Found @ Etsy » Fall for Autumnal Vintage

October 18, 2012

Bright Wall Vintage Ceramic Mug Trio
Bright Wall Vintage King ThermosBright Wall Vintage American Tourister SuitcaseBright Wall Vintage SX-70 Polaroid Camera
Bright Wall Vintage Red Enamel SaucepanBright Wall Vintage Renauld Tortoiseshell GlassesBright Wall Vintage Green Enamel Fondue Pot
Bright Wall Vintage Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve TypewriterBright Wall Vintage Southwestern Wool BlanketBright Wall Vintage Children's Book Trio

Chilly nights, cozy blankets, steaming mugs of cocoa…
It’s Autumn on Lo’s List!

The air’s turning brisk, the leaves are changing, school is back in session… it must be autumn! I’m already missing those long, lazy days of summer, but there’s something so delicious about the season of cozy wool sweaters and steaming mugs of tea. The onset of chilly nights calls for a bit of warmth around the house, and these fabulous finds over at Bright Wall Vintage are just the ticket for creating that autumnal charm.

1. Mug Trio:One of my favorite cold-weather treats is a cup of hot cocoa — especially the ultra-luxurious dark hot chocolate from Burdick. Sip that chocolatey indulgence in these cheery floral mugs.

2. King Thermos: Always on the go? Take your cocoa with you in this air pot Thermos from King. Hold enough cocoa for you and your friends whether you’re romping through the woods or swimming in a sea of cubicles.

3. American Tourister Suitcase: Go away for the weekend in style with this covetable American Tourister suitcase. It’s just the right size for a couple days of drinking in gorgeous fall foliage, or a getaway to wine country to celebrate the harvest.

4. SX-70 Alpha 1 Polaroid Camera: Capture the beauty of autumn leaves with a classic collectible like this SX-70 Alpha 1. Instagram may be the way of the future, but nothing is as magical as seeing a Polaroid snapshot develop before your eyes.

5. Enamel Sauce Pan: Nothing says welcome home like a pot of something delicious simmering away on the stove. Let this sweet saucepan fill your kitchen with the scent of spiced cider or mulled wine.

6. Fondue Pot: Speaking of kitchens, I’m a sucker for cold-weather comfort foods. Whether you think it’s classic or hopelessly retro, hot melty cheese never fails to delight. This darling avocado-green pot is its own excuse for a fondue party. And don’t forget the forks!

7. Renauld Eye Glasses: Ease your strained eyes with these fabulous vintage frames. Back-to-school chic never looked so good!

8. Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve Typewriter: There’s something writerly about autumn, isn’t there? When inclement weather keeps you indoors, unleash your inner Hemingway with a wordsmith’s classic tool. With a pop of sky blue, this Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve is the perfect addition to our growing typewriter collection…

9. Southwestern Wool Blanket: As temperatures drop, snuggle up with a luxuriant flannel blanket. Don’t you feel cozy just looking at it?

10. Vintage Children’s Books: What better way to spend an autumn day than curled up with a good book?  This picturesque set of vintage hardbacks is perfect for sharing with the young ones in your family — or the young at heart!

Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: Fashygram

September 12, 2012

@psimadethis reveling in the classic style that is Oscar de la Renta
@songofstyle shows off her killer styleA quiet, in-between moment for @manrepeller from a week of weather extremes@mbfashionweek celebrates the details in craftsmanship at the Concept Korea show
@refinery29 goes in for a lacey closeup at the Catherine Malandrino presentation@glamourmag captures the paint palettes of the makeup team at Proenza Schouler@bof at the Ostwald Helgason presentation
@eholmeswsj loves Marimekko too!@mbfashionweek savors the edgy, androgynous pinks in this Clover Canyon ensemblefor @bof the front row at Lacoste just might steal the show
1. @psimadethis reveling in the classic style that is Oscar de la Renta
2. @songofstyle shows off her killer street style
3. A quiet, in-between moment for @manrepeller from a week of weather extremes
4. @mbfashionweek celebrates the details in craftsmanship at the Concept Korea show
5. @refinery29 goes in for a cutout closeup at the Catherine Malandrino presentation
6. @glamourmag captures the paint palettes of the makeup team at Proenza Schouler
7. @bof at the Ostwald Helgason presentation
8. @eholmeswsj loves Marimekko too!
9. @mbfashionweek savors the edgy, androgynous pinks in this Clover Canyon ensemble
10. for @bof the front row at Lacoste just might steal the show

