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i ♥ art » Sagebrush Gulch

November 21, 2012

Sam Trioli Sagebrush Gulch
Sam Trioli Sagebrush GulchSam Trioli Sagebrush GulchSam Trioli Sagebrush Gulch

I stumbled upon Brooklyn artist Sam Trioli while scouting the interwebs last week and subsequently fell in love with his entire body of work. These vibrant pieces from his Sagebrush Gulch exhibit definitely struck a chord: perhaps in part for the nostalgic tangent that it led me on as I pulled out my Color-Aid paper and had a little impromptu art-school cut and paste sesh. Sagebrush Gulch was on display in Miami last spring as part of site95’s exhibition series and includes a few dozen paperworks as well as a large-scale outdoor mural and sculpture. Be sure to check out Sam’s portfolio here, and, if you’re in the Boston area you can view his latest series, Brumaire, at Howard Yezerski Gallery up until December 22nd. Definitely an artist to watch!

Welcome Home » Glazed Over

July 13, 2012

B. Fiess Utilitarian Wares

Store your herbs (or herb) in these lovely pots by Minnesota-based ceramicist Ben Fiess. When this artist isn’t busy tending goats and raising barns he’s making some exquisitely colored ceramic jars and decorative pieces. His Utilitarian Wares are available at a select few boutiques across the country – and abroad: IKO IKO, Le Rocketship, Ship & Shape, LEIF, Third Drawer Down, and Gretel Home. Each jar has four parts: base, lid, strainer, and cap. With a touch of humor, a rubber band holds the whole contraption together.

Fashion Scout » Dust Off That Sewing Machine!

July 6, 2012

Pocho Textile in CobaltWonder World Textile in JoyPon Pocho Textile in Wabi
Waltz Textile in BayerFuwari Fuwari First Textile in WateienWaltz Textile in Czemy
Fuccra Rakuen Textile in MallorcaPocho Textile in KomachiFuccra Rakuen Textile in Isabi
first: Pocho Textile in Cobalt, Wonder World Textile in Joy, and Pon Pocho Textile in Wabi second: Waltz Textile in Bayer, Fuwari Fuwari First Textile in Wateien, and Waltz Textile in Czemy third: Fuccra Rakuen Textile in Mallorca, Pocho Textile in Komachi, and Fuccra Rakuen Textile in Isabi

Ah the endless possibilities that a gorgeous bolt of fabric holds. And the gleeful vibe from these prints by artist Naomi Ito for her textile line entitled Nani Iro make you want to scamper right over to the sewing machine and get started! From kerchief squares to a bold tank for this sweltering heat – where to begin? Purchase the textiles from the artist’s web shop or from several other online shops like this one.

Bookworm » Rob Ryan: This is for You

December 4, 2009

Rob Ryan - This Is For You Cover

Available at Chronicle Books

“If you believe in love, but find it difficult to explain – this is for you.” – Rob Ryan

A special thank you to Ankur for making it to our wedding party aand for bringing Yuval and I this scrumptious little book! A delicate narrative by Londoner Rob Ryan, This is for You follows the artist-as-a-young-boy in his attempts to fill a void he has discovered in his heart. Each papercut is cluttered with fragile, jumbled promises, desperate mantras, and larger-than-life questions that only children seem to ask out loud. The panicky feeling, desperation, resignation, resolution – they all ring so clearly. Remember when you were younger and felt just, alone? And thought you would never find a way to fix it? Not to worry: the book ends with a bittersweet proclamation:

“All of these thoughts were of you. All of there dreams were of you. And my darling, that lonely boy still lives inside me. I have not changed. Those promises I made to you I will fulfill.”

Rob Ryan This Is For YouRob Ryan This Is For You
Rob Ryan This Is For YouRob Ryan This Is For You
Check out Rob’s Etsy store for loads of papercut goodies!

Gift Guide » Top Ten Duck Duck Goose

December 3, 2009

1Manuella Big Elephant Floor Pillow$115

Manuella Big Elephant Floor Pillow

When I stumbled upon a Manuella store last summer in Tel Aviv I promised my future pups that they would get it all. The one item that I just might have to get ahead of time (hey, grownups need cuteness too) is the oversize striped elephant floor pillow. Available in gray with pink, red, orange or black striped ears and belly, this towel cloth softie is the perfect accessory for you and your munchkins while reading the BFG in front of a roaring fireplace. Get the Big Elephant at Carousella in Tel Aviv or get other Manuella goods online here!

