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Fashion Scout » Brook&Lyn’s West Coast Wares

December 11, 2012

Brook&Lyn Large Medallion NecklaceBrook&Lyn x Juju Made Scalloped Ceramic Ponytail Barrette
Brook&Lyn Doublestrand Ink Lavender BraceletBrook&Lyn Tumble Nude Lemon

Basic shapes, suspended at precise length
demonstrate Brook&Lyn’s mastery of both
restraint and proportion.

Ever since we laid eyes on Brook&Lyn’s bewitching “Deflected” collection, we were taken by the brand’s unexpected and original approach to jewelry design. Combining natural materials with bold shapes, their work gracefully walks the line between delicate and strong, such that we see our own femininity reflected in its construct.

Their latest “Medaled” collection, for instance, places a large plated brass circular pendant on black or natural cord. Available in a few iterations – gold yellow or rhodium plated, featuring a trio of pendants or as a bracelet – the design is marked by its dramatic simplicity, consistent with their portfolio. Basic shapes, suspended at precise length from the neck or each other, demonstrate Brook&Lyn’s mastery of both restraint and proportion. Less is indeed more… except when it comes to the number of their pieces we own!

Though established in NYC, Brook&Lyn has always conjured the expansive quality and earthen palette of the west coast. Fitting, then, that the wife and husband proprietors have recently decamped for LA. To celebrate their new city, the duo have collaborated with a series of native artisans to produce Los Angeles inspired wares, from beautiful, unfussy ceramic ponytail barrettes by JuJuMade to richly detailed wood print silk scarves by Jayne Min, the blogger behind Stop It Right Now. The brand is hitting a creative highpoint, and we look forward to their continued success in Cali.

Fashion Scout » Sock It to Me Sandy

October 28, 2012

Henrik Vibskov Chappy SocksHenrik Vibskov Lightness SocksHenrik Vibskov Airport Socks
Henrik Vibskov Judith SocksHenrik Vibskov Dong SocksHenrik Vibskov D Socks
Henrik Vibskov Triangle SocksHenrik Vibskov Helsinki SocksHenrik Vibskov Lightness Socks

As Sandy comes creeping towards us, threatening to shut down NYC for the better half of the week and – oh the horror – seriously screwing with every child’s Trick-or-Treating plans, I, as a responsible mother, am checking my list twice for our household hurricane preparedness. Candles? Check. Batteries? Check. Chocolate? Check. As worried as I am for those who will surely be impacted by the brunt of the storm, I can’t help but get a wee bit gleeful as I consider the possibility of a week cuddled up at home with my kid. And, beyond chocolate and good books, cosy socks are a must.

Enter a Lo’s List favorite: Henrik Vibskov. This Scandinavian powerhouse falls firmly into the zag while they zig category of designers. The nonsensical names of his defilés (ie The Eat and The Shrinkwrap Spectacular) are a joyous introduction to the wonderland presented in each collection. Along with the quirky layering and unrestrained pattern-mixing comes a real wearability: these are clothes for those just ballsy enough to step out of the fashion mainstream and be a little daring. But not everyone is ready to go strutting off to work wearing this or this. For the rest of you who need to wade in from the shallow end: snag a pair of these Vibskov socks and go from there.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » David David Diptych

October 9, 2012

David David Classic T-Shirt Print BWDavid David Classic T-Shirt Print AY
David David Classic T-Shirt Print BW and Print AY

“A doodle becomes a sketch, a sketch becomes a structure and from that structure comes a geometric pattern.” — David Saunders

Artist-gone-fashion-designer David Saunders started his fashion career as an attempt to spiff up his fashion-party ensembles. From there, he quickly became known for his hand-painted geometric tees and apprenticeships, collaborations (Fred Perry, House of Holland), and a label (David David) quickly ensued. Although he did offer a few seasons worth of separates and sportswear, the David David line is now concentrating on what the designer loves most: tees (and an accessory here and there). You can snag your very own pop art piece from his shop. We particularly love these stripes and polka-dots…

Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: The Next Frontier in Fashion

October 1, 2012

Markus Lupfer Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2013Markus Lupfer Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2013Markus Lupfer Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2013
Markus Lupfer Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2013Markus Lupfer Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2013Markus Lupfer Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2013
Markus Lupfer Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2013Markus Lupfer Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2013Markus Lupfer Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2013

Markus Lupfer’s ice queens
also know how to have a little sequined fun.

