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October 18, 2012

Bright Wall Vintage Ceramic Mug Trio
Bright Wall Vintage King ThermosBright Wall Vintage American Tourister SuitcaseBright Wall Vintage SX-70 Polaroid Camera
Bright Wall Vintage Red Enamel SaucepanBright Wall Vintage Renauld Tortoiseshell GlassesBright Wall Vintage Green Enamel Fondue Pot
Bright Wall Vintage Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve TypewriterBright Wall Vintage Southwestern Wool BlanketBright Wall Vintage Children's Book Trio

Chilly nights, cozy blankets, steaming mugs of cocoa…
It’s Autumn on Lo’s List!

The air’s turning brisk, the leaves are changing, school is back in session… it must be autumn! I’m already missing those long, lazy days of summer, but there’s something so delicious about the season of cozy wool sweaters and steaming mugs of tea. The onset of chilly nights calls for a bit of warmth around the house, and these fabulous finds over at Bright Wall Vintage are just the ticket for creating that autumnal charm.

1. Mug Trio:One of my favorite cold-weather treats is a cup of hot cocoa — especially the ultra-luxurious dark hot chocolate from Burdick. Sip that chocolatey indulgence in these cheery floral mugs.

2. King Thermos: Always on the go? Take your cocoa with you in this air pot Thermos from King. Hold enough cocoa for you and your friends whether you’re romping through the woods or swimming in a sea of cubicles.

3. American Tourister Suitcase: Go away for the weekend in style with this covetable American Tourister suitcase. It’s just the right size for a couple days of drinking in gorgeous fall foliage, or a getaway to wine country to celebrate the harvest.

4. SX-70 Alpha 1 Polaroid Camera: Capture the beauty of autumn leaves with a classic collectible like this SX-70 Alpha 1. Instagram may be the way of the future, but nothing is as magical as seeing a Polaroid snapshot develop before your eyes.

5. Enamel Sauce Pan: Nothing says welcome home like a pot of something delicious simmering away on the stove. Let this sweet saucepan fill your kitchen with the scent of spiced cider or mulled wine.

6. Fondue Pot: Speaking of kitchens, I’m a sucker for cold-weather comfort foods. Whether you think it’s classic or hopelessly retro, hot melty cheese never fails to delight. This darling avocado-green pot is its own excuse for a fondue party. And don’t forget the forks!

7. Renauld Eye Glasses: Ease your strained eyes with these fabulous vintage frames. Back-to-school chic never looked so good!

8. Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve Typewriter: There’s something writerly about autumn, isn’t there? When inclement weather keeps you indoors, unleash your inner Hemingway with a wordsmith’s classic tool. With a pop of sky blue, this Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve is the perfect addition to our growing typewriter collection…

9. Southwestern Wool Blanket: As temperatures drop, snuggle up with a luxuriant flannel blanket. Don’t you feel cozy just looking at it?

10. Vintage Children’s Books: What better way to spend an autumn day than curled up with a good book?  This picturesque set of vintage hardbacks is perfect for sharing with the young ones in your family — or the young at heart!

Welcome Home » We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

October 8, 2012

André Ricard Tatu Light

The forecast for the week looks dreary. Rain rain rain. Not that we mind the change of pace: curling up inside, dressing Henri in his bear hoodie, drinking tea… With the sun hiding behind the clouds, it’s time to make sure those reading nooks and cozy couch corners have just the cheery glow.

Renowned Catalan industrial designer André Ricard’s Tatu light couldn’t be a more vivacious choice of fall/winter decor. And, with it’s pivoting, sectional construction, it’s the perfect table light for any situation. The Tatu was designed for the Spanish firm Metalarte circa 1972 and can still be found on Ebay, Etsy, and other vintage online retailers like this one. It was manufactured in yellow (we can’t help but wonder if Ricard was inspired by the Beatles’ 1968 release…), red, and cream and currently sells for around $300-$400: a steal for such a ID masterpiece!

Gift Guide » Buy the Best for Your Bookworm!