2Kid O’s City & Country Blocks by Lisa Mahar$45

Kid O City & Country Unit Blocks

The thing I remember of childhood is building a larger-than-life story around everything. When it comes down to it, kids don’t need much to get their imagination going and toys that have the right balance of obvious and mystery might be the key to building a curious and creative mind that follows them into adulthood. These City & Country blocks by Lisa Mahar, mother of three and owner of Kid O, have just the vibrant allure to get an adventure going. Use them for building castles, hide and go seek, or even simple counting and adding exercises!Get it here!

3Donkey Products Helmet N. Crocheted Camera€26

Donkey Products Helmut N. Crocheted Camera

It’s never too soon to nurture that creative streak and with this 100% cotton, crocheted camera (appropriately called Helmut N.) there’s no Tekserve visits, film and development costs or timely Photoshopping. From Donkey Products’ Mini Mechanics series, this camera is ready to whet any youngster’s appetite for the arts! Cartier-Bresson would be proud. Get it here!

4Playsam Rocking Rabbit$185

Playsam Rocking Rabbit

Look, if I’m going to fill my house with piles of toys and baby gear it’s got to stand up to my standard of design. Winning the Excellent Swedish Design Award in 2001, this Rocking Rabbit from Playsam won’t disappoint. Big buck teeth, leather ears, and a wooden body available in black or white, Björn Dahlström’s rocker will be a family heirloom for sure!Get it here!

5Baby Barolo Cocoon Sleeping Bag$204

Baby Barolo Violet Cocoon Sleeping Bag

Oooof! Do they make my size? Ze kazeh chamooood! This goose down baby cocoon by Swedish designer Margot Barolo clearly lives up to her credo: “simplicity in a warm cosy world”. For newbies of 0-4 months, this cold weather cozy is oozing with urban style. Ok, 200 bones is a helluva lot to cough up for 4 months for use, but, just say screw you to the economy for a second and imagine the photos you’ll get of a cherub face peeking out of this thing!Get it here!

6An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton$15

An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton

Books controlled my brain as a child: Harriet the Spy, Madeline, Where the Wild Things Are, Babar, Harold and the Purple Crayon… A good picture book just keeps going; it becomes a cherished belonging, something stuffed under a pillow for weeks and weeks and weeks, referred to like Webster’s Dictionary. This beautiful work by Dallas Clayton has the hypnotic repetition of Waldo, the Utopian glee of Seuss, and rhymes of Silverstein. Dive into the author’s plea for more rocket-powered unicorns, musical baboons, and cars that run on jellybeans. The moral: dream big huge. More on this great project coming soon in Do-Goodism! Get it here!

7Sara Carr’s Lambswool Pencil Scarf$45

Sara Carr Green Pencil Scarf

Tee eh eh. Parents: there is an appropriate age to dress your kid up like a dork and an inappropriate one. I think a toddler donning this would be as cute as a button and have a little something to play with when bored on long outings. Handmade with soft & warm lambswool by UK-based Sara Carr and available in red, blue or green. Perhaps for a budding E. E. Cummings? Order ASAP!Get it here!

8Schnurpfel Pony by Naef$49

Naef Schnurpfel Pony

C’mon. Say it. Schnurpfel. Shnurpfel! I had these. And loved them, embroidering their shoelace manes over and over. There’s something a tad creepy about the whole thing, but, I’m thinking, with a name like Naef behind it, it’s got to be kid-approved. The shoelace string is easy to replace if lost or switch up with different colors and materials!Get it here!

9Monster Hands by Hector Serrano$8

Hector Serrano Monster Hands

These temporary tattoos by Héctor Serrano are stocking stuffers from heaven. Kids jacked up on holiday chocolates and egg nog galore can just orchestrate a play set in some monster-inhabited land or the jungle (animal tattoos available too!). For a buck a pop, that’s quality babysitting! Now all the old folk can get back to their whiskey.Get it here!

