyl, the Unicornasaurus, (which, by the way, I still need to get my paws on – AHEM! YZ… Birthday? Cupid Day? Gift for the Sake of Gifting Day?) is an LA-based artist who has created over 100 designer vinyl toys recognizable the world over for their signature contrast outlines, stumpy limbs, and in-your-face colors.

Today, at The Loyal Subjects, Joe released a limited edition run of 199 Death Metal Terror and Magnus characters – complete with a wee bit of blood splatter! I just checked the status & there’s only about half of these left – so snatch up this hilarious collector’s item before they’re GONE FOREVER!!!

“Influenced by classic animation, graphic design, and daily life, Joe Ledbetter’s art is… well… a lot of things. Light-hearted in its approach, he often combines cute and cuddly creatures with unfortunate — albeit humorous — situations. With a lean on the subversive and absurd, these scenarios are all too familiar, questioning our tendency of taking life (and ourselves) too seriously.”

Bookworm » Have Some Modesty! Cover that Book Up!

January 11, 2010

Book City Jackets Artist's Edition No.2

The second set in Book City Jackets Artists Edition series featuring the work of Cheeming Boey, Michael Hsiung and Nishat Akhtar.

I just loved Back-to-School when I was a kid. Pacing the aisles of Staples, I made sure not to let a single thumbtack’s worth of office supplies slip past my scrutinizing eye. One of my favorite things to do was to wrap my textbook covers (mostly because I found the cover design so hideous). My mother helped me at first – she did it perfectly (as with every single thing the woman has wrapped over the years, from gifts to broken bones) but I soon took over the task and began using all sorts of materials for the eclectic covers. Of course, the books would become cluttered with doodles and notes as the term passed – something that lifted the simple piece of paper from utility to keepsake.

Well, we’re all grown now, and these elevated book covers from Book City Jackets are the perfect old fart version of the junior high classic. Although the first edition has sold out (featuring the work of Eveline Tarunadjaja, Matthew Caputo and Morgan Blair.), you can choose from the 2nd and 3rd Artists Editions featuring illustrations by Michael C. Hsiung, Nishat Akhtar, Cheeming Boey, Matt Cipov, Jing Wei, and R. Nick Kuszyk.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » The Quiet Life

December 8, 2009

The Quiet Life Start Making Sense Tee

The Quiet Life’s Start Making Sense Tee $25 / $30

The Quiet Life is a Los Angeles design shop founded in 1997 as an outlet for purely creative ideas by Andy Mueller and OhioGirl colleague Jennifer Pitt. Aside from the dozens of incredible tees for sale (including designs by Mark Owens, Evan Hecox, Niki Livingston, and Neil Doshi), the company has a little streak of Do-Goodism in it as well:

Good Cause is an ongoing project of ours to raise money and awareness for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It is personal cause for us, because our son Owen suffers from cystic fibrosis – a genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive systems of about 30,000 people nationwide.

Each season we will dedicate one shirt to the cause. 100% of our profits from the sales of these shirts will go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We have already raised and donated more than $10,000.00 from the sales of our first two Good Cause Shirts ( Sphinx and Right On Fight On.)

All tees will put you back either $25 for standard or $30 for premium quality tees (this refers to the fabric and fit of the tees themselves – for more info read the sizing, shipping, and return info) with sale tees running about $17-20. Lo’s favorite? The Gents tee by Mark Owens…

The Quiet Life Gents Tee by guest artist Mark OwensThe Quiet Life Joy Tee
The Quiet Life Bolts TeeThe Quiet Life Mountain Tee
The Quiet Life Cyclist 2 TeeThe Quiet Life Sphinx Good Cause Tee

Clockwise from top left: Gents Tee by guest artist Mark Owens, Joy Tee, Mountain Tee, Sphinx Good Cause Tee, Cyclist 2 Tee, and Bolts Tee

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