I must say, it was hard to stomach day after day of unworthy, too-blurry-to-discern-a-thing Instagrams of fashion week’s runway moments. For an industry brimming with editors, where had all the editing gone? The need for a hash tag along the lines of #holdstill or #frontrowcantfocus needed to be released upon these despicable shots. Photo faux pas!

Yet, scattered throughout this NYFW refuse were some gems: true photojournalistic moments that painted a picture of the whirlwind week. I’ve gathered up my top ten to share here. #decisivemoment

Shutterbug » Olympic Gold

July 22, 2012

Alice Coachman, 88, High JumpBill Smith, 88, Swimming
Alice Coachman, 88, High Jump (L) and Bill Smith, 88, Swimming (R)

“My father wanted me to be more like a young lady: sittin’ on the porch. And I go to the back door, jump over the fence, and go (running) straight down the street.”
– Alice Coachman

What a moving and motivating piece the New York Times published today. “Their Golden Years” profiles 14 of the 1948 US Olympic team. The series is perfectly photographed (channelling our beloved Avedon) by Damon Winter, with most profiles accompanied by an audio snippet of the athletes conjuring up memories of a very different London games. Sniffling away sentimental tears, I laced up my running shoes and headed out for a hard, 10K tempo run.

Shutterbug » Sign Language(less)

February 21, 2011

Grun Schwarz by Josef SchulzBlau Orange by Josef SchulzGelb Weiss by Josef Schulz
Blau Weiss by Josef Schulz
Gelb #1 by Josef SchulzSchwarz Rot Weiss by Josef Schulz

Yes, typography is all that and a bag of chips, and we have a long-standing love affair with signage old and new—but what happens when you wipe the slate (or in this case the photo) clean of the ABCs? German photographer Josef Schulz tackled just that experiment with his Sign Out series: a mini-survey of American billboards sans text. The result is both uncanny and liberating, and invites us to rethink the blank canvas of the commercial landscape.

A student of Bernd and Hilla Becher, Schulz shares their love of contemporary industrial scenes. He also has a penchant for building up meaning by grouping similarly-themed images. His other projects include a collection of brightly colored walls and a series of French strip mall panoramas.

Fashion Scout » Get Some Toast for Your Guy!

December 1, 2010

Toast Cotton Flannel Shirt + Slim Braces + 8 Wale Cord Trousers
Toast Button Shoulder Jersey + 8 Wale Cord TrousersToast Shetland Sleeveless Pullover + Cotton Twill Straight Leg Trousers + Chambray Shirt + Mulberry Silk Tie
Toast Cotton Twill AnorakToast Button Collar Sweater + Straight Leg Jeans
top: Cotton Flannel Shirt + Slim Braces + 8 Wale Cord Trousers
middle left: Button Shoulder Jersey + 8 Wale Cord Trousers
middle right: Shetland Sleeveless Pullover + Twill Straight Leg Trousers + Chambray Shirt + Mulberry Silk Tie
bottom left: Cotton Twill Anorak
bottom right: Button Collar Sweater + Straight Leg Jeans

This winter, Toast makes menswear for the first time. Known for their unfussy yet well-crafted women’s fashion and homegoods, the UK company has amassed a loyal following since launching in ’97. Fans begged for a men’s line from the start, and the debut collection does not disappoint. From the simple sleeveless V necks in Shetland wool to the chalk stripe trousers, Oxford brogues and debonair waistcoats, Toast’s menswear captures the ease and graceful style of classic English fashion…and then adds a light modern touch.

Lo’s List is especially keen on the coats. If we’re playing favorites, it’s got to be the Dark Olive Picardy, a military-style cutaway coat in cotton moleskin or the Liguria, an unstructured, five button worker’s jacket. Any man would look handsome in either (though why not both!?).

