Go for the Gold » That Sounds Golden.

July 27, 2012

limited edition 24kt gold-plated Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones by Crystal Rocked

Ideal for long cardio workouts – especially if you’ve always wondered what it’s like to sweat all over two thousand bucks

There’s nothing like some thumping beats to get you through another hard workout. And I’m just going to gloss over the science here and make the assumption that any track sounds better when blasted through gold. So go on then! Head over to Crystal Rocked, your expert in all things bedazzled, and pick up a pair of limited edition 24kt gold-plated Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones. They’re ideal for long cardio workouts – especially if you’ve always wondered what it’s like to sweat all over two thousand bucks worth of bling (it smells the same). They’re also good for squats: think weights, hugging your face. Only 50 of these guys were made (10 are at Harrods in London so you Olympians can hurry over and get a pair too). Best snatch one up before that snob with the Swarovski-encrusted gym shoes does! Oh, and an auditory suggestion for your new tchotchkie… No excuse not to work out now.

Special Feature » Go for the Gold!

July 27, 2012

Golden Nugget

As a toast to the Summer Olympics, we’re rolling out a new special feature here on Lo’s List, enthusiastically titled Go for the Gold. While the London Games unfold, we’ll be celebrating all things Olympics and, well, all things golden. From gilded fashion to golden gadgets to the shiniest tools to help every athlete, for the next few weeks we are all about gold.

Let the games begin!

Shutterbug » Olympic Gold

July 22, 2012

Alice Coachman, 88, High JumpBill Smith, 88, Swimming
Alice Coachman, 88, High Jump (L) and Bill Smith, 88, Swimming (R)

“My father wanted me to be more like a young lady: sittin’ on the porch. And I go to the back door, jump over the fence, and go (running) straight down the street.”
– Alice Coachman

What a moving and motivating piece the New York Times published today. “Their Golden Years” profiles 14 of the 1948 US Olympic team. The series is perfectly photographed (channelling our beloved Avedon) by Damon Winter, with most profiles accompanied by an audio snippet of the athletes conjuring up memories of a very different London games. Sniffling away sentimental tears, I laced up my running shoes and headed out for a hard, 10K tempo run.

Eco-Friendlies » Bobble On!

January 28, 2011

Baby Bobbles

“Each year, nearly 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles. Most of those bottles end up in our landfills, in our oceans, littering our sidewalks.”

With stats like that, the fact that these water-filtering bottles are so slick is superfluous. A new generation of designers, which includes color-happy Karim Rashid, are helping the public ease into an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Make your first foray (or another seasoned step) into green design with Move Collective’s Bobble. For just shy of $10, you get a curvy small, medium, or large recycled, BPA-free bottle with your choice of brightly hued filter-cap. Each cap can filter up to 40 gallons of water before it needs replacing. And, just in time for the little Pipsqueek we’ve got on the way, the company is also making a baby version (above)!

Medium Bobble in PinkMedium Bobble in Blue
Large Bobble in YellowLarge Bobble in Green

Fashion Scout » Moncler’s Gamme Rouge: High Fashion for Low Temps!

December 10, 2010

Moncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 Collection
Moncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 Collection
Moncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 CollectionMoncler Gamme Rouge 2010 Collection
Moncler Gamme Rouge Fall 2010 Collection

Temperatures are dropping here in NYC and Lo’s List is dreaming of a Moncler coat for winter. The Italian-based sportswear brand has been around for decades – popular for its timeless collection of puffy ski jackets. Over the past few years, though, Moncler has moved beyond the slopes, sweeping the world of high fashion. And that probably has something to do with Gamme Rouge.

In 2008, the company tapped swish Italian designer Giambattista Valli to add his haute couture touch to this line of coats. The results: to die for. Veritable works of art, each piece seems to envelope the body like a dazzling, down-filled cocoon. Thus far, he’s kept the Gamme Rouge collections feeling fresh by digging into what seems like an endless fabric bag of tricks: silk and organdy, fur trim, lace embroidery, origami pleats, color-blocking and patchworks…

Our favorite from this year’s Fall 2010 collection: the dramatic ostrich-esque paillette grey cutaway coat (above center). This season, Valli chose a more subdued color palette (mostly black, ecru and camel), integrating square motifs and pastiches of cable knit, wool, mohair and fur. The result is a Gamme Rouge headed in a sleek new direction. Dear Santa – please take note!

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Wave Your Foam Finger! It’s Football Season!

