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March 19, 2010

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

OK – full-blown spring fever has taken over Lo’s List (making it quite the challenge to stay indoors and working) and these delicate letter-pressed prints from Dutch Door Press perfectly capture a distinct highlight of the season: new blooms and birds, birds, birds! Along with gobs of other cute paper goods, Mara Murphy and Anna Branning’s Etsy Shop boasts the first bunch of prints from their Birds and Blooms of the 50 States series (two of our favorites, Texas and Massachusetts below). The collection also currently includes Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, Oregon, New York, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press TexasLo's List /// Dutch Door Press Massachusetts
Dutch Door Press Texas and Massachusetts Prints from the Birds and Blooms of the 50 States collection

Eco-Friendlies » PACT’s Earthy Undies!

January 6, 2010

Pact Undies

Pact’s organic & sustainable undies for men and women

What’s not to fall for? Knickers that feel good and make you feel good about your impact on Earth. The smarts, style, and social-awareness behind PACT comes as no surprise considering the brainpower fueling the brand: business partners Jason Kibbey & Jeff Denby, self-proclaimed polar-opposites:

“Jason Kibbey is a born-and-raised Berkeley leftie who started his own land conservation nonprofit, drives a Prius, and loves his bike(s). He also likes business: he helped start a few, and oddly began his career at Bain & Company. His wife sings opera; they don’t own a television; and his dog gets acupuncture. Jeff Denby, on the other hand, was told that he was “too artsy for business school” when he showed up with multi-colored hair. A Facebook, texting, and Twitter addict who personifies young, fabulous, and broke, this wayward Canadian has shopped his way around the world. He definitely owns a television. (Otherwise, how would he watch all of that reality TV?)”

Pact ForestEthics PatternPact Oceana Pattern

Yves Behar, mastermind leader of Fuseproject and the designer responsible for several feel-good projects including the One Laptop Per Child initiative (more on this in our Do-Goodism section shortly!!):

“Humanistic design must tap into the “giving” element of our profession. It must be deeply in-tune with the needs to create a sustainable future, deeply connected with emotional needs, and deeply self-expressive.”

…along with a clearly harmonious team including an underwear expert nicknamed “Daddy”, a beloved Molly (we’re not sure what she does, but the gang at PACT seem really grateful to have her), a Turkish organic textile plant called Egedeniz, and a few other gold-star do-gooders (Blue Practice, Planet Access)…

So, here’s how the undies roll: PACT currently supports four causes (826 National, ForestEthics, Global Green, and Oceana) for which 6 patterned and 6 solid-colored textiles were created, most available in bikini, boy short, and thong styles for women, or brief, boxer brief, trunk, and boxer styles for men. The skivvies are made of 95% high-quality organic Turkish cotton and 5% elastane for the perfect amount of stretch and endurance. They come packed in adorable (and reusable) cotton bags which are then packed in completely 100% straight-to-the-garden compostable shipping packages!

Hilarious PACT commercial by Terri Timely

Found @ Etsy » Top Ten Cold-Weather Caps

January 1, 2010

Winter is in full-swing here in New York: with two snow days so far and plenty of biting winds. So, instead of griping about having to trudge to the bodega for a pint of milk, grab this frosty opportunity and expand your cold-weather accessory collection! I adore busting out my winter hats, and add a few more trophies to the stockpile each year. What’s more, I’m one of those lucky people who’s coiff reacts rather well to hat hair… Etsy, queen of crafty commerce, is an endless trove of caps, cloches, balacavas and berets. Aside from curated top ten below, be sure to check out Dadaya’s exquisite embroidery with a Japanese-Scandanavian flavor, Yellow Field’s collection of 1920’s flapper gear, Rima Designs’ adventures with tweed, and Afra’s off-the-hook caplets and cowls!

1Afra’s Tweed Brown Hood$44

Afra's Tweed Brown HoodMaterial: wool / acrylic
Get it here!

2Dadaya’s Tinydotdot Dragon Beret$108

Dadaya's Tiny Dot Dot Dragon BeretMaterial: wool
Get it here!

3Escao Design’s Headphone Hat in Lipstick Red$55

Escao Design's Headphone HatMaterial: 100% Italian wool
Get it here!

4Yellow Field’s Charming Cloche$350

Yellow Field's Charming Felt ClocheMaterial: felt with vintage button
Get it here!

5Finny and Zook’s Mommy and Baby Bear Hat Set$55

Finny and Zook's Mommy and Baby Bear Hat SetMaterial: 50% wool & 50% llama
Get it here!

6Knittles’ Knit Armor Collection – Woolly Helm$62

Knittles' Knit Armor Collection Woolly HelmMaterial: 80% acrylic & 20% wool
Get it here!

7001 Trick Pony Pom-Pom Cloche$90

001 Trick Pony Pom-Pom ClocheMaterial: beaver felt with rabbit fur pom-pom
Get it here!

8Rima Designs’ Scarf Hoodlet in Classic Black & White Tweed$75

Rima Designs' Scarf HoodletMaterial: 100% wool with wool/silk blend lining
Get it here!

9Cozy Town Knits Hood in Fig$55

Cozy Town Knits' Hood in FigMaterial: wool/acrylic blend
Get it here!

10Joodito 0 0 3$60

Joodito's 003 HoodMaterial: salvaged cloth
Get it here!

Gift Guide » Top Ten Found @ Etsy

November 30, 2009

1Papaver Verte Nesting Bowls$115

Etsy's Papaver Vert Nesting Bowls

This trio of crocheted wool/mohair felted nesting bowls has all the subtle details of great craftsmanship. I just love the Papaver Vert label sewn on the rim of the littlest one! These are made to order (allow 1 week for production before shipping) so if you want a set in time for the holidays, best snag one now! The bowls come packed in a lovely little round cork-ish box with matching stitching around the rim! Scrumptious!Get it here!