With Toast’s new line of men’s clothing and accessories comes their first men’s catalogue — a thing of beauty in itself. The brand has cast distinguished gentlemen of varying ages and appearances — a far cry from the young slick models that populate most campaigns. Superbly lensed amid farmyards, footpaths, fields and rustic interiors, the men project a quiet, sturdy confidence that suits the label perfectly.

Toast Cotton Flannel PJ Trousers + Shetland Raglan Pullover + Lida Scarf + Argyll Wellies
Toast Liguria Jacket + Chunky Knit Scarf + Cotton Flannel Shirt + 8 Wale Cord Trousers + Aussie BootToast Picardy Moleskin Coat + Shetland Raglan Pullover + 8 Wale Cord Trousers + Argyll Wellies
Toast Picardy Melton Coat + Straight Leg Jeans + Double Faced Check Shirt + Chelsea BootToast Cotton Flannel Djellaba
top: Cotton Flannel PJ Trousers + Shetland Raglan Pullover + Lida Scarf + Argyll Wellies
middle left: Liguria Jacket + Chunky Knit Scarf + Cotton Flannel Shirt + 8 Wale Cord Trousers + Aussie Boot
middle right: Picardy Moleskin Coat + Shetland Raglan Pullover + 8 Wale Cord Trousers + Argyll Wellies
bottom left: Picardy Melton Coat + Straight Leg Jeans + Double Faced Check Shirt + Chelsea Boot
bottom right: Cotton Flannel Djellaba

Found @ Etsy » Colorful Collectibles at The Sunday Times Market

November 1, 2010

top: The Sunday Times Market Front number stamp and japanese Foo Dog statuettes
bottom: The Sunday Times Market spice box and 1957 Kay Bojesen rabbit

What is a tchotchke? I would say it’s an object that you just don’t need but, somehow, are drawn towards. In the world of flea markets, antique shops, Ebay, and strange gift-givers, it’s hard to avoid the constant barrage of doodads that are daring you to find room for them in your 4th floor railroad walk-up. As our little house has started filling up with bowls of Italian glass marbles, stacks of vintage flashcards, turn-of-the-century typewriters and so forth, I’m realizing that I must become more strict with my collection curating.

So, from now on, by way of vintage, it’s only the crème de la crème of the brocante. Although Ebay has always been a fantastic resource for old school finds, I wouldn’t say it is the most pleasant of shopping experiences. Between the crap photos and the stress of bidding on something you desperately want, the pleasure of the purchase disappears. Enter Etsy. With an ever-growing group of vintage sellers, this crafter’s marketplace has become my new go-to one-stop-antique-shop. One of my favorite dealers of late is The Sunday Times Market. The Seattle-based storefront, run by husband and wife team David and Ashley, has a bright and humorous assortment of boxes, bins, signs, creatures, and kitchenwares… Their impeccable sense of taste, combined with superb photographing skills, makes perusing the pages of The Sunday Times a true pleasure. Check out the Lo’s List favorites above!

Shutterbug » Color-Splattered Memories

October 11, 2010

Sebastiaan Bremer’s Schoener Goetterfunken series
top: "Atop Faith's Lofty Summit" (Auf des Glaubens Sonnenberge)
bottom left: "A Friend, Proven in Death" (Einen Freund, Geprueft im Tod)
bottom right: "In the Universal Time Machine" (In deer Grossen Weltenuhr)

These new works by Sebastiaan Bremer are a tinted and tender reflection of the artist’s personal history, full of the vague layered euphorium that tends to surround family holidays of years gone by. Bremer’s personal photographic archives have long been the source material of his mixed media work but this latest, polka-dotted series has a clearer optimism and sense of celebration than earlier collections (like this one and this one).

If you’re living large in São Paulo, Brazil, be sure to catch Bremer’s Invasões Holandesas show at Galeria Leme from now until October 30th.

Sebastiaan Bremer’s Schoener Goetterfunken series
top: "To Virtue's Steep Hill" (Zu der Tugend Steilem Huegel)
bottom left: "Joyful, as His Suns are Flying" (Froh, Wie Seine Sonnen Fliegen)
bottom right: "Run, Brothers, Run Your Race" (Laufet, Brueder, Eure Bahn)

(Postcard) From: Tel Aviv » Doctor’s Orders!