December 7, 2010

Blurb Gift Card
Established & Sons Landmark Table LampCampomaggi Leather Messenger BagTarget's Fish Bowl Bookends
Knock Knock Personal Library KitCustom Embossed Monogram SealMontblanc Fountain Pens
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David MitchelliBride Junior Polar Bear BookshelfOut of Print Tees The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
top: Blurb Gift Card
first row: Established & Sons Table Lamp, Campomaggi Messenger Bag, and Target’s Fish Bowl Bookends
second row: Knock Knock Personal Library Kit, Custom Embossed Monogram Seal, and Montblanc Pens
third row: The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell, iBride Junior Polar Bear Bookshelf, and Out of Print Clothing’s The Catcher in the RyeTee

For some of us, the holiday season is about one thing and one thing only. Ok, two things. Ok, a bunch of things—all nicely wrapped and book-related. Because there is nothing more satisfying than winter reading, whether it’s the classic you know almost by heart, the novel everybody else already read six months ago, or the thriller you’ll never admit you couldn’t put down.

So check your friends and family. Who’s been stacking books around the chair beside the radiator? Who keeps slipping away for chapter-shaped intervals? Take note—and give them something from this list.

1Blurb Gift Cardvar.

Blurb Gift CardEverybody has a story to tell. Whether you’re sharing yours with someone you love, or you just want to give that gifted nephew his first chance to see himself in print, Blurb makes it easy to edit your own oeuvre.

2Established & Sons Landmark Table Lamp$835

Established & Sons Landmark Table LampGood books on winter nights require a good lamp. With the Landmark Table Lamp, Established & Sons sheds a whimsical light on even the most serious page. And should your eyelids flutter and your hand get heavy, guess where you can rest your book?

3Campomaggi Leather Messenger Bag$725

Campomaggi Leather Messenger BagTrain platforms, airport waiting rooms, the sticky chairs in take-out restaurants, the benches outside dressing rooms: the world is full of places where you’ll want a book. Have one always at hand in this elegantly rumpled messenger bag from Italian designer Campomaggi.

4Target’s Fish Bowl Bookends$30

Target's Fish Bowl BookendsWhile we applaud the idea of propping up Moby Dick with a goldfish, we’d probably repurpose these Fish Bowl Bookends from Target as terrariums, leaning a collected Keats against selected titanopses. Kudos to Target for always having something design-savvy at a super-reasonable price!

5Knock Knock Personal Library Kit$16

Knock Knock Personal Library KitMost of us have lent or borrowed books that never made it back. This
kit by Knock Knock is no guarantee that your set of Boys Own Adventures will remain whole in the future, but it may serve as a gentle reminder to some close, forgetful or unscrupulous friend that you know exactly where that volume’s gone…

6Custom Embossed Monogram Seal$66

Custom Embossed Monogram SealAnd even if you’ve resigned yourself to lending books that end up gifts, at least you can leave a subtle and distinctive mark on the flyleaf. There are endless sources on the web where you can have a custom seal made – just Google it! Or click here…

7Montblanc Pensvar.

Montblanc Fountain PensOf course a pencil usually does the trick. But sometimes we just give in to the pleasure of an extravagantly well-made thing. We all choose our excesses: mine’s a Meisterstück Le Grand rollerball: warm in the hand, smooth on the page, an engagement present from my fiancée.

8The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell$13

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David MitchellIn this case you can safely ignore the old chestnut about books and their covers. It looks and reads beautifully. Set in turn-of-the-19th-century Japan at the first, tentative point of meeting between Dutch traders and an isolated island nation, this new book is David Mitchell’s masterpiece.

9iBride Junior Polar Bear Bookshelf$1882

iBride Junior Polar Bear BookshelfFor readers of every age, a bookshelf (like this one by iBride) properly stocked is an object of wonder and adventure. We’re glad to see that, at last, form is following function. Two suggestions to start off a collection here: Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez and The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.

10Out of Print Clothing’s The Catcher in the Rye Tee$28

Out of Print Tees The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. SalingerNot just another crummy t-shirt. Our favorites from the collection include The Catcher in the Rye, 1984, The Hound of the Baskervilles (priced six shillings) and, dare we say it, the Hardy Boys classic The Mark on the Door. More about Out of Print Clothing here…

Gift Guide » Top Ten Treats for Tots!

