T-Shirt Tuesdays » Wave Your Foam Finger! It’s Football Season!

September 14, 2010

top: Retro Brand’s Alabama Crimson Tide and Ohio State Buckeyes Tees
bottom: Retro Brand’s Texas Longhorns and Tennessee Volunteers Tees

Did I mention that Lo’s List loves fall? Well, football is just one more tremendous tradition to add to the list of the season’s offerings. There’s nothing that I look forward to more than a Sunday afternoon / Monday night yelping at the tube with YZ (damn you Jets offense!) and drinking fancypants Belgian beer. To celebrate the time-honored American sports tradition, here’s our roundup of vintage-y, super-soft collegiate football team tees from Retro Brand. All the charm of the prep years minus the dormitories and barfy keg parties.

top: Retro Brand’s Kentucky Wildcats and Cal Bears Tees
bottom: Retro Brand’s Oregon Ducks and Michigan Wolverines Tees

Found @ Etsy » Dutch Door Press

March 19, 2010

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

OK – full-blown spring fever has taken over Lo’s List (making it quite the challenge to stay indoors and working) and these delicate letter-pressed prints from Dutch Door Press perfectly capture a distinct highlight of the season: new blooms and birds, birds, birds! Along with gobs of other cute paper goods, Mara Murphy and Anna Branning’s Etsy Shop boasts the first bunch of prints from their Birds and Blooms of the 50 States series (two of our favorites, Texas and Massachusetts below). The collection also currently includes Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, Oregon, New York, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press TexasLo's List /// Dutch Door Press Massachusetts
Dutch Door Press Texas and Massachusetts Prints from the Birds and Blooms of the 50 States collection

Fashion Scout » Top Ten Olympically Inspired Snowboarding Gear

March 1, 2010

So, quick disclaimer – back in high school, when our whole gang would head up the mountain for a snowboarding weekend, I was the geek that came along and actually didn’t do a bit of the boarding part of the weekend. I would go romping through the snow, for sure, and have a nice meal ready for my friends when they got back from their day on the slopes, but, I just wasn’t really the snowboarding type. Thus, the following top ten snowboarding gear list is based on… looks. And, boarding be damned, I would rock any of these duds (perhaps helmet & goggles aside) during an NYC blizzard (of which we’ve been fortunate to have a couple doozies this winter)!

1The Trewth Bib by Trew$399

Lo's List /// Trew The Trewth Bib in Gray

I love everything at Trew’s website (including their company philosophy) but these The Trewth Bibs are killer. They even have a two-way zipper fly “in case you have to pee hanging upside down”. Throw on a pair of overalls like these and there’s nothing between you and a gazillion Central Park snow angels!

2Analog AG Aberdeen Gloves$60

Lo's List /// Analog AG Aberdeen Gloves

There’s something very “driving gloves” about these AG Aberdeen Gloves by Analog Clothing. Made with a genuine leather shell, padded knuckles, waterproof insert, and a brushed fleece lining, the gloves are available in natural, gray, and white leather. Thumbs up!

3Nike Zoom Force 1 Freestyle Boot$215

Lo's List /// Nike Zoom Force 1 Freestyle Boot

Snazzy lavender laces, deep maroon leather with a forest green signature Swoosh, these Zoom Force 1 freestyle boots by Nike are so cute-all-grown-up! There’s a delicate floral pattern on the white, a plaid Velcro ankle strap, and Nike’s unique lace-locking systems to ensure that your sh*t kickers stay snug and secure!

4Matix Asher LeBlanc Hoodie$30

Lo's List /// Matix Asher LeBlanc Hoodie

Erm, I’m a total hoodie fanatic and this quilted twist on the classic by Matix has me using all my willpower not to buy one in each color. The Mikey LeBlanc (check out Mikey’s peppery personality to the left) Signature Asher is lightly fleece-lined and reversible (it’s a twofer)!