10Goodbyn Lunchbox$30

Goodbyn Lunchbox

Why didn’t someone come up with this sooner!? The allowance I would have tucked away for the pink one! Fully equipped with a sippie bottle and three sticker sheets (including allergy labels), it’s makeover is now in it’s owner’s hands! The bento-esque lunchbox has handy ears for opening, a handle, and six different compartments. It’s like uber-tupperware. And uber-cute. Check out the Parents & Schools section of the Goodbyn site for lunch tips, meal plans, recipes, and more!Get it here!

Kawaii! » Poketo Shwag Favorites

December 2, 2009

Poketo x Cupco Plush Doll$40

Poketo and Cupco Plush Doll

These CUPCO plush dolls have really cool details – the scarf comes off revealing “Poketo x CUPCO”, the head detaches so that you can change heads of the different plushes, each one has a different t-shirt graphic and comes with stickers!!

As promised, here’s a quick intro to all the cuteness that can be found at Poketo’s online shop. From fuzzy bear post-its and mustachioed pen pal cards to day planners, checklists, and travel journals, if you’re one of those crazies that spends her Saturdays roaming the aisles of Office Depot (yeah? so?) then Poketo will be sure to fill some stationary void on your desk!

Pen Pal Card – Pack of 4$6

Poketo Moustache Pen Pal Cards

Put a smile on the face of a penpal with one of these cheery cards! You can write a little note inside, fold it up nice and neat to turn into an envelope! That’s right, you just write your letter on the back, and it folds into a self contained little envelope. Or, use it as a mask. Perfect.

Bear Bookmark Tabs – Pack of 100$5

Poketo Bear Bookmark Tabs

It always helps to have good friends hold your place when you’re in need of a little break. All tabs are made out of paper with adhesive backs making it easy for you to write a note and pick up exactly where you left off!

Happy Pouches (yellow & white or orange & white)$24

Poketo Happy Pouches

Get organized with these Happy Pouches. Two water resistant, vinyl zip pouches come in one package. The coolest part is that they snap together! Fasten the eye-buttons together to keep them together or snap them off and use them separately. Carry your make up, pens, receipts, whatever. Comes in yellow and white or orange and white.

Pierrot Card$4.95

Poketo Pierrot Card

Surprise! Cute little Pierrot pops out and say hello!!

Gift Guide » Top 10 Eco-Friendlies

November 27, 2009

1Eding:Post’s Picnica Bunny Bag$27

Eding:Post Picnica Bunny

Yes. We’ve heard it all before: plastic bags are evil. They’re killing hundreds of thousands of marine mammals each year and, with the rate at which we use them (500 billion – 1 trillian anually) versus the rate at which they biodegrade (400 years) the outlook is downright miserable. Aaand, we’ve seen this gimic before: decorate a reusable bag well and we just might reuse it. Well, here’s something new: make a reusable nylon bag that stuffs itself into a little bunny rabbit shell and becomes an adorable critter to tuck away in your everyday bag. For just shy of $30, this monotone thumper, designed by the brilliant Eding:Post, is irresistibly giftable! Get it here!

2Angharad Mclaren’s Recycled Climbing-Rope Mat£68

Angharad Mclaren Recycled Climbing Rope Mat

A little sturdy mat is a welcome addition to any home. This eco-friendly version by UK textile house Angharad McLaren is knotted together with reclaimed off-white climbing rope – a perfect fit for any type of home. By the sink, at the door, for the dog, as a bathroom mat: the possible uses are endless, making this a gift that will surely be loved.Get it here!

3Singgih Kartono Magno Sustainable Radio$200

Magno Radio by Singgih Kartono

This pine and sonokeling new-growth wooden radio by Magno Design (+ the many other products designed by Singgih Kartono and his team of craftsmen) has become the main source of industry for the designer’s home village of Kandangan, Central Java. Because of the government’s push towards intensified farming, the use of man-made fertilizers and GMO seeds, and farming loan schemes, farming villages like Kandangan were severely damaged by this shift and many farmers, having lost their land, were forced to look towards the cities for employment. Magno Design’s business model is a shining example for small, rural villages the world across: find a niche craft/product that is labor intensive (lots of jobs), requires low technology and investment (easy to start) and uses an abundance of local materials (sustainable). If the resulting products are anything like the nifty little Magno radio, fully equipped with iPod/iPhone connector, then we’ll be in for quite a global crafting treat! Oh, and, for each tree used in the production line, another little sapling is planted. Now doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy?Get it here!