November 29, 2010

top: Studio 49 Carl Orff Xylophone
first row: Kaiku Push Pull Wagon, Kid O Floating Ducks, and Franck & Fischer Bobby Cuddle Cloth
second row: Elsie Dodds "M" Pillow, GAP Snowsuit, and My Nose Smells Funny by Andy Smith
third row: Keep Benten Boat Shoe, Kikkerland EZ Fold Short Step Stool, and P'kolino Coat Hanger

Hip hip hooray! ‘Tis that time of year again: christmas trees, wreaths, family get togethers, snuggling up by the fireplace singing carols, oh, yes… and lots of gift giving! Now that we’ve gotten through Turkey Day, Lo’s List will be cranking out gift guides for every size and shape of critter on your list — from now till the big 2-5 (with some Hanukkah goodness along the way).

What better way to kick things off than with the wee ones!! We’ve been channeling our inner tot (and taking some serious notes from Baby Lir) and have come up with the Lo’s List top ten baby-must-have-it gifts for 2010 (check out last year’s guide here). Of course, it’s all a matter of taste, and in our world, the more color and critters the better! Lir can back us up on this one: there are few things she likes more than tucking into her Zoologique book and mimicking every animal’s voice. She’s got almost a dozen locked down: bird, snake, cow, dog, cat, bear, lion, fish, monkey, horse…

1Studio 49 Carl Orff Xylophone$300

The key to giving baby gifts is keeping the fragile state of their parents in mind. In lieu of a harsh, metal xylophone, nurture their musical ear with a mellower wooden xylophone from Studio 49.

2Kaiku Push Pull Wagon$165

At around the 1-year marker, babies seem to really dig pushing/pulling stuff around… I’m not one for mini baby strollers as that just seems weird to me. This tougher Push Pull Wagon from Kaiku is more my cup of tea. But act quick – these are selling like hotcakes!

3Kid O Floating Ducks$12

Duckies are a mandatory bath time accessory. This mother and baby duck nesting duo from Lo’s List favorite, Kid O, is lightweight, elegantly curved, and gently rocks when placed on a flat surface. Lir is just fascinated by how the little one fits perfectly on his mother’s back!

4Franck & Fischer Bobby Cuddle Cloth$27

Naptime is never lonely with a Franck & Fischer character to keep you company. The Danish company has an ENDLESS selection of cloth, crocheted, and wooden toys to drool over (and then on). Our favorite is this striped, monkey cuddle cloth.

5Elsie Dodds "M" Pillow$78

These exquisite letter pillows by Elsie Dodds have all the narrative of a book without the papercuts! Get your little one’s initials, spoil them with their full name, or take out a loan and get the whole alphabet! We’re digging the M, which shows a Moose, Monarch, Motorcycle, Maze, Monkey and Mushroom amongst others!

6GAP Sherpa-Lined Snowsuit$70

Being a New Yorker through and through, I relish this chilly time of year. Tots can love it too — especially if they’re dressed for the occasion. Gap’s sherpa-lined snowsuit with detachable mittens and booties is the perfect solution for an afternoon frolick in (soon-to-be) snowy Central Park.

7My Nose Smells Funny by Andy Smith$10

It’s become clear that Lir’s books could really say anything and she’d be cool with it. So why not go the nonsensical route when adding selections to baby’s library. We’re pining for Andy Smith’s limited edition screen printed oeuvre, My Nose Smells Funny. Can’t wait to see Lir narrate that one.

8Keep Benten Boat Shoe$35

A good pair of baby shoes is hard to find. You want style, ankle-support, durability, and value all in a shoe that’s easy to slip on. Keep’s three styles of baby kicks (boat shoe, mid-top, and high-top) totally hit the mark — and they’re organic!! They make shoes for big people too…

9Kikkerland EZ Fold Short Step Stool$14

Another Lo’s List favorite, Kikkerland livens up everyday objects with humor. This fold-away plastic step stool, available in two heights and a handful of colors, is a versatile addition to any busy home. We ♥ the industrial-meets-childproof aesthetic.

10P’kolino Coat Hanger$80

Having an adorable coat hanger just for baby is totally useful, as tiny hats, mittens, scarves and coats can get lost in the fray. This wooden tree coat hanger from P’kolino takes on both a utilitarian and playful role in your child’s room. Choose from orange, green, white, or natural. Stands 4′ tall.