July 24, 2010

The standard fare at Jaffa’s Dr. Shakshuka | Photo: Lo Martin ©2010

There are few things more rewarding than antique shopping and Tel Aviv’s Jaffa neighborhood (one of the oldest port cities in the world) is brimming with boutiques where you can spend days clambering through mountains of tchotckes and treasures. For such a rigorous undertaking one needs proper breakfast, and there’s no better place for a mid-morning boost than Jaffa foodie stronghold, Dr. Shakshouka.

Shakshuka, a dish said to have originated in Tunisia, is pretty much the Middle Eastern version of Huevos Rancheros: a couple of eggs, poached in a sauce of tomato, bell pepper, and spices (cumin, turmeric, chillies, etc), served straight to the table still singing in the pan. Eat it with sturdy bread to sop up all that goodness (at the Dr. it’s served with a fat loaf of Challah). This is any athlete’s dream brekkie.

World Cup Fever » Arkitip + Chinatown Soccer Club

July 7, 2010

Foosball illustration by Dan Funderburgh

Starting to worry about how you’ll fill your days once the Cup is over? With just two games left to enjoy, you might be wondering: “how will I live without my daily dose of soccer?!”. Well, to help you transition back to the real world, order a copy of Arkitip’s Issue №0055 (the World Cup special edition), done in collaboration with Chinatown Soccer Club. It’s 100% football meets design — cover to cover.

The issue features graphic design, photography, and writing from CSC’s talented collective, including a series of killer soccer club crests by Justin Fines, a photo-reportage on the soccer scene in Haiti by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, and a riotous feature about FC St. Pauli photographed by Kevin Trageser. With 160 pages of World Cup-inspired content, a free Adidas / Arkitip / Chinatown Soccer Club scarf and a slick double-sided poster, you’ll be sure to keep that one-track-football-mind happy for at least a few post-Cup days!

Each issue comes with an Adidas / Arkitip / Chinatown Soccer Club scarf and an 18″x24″ double-sided poster designed by Dan Funderburgh

World Cup Fever » African Arenas

July 3, 2010

All photos from African Arenas © Thomas Hoeffgen

At this stage of the tournament, with so many favored teams crashing out (see yesterday’s Brazil v. Holland shock) and with the hopes of entire continents dashed by the sporting fates (poor Ghana! perfidious Suárez!) it may be time for a reminder that the World Cup is, after all, about football. At the heart of the carefully managed fanfare of this four-yearly feast is a simple game, played with no more than a ball and a set of posts. A new book by photographer Thomas Hoeffgen, African Arenas, captures just that pared-down beauty of the game.

Hoeffgen’s project spans more than a decade, during which he photographed African footballers and playing-fields in about a dozen countries throughout the continent. In many ways he presents a sober portrait of the sport: the most striking of his images reveal the football not of vuvuzelas and corporate-sponsored super-stadia but of the half-abandoned edges of daily life. His players duke it out on communal football pitches of packed earth or yellow grass — in open spaces under concrete overpasses and in the lots of the dry, suburban grid. What he reveals in African Arenas clearly transcends these few, frenzied weeks of the World Cup. Stripping back the layers of South Africa 2010 in these spare and honest photographs, he rediscovers for us the intensity and passion that the game demands from those who play it.

Thomas Hoeffgen works mostly in advertising and editorial photography and has shot campaigns for, among others, Adidas and Red Bull. See more of his work here and buy his African Arenas here. Also, for those of you who speak the German, check out this nice little interview he did with Spiegel Online.

All photos from African Arenas © Thomas Hoeffgen

Shutterbug » Serpentine Snaps

March 22, 2010

Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Dendroaspis Viridis

Dendroaspis Viridis © Guido Mocafico 2003

“What animal has inspired as much dread, as many legends, indeed, as much revulsion and terror as the snake? Demon, divinity, sacred animal protector, ancestor – the nature and importance of this creature’s role has changed throughout history. Among the 2,700 known species, few are dangerous, let alone lethal, to humans, but prejudices run deep. These images look at this family of animals with a mysterious biology, and of which new species are still being discovered.” — Steidl Publishing

Serpens is a slithering collection of still lives portraying various serpent species by Italian/Swiss/French photographer Guido Mocafico. The two-phased collection, (view Part 1 and Part 2 here) precisely documents the hypnotizing beauty of these creatures: from their geometric skins to each exquisite color palette.