5Nikita Barefoot Leggings$28

Lo's List /// Nikita Barefoot Leggings

Snow or not – these leggings are rad! Whether they hiding under your Trew pants or hitting the town with some black bootiesNikita’s cotton-lycra barefoot leggings are a fashion steal at $28!

6Trew Eagle Pants in Deep Purple$369

Lo's List /// Trew Purple Eagle Pants

Yep, another masterpiece by Trew. The label’s Eagle Pants, designed to let you “soar with the eagles… or just hang out at the base doing nothing” are indeed, perfectly designed for mountain-to-street wear! My pair is on it’s way and I’m just praying that we get another blizzard this season here in Brooklyn so I can go romp around and test ’em out!

7Smith Variant Brim Snow Helmet$160

Lo's List /// Smith Optics Variant Brim Snow Helmet

So, who really wants to wear a helmet? But, look – we’ve all got mothers, so best just take care you don’t put an eye out. So, might as well find one that you won’t feel like a moron in, like this stylish variant brim helmet by Smith.

8Bataleon’s The Jam, Evil Twin, and Distortia Snowboards$400

Lo's List /// Bataleon The Jam, Evil Twin, and Distortia Snowboards

Eeek! These are phenomenal… Maybe I can buy three and make a table? Ok, or take some snowboarding lessons. Bataleon has a whole load of fantastically designed boards by some seriously skilled illustrators and graphic designers! Here above are my favorites (from left): The Jam, Evil Twin, and Distortia.

9Ride's Georgetown Snowboard Jacket in Vivid Green & Black Diamond$165

Lo's List /// Ride's Georgetown Snowboard Jacket in Vivid Green & Black Diamond

I’ve worn out my Burton Pixel Slub jacket’s wardrobe welcome and this Georgetown jacket by Ride seems like a very worthy & spot-you-in-a-crowd replacement! The mesh-lined jacket has a jacket-to-pant zip connector (that sounds so geeky! love it!) with a media player pocket, headphone guide loops on the inner hood and comes in five different color ways.

10Electric EG.5S Snow Goggles$72

Lo's List /// Electric EG.5S Goggles

Tee heee! Right as I’m saying farewell to my pixel jacket I find these little blocky goggles from Electric! The EG.5S series goggles are made with a thermo plastic urethane frame, a 100% UV protected polycarbonate lens, oodles of face foam (?!) and an adjustable articulating strap for helmet compatibility. Sounds legit to me…

Kawaii! » Q&A with Jon Knox of Hello, Brute

February 26, 2010

Lo's List /// Hello, Brute Pepper Figurine by Jon Knox

Hello, Brute’s newest addition, Pepper, by Jon Knox

A few months ago I discovered the whimsical world of Hello, Brute: a collection of hand-cast polyurethane resin toys brought to life (with a very fashion-forward and bright coat of paint) by Portland designer Jon Knox. Jon describes his creations as “an all-boy crew who are often stuck somewhere between the best and worst moments of their lives.” I totally fell in love with the character Danny, a discombobulated-looking nerd with slightly stoned doe eyes peering out from behind thick black prescription frames and decided to dig deeper… I was honored to have had the opportunity to ask Jon some questions about his design career and the newest addition to his shop: Pepper (seen above) of which 5 signed, limited-edition 9″ figures are up for grabs (for a wee sum of $175) in the Hello, Brute shop!

?How did Hello, Brute begin? What’s behind the name?

I was in college for graphic design and was getting kind of tired of the idea that 75% of a graphic designer’s job was to take other people’s images and typefaces and slap them on a poster or in a book. I had been drawing since I was a child and really wanted to incorporate that into my work. All but about two of my professors were less than thrilled with the idea, so I began developing a body of work outside of my studies at design school. One of my professors introduced me to vinyl toys in 2005 and I took to it almost immediately. It was when I began making toys that I decided to brand myself as Hello, Brute.