Fashion Scout » Lines Lab

November 12, 2010

We’re smitten with the Sombra Umbrella (concept illustration above), designed for the Museu Berardo. Lines Lab created a beautifully intricate pattern based on the Museum’s logo and then laser-cut it over white Tyvek®.

On a jaunt to the Far East this summer, Lo’s List discovered Line’s Lab. Based in Macau, China, Line’s Lab is a multi-disciplinary design hub innovating fashion, products, furniture and events. Founders Clara Brito and Manuel CS arrived from their native Portugal in 2006. With its Portuguese heritage and access to textiles and production houses in mainland China, Macau seemed like the perfect place to establish their biz. “China is evolving so quickly and creatively,” Brito gushed at her studio. “To witness that and be a part of it is really inspiring.”

Brito’s fashion apparel and accessories for Line’s Lab have already been picked up by several international stockists and have also been embraced in Macau, where she has outfitted the Conservatório de Macau band with costumes and The Venetian’s Cirque de Soleil troupe with premiere ensembles. The company has created a host of cool products — from modular outdoor benches to shadow lighting — but Lo’s List is pining for the fashy stuff! We love the SAR Umbrella, celebrating the duality of Macau and its sister city Hong Kong, both Special Administration Regions (SAR) of China. The umbrellas’ vibrant coloring and cityscape mashups will keep passersby looking up even as the rain comes down.

Welcome Home » Pining for Powder-Coated Steel

October 28, 2010

top: Peter Johansen Minis Side Table and TPV Chair
bottom: Peter Johansen LD Table and D9 Stools

For ages now we’ve been singing the praises of powder-coated steel to anyone who would listen, and we love what Copenhagen-based designer Peter Johansen has been doing with this lightweight and flexible material. He perfectly commands its functional whimsy. His colorful, distinctly modular Metro stool, for example, has a shape that recalls the branchings and intersections of a subway map, combining visual intricacy with a pleasing simplicity of form. We’re also seriously coveting the stackable Roses stool and the Chicago chairs (both shown below), whose spare, classical profile wouldn’t be out of place in the Tuileries — in green, of course.

These are the perfect October chairs: chairs that put in their best days of service standing brightly outside on a garden terrace under scooting grey clouds — or hung with droplets after a shower and hastily dried off so you can catch that last half hour of a nippy autumn sunset.

top: Peter Johansen Tee Tables and Chicago Chairs
bottom: Peter Johansen Gibi 01 Chair and Roses Stools

Eco-Friendlies » Get Wasted with Creatables

September 28, 2010

top: Creatables Bau-Bau-Blocks and Lightweight Wallet
bottom: Creatables Tennis Ultra-Board and Old News

“Creatables is a company and network of engineers and designers that negotiate prices for industrial surplus materials from which we and our fellow designers develop nice consumer products. When you buy a Creatables product you reduce the effects of over-consumption and cast an important vote towards a sustainable development.”

Thank you Creatables, for making it so effing easy to be eco-friendly! Not only are these handy home and office supplies made entirely of factory waste, they’re downright cool — like, cooler than an upcycling hipster cool. Our favorite from the shop is definitely the fuzzy tennis ball Old News magazine/newspaper holder, a collaboration with inudstrial designer Jonas Forsman. Looking around the office, it’s just what this media-cluttered space needs!!

Welcome Home » Hitting a Wall? Just Wallpaper it!

September 22, 2010

top: Minakani Copenhague Wallpaper
middle: Minakani Peacocks and Animals Wallpapers
bottom: Minakani Cloudy Carpathes Wallpapers

I don’t know whether it’s the post-summer doldrums or just that it’s — ugh — Wednesday but I am feeling in a funk! My solution for such ruts is pretty reliable though: a good scrub of the house (mmm… Mrs. Meyers basil) and some heavy redecorating! What better way to give your digs a massive makeover than kicking your wallpaper up a notch with a made-to-order Minakani print? The Parisian creative duo has quite the knack for creating surface designs that are at once minimalist and equally pack a punch. Even the kid-centric patterns have a refined edge to them, giving you all the more reason to hang out in Junior’s room reading Asterix comics!