Typical of his still life collections (another favorite are his watch innards portraits), the snakes are arranged atop a black background and photographed with nothing but perfect technical skill – offering up a blank slate of symbolism for each new observer. Mocafico’s works pull from many old-school art styles: Dutch Renaissance still lives, the slightly morbid concept of nature morte arrangements (identifiable by either rotting organics or a skull or two), as well as the anthropological, large-format cataloging style of Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Dendroaspis ViridisGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Lampropeltis Getula Nigrita
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Lampropeltis PyromelanaGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Vipera Ammodytes
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Dendroaspis Jamesoni JamesoniiGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Lampropeltis Getula Californiae
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Boiga Dendrophila MelanotaGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Bothriechis Schlegeli
Guido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Rhynchophis BoulengeriGuido Mocafico's Serpens Series: Vipera Aspis
All images ©2003 from Guido Mocafico’s Serpens Series
Rows from top (left to right): Dendroaspis Viridis, Lampropeltis Getula Nigrita, Lampropeltis Pyromelana, Vipera Ammodytes, Dendroaspis Jamesoni Jamesonii, Lampropeltis Getula Californiae, Boiga Dendrophila Melanota, Bothriechis Schlegeli, Rhynchophis Boulengeri, and Vipera Aspis

Fashion Scout » Q&A with Nimi » StyleTube Conquers London

January 27, 2010

iLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street Style
iLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street Style
iLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street Style

Part 2 of our Q&A with urban style blogger Nimi Avigal, creator of the Tel Aviv-based blog iLook, takes us to trend-oozing London, where he’s well underway with his latest fashionable undertaking: StyleTube. Nimi’s new blog keeps to the same no-frills format of capturing urban fashion trends as it’s Israeli sister site. But the differences in cultural chic are clear! Check out the blogger’s thoughts on the shift between fashion back in Tel Aviv and his new UK home as well as a selection of our favorite subjects from the blog!

QGive us an update! Where are you living & what are you working on?

Although my new blog, StyleTube is centered around London street style, I actually live in Cambridge, which is about an hour from London by train.

QWhat are the biggest differences btwn fashion in Tel Aviv and London?

The biggest difference is the weather! Tel Aviv never gets that cold, so people don’t need to bundle themselves up. Besides that, in Tel Aviv people care less about fashion, and tend to keep it simple, preferring comfort and just looking sexy over being trendy. Here in London people are much more up to date, trendy and experimental.

QWhat do you miss about Tel Avivi fashion? What don’t you miss?

I mostly miss sunglasses. Since the sun here doesn’t really require people to use the accessory, they don’t. I don’t miss sandals. As Blair said: “Sandals are not shoes!”.

QWhat are the biggest trends in London right now? Your favorite trend?

Faux fur is one of the biggest trends here (I’d say Dr. Martens, but that’s old news). I’m really glad faux fur has taken real fur’s place, and that organizations such as PETA keep reminding us how awful the fur industry is.

QIf someone has one weekend to shop it up, where should they go?

I love the small stores in East London around Brick Lane, the vintage stores in Camden Market, and of course Topshop in Oxford Circus.

QWhat’s next? New city or back to Tel Aviv?

I’ll eventually go back to Tel Aviv. If I could go anywhere, I’d go to New York: I can’t get enough of that city and, although I’ve never lived there, it feels like home.

QCraziest London story so far?

Since people here drive on the left side of the street, It took me a while to figure out which direction I should look before crossing. I got a life lesson when someone ran over my foot. Luckily, my boots saved me!

Read the full Q&A at MTV Iggy!

