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October 22, 2012

Mrs P. Hicks Mushroom Canoe Boot
Mrs P. Hicks Orange & Blue Inside Out Leather Camp MocMrs P. Hicks Maine Canary Chukka
Mrs P. Hicks Maine Chukka Original
Clockwise from top: Mrs P. Hicks Mushroom Canoe Boot, Maine Canary Chukka, Maine Chukka Original, and Orange & Blue Inside Out Leather Camp Moc

For all of us tough chicks who think that wearing heels is just foolish and keeps you from getting to where you need to go, this brand is for you. A little outdoorsy, a bit seaside, and a lot classy in that tomboy sort of way, Kat McMillan’s line of women’s shoes, named Mrs P. Hicks, are sumptuous for-her renditions of those leather Chukkas and Canoe boots that you have been coveting in your hubby’s closet.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Ahoy, Me Heart-Tees!

June 22, 2010

Rogues Gallery Anchor Key Fob and Tee

There’s something magnetic about the symbolism attached to sailors and the sea: anchors, scrimshaws, tattoos, bowsprite carvings, sailcloth numerals… It therefore comes as little surprise that fashion houses embrace these icons in their collections: often printed as grubby, oversize graphics on faded tees, and paired with stripy wool sweaters, sturdy windbreakers, manly deckboots and the like. Certainly one of our favorites of these nautical trendsetters is Portland, Maine-based Rogues Gallery. They’ve got this look covered quiet literally from head to toe and manage to do so without even a hint of forcefulness. We’re loving their worn-in collection of tees (our favorites here above and below) but the rest of this former L.L. Bean designer’s shop is definitely worth a look as well — especially Rogues’ duo-tone swim trunks and must-have accessories!

“A rogues gallery is a police collection of pictures or photographs of criminals and suspects kept for identification purposes. The term is also used figuratively by extension for any group of shady characters or the line-up of ‘mugshot’ photographs that might be displayed in the halls of a dormitory or workplace.” — Old Man Wiki

Clockwise from top left: Rogues Gallery N.S. Boat Works Tee, Ship Winch Tee, Navigator Tee, and Danforth Anchor Tee

Found @ Etsy » Dutch Door Press

March 19, 2010

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

OK – full-blown spring fever has taken over Lo’s List (making it quite the challenge to stay indoors and working) and these delicate letter-pressed prints from Dutch Door Press perfectly capture a distinct highlight of the season: new blooms and birds, birds, birds! Along with gobs of other cute paper goods, Mara Murphy and Anna Branning’s Etsy Shop boasts the first bunch of prints from their Birds and Blooms of the 50 States series (two of our favorites, Texas and Massachusetts below). The collection also currently includes Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, Oregon, New York, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press TexasLo's List /// Dutch Door Press Massachusetts
Dutch Door Press Texas and Massachusetts Prints from the Birds and Blooms of the 50 States collection

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