Welcome Home » It’s Not That You Need It: Kiosk Store

September 14, 2010

top: On/Off Switch from Mexico City, Mexico and Plastic Pocket Flask from Lohja, Finland
bottom: Cotton Kite String from Kowloon, Hong Kong and Zinc Plated Wire Basket from Texas, USA

We’ll be the first to admit it. Blogging at Lo’s List, it’s sometimes easy to get carried away in the pursuit of the top ten next best things. It’s easy to get caught on the twin, sophisticated prongs of design & marketing. Luckily, just when we need it, a site like Kiosk Store will pop up on our radar and rebuke the faster-better-brighter habits of our industry.

The Kiosk Store is probably best described as a curation of objects from around the world that you might, unexpectedly, like. Although most of the objects have some enduring history of localized production, no single style, source or category dominates here. Among the featured items you’ll find toy submarines from the States, wire dish covers from Provence, kite string out of Hong Kong and Finnish candles. While some of them might be recognizably iconic, these are not the objects you never knew you ought to want, or things you have that someone’s re-perfected. Kiosk’s presentation of plastic flasks and on-off switches is an extended paean to the persistence of the well-enough and simply made thing.

It’s also a disarmingly straightforward reflection on the links between the stuff we buy and use and the places we go. Its arrangement of products and geography feels sweetly nostalgic but honest, and its embrace of a more homely, ‘anonymous’ design-aesthetic invites us to write our own history onto the every-day things we use. Sound like a stretch? Ok — then just admire this shrimper or this wax book!

top: Beechwood Cheese Slicer from Norway and Plastic Diving Submarine from Washington, USA
bottom: 10" Wire Plate Cover from France and Beeswax Candles from Lintula Convent, Finland

From: Tel Aviv » Crazy for Kozo Lamps!

August 27, 2010

Kozo Desk Lamp

A little bit Steampunk, a tad industrial loft makeover, these upcycled KOZO lamps are being produced by a 7-member collective called DEMO Design Clinic working out of Florentin (Tel Aviv’s Williamsburg doppelgänger). The designers build each lamp with miscellaneous plumbing parts and a faucet spigot handle serves as on/off switch! The label currently has nine designs available in their Etsy shop all running around $200.

“The materials are left raw and authentic as possible, aging in their own unique way, with rusty edges and the marks from the hand tools that were used in the assembly process”

Kozo Bookend Lamp and Shelf Lamp

Do-Goodism » Europ’Africa Deco

August 19, 2010

Europ'Africa Deco’s Multicolor, Yellow, Pink, and White Spotted baskets

While perusing the child-centric wares of one of my favorite Tel Aviv shops, Carousella, I came across these oversized baskets by Franco-Senegalese company Europ’Africa Deco. Always a fan of elegant storage solutions, these colorful, handmade containers are a stellar way to tuck extra linens or baby’s toys neatly out of site. Each basket is handmade by one of the 2000 Senegalese women employed by the company (thus supporting about 2000 Senegalese families) and a portion of all profits go towards NGA’s including Prométhée Humanitaire, an organization dedicated to creating shelters for 3rd world street children. The baskets run from about 40€ (for the small size) to 100€ (for large).

From: Tel Aviv » Tyvek + Wallpaper, Yael + Shay, Raw + Edgy

August 17, 2010

top: “Pleated Pleat” DuPont™ Tyvek® Seat
above left: “Pivot” Cabinet for Arco (2008)
above right: “Stack” Chest of Drawers for Established & Sons (2008)

“We’re both very interested in the character of different materials, particularly ones whose edges don’t need to be treated and can be left rough, like paper, leather and felt.”

The work of Raw-Edges is not for crowd-followers or wallflowers. Indeed, the pieces are ballsy, sometimes rough, often bright and clashy. It’s the sort of furniture that a more timid houseguest would veer away from – never daring to plop down on the “Volume” couch, for example.

Tel Aviv-born partners Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay established the London studio in 2007, after years of creative collaborations, beginning during their BA studies at Bezalel Art and Design Academy. In the short few years that they have worked together, the duo has won numerous accolades for their whimsical and unique furniture and housewares, including the prestigious Designers of the Future Award at last year’s Design Miami/ Basel.