Fashion Scout » Q&A with iLook’s Nimi » Tel Aviv Street Style Deciphered

January 27, 2010

iLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street Style
iLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street Style
iLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street Style

Last summer, while scurrying around Tel Aviv for an MTV Iggy feature on the city’s lively design, music, and pop-culture scene, I managed to take a quick coffee break with Nimi Avigal (creator of iLook and the new London-centric StyleTube) to discuss the in’s and out’s of being Tel Aviv’s sole street style blogger. Under a very sticky laurel tree on King George Street, we talked about the quirks of Israeli style, the lessons learned from his stint in the army, and how we’re both unhealthily obsessed with online DIY marketplace, Etsy. Check out the full Q&A below with our favorite snaps from the blog. Also, don’t miss our follow-up with the blogger – now prowling the streets of London for the city’s most stylish Brits!

QSo, who’s worth taking a picture of? What’s your process?

I just walk around; I see hundreds of people and just, whoever catches my eye… I don’t look for anything specific; I just wait for something to jump out at me. It’s mostly young people. In Israel, older people don’t really go for a unique style; they stick to what’s conservative.

QIt’s also a little hard to get creative – all the unique stuff is so expensive here!

Not only expensive, it takes courage – older people are simply more conservative.

QSo, where in your travels did you see some really curious, daring fashion?

In London! I just love London! The style! Here it would take hundreds of people to get one good photo and there, it’s like, every five! It’s so fun, because it’s much easier to get pictures. I also like the style in New York – especially Williamsburg – the feeling, the atmosphere – relaxed but cool. Like how the East Village used to be, but it’s no longer that way…

QSometimes they’re a little too cool…

Yes, but for me, someone who was there for only a week, it was fun. In Israel we have a holiday called Purim (similar to Halloween) and we have this saying: “it’s a pity it’s not Purim everyday”…

QThere are definitely some cities that embrace that saying: Tokyo, London…

And it’s fun! But, it can get a bit competitive… Here in Israel, I can walk out [of the house] wearing anything anywhere if I wanted to and no one would judge me if I’m not “fashionable” enough. In Manhattan, I did feel I needed to stand up to the level. But for vacation, it’s fun to play along – I only took my best clothes and my camera…

QGive me your favorite!

You know Kedem Sasson? You can see his influences from the East – like the big shapes – oversized…

QYes, like djellabas almost…

Very creative, yes. So, he takes the Far East and gives it a touch of sophistication – a little haute couture. You know he’s on the Israeli Project Runway – you know, like that guy who coaches the contestants?

QLike, the Israeli Tim Gunn?! Is he as sweet?

Yes, totally sweet!

iLook - Tel Aviv Street Style BlogiLook - Tel Aviv Street Style BlogiLook - Tel Aviv Street Style Blog

QSo, when did iLook start?

It’s been going for three years now and I had no prior experience… I wasn’t even really aware of street fashion or the fashion world. I just Googled street fashion and found some really amazing stuff…

QThere are some great blogs out there…

Yeah, like Hel Looks in Helsinki? I really love that one…

QYes! One of my favorites!

So I decided to hit the street – I walked to Shenkin Street – and I saw this girl wearing a Victorian dress with glowing pink bangs (the rest of her hair was black)… and I thought, why can’t Israel have a street fashion website? So, I came back home and I Googled “Israeli street fashion” and there was nothing. So I made one. It was very spontaneous: I just took my camera and walked down the street and started photographing people.

QAnd the response was?

At first they were confused because they didn’t know where the content was going to live – blogs weren’t as common three years ago… But now people are much more aware – almost everyone has a blog! Now, when I tell people “I have a street fashion blog…” people aren’t as confused. Some of them even know about iLook!

QWhat other info do you gather from your subjects?

Yes, and sometimes I ask them a few more questions, like, if they make their own clothes I ask them where they sell the stuff… or I might ask them their profession – I think it’s interesting…

QYeah! What does an Israeli accountant wear? Or a math geek with amazing style?

I try to engage with them a bit – after they tell me what they wear, they tend to get more talkative…

QThe icebreaker! Any styles you thought you would never see in Tel Aviv?