If space is the next frontier in fashion, British designer Markus Lupfer is leading the way. He married his London roots with galaxies beyond, showing mod-style A-line dresses (reminiscent of swinging ’60s London Town) in shimmering fabrics. The look was confident – clean tailoring and classic shapes – but not without subtle handiwork that required closer inspection. Lupfer is known for his sequined embroidery skills and he decorated the arms of sweaters, fronts of mini dresses and sheer silk blouses.

But these ice queens also knew how to have fun. Amidst the metallic blues and silvers were his signature funny slogans and quirky graphic imagery: a closeup of lips, a trio of (sequined) lightning bolts, a big hot air balloon, and our favorite – the word “CHILL.” Which is precisely what this coolly futuristic collection accomplished.

Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: Summer, We’ll See You On the Flipside. Wearing This.

September 26, 2012

Auria x Margot Bowman SS 2013 SwimwearAuria x Margot Bowman SS 2013 Swimwear

“What the Greek goddess Artemis would wear if she fell from the heavens and onto the set of Baywatch.”
— Diana Auria

Here in NYC, the summer already seems like a distant memory – but there’s always the chance of a final freakish weekend of Indian summer weather. So here’s a bit of swim-ready style to keep in reserve for our return to the beach or that rooftop pool. London Fashion Week was certainly bursting at the seams with colorful, exuberant patterns, and the collaboration between swimwear/lingerie designer Auria (Diana Auria Harris) and illustrator Margot Bowman was a standout favorite for the Lo’s List gang.

What we love even more than the campaign shots that initially caught our eye was a snap from Diana’s blog of some badass-looking chicks wearing the collection with fierce conviction. The suits, easily integrated into après-swim cocktail party attire, are 80’s and Baywatch and pastel-pop, but also elegantly constructed and oozing sex appeal. Oh, and the brownie points for this collection don’t stop there. Although you’d never know it, all the fabrics are ethically sourced and 100% recycled. They’re made from – somehow quite fitting – fishing nets, along with other reclaimed materials.

Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: Absurdly Cool Amstrup

September 26, 2012

Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 2013Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 2013Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 2013
Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 2013Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 2013Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 2013
Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 2013Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 2013Louise Amstrup Spring/Summer 2013

Bathing beauties with chameleon heads and swan centaurs graced superbly constructed separates.

Imagine the cuts and artistry of today’s Balenciaga blended with a cheeky approach to print and color. That’s Louise Amstrup. The Danish-born, London-based designer just showed her best – and dare we say most imaginative – collection to date for her eponymous line. Known for striking, offbeat ready-to-wear, Amstrup advanced her work with absurdly cool anthropomorphic prints. Bathing beauties with chameleon heads and swan centaurs graced superbly constructed separates.

Her bold hues and textures were a visual feast this season, too. Amstrup punctuated her surreal prints by color blocking with kiwi green, electric pink and metallic blush tones. And she used color gradation nicely on a few select pieces. One of the best looks was a dazzling handwoven plastic skirt with a hot pink floral swath of fabric peeking from the waist and topped with a matching floral bustier midriff top. Styled with sick sunglasses by Zanzan, classic black platform pumps rimmed in copper by Camilla Skovgaard, and wide brim linen hats in collaboration with Noel Stewart… We’re thinking Nicolas Ghesquière better watch his back!

All photos by GoRunway via Vogue.co.uk

Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: Marimekko Store Visit

September 8, 2012

Marimekko x Converse CT HI Papajo Sneaker

Puffy navy blue jackets with warm yellow polka-dots, oversized sweaters with grey and green stripes, and those chucks. I must have those Chucks!