4Freitag F74 Bob Bag$300

Freitag F74 Bob Bag

Truck tarpaulins, unraveled seat belts, bicycle inner tubes, and recycled airbags are the ingredients in this rugged uber-tote by the Zurich, Switzerland-based Freitag brothers. Born out of the hunt for a sturdy messenger bag that could handle Zurich’s rainy, bike-friendly streets, Freitag is now 16 years old, employs 80 workers, and can be found in over 300 shops around the world.Get Lo’s favorite Freitag bag here!

5Esque Studio's Recycled Glass Slump Vases$285

Esque Studio's Recycled Glass Slump Vases

Andi Kovel and Justin Parker are the mastermind glassblowers behind Portland, Oregon’s Esque Studio. “The name esque refers to the suffix, + is a nod to the acknowledgment of outside influence + inspiration.” All pieces at the studio are now made with recycled glass stock and heated in an electric furnace powered by wind energy. The Slump Vases shown above are available in three sizes: the 12″ tall fuschia, 14″ tall orange, or 16″ tall extra light blue. Not your style? Check out their full range of products from whimsical honey bear flower flutes to glass-blown revolver paperweights!Get the Slump Vases here!

6Handmade Bird Calls by Sweet Bella$36

Handmade Bird Calls by Sweet Bella

The perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite daydreaming tree-hugger, Monsieur Morel’s bird calls, available online at Sweet Bella, are carefully crafted from boxwood, maple, beech, leather and brass. The frenchman has been making these contraptions since his childhood roaming the mountains of Southern France (insert nostalgic accordion music here), and insists that the bird calls are “without doubt a first step in understanding the secret of happiness”. I’ve got a few for the birds outside our Brooklyn 4th-floor walk-up and love watching the magpies, bluejays, and cardinals puzzle at who it chit-chatting with them! Just some of the calls to choose from: American Robin, Blackbird, Carrier Pigeon, Goldfinch, Green Woodpecker, House Sparrow, Nightingale, Red-legged Partridge, Skylark, Sandpiper, and Turtle Dove…Get them here!

7Bamboosk8’s 100% Bamboo Skateboard Decks$45

BambooSk8's 100% Bamboo Skate Decks

There are so many benefits to using bamboo over wood as a building material: it grows like a weed (often replacing one cut stalk with five newbies), it’s stronger and more flexible than it’s wood counterpart, and it even serves as a hard-working air purifier, removing 4x the carbon dioxide from the air as a tree of equal size. Now consider the crippling effect that skateboard production is having on Maple forests (replacing flooring as the primary contributor to the deforestation of Maple trees in North America) and the choice becomes pretty crystal. With Bamboosk8’s beautiful decks, there’s no more guilt when you break another board trying to land a Fakie Bigflip over the cafeteria tables.Get it here!

8De Paper Bag By Jos Vandermeulen$20

De Paper Bag By Jos Vandermeulen

So simple, so useful. Unused billboard poster paper + a little stitch here and there = nifty containers in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Use it as a wastebasket, or by the hearth for firewood, as a knitting needle holder, or just a decorative addition to a quirky home, De Paper Bag, from Dutch designer Jos Vandermeulen, is an inexpensive and easy gift for the home-office hippie on your list. Get it here!

9The TransNeomatic Bowl by Fernando and Humberto Campana$89

The Campana TransNeomatic Bowl

Pulling two of Vietnam’s most iconic objects: those radical woven hats and scooters galore, Fernando and Humberto Campana (with the help of a bevvy of Vietnamese artisan weavers) have created these incredible bowls (available in two sizes) available at Unica Home. The mix of repurposed scooter and motorcycle tires with the delicate wicker craftsmanship results in a surprisingly highbrow piece – packed nice and snug in a hand-woven hemp cover! “TransNeomatic is part of Artecnica’s design with conscience program, which seeks to design and make products in accordance with humanitarian and environmentally-friendly principles.” Get it here!