One day I came across three Lolitas! They were so cute – exactly like the pictures you see from Japan! The middle girl was a bit American Beauty: blond with braids… In Israel we have very few of these – maybe five total in Tel Aviv. I think mostly because it’s so hot here… and because it really does look like a costume. I had a few Lolitas contact me – asking me to take their picture. I think they just want to be recognized and accepted…

QSo, is iLook your bread and butter?

Oh, no! Some of my pictures are featured in Israeli magazines but that pays very little. I’m a lawyer, actually. Yes… I am…

QNo way! What kind of law!?

I just finished my bar exam but I’m leaning towards human rights law…

QGood choice! Did you pass the bar!?

Yes, thank you! So, I’m on vacation right now… I started the blog during my studies. It was a nice balance: work & play.

QDid you also design the blog yourself? It’s so pleasantly minimal…

Yes, in fact, during my military service I was in charge of designing websites – administrative stuff – but I would have fun with it, get creative… It was a great environment for me. When I go abroad, people are shocked that I was in the military. It’s really not that shocking!

iLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street StyleiLook - Tel Aviv Street Style

QSo, what’s next for you, now that you’ve finished your studies?

Well, I’m actually moving to England for nine months! I’m going there with my partner: he’s getting his PhD in linguistics, but I still need to figure out what I’m going to do there! When I went to London I fell in love with the street fashion. Then I got to New York and I felt it was so different. Williamsburg is the one NY neighborhood that feels the closest to the fashion vibe in London…

QManhattan can get a little snobby at times: lots of labels…

…and that doesn’t impress me at all. People can tell me “Oh, it’s Gucci” but… fuck that.

QYeah! I want to hear about the random designer in the Arkansas boondocks!


QDon’t get me started! The time I spend on that site…

It’s amazing – the Internet at its best!

QFor sure – all the tools! So… any crazy travel stories before we go?

Actually, yes: China! I was traveling with a local guide and he took me to his parents’ house in a little village. The house was on stilts under which lived the family pigs. The toilets were just a hole in the floor that led straight to the pigs: circle of life, you know? In the middle of the tiny house was a fireplace from which dinner was made and served. After the humble meal they opened a closet and there inside was a massive plasma TV! Crazy! They watched something Chinese, a soap opera I think, and then everyone went to sleep on the floor around the dying fire. The mixture was so intense… That’s China!

Read the full Q&A at MTV Iggy!

iLook - Tel Aviv Street Style Blog

Shutterbug » I See London, I See France…

January 14, 2010

Daryl Banks Crinoline Flowers #2

Daryl Banks’ Crinoline Flowers #2

A little bit Wicked Witch, a smidgen Alice in Wonderland, and buckets of kink! This series by Toronto photographer Daryl Banks, gracefully called Crinoline Flowers, is a cheerful explosion of undies, fishnets and stilettos. The limited edition prints are available through Eckhart Gallery in Amsterdam for €495 – €1785. But hey, wouldn’t a foursome of these look stellar in your gargantuan walk-in closet?

Daryl Banks Crinoline Flowers #3Daryl Banks Crinoline Flowers #6

Shutterbug » The Antlers Live @ Vibromonk Records!

December 21, 2009

The Antlers at Vibromonk Records in Brooklyn, NYThe Antlers at Vibromonk Records in Brooklyn, NYThe Antlers at Vibromonk Records in Brooklyn, NYThe Antlers at Vibromonk Records in Brooklyn, NYThe Antlers at Vibromonk Records in Brooklyn, NYThe Antlers at Vibromonk Records in Brooklyn, NYThe Antlers at Vibromonk Records in Brooklyn, NYThe Antlers at Vibromonk Records in Brooklyn, NYThe Antlers at Vibromonk Records in Brooklyn, NY

Photo Credit: Lo Martin

Last Friday, December 18th, the Iggy crew headed out for a second live session at Brooklyn’s Vibromonk Records. Our recording just a few months earlier with Youssou N’Dour at this quirky industrial space was such a blast that we quickly snatched up the chance to return – this time with Brooklyn wunder-band, The Antlers. Here are some behind the scenes snaps of the session with Peter, Darby, and Mike – and, not to worry – videos of the shoot will be up in January!

Visit MTV Iggy for the full slideshow and to stream The Antlers’ album, Hospice!

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