The name came from my interest in outsider art, and my drawings are typically kind of wobbly and unedited. Brute seemed like the perfect word to describe it and it was an added bonus that it rhymed with the word “cute” which my work has been described as, which I like. I think sometimes people gravitate to my work because it usually comes off as cute at first, but once they spend some time with the characters and notice their idiosyncrasies, they like them because they’re kind of weird.

?Take us through the process behind creating a Hello, Brute toy. Where/how does the idea take shape? What are the mediums you use – from concept to completion? How long does the process take?

I actually don’t do that much sketching. I think doing dozens of iterations of something can make it look too labored over and wring out its personality. That’s fine for a car seat, but I like the story that the dents in my toys tell. Sometimes the toys stem from a drawing I’ve done, but often I just start sculpting them without a solid plan. I start with a foil and wire armature (which determines the size, proportions, and gesture), and I build on layers of polymer clay from the inside out. Their clothes and facial details are the last things I sculpt. Even once the sculpting is done, the character is still somewhat abstract, and isn’t fully realized until he’s painted. In terms of media, I start with the armature and polymer clay to make the original character, silicone to make a mold of the original, and polyurethane resin to cast reproductions. After that, each toy is painted by hand with acrylic paints and coated with a varnish. Realistically, it’s about a week and a half’s worth of work to go from initial idea to the first prototype of a toy.

?Your characters are little hipster fashionistas! How on earth do you pick what they’re going to wear for the rest of their lives? Do you sometimes wish you had given a character a different outfit?

Yeah sometimes it’s difficult to pick what the characters wear. Because I paint each one by hand, I typically like to sculpt something that’s more versatile and I can alter the clothes with the paint job. That’s why they’ll often have a basic t-shirt, or a hoodie or something like that. Lately I’ve been adding some more detail in the sculpts and I’ve been happy with how it’s turned out.

I’m definitely one of those people that struggles not to discredit their work from 6 months back. It’s not that I’m not proud of my body of work, but I’m always thinking of where I’m going to take my work next and I always want to put my best foot forward. So it’s not that I regret doing one thing or another, I look back on previous work and think about what I can do to make the next one better.

Lo's List /// Hello, Brute Pepper Sketch by Jon Knox

A concept sketch of Pepper by Jon Knox

?So, Pepper: tell us about his personality, his name, his Velcro shoes… When and why did he get the sailor tattoo? Is Pepper part of a click of Hello, Brute characters like the Klepties?

I’ve found that with back-stories, people are much quicker to judge what type of artist you are and make vast assumptions about your skill level and personality. I am not a writer, so I like to tell stories with images instead of words. I think when I write complex stories about my work, it dumbs it down. My characters develop through a bit of an organic and abstract process, so I don’t set out to make good guys and bad guys. I like when people try and guess what they’re thinking, and I really like when they start to remind people of their friends and family.

In my mind, Pepper is a loner. The name was a result of hearing the name in several different places at the time I was sculpting him. Like most of my characters (and me), he’s one of those people that’s into fashion but kind of afraid of it too, so he goes with the bare minimum. He hasn’t committed buying new shoes yet. His hands are posed to show off his boner in his shorts.

?My personal favorite toy you’ve done is Danny because, well, he reminds me of me. Do you take custom requests? Have you modeled any of these characters after real people?

When my characters remind people of themselves, it’s one of the best compliments I can receive.

Though I’m busy at the moment, I take custom requests when I have the time. It’s always really fun trying to turn one of my toys into a portrait of someone else, which I get requests for quite a bit. Sometimes the characters are inspired by real people, but it’s maybe their mood more so than their appearance. There’s always a good bit of myself in them. My mom tells me all the time she thinks my characters look like me.

?What kind of commercial projects do you feel passionate about working on? If you could work with anyone or any company – who would it be and what would you create for them?

I’m always have an open ear when commercial projects knock on my door. I typically only take the ones where the client is interested in collaborating rather than beating me to death with rules. The bigger the client, the more I might be willing to bend obviously :) I don’t have any specific companies in mind that I’d like to work with, but I really think it would be cool to design prints for cut and sew clothes.