10Recycled Bike-Chain Bottle Openers by Resource Revival$14

Resource Revival Bike-Chain Bottle Openers

Everyone needs them. Might as well think green when picking your kitchen doodads. This bottle opener from Resource Revival is made from reclaimed bike chains. Great stocking stuffer for boyfriends, dads, brothers and the like…Get it here!

Geekology » Sci-Fi Spiders & Friends

November 22, 2009

Microbotic - Christopher Conte - Steel Widow I

Nope. Not a bug fan. Somehow, I’ve been designated the official role of Bug-Squasher at home and am certainly not fond of those duties either. Oh! What’s that there? A shiny, bits & pieces, watch-innards mechanical bug? Well, that’s a whole different cup of tea!

These bio-mechanical critters by Bergen, Norway-born and New York-raised artist Christopher Conte have all the functional intensity of the real thing without the gazillion eyeballs and post-squash goo. After  he received a BFA at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, the sculptor dove into a 16-year career as a Certified Prosthetist (a direction suggested to Chris by one of his professors, who noticed an anatomical focus in his work) before he returned, in 2008, to a full-time career in art-making.

Inspired by films the like of Star Wars and Terminator, combined with a curiosity towards future technologies and the evolution and limitations of biological critters, Conte’s work is the merging of mad scientist and inquisitive, imaginative little rascal. The bugs, skulls, and other mechanical bits in his collection are the combination of the same sort of simple & complex: aerospace and medical materials are used alongside cast-away flea market junk  (sewing machine doo-dads,  watch whirlygigs, hand-blown German doll eyes…). The resulting sculptures (often taking weeks, months to complete) are an easily believable sci-fi forecast of our future planet. See below for current shows or check out Chris’ site for all past, present, and future shows.

Microbotic - Christopher Conte - Blue Widow
Microbotic - Christopher Conte - Steam II Insect

Beatbox » Minilogue + Ljudbilden

November 14, 2009

I’ve been sitting on this killer music video animated and directed by Kristofer Ström for Malmö, Sweden-based electro-duo Minilogue’s (Sebastian Mullaert & Marcus Henriksson) Animals track for too long now and had to spread the wealth as we head into what looks like a dreary, rainy weekend here in NYC… So, throw on your brightest duds and dance along with this rambunctious round-up of animated monstrosities as they run-a-muck around town! For more on the music, check out the Minilogue MySpace page!

Kawaii! » Cute Up the Wazoo!

November 13, 2009

What?! In the world!? This ridonkulously cute collab between Buenos Aires-based motion graphics firm PepperMelon, designer, illustrator, and mastermind of cute Sonni, and the character designers (Samuel Albert Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III ) over at Friends With You for Target is just a shroomer’s bonanza of kawaii! I’m a bit blissfully ignorant on this one – where and when the ad will (or has already) come out, the story behind the odd little number, the badass exec who greenlighted the project, etc… but really… it’s not always necessary…

Stay posted for more on Sonni and Friends With You!

Shutterbug » L’Exactitude N’est Pas La Vérité

November 11, 2009

Exactitudes: Cocktails & Dreams
Cocktail & Dreams – Rotterdam 2008

So, you thought you were one-of-a-kind? Well, think again. Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek have been examining the distinct dress codes of various social clusters for well over a decade now and their striking book of images, Exactitudes (that’s exact and attitude smished together), demonstrates once again to us obstinate humans how beautifully similar to one another we are. From Rotterdam gabberbitches to Parisian tektonik dancers to little rascals in Rio, our daily garb is a careful uniform defined by age, race, religion, sex, location, musical taste, political view, career choice – you name it, you’ll fit in somewhere. Here are some of my favorites…

Exactitudes - MohawksExactitudes - Mininas
Exactitudes - Pin-UpsExactitudes - Massalas
Exactitudes - The Girls from IpanemaExactitudes - Early Birds
Exactitudes - Carry Daddies
Exactitudes - GabberbitchesExactitudes - Musulman
Exactitudes - SkinsExactitudes - Brats
Exactitudes - HipstersExactitudes - Rockers
Exactitudes - MothercareExactitudes - Tektonik

Comic Sans Takes a Lashing

September 17, 2009

Thank you Mirko Humbert of Designer Daily, for putting out the funniest (Godwin’s Law-inspired?) meme I have seen to date. All this Kanye bullsh*t going around? Not funny. 99.99% of the videos on YouTube? Not f*ing funny. Hitler railing on Comic Sans & his marketing team? Pee-in-your-pants hilarious. The worst/best thing? He’s right. Any corporate gimp itching for Comic (or Papyrus, or Copperplate, or freaking Impact) should be exiled to Sibera. Over & out.