Thursday, as preparations for Fashion’s Night Out were underway, I had the rare opportunity (sleeping baby!) to do a little window shopping in the city; more specifically, at Marimekko’s 5th Avenue flagship store. My love for the brand runs deep and far back, to these quintessential Pikku Bo Boo children’s sheets that I’m sure many of us had. Then there was my 1967 Marimekko prom dress (more on that here) which I will be pulling out of the closet for Marimekko’s very first New York Fashion Week show on Monday… Now, looking around the house, I need more than the digits I have to count the Marimekko that has found its way into my life. It’s a good fit: the Finnish brand is an explosion of glowing colors and painterly textiles, channeled into clothing (and beyond) that need not follow seasonal trends of color ways and cuts. Each fresh collection has me counting my pennies and coming back for more: something that I cannot say for many other labels making their way into my closet.

Back to the windowshopping: nearly impossible for me to concentrate, everything in the store was catching my eye. It all started with the perfect puffy Origo jacket slowly circling overhead: dark blue with warm yellow polka-dots. Perched nearby on a log were another killer pair of Chucks from the Converse ❤’s Marimekko collaboration (seen above). Further in the store, past the floor-to-ceiling library of Marimekko fabric bolts, I drooled over a wall of striped shirts, leggings, and socks: Even our closets look alike! Nearby, the children’s section was whispering: “buy us Lo! Henri needs a bright red backpack covered in pencils.” Realizing I was in too deep, I scurried back around the other wall of the store toward YZ waiting patiently with Pip by the exit. But not so fast as to miss the wonderful, oversized grey- and zephyr green-striped Ympäripyöreä sweater waiting patiently for me to welcome it into my home. Marimekko. Lo ❤’s you. See you on Monday!

Fashion Scout » Family Ties

July 24, 2012

Gene Meyer BowtieGene Meyer Bowtie
Gene Meyer Ties

No, skinny ties and bow ties are not played out, thank you very much. Not when you’re wearing one of Gene Meyer’s original silk woven designs, anyway. The brand’s ties appeal to today’s nattily dressed men, but infuse Mediterranean colors and geometric patterns that call to mind, say, Capri in the 1960s. Which makes sense, considering all Gene Meyer’s ties have been made in Italy since the company began manufacturing over 20 years ago.

By the time brothers Doug and Gene Meyer established the accessories arm of their brand, they were lauded veterans in the interior design and fashion industries. You can still find their home décor and textile work in the likes of Vogue and Architectural Digest any given month, and they clearly bring that same expressive touch to their neckwear. The assorted textures, juxtaposing shapes and beautiful color blocks of violet, salmon and citrus yellow hues make each of these ties worthy of a magazine spread in and of themselves.

Lo’s List especially recommends these ties, bow ties and pocket squares for summer and autumn weddings, weekend getaways, or after-work negronis along the Italian Riviera.

Fashion Scout » Dust Off That Sewing Machine!

July 6, 2012

Pocho Textile in CobaltWonder World Textile in JoyPon Pocho Textile in Wabi
Waltz Textile in BayerFuwari Fuwari First Textile in WateienWaltz Textile in Czemy
Fuccra Rakuen Textile in MallorcaPocho Textile in KomachiFuccra Rakuen Textile in Isabi
first: Pocho Textile in Cobalt, Wonder World Textile in Joy, and Pon Pocho Textile in Wabi second: Waltz Textile in Bayer, Fuwari Fuwari First Textile in Wateien, and Waltz Textile in Czemy third: Fuccra Rakuen Textile in Mallorca, Pocho Textile in Komachi, and Fuccra Rakuen Textile in Isabi

Ah the endless possibilities that a gorgeous bolt of fabric holds. And the gleeful vibe from these prints by artist Naomi Ito for her textile line entitled Nani Iro make you want to scamper right over to the sewing machine and get started! From kerchief squares to a bold tank for this sweltering heat – where to begin? Purchase the textiles from the artist’s web shop or from several other online shops like this one.