?Do you have any shows coming up? Where in the world can people see your work in the flesh? What’s coming up next for Hello, Brute?

My next solo show is at Rotofugi in Chicago. I’m going to have paintings, drawings, resin toys, and a collaboration with an insanely talented plush artist by the name of Felt Mistress. That’s the place to be to see my most current work all in one place. There are boutiques and toy stores that carry some of the stuff I make. I’m working on more merchandise including new clothes, fine art prints, odds & ends, and of course more toys. What’s coming up next? Definitely not sleep.


Do-Goodism » The Working Proof (is in the printing)

February 11, 2010

OSoo's Armadillo Giclee Print

OSoo's Armadillo Giclee Print for Doctors Without Borders

In these (still?!) economically unsure times, we can easily forget the hard-working non-profits out there striving to make our world a little better. Therefore, it’s a joy to find projects that find intelligent ways to raise funds for good and provide perks to those doing the giving. Enter The Working Proof. The concept is simple: a gallery full of limited edition prints from which 15% of proceeds go to a charity of the artist’s choice.

Founded by Sub-Studio’s Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung, the site features prints – from linocuts to giclees – by a slew of established and emerging artists: Amy Ruppel, Ben Javens, Catherine Ryan, Antje Drescher, and Dan Funderburgh (check out the full roster for the whole WP gang). The charities supported include eco- and animal-conscious causes like Transportation Alternatives and Puppies Behind Bars to humanitarian staples like the Kids in Need Foundation, and Doctors Without Borders. So pick your purpose and get yourself some feel-good art!

More from The Working Proof
Yasmine Surovec Fancy Dress Digital PrintJustin Richel's The Jewel Of The Mind Becomes Jaded In Time Giclee Print

Left: Yasmine Surovec’s Fancy Dress Digital Print for the Kids in Need Foundation
Right: Justin Richel's The Jewel Of The Mind Becomes Jaded In Time Giclee Print for Architecture for Humanity

Found @ Etsy » Aid for Haiti

January 20, 2010

1Kill ’em Dirty’s One Foot In Massachusetts Necklace$21

Kill 'em Dirty's One Foot in Massachusetts Necklace

Brushed silver necklace with contrasting chunky and thin chains from Kill ’em Dirty. Standard chain length is 18.5″ but you can specify the length you want (btwn 15″-25″). 50% of all Kill ’em Dirty sales between now and January 23rd are donated to the American Red Cross.

2Thirty Six Ten’s Single Violet Sterling Silver Ring$35

Thirty Six Ten Single Violet Ring

Lovely little sterling silver ring from Thirty Six Ten’s Etsy shop. Buy one or several and stack! $20 of the purchase price of this item will be donated to the Disaster Relief fund of Compassion International.

3Reqbat Hand Drawn Cards$12

Reqbat Handpainted Cards

Lovely little set of hand-painted birdie cards from Canadian artist Reqbat. Just in time for V-Day! Only one set left so grab it while you can. 100% of sales goes to the Canadian Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

4Silverwoods' Set of 3 Sterling Silver Wave Bangles$87

Silverwoods' Set of 3 Wave Bangles

Set of three forged and hammered sterling silver bangles from Silverwoods. 10% of all sales and 100% of sales of featured items (such as the bangles shown above) will be donated to the International Red Cross.

5Paloma's Nest Tiny Text Bowl$22

Paloma's Nest Tiny Text Bowl

Matte-finished 3.5″ diameter “Today I Will…” bowl from the Fill in the Blank series by Paloma’s Nest. Perfect for jewels or keys… $5 from each bowl sold before February 15 will be donated to the Haiti relief fund.

6Corrie Berry Pie’s Simple Secret Necklace$22

Corrie Berry Pie Simple Secret Necklace

The Simple Secret Necklace is made with a vintage metal skeleton key with a 32″ vintage metal chain by Corrie Berry Pie. For the remainder of January, 50% of all sales will go directly to World Relief.