Mirko’s disclaimer: “Of course, don’t take this seriously, it’s just a joke and not meant to offend anyone.” – Not to worry Mirko… We’re too busy laughing…

More about Godwin’s Law: on Wikipedia or the Godwin Usenet group
Can’t shake that Comic Sans itch? Promote the font with this tee from Veer

Papercuts » No Cutting Corners Here

August 14, 2009

Lee Bovey Jellyfish

Lee Bovey Jellyfish DetailLee Bovey Jellyfish Detail

Holy bananas! Bovey Lee’s papercuts are jaw-droppingly intricate and rich with humorous cultural dichotomies. Beyond that, I think the masterful artist’s statement says it all:

“I create paper cutouts and seek to extend it as a contemporary, global art form that is deeply rooted in Chinese folk art traditions. To do so, I strive for a universal and amalgamated aesthetics that incorporate imagery rich in cross-cultural references and contemporar subtexts. In these very dense and intricate paper cutouts, I explore the universally shared experiences of power, sacrifice, and survival.” – Bovey Lee

Snippity Snip…

Lee Bovey Synchronicity

Lee Bovey Pinching Cheeks

Papercuts » Etsy’s Elsita

August 13, 2009

Elsita: Girl with a Magic Fruit

Originating in China circa 1500 the art of papercutting (jianzhi) quickly spread across the globe and is now a celebrated craft in dozens of countries including Japan (kirie), India (sanjhi), Germany & Switzerland (scherenschnitte), France (canivet or decoupage), Poland (wycinanki), Ukraine (vytynanky), Turkey (ka ‘ti), Mexico (papel picado), the States, Israel, and beyond. Sculptor, illustrator, papercutter, and jewelry designer Elsa Mora has a great blog, The heArt of Papercutting, featuring her work and helpful tips on how to make your own pieces.

“The process of creating a papercut piece is a wonderful way to practice and master the art of patience.” – Elsa Mora

In Elsa’s Etsy shop, find totally affordable ($7 – $30) reproductions of her papercuts to hang in your home’s loneliest nooks & crannies. The artist leaves the story up to your imagination, with delicate titles (Girl with a Magic Fruit, Children & Deer, The Ride, & Good-Bye are seen here) to get you started. Elsita (that’s her Etsy moniker) also carries a beautiful collection of colored illustrations (see my favorite here!) so swing over to the shop and wade through the whimsy! Pining for more? Don’t get your paper in a crumple – bona fide papercuts, from the traditional to the totally obsessive, unfolding soon in Lo’s List!

Snippity Snip…
Elsita: Children and Deer
Elsita Good-ByeElsita: The Ride

Eco-Friendlies » Funktional Junktion

July 22, 2009

Junktion Television Lamos

For the next couple weeks I will be dispatching blog posts & other goodies from one of my very favorite places on earth: Tel Aviv! Thus, in celebration of all things Israeli (oh if only I could FedEx you all a portion of the local cottage cheese), behold the kickoff of Lo’s Israeli design blogathon!

With a planet that is drowning in trash and choked by pollution, any company that makes the effort to be greener gets the “We Are Good People” badge in my book. When that company manages to highlight the “eco” side of their products in a way that sparks the imagination and demonstrates how far one can go with ecologically-forward thinking, well, that warrants a big freaking gold star.

Enter Junktion. Founded last year (2008) in Tel Aviv, this think tank & home design company takes flotsam & jetsam that have fallen from grace and bestows upon them a brilliant (and often humorously useful) new purpose: electric stove burners become multi-city wall clocks, cable drums convert to rocking chairs, and plumbing parts pose as candlesticks. Read more about this fabulous company here and request product info by contacting them here!

Junktion Gas Baskets

Junktion Foosball HangerJunktion Shoe Tree Lamp
More great Junk(tion)!

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