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March 19, 2010

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

Dutch Door Press Folk Bear Print

OK – full-blown spring fever has taken over Lo’s List (making it quite the challenge to stay indoors and working) and these delicate letter-pressed prints from Dutch Door Press perfectly capture a distinct highlight of the season: new blooms and birds, birds, birds! Along with gobs of other cute paper goods, Mara Murphy and Anna Branning’s Etsy Shop boasts the first bunch of prints from their Birds and Blooms of the 50 States series (two of our favorites, Texas and Massachusetts below). The collection also currently includes Illinois, Minnesota, Washington, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, Oregon, New York, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

Lo's List /// Dutch Door Press TexasLo's List /// Dutch Door Press Massachusetts
Dutch Door Press Texas and Massachusetts Prints from the Birds and Blooms of the 50 States collection

Found @ Etsy » Dot Dot Dot…

February 17, 2010

Lo's List /// Robert Siegel Yellow Polka Dot Bowl on Etsy

Robert Siegel Yellow Polka Dot Bowl

Totally in love with these stippled porcelain wares from Robert Siegel’s Etsy store! The small selection of hand-thrown and hand-painted polka-dotted vases, mugs, plates, and bowls are a downright bargain and a great addition to any spirited kitchen. After a year-long residency at the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen, China, the ceramicist moved back to Philadelphia where he set up his studio and started churning out pieces for his Etsy shop and a slew of other online boutiques (check out his pieces on Art Star). Siegel’s collaboration with Philly painter Stephanie Kao (more on her coming right up!) has resulted in another nice bunch of his signature ceramics – for sale over at Stephanie’s shop and definitely worth a perusal!

Lo's List /// Robert Siegel Polka Dot Coffee Mug on EtsyLo's List /// Robert Siegel Grape Polka Dot Vase on Etsy
Robert Siegel Polka Dot Coffee Mug and Vase

Bookworm » Have Some Modesty! Cover that Book Up!

January 11, 2010

Book City Jackets Artist's Edition No.2

The second set in Book City Jackets Artists Edition series featuring the work of Cheeming Boey, Michael Hsiung and Nishat Akhtar.

I just loved Back-to-School when I was a kid. Pacing the aisles of Staples, I made sure not to let a single thumbtack’s worth of office supplies slip past my scrutinizing eye. One of my favorite things to do was to wrap my textbook covers (mostly because I found the cover design so hideous). My mother helped me at first – she did it perfectly (as with every single thing the woman has wrapped over the years, from gifts to broken bones) but I soon took over the task and began using all sorts of materials for the eclectic covers. Of course, the books would become cluttered with doodles and notes as the term passed – something that lifted the simple piece of paper from utility to keepsake.

Well, we’re all grown now, and these elevated book covers from Book City Jackets are the perfect old fart version of the junior high classic. Although the first edition has sold out (featuring the work of Eveline Tarunadjaja, Matthew Caputo and Morgan Blair.), you can choose from the 2nd and 3rd Artists Editions featuring illustrations by Michael C. Hsiung, Nishat Akhtar, Cheeming Boey, Matt Cipov, Jing Wei, and R. Nick Kuszyk.

Welcome Home » Top Ten Mobiles

January 3, 2010

Stephen H. Kawai's Flock of Rocks Escaping (2000)

Stephen H. Kawai's Flock of Rocks Escaping Mobile (2000)
More about the artist here!

Mobiles are much more than a temporary distraction for babies. Case in point: the form itself was created by artist extraordinaire Alexander Calder back in the 1930’s and none other than Duchamp is credited for knighting the hangings with their current moniker. Not to say that mobiles should be reserved for museum and gallery ceilings… In fact, as we head into the depths of winter, a kinetic creation dancing before a window can add extra life to any room.

I’ve scoured the interwebs – Etsy and beyond – to find my 10 favorites that don’t scream childish (although a few can go either way) and tried to cover the field in terms of material, function, and form. There’s art mobiles (Ebon Heath’s Stereo.Type series) and eco-mobiles (Jordan Brown’s Driftwooding piece on Etsy), musical mobiles (Mudpuppy’s Moon Chimes on Etsy) and lighting mobiles (yay! David Weeks!)… So, get your hammer and nail out, find a lonely corner, and give it a makeover!

1Ebon Heath Stereo.Type MobilesN/A

Ebon Heath Stereo.Type Mobiles

Creator: Ebon Heath
More about the series here!

2Jordan Brown's Driftwooding Mobile$23

Jordan Brown's Driftwooding Mobile

Creator: Jordan Brown
Get it here!

3Ekko’s Hidalgo Mobile$60

Ekko Hidalgo Mobile

Creator: Ekko
Get it here!

4Flensted Expecting Fish Mobile$23


Creator: Flensted
Get it here!

5Umbra Lunas Frame Photo Mobile$42

Umbra Lunas Frame Photo Mobile

Creator: Umbra
Get it here!

6David Weeks’ Hanging Mobile No. 405$ ~


Creator: David Weeks Studio
Get it here!

7Our Childrens Gorilla Ladies & Gentlemen Mobiles€29

Our Childrens Gorilla Ladies & Gentlemen Mobiles

Creator: Our Childrens Gorilla
Get it here! (UK) or here! (USA)

8Mudpuppy's Moon Chimes$65

Mudpuppy's Moon Chime Mobile

Creator: Mudpuppy
Get it here!

9Round House Designs’ Eight Crane Origami Mobile$45

Round House Design's Eight Crane Origami Mobile

Creator: Round House Designs
Get it here!

10Tea Land Gold's Sunshine and Showers Mobile$45

Tea Land Gold's Sunshine and Showers Mobile

Creator: Tea Land Gold
Get it here!

Papercuts » No Cutting Corners Here

August 14, 2009

Lee Bovey Jellyfish

Lee Bovey Jellyfish DetailLee Bovey Jellyfish Detail

Holy bananas! Bovey Lee’s papercuts are jaw-droppingly intricate and rich with humorous cultural dichotomies. Beyond that, I think the masterful artist’s statement says it all:

“I create paper cutouts and seek to extend it as a contemporary, global art form that is deeply rooted in Chinese folk art traditions. To do so, I strive for a universal and amalgamated aesthetics that incorporate imagery rich in cross-cultural references and contemporar subtexts. In these very dense and intricate paper cutouts, I explore the universally shared experiences of power, sacrifice, and survival.” – Bovey Lee

Snippity Snip…

Lee Bovey Synchronicity

Lee Bovey Pinching Cheeks

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