7Cristin Rae Sky Blue Cowl$30

Cristin Rae Sky Blue Cowl

Hand-knit sky blue cowl made with chunky 100% merino wool by Cristin Rae. 90% of all current inventory proceeds will go towards Haiti relief funds. Check out the shop for gobs of bright cold-weather accessories to splurge on!

8Beads in the Belfry Tiny Text Necklace$20

Beads In The Belfry Tiny Text Necklace

This dainty sterling silver charm by Beads in the Belfry features one letter or number of your choice. The amulet is just a tad smaller than a dime and comes on a 14″ or 18″ chain. 50% of proceeds go to the American Red Cross.

9Gin and Butterflies Sterling Silver Pagoda Ring$70

Gin and Butterflies Sterling Silver Pagoda Ring

Sterling one-tiered Pagoda Ring by Gin and Butterflies out of Portland, Oregon. A $10 donation to is made with each purchase. Check out the main shop page for loads of stunning pieces. Get the Pagoda ring here!

10INKDORk’s Renewable Love Cards$5

INKDORk's Renewable Love Cards

Sweet and simple hand-pulled silk screened cards with envelopes. Dimensions are 5″ x 7″ with blank inside. All proceeds from card sales go to Haiti relief.

Welcome Home » Top Ten Mobiles

January 3, 2010

Stephen H. Kawai's Flock of Rocks Escaping (2000)

Stephen H. Kawai's Flock of Rocks Escaping Mobile (2000)
More about the artist here!

Mobiles are much more than a temporary distraction for babies. Case in point: the form itself was created by artist extraordinaire Alexander Calder back in the 1930’s and none other than Duchamp is credited for knighting the hangings with their current moniker. Not to say that mobiles should be reserved for museum and gallery ceilings… In fact, as we head into the depths of winter, a kinetic creation dancing before a window can add extra life to any room.

I’ve scoured the interwebs – Etsy and beyond – to find my 10 favorites that don’t scream childish (although a few can go either way) and tried to cover the field in terms of material, function, and form. There’s art mobiles (Ebon Heath’s Stereo.Type series) and eco-mobiles (Jordan Brown’s Driftwooding piece on Etsy), musical mobiles (Mudpuppy’s Moon Chimes on Etsy) and lighting mobiles (yay! David Weeks!)… So, get your hammer and nail out, find a lonely corner, and give it a makeover!

1Ebon Heath Stereo.Type MobilesN/A

Ebon Heath Stereo.Type Mobiles

Creator: Ebon Heath
More about the series here!

2Jordan Brown's Driftwooding Mobile$23

Jordan Brown's Driftwooding Mobile

Creator: Jordan Brown
Get it here!

3Ekko’s Hidalgo Mobile$60

Ekko Hidalgo Mobile

Creator: Ekko
Get it here!

4Flensted Expecting Fish Mobile$23


Creator: Flensted
Get it here!

5Umbra Lunas Frame Photo Mobile$42

Umbra Lunas Frame Photo Mobile

Creator: Umbra
Get it here!

6David Weeks’ Hanging Mobile No. 405$ ~


Creator: David Weeks Studio
Get it here!

7Our Childrens Gorilla Ladies & Gentlemen Mobiles€29

Our Childrens Gorilla Ladies & Gentlemen Mobiles

Creator: Our Childrens Gorilla
Get it here! (UK) or here! (USA)

8Mudpuppy's Moon Chimes$65

Mudpuppy's Moon Chime Mobile

Creator: Mudpuppy
Get it here!

9Round House Designs’ Eight Crane Origami Mobile$45

Round House Design's Eight Crane Origami Mobile

Creator: Round House Designs
Get it here!

10Tea Land Gold's Sunshine and Showers Mobile$45

Tea Land Gold's Sunshine and Showers Mobile

Creator: Tea Land Gold
Get it here!