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Pegleg NYC

February 1, 2011

Pegleg Mid Stripe TeePegleg Sail Tee
Pegleg CTS TeePegleg Embroidered Objects Tee
top: Pegleg Mid Stripe and Sail Tees
bottom: Pegleg CTS and Embroidered Objects Tees

Don’t get me wrong – I love the biting severity of winter, the layers of gray, the way the city looks a century younger when it’s covered in two feet of fresh snow. But here and there, throughout these colder months, my mind does wander to scorching hot days at the beach, watermelon, and skipping around outside in a t-shirt and shorts.

The tees by the twenty-something trio behind Pegleg NYC also feel like a wistful reach towards summer. For their t-shirt line, the designers pull from an inspiration grab-bag of bold, nautical flag graphics, sailor stripes, and zany embroidery. The result in a collection that is not for the faint of heart and can’t help but be wonderfully clashy. Be sure to check out their other departments as well – including plenty of sweats, sweaters, and jackets to keep us warm until the snow melts…

Pegleg Circle TeePegleg Trident Tee
Pegleg Two Pocket TeePegleg Reversible Tee
top: Pegleg Circle and Trident Tees
bottom: Pegleg Two Pocket and Reversible Tees

Found @ Etsy » Cuddle Up with the Cosmos

January 31, 2011

Stellarquilts Phobos V2

Stellarquilts Phobos V2 Quilt

I’ve always been a lover of quilts – watching my mother create exquisite ones as a child, starting my own collection once I moved to New York City and discovered the East Village Flea and the wonders of eBay, standing awestruck before each Gee’s Bend quilt during the Guggenheim exhibition a few years back… The diversity of the genre – from the pure white and meticulous piqûre de Marseilles to the bright, appliqué styles of Hawaii – the history of quilts is rich with local tales and oozes the patient expertise of endless cultures’ womenfolk.

Needless to say, I get weak in the knees when coming across a quilter with a new style or story to tell. Jimmy Mcbride aka Stellarquilts is definitely a fresh voice at the quilting bee – using galactic imagery as his textile inspirations. My favorite from his current Etsy collection is, bar none, the Phobos V2 quilt (above) – a quilted replica of one of Mar’s moons. The quilts range from a modest $1,000 to $12,000+ so start pinching pennies for your very own piece of art to cuddle up in.

Duck Duck Goose » Get a Grip!

January 27, 2011

top: Collégien Fête Blue Stripes and Red Polka Dots
bottom: Collégien Fête Babushka and Fauvette Redhead

The history of this company is almost as wonderful as the products they make. Located behind a little church in the French town of Tarn, the Guille family factory has existed for nearly 150 years, and has been churning out socks for about 80 of those. In 1947, the company launched its Collégien brand – a selection of sock-shoe hybrids perfect for those little tots who’ve just learned to walk and are now slipping and sliding all over the wooden floors of your apartment. Each pair is made with soft cotton knit and perforated rubber soles. Choose from a huge selection of patterns and novelty styles as well as calf and knee-high versions. Oh, and for all you envious old-folk – they have parent-sized socks too.

Eco-Friendlies » Tenugui @ Tenukore

January 18, 2011

Tenukore Tenegui
Suwa Miya "A Delightful Moment" TenuguiSuwa Miya "A Delightful Moment" Tenugui
top: Shima Uma by Tonerico Inc., Morning in Snowy Mountains by Yuruliku, Toasts by Matsushita Kei, and Oooohashi by Noguchi Yoko Yamaguchi Yoko
bottom: A Delightful Moment by Suwa Miya