2Nikta’s 7 Loop Scarf / Necklace$110

Nitka 7 Loops Scarf Necklace

Wowza! Seven scarves in one? A color bonanza? What more could go right? The seven scarves (brown taupe, jeans blue, yellow, cream, green, coral, and purple) from Nitka’s shop are not attached so you can wear the shebang or deconstruct for more, um, subtle dress codes. It gets better: the serpentine scarves are knit using soft, cotton yarn so no itchy side-effects and easy to launder! Win-win.Get it here!

3Berkley Illustration’s Jackrabbit Print$10

Etsy's Berkley Illustration Jackrabbit Portrait

Of course jackrabbits wear 3-piece suits! Head over to Berkley Illustration’s Etsy shop for the whole circus of finely-dressed critters. Choose from a very military tiger, an old-school meerkat pilot, lady rabbit all dolled up for tea, a wild west t-rex, and a rather depressed business Elephant – just to name a few. The prints are available in 5″ x 7″ ($10) or 8″ x 10″ ($18) – a perfect little gift framed or unframed!Get it here!

4Pretty Random Objects$55

Pretty Random Objects Bird Vase

I’ve been drooling over Pretty Random Objects’ collection of ceramics for years now and finally have the chance to share the cuteness! Their online shop is constantly being updated, so if you like what you see, best snag it before it’s gone. Pastel hues and adorable bunny, bear, and bird characters are the norm in this collection of vases, ornaments, planters, and more!Get it here!

5Monkeys Always Look Baby Toes Hanging Succulent$75

Monkeys Always Look Baby Toes Hanging Succulent at Etsy

Ever since YZ’s & my wedding earlier this month (for which my brother and I planted the most beautiful succulent centerpieces) I’ve been obsessed with this odd family of plants. Monkeys Always Look’s hanging Baby Toes succulent terrariums would be a welcome addition to our plant-filled house. For just $34, this lovely piece would be great for a well-deserving neighbor… Hurry, just 6 in stock!Get it here!

6KnitKnit’s Knitted Power Cord$44

KnitKnit's Etsy Shop: Knitted Power Cord

You always need one of these at the most unlikely times. So, meanwhile, you might as well don the little orange power chord as scarf or belt or tie. Now, I can’t guarantee the actual utility of this knitted necessity, but this 6-foot chord has so many other uses, no? I think it’s ridonkulously cute and, for $40, the good type of gift for the free-spirited artist that needs nothing. Head over to KnitKnit’s Etsy store for more colors and styles!Get it here!

7Jolby’s “What Makes William” Nesting Dolls$350

Jolby's What Makes William Nesting Dolls at Etsy

There’s nothing quite like receiving an original art piece as a gift. The preciousness of it always makes me giddy. Mix that joy with one of my favorite folk objects (nesting matryoshka dolls) and you’ve got yourself an uber-gift. This quintet from Jolby’s Etsy shop is called “What Makes William” for some very anatomical reasons: “Each doll represents a different piece of William. Orange: Large doll of William. Blue: Water for his birthplace of Seaside mixed with music notes. Green: Leaves for his destination of Treetop Village. Purple: Creepy vines from the Outskirts. Yellow: William’s soul.” Love it.Get it here!

8Alyssa Ettinger Mason Jar Lantern$39

Alyssa Ettinger Mason Jar Lantern

As I mentioned, I have a weak spot for jars, of which perhaps my favorite is the mason. Gin and juice in the summer, hot toddy in the winter, jam pot when mom comes to visit. Alyssa Ettinger’s hand-cast porcelain mason jar lanterns capture the nostalgia that the glass vessels carry. For use indoors or out with a nifty wire handle for hanging. Check out Alyssa’s shop for other ephemeral porcelain goods!Get it here!

9Spell It Out Designs’ Chalkboard Decals$21

Spell It Out Designs' Chalkboard Decals

So, vinyl wall stickers have been all the rage for a while now but never have I seen a vinyl sticker chalkboard! How smart! What’s more, these elegant Victorian frame-inspired shapes lifts the grade-school tool to a whole new level of chic! There are just gobs of styles and sizes to choose from at Spell It Out Design with a few whiteboard models as well. Digging the decor in the product snaps!Get it here!

10Cicada Studio’s Chamomile and Lavender Sachet 4-Pack$18

Etsy's Cicada Studio Chamomile and Lavender 4-Pack Sachets

Who doesn’t like smelling good? Tell me?! WHO!? This perfect stocking stuffer from Cicada Studio will be sure to make tees, undies, and the like smelling of a spring meadow full of lavender and chamomile. “They measure around 2 3/4″ x 5″ and will tuck neatly into drawers, a purse, in a bowl… I have a friend who keeps them on her desk at work for a little whiff of aromatherapy during the day.”Get it here!

i ♥ art » Matt Furie

June 16, 2009

Matt Furie

Kung Fu-fighting, helmet-donning, Rice Krispie-noshing Matt Furie is as wonderfully bizarre as his illustrations of mismatched critters making love, Sesame Street posers, and impeccably fuzzy monster families out for a weekend stroll. Part fable, part self-professed porn, the simultaneously twisted and tender colored pencil drawings show hints of childhood distorted by the effects of age: pessimism, drugs, and a preoccupation with sex. Possible sensations experienced at a Matt Furie show?

“Adult males will get a thickening sensation in their pants, moisture for the ladies. The kids won’t really know what’s up unless they have pretty freaky parents who teach them to be ‘sex positive’ at an inappropriatly young age.”

Matt Furie

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