Gift Guide » Top Ten Found @ Etsy

November 30, 2009

1Papaver Verte Nesting Bowls$115

Etsy's Papaver Vert Nesting Bowls

This trio of crocheted wool/mohair felted nesting bowls has all the subtle details of great craftsmanship. I just love the Papaver Vert label sewn on the rim of the littlest one! These are made to order (allow 1 week for production before shipping) so if you want a set in time for the holidays, best snag one now! The bowls come packed in a lovely little round cork-ish box with matching stitching around the rim! Scrumptious!Get it here!

2Nikta’s 7 Loop Scarf / Necklace$110

Nitka 7 Loops Scarf Necklace

Wowza! Seven scarves in one? A color bonanza? What more could go right? The seven scarves (brown taupe, jeans blue, yellow, cream, green, coral, and purple) from Nitka’s shop are not attached so you can wear the shebang or deconstruct for more, um, subtle dress codes. It gets better: the serpentine scarves are knit using soft, cotton yarn so no itchy side-effects and easy to launder! Win-win.Get it here!

3Berkley Illustration’s Jackrabbit Print$10

Etsy's Berkley Illustration Jackrabbit Portrait

Of course jackrabbits wear 3-piece suits! Head over to Berkley Illustration’s Etsy shop for the whole circus of finely-dressed critters. Choose from a very military tiger, an old-school meerkat pilot, lady rabbit all dolled up for tea, a wild west t-rex, and a rather depressed business Elephant – just to name a few. The prints are available in 5″ x 7″ ($10) or 8″ x 10″ ($18) – a perfect little gift framed or unframed!Get it here!

4Pretty Random Objects$55

Pretty Random Objects Bird Vase

I’ve been drooling over Pretty Random Objects’ collection of ceramics for years now and finally have the chance to share the cuteness! Their online shop is constantly being updated, so if you like what you see, best snag it before it’s gone. Pastel hues and adorable bunny, bear, and bird characters are the norm in this collection of vases, ornaments, planters, and more!Get it here!

5Monkeys Always Look Baby Toes Hanging Succulent$75

Monkeys Always Look Baby Toes Hanging Succulent at Etsy

Ever since YZ’s & my wedding earlier this month (for which my brother and I planted the most beautiful succulent centerpieces) I’ve been obsessed with this odd family of plants. Monkeys Always Look’s hanging Baby Toes succulent terrariums would be a welcome addition to our plant-filled house. For just $34, this lovely piece would be great for a well-deserving neighbor… Hurry, just 6 in stock!Get it here!

6KnitKnit’s Knitted Power Cord$44

KnitKnit's Etsy Shop: Knitted Power Cord

You always need one of these at the most unlikely times. So, meanwhile, you might as well don the little orange power chord as scarf or belt or tie. Now, I can’t guarantee the actual utility of this knitted necessity, but this 6-foot chord has so many other uses, no? I think it’s ridonkulously cute and, for $40, the good type of gift for the free-spirited artist that needs nothing. Head over to KnitKnit’s Etsy store for more colors and styles!Get it here!

7Jolby’s “What Makes William” Nesting Dolls$350

Jolby's What Makes William Nesting Dolls at Etsy

There’s nothing quite like receiving an original art piece as a gift. The preciousness of it always makes me giddy. Mix that joy with one of my favorite folk objects (nesting matryoshka dolls) and you’ve got yourself an uber-gift. This quintet from Jolby’s Etsy shop is called “What Makes William” for some very anatomical reasons: “Each doll represents a different piece of William. Orange: Large doll of William. Blue: Water for his birthplace of Seaside mixed with music notes. Green: Leaves for his destination of Treetop Village. Purple: Creepy vines from the Outskirts. Yellow: William’s soul.” Love it.Get it here!