Raw-Edges (who are part of a larger, London-based collective called OKAY Studio — all 2006 graduates of London’s Royal College of Art) have already had the chance to collaborated with some design world greats, producing their “Pivot” chair for Dutch firm Arco, their Alice in Wonderlandesque chest of drawers, “Stack” (now part of MoMA’s permanent collection) for Established & Sons, a stunning flooring job for Stella McCartney’s Milan shop (also with Established & Sons), and their “Tailored Wood” pieces for Cappellini. The Lo’s List favorite? Definitely the “Pleated Pleat” seat made from one of our favorite materials, DuPont™ Tyvek®!!

top: “Wall to Wall” Installation for Established & Sons Limited (2009)
above left: “Tailored Wood” Seat (2008)
above right: “Volume” Couch (2007)

From: Tel Aviv » 001 Light

August 4, 2010

Photos: © Dan Perez

A house isn’t a home without a cozy nook for reading–preferably illuminated by something striking, simple, and versatile like this 001 model by Naama Hofman. Made of a cleverly angled iron rod and acrylic tube filled with 120 LED lights, this has got to be one of the niftiest reading aids I’ve come across in a while. The design is such that you can place it any which way on a table top, or hang it from the ceiling or wall. What’s more, the accessory is available in any color! For $280 (before shipping) I would say this is a design-geek steal!!!

Welcome Home » Unto This Last

July 28, 2010

Unto This Last Cage bin, Facet chair, and Lock table

Your Lo’s List London correspondents have recently moved into new, unfurnished digs in Islington and, as you can imagine, we’ve had flat-pack on our minds for weeks. But while it’s all well and good to put together beds and shelves with nothing more than Allen keys and some frustrating pegs, some pieces of furniture demand more care in their selection.  With all the hours we spend at our computers each day, the choice of a perfect writing desk was always going to be a difficult one. What a relief, then, that a weekend trip to the Columbia Road flower market and Brick Lane led us right to the door of Unto This Last.

This furniture workshop uses up-to-the-minute digital manufacturing techniques to produce quirky and elegant pieces with light, clean lines. We immediately fell in love with Unto This Last’s ‘Lock’ table (seen above) — and are writing from it now — but we’ve been designing imaginary houses around our favorite pieces from their broad catalog: the tapered ‘Ply’ table, the ‘Cell’ shelf, the ‘Nurbs’ coffee table and the surprisingly comfortable ‘Facet’ chair.

Unto This Last Ply Feet Sideboards

Unto This Last take their odd name from a book by John Ruskin that critiques the economic and manufacturing practices of his time, giving a Victorian take on green principles and urging a ‘return to the local craftsman workshops’. The atelier’s ‘micro-manufacturing’ process carries on this tradition and is tailored to limit their carbon footprint. They also provide a maximum of affordable and customizable design options. The two shops (one in Brick Lane, one in Battersea Park) don’t warehouse any stock; all pieces are built to order and to spec from sustainably sourced, FSC-certified birch laminate and are available in four standard finishes. The resulting degree of control that customers have over their orders is particularly appealing: we had our own little table built to fit an awkwardly-proportioned window alcove—now the best seat in the house.

Clockwise from top left: Unto This Last Spline chair, Triangle table, Norma chair, and Round table

Welcome Home » A di Alessi — Always an A+!

March 31, 2010

A di Alessi Lily Bird Soy Sauce Jar & Lily Pond Sushi Set

A di Alessi’s Lily Bird Soy Sauce Jar & Lily Pond Sushi Set

Just right for springtime, Alessi’s whimsical line, A di Alessi, is full of impeccable housewares that balance function with fun. Although their website is a royal nuisance to browse, the plethora of goodies, from plant-like toilet brushes (so much less depressing) to the perfect kitty bowl for Goobie the Cat, are sure to brighten up so many of those daily dreary to-dos!

Up next: classic Alessi style!
A di Alessi Fruit Sugar Bowl & Paradise Bird CreamerA di Alessi Mr. Suicide Bathtub Plug
A di Alessi Tigrito Cat BowlA di Alessi ShipShapeContainerSpatula
A di Alessi Peppino Pepper MillA di Alessi Te Ò Tea Strainer
A di Alessi favorites:
top left: Fruit Sugar Bowl & Paradise Bird Creamer
top right: Mr. Suicide Bathtub Plug
middle left: Tigrito Cat Bowl
middle right: Ship Shape Containter with Spatula
bottom left: Peppino Pepper Mill
bottom right: Te Ò Tea Strainer

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