I’m a big advocate of cloth over paper products, if only that it nurtures yet another one of my collections: dish towels. So, like our inaugural Lo’s List post on the little Japanese cloth squares called Furoshiki (commonly used for gift-wrapping), its textile-sibling, the Tenugui (手拭い), is a shot to the heart. Better yet, like Furoshiki.com, there’s a site dedicated to this 35 x 90 cm cotton hand towel: Tenukore. The site sells designs by about two dozen talented designers the world around. Use your Tenukore in any number of situations: wash cloth, belt, scarf, headband, gym towel, door hanging, etc…

Tenukore Tenegui
Drill Design "Sea Bream" TenuguiDrill Design "Sea Bream" Tenugui
top: Mountain Climbing at Night by Nakamura Sachiyo, Memories Zoo by Terada Naoki, Scaffolding Builder by Emmanuelle Moureaux, and Cloudy Sky Patterns by Kashiwagi Eriko
bottom: Sea Bream by Drill Design

Fashion Scout » Alice by Temperley

January 10, 2011

Alice by Temperly Autumn/Winter 2010 CollectionAlice by Temperly Autumn/Winter 2010 CollectionAlice by Temperly Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection
left: Floral Alberta Jacket, Floral Mini Claudia Skirt, Cropped Ripley Jumper
center: Aline Tunic, Wonderland Leggings, Lynett Waistcoat
right: Mini Alva Dress, Firebird Belt, Floral Cropped Anora Trousers

Looks we live for: black, white and red (together). Stripes. Aztec prints. Capes and clunky boots. Party dresses cinched tight at the waist with a thick black leather belt. So we have to wonder… was Alice Temperley reading our diary (or maybe website) when she concocted her latest fall/winter collection?! ALICE by Temperley, the designer’s sassy diffusion line, is a tribute to the London girl-about-town, and for her A/W 2010 season she appealed to the “English eclectic” – and our chic/rocker dichotomy.

Alice by Temperly Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection Moodboard

That means mixing beautiful blurred floral separates with a cropped zigzag-striped sweater. A plush navy blue velvet dress with a peeking black turtleneck. A ’40s military jacket over a snug leather sheath dress. It’s a collection of our favorite things – and with her subsequent cruise and spring/summer duds hitting stores, we can get it on sale now, too! Thanks Alice – and give us ring! We have some ideas for next season…

Alice by Temperly Autumn/Winter 2010 CollectionAlice by Temperly Autumn/Winter 2010 CollectionAlice by Temperly Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection
left: Chara Cardigan, Mini Echo Skirt, Mini Beatle Dress, Rings Waist Belt
center: Loren Tunic
right: Tribal Tunic, Rings Waist Belt, Mini Claudia Skirt

Fashion Scout » Swash

December 30, 2010

Swash Autumn/Winter 2010Swash Autumn/Winter 2010
Swash Autumn/Winter 2010Swash Autumn/Winter 2010
Swash’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

‘Tis the season for scarves and right now we’re all wrapped up in Swash. Founded by Central Saint Martins grads Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka, this brand has all the whimsy and escape of Hermès but at a more down-to-earth pricepoint.

Allow their silk-spun scarves to transport you to other worlds and eras. Last year the couple channeled the botanical illustrations of seventeenth-century naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian, and this year they’ve traversed back to childhood — Victorian playrooms, to be specific. Vintage carousels, rattles and chess pieces swirl amidst Snakes and Ladders and signature snaps of the couple’s pet whippet. Add heavy fringe detailing and ample yards of their playful hand-printed fabric, and behold Swash’s beautiful chaos! We get the impression that the designers had as much fun creating these scarves as we have donning them.

PS. We can’t wait till spring comes ’round and we can tuck into Swash’s S/S 2011 collection! Zebras, Camels, Crocs, and bling? We’re in.

Swash Spring/Summer 2011Swash Spring/Summer 2011
Swash Spring/Summer 2011Swash Spring/Summer 2011Swash Spring/Summer 2011
Swash Spring/Summer 2011Swash Spring/Summer 2011Swash Spring/Summer 2011
Swash’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

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