8Alyssa Ettinger Mason Jar Lantern$39

Alyssa Ettinger Mason Jar Lantern

As I mentioned, I have a weak spot for jars, of which perhaps my favorite is the mason. Gin and juice in the summer, hot toddy in the winter, jam pot when mom comes to visit. Alyssa Ettinger’s hand-cast porcelain mason jar lanterns capture the nostalgia that the glass vessels carry. For use indoors or out with a nifty wire handle for hanging. Check out Alyssa’s shop for other ephemeral porcelain goods!Get it here!

9Spell It Out Designs’ Chalkboard Decals$21

Spell It Out Designs' Chalkboard Decals

So, vinyl wall stickers have been all the rage for a while now but never have I seen a vinyl sticker chalkboard! How smart! What’s more, these elegant Victorian frame-inspired shapes lifts the grade-school tool to a whole new level of chic! There are just gobs of styles and sizes to choose from at Spell It Out Design with a few whiteboard models as well. Digging the decor in the product snaps!Get it here!

10Cicada Studio’s Chamomile and Lavender Sachet 4-Pack$18

Etsy's Cicada Studio Chamomile and Lavender 4-Pack Sachets

Who doesn’t like smelling good? Tell me?! WHO!? This perfect stocking stuffer from Cicada Studio will be sure to make tees, undies, and the like smelling of a spring meadow full of lavender and chamomile. “They measure around 2 3/4″ x 5″ and will tuck neatly into drawers, a purse, in a bowl… I have a friend who keeps them on her desk at work for a little whiff of aromatherapy during the day.”Get it here!

Gift Guide » Top 10 Eco-Friendlies

November 27, 2009

1Eding:Post’s Picnica Bunny Bag$27

Eding:Post Picnica Bunny

Yes. We’ve heard it all before: plastic bags are evil. They’re killing hundreds of thousands of marine mammals each year and, with the rate at which we use them (500 billion – 1 trillian anually) versus the rate at which they biodegrade (400 years) the outlook is downright miserable. Aaand, we’ve seen this gimic before: decorate a reusable bag well and we just might reuse it. Well, here’s something new: make a reusable nylon bag that stuffs itself into a little bunny rabbit shell and becomes an adorable critter to tuck away in your everyday bag. For just shy of $30, this monotone thumper, designed by the brilliant Eding:Post, is irresistibly giftable! Get it here!

2Angharad Mclaren’s Recycled Climbing-Rope Mat£68

Angharad Mclaren Recycled Climbing Rope Mat

A little sturdy mat is a welcome addition to any home. This eco-friendly version by UK textile house Angharad McLaren is knotted together with reclaimed off-white climbing rope – a perfect fit for any type of home. By the sink, at the door, for the dog, as a bathroom mat: the possible uses are endless, making this a gift that will surely be loved.Get it here!

3Singgih Kartono Magno Sustainable Radio$200

Magno Radio by Singgih Kartono

This pine and sonokeling new-growth wooden radio by Magno Design (+ the many other products designed by Singgih Kartono and his team of craftsmen) has become the main source of industry for the designer’s home village of Kandangan, Central Java. Because of the government’s push towards intensified farming, the use of man-made fertilizers and GMO seeds, and farming loan schemes, farming villages like Kandangan were severely damaged by this shift and many farmers, having lost their land, were forced to look towards the cities for employment. Magno Design’s business model is a shining example for small, rural villages the world across: find a niche craft/product that is labor intensive (lots of jobs), requires low technology and investment (easy to start) and uses an abundance of local materials (sustainable). If the resulting products are anything like the nifty little Magno radio, fully equipped with iPod/iPhone connector, then we’ll be in for quite a global crafting treat! Oh, and, for each tree used in the production line, another little sapling is planted. Now doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy?Get it here!

4Freitag F74 Bob Bag$300

Freitag F74 Bob Bag

Truck tarpaulins, unraveled seat belts, bicycle inner tubes, and recycled airbags are the ingredients in this rugged uber-tote by the Zurich, Switzerland-based Freitag brothers. Born out of the hunt for a sturdy messenger bag that could handle Zurich’s rainy, bike-friendly streets, Freitag is now 16 years old, employs 80 workers, and can be found in over 300 shops around the world.Get Lo’s favorite Freitag bag here!

5Esque Studio's Recycled Glass Slump Vases$285

Esque Studio's Recycled Glass Slump Vases

Andi Kovel and Justin Parker are the mastermind glassblowers behind Portland, Oregon’s Esque Studio. “The name esque refers to the suffix, + is a nod to the acknowledgment of outside influence + inspiration.” All pieces at the studio are now made with recycled glass stock and heated in an electric furnace powered by wind energy. The Slump Vases shown above are available in three sizes: the 12″ tall fuschia, 14″ tall orange, or 16″ tall extra light blue. Not your style? Check out their full range of products from whimsical honey bear flower flutes to glass-blown revolver paperweights!Get the Slump Vases here!

6Handmade Bird Calls by Sweet Bella$36

Handmade Bird Calls by Sweet Bella

The perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite daydreaming tree-hugger, Monsieur Morel’s bird calls, available online at Sweet Bella, are carefully crafted from boxwood, maple, beech, leather and brass. The frenchman has been making these contraptions since his childhood roaming the mountains of Southern France (insert nostalgic accordion music here), and insists that the bird calls are “without doubt a first step in understanding the secret of happiness”. I’ve got a few for the birds outside our Brooklyn 4th-floor walk-up and love watching the magpies, bluejays, and cardinals puzzle at who it chit-chatting with them! Just some of the calls to choose from: American Robin, Blackbird, Carrier Pigeon, Goldfinch, Green Woodpecker, House Sparrow, Nightingale, Red-legged Partridge, Skylark, Sandpiper, and Turtle Dove…Get them here!

7Bamboosk8’s 100% Bamboo Skateboard Decks$45

BambooSk8's 100% Bamboo Skate Decks

There are so many benefits to using bamboo over wood as a building material: it grows like a weed (often replacing one cut stalk with five newbies), it’s stronger and more flexible than it’s wood counterpart, and it even serves as a hard-working air purifier, removing 4x the carbon dioxide from the air as a tree of equal size. Now consider the crippling effect that skateboard production is having on Maple forests (replacing flooring as the primary contributor to the deforestation of Maple trees in North America) and the choice becomes pretty crystal. With Bamboosk8’s beautiful decks, there’s no more guilt when you break another board trying to land a Fakie Bigflip over the cafeteria tables.Get it here!

8De Paper Bag By Jos Vandermeulen$20

De Paper Bag By Jos Vandermeulen

So simple, so useful. Unused billboard poster paper + a little stitch here and there = nifty containers in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Use it as a wastebasket, or by the hearth for firewood, as a knitting needle holder, or just a decorative addition to a quirky home, De Paper Bag, from Dutch designer Jos Vandermeulen, is an inexpensive and easy gift for the home-office hippie on your list. Get it here!

9The TransNeomatic Bowl by Fernando and Humberto Campana$89

The Campana TransNeomatic Bowl

Pulling two of Vietnam’s most iconic objects: those radical woven hats and scooters galore, Fernando and Humberto Campana (with the help of a bevvy of Vietnamese artisan weavers) have created these incredible bowls (available in two sizes) available at Unica Home. The mix of repurposed scooter and motorcycle tires with the delicate wicker craftsmanship results in a surprisingly highbrow piece – packed nice and snug in a hand-woven hemp cover! “TransNeomatic is part of Artecnica’s design with conscience program, which seeks to design and make products in accordance with humanitarian and environmentally-friendly principles.” Get it here!

10Recycled Bike-Chain Bottle Openers by Resource Revival$14

Resource Revival Bike-Chain Bottle Openers

Everyone needs them. Might as well think green when picking your kitchen doodads. This bottle opener from Resource Revival is made from reclaimed bike chains. Great stocking stuffer for boyfriends, dads, brothers and the like…Get it here!

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