September 14, 2010

top: Retro Brand’s Alabama Crimson Tide and Ohio State Buckeyes Tees
bottom: Retro Brand’s Texas Longhorns and Tennessee Volunteers Tees

Did I mention that Lo’s List loves fall? Well, football is just one more tremendous tradition to add to the list of the season’s offerings. There’s nothing that I look forward to more than a Sunday afternoon / Monday night yelping at the tube with YZ (damn you Jets offense!) and drinking fancypants Belgian beer. To celebrate the time-honored American sports tradition, here’s our roundup of vintage-y, super-soft collegiate football team tees from Retro Brand. All the charm of the prep years minus the dormitories and barfy keg parties.

top: Retro Brand’s Kentucky Wildcats and Cal Bears Tees
bottom: Retro Brand’s Oregon Ducks and Michigan Wolverines Tees

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Sweet on Sutsu

September 7, 2010

Sutsu Logo Bubble and Slash tees

These eco-friendly tees produced in short run batches (only 50 imprints per design!) were enough to open even our jet-lagged eyes this Tuesday when we flew back in from Israel. When we saw they were on sale (30% off!) we almost entirely woke up! Click on over to boardsport clothing company Sutsu’s site and snag an upbeat, earthy tee of your own. If our word isn’t enough to get you scrambling for a specimen, you should be aware that Sutsu’s ambassadors (including athletes Jay Smith and Bert Wright and the band Them is Me) are looking pretty sharp in theirs…

top:Sutsu Singing Birds and Folding Star tees
bottom:Sutsu Tulip Circles and Logo tees

From: Tel Aviv (via Haifa) » Broken Fingaz Crew Sightings!

August 30, 2010

One of our hands-down favorite crews bombing the walls of Tel Aviv is the Haifa-based Broken Fingaz Crew. The 10-year-strong foursome (Tant, Unga, Dezo, and Kip) have a hypnotizing and intricate style which recalls 1960’s psychedelic posters, old school American comics, and B-rated horror flick poster typography. They’ve spent a big chunk of this summer leaving their mark on the walls of Beijing and Guangzhou, having been in China for the MIDI Festival, and are now back in Israel, set to collaborate with Zion Skateboards on some sure-to-be-stellar decks!

Top Ten » Towels for the Beach!

August 12, 2010

Clockwise from top: Yoshitomo Nara, Missoni Jamelia, and Cynthia Rowley for Roxy beach towels

Ever since we left Brooklyn for our summer stint in Israel, YZ and I have had nothing but internet issues. Slow as snails. Effectively exiled from the web, we’ve had no choice but to hit the beach as many times as possible. Every morning we’ve been hopping into the VW and zipping to the north and south of Tel Aviv in search of the perfect swimming spot. A few days in, I realized that there really is nothing better than getting out of the water and wrapping yourself in a fluffy, oversized, perfectly patterned beach towel. Therefore, to honor the last month of summer (insert long sigh here) we’ve collected our favorite towels for bumming around the beach (or pool, if that’s your poison). From the horribly highbrow (oh Prada, so pretentious, so pristine) to the adorably hooded (Dwell’s kiddie towel comes in tons of tot-friendly styles) to my personal favorite, the zen-kawaii option by Japanese pop artist Yoshimoto Nara!

Clockwise from top: Hermès Fonds Marin, Louis Vuitton Cosmic Blossom, Orla Kiely Multi Stem Print, Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc, Lacoste Crocomer, Dwell Studio Owls Sky, and Prada Logo beach towels

World Cup Fever » What’s Your Dance?

July 11, 2010

Last night I dreamed I was at the finals. I was dressed in full Oranje regalia with a cheese wedge hat. With an hour to go before the finals, nerves at all three Martin-Verhoeven camps are high and I keep getting random bouts of the goosebumps. I’ve been practicing my Roger Milla-inspired goal dance (with the hopes that I will be calling upon it at least once this afternoon) and am so hopped up on coffee I can’t quite complete a sentence. The final day of the cup is here and, although I clearly want my Dutch peeps to come out on top, it’s just a thrill to watch them fight for the chance.

Before this Beautiful party comes to a close, I wanted to share one of my favorite ads from the World Cup tournament, an animated spot that the Cameroonian legend Roger Milla did with Puma (shown at top). Animated by James Blagden, the video recounts Milla’s triumphant return to football for the 1990 World Cup during which he carried his national team to the Quarter Finals (a first for any African nation) and introduced the now-obligatory victory dance to the sport. Also worth checking out is the charming Coca-Cola advert that further delves into the victory dance (shown here at left).

World Cup Fever » Svolme Some Neon!!

July 10, 2010

Svolme black backpack

Just one more day of World Cup action. { sniiiiif… } Today’s game for third place (what a doozy) found me screaming at the Celeste to “just score another f***ing goal” in a desperate plea to see the match stretch on for another 30 minutes. Not that wailing during a footie match is anything out of the usual for me, but I want to eat up every fleeting minute at this point.

Thing is, if I had ever been a footballer (I ran X-country) I would have had to be a goalie, what with those killer outfits they’re always wearing. Each World Cup I revel in the flashy, clashy ensembles featured in the penalty box. A stellar collection out of Japan that screams goalie chic with a day-to-day sensibility is Japan’s Svolme label. Although the company’s tag line is “Vive con el Fùtbol” this line is more Harajuku Cosplay than anything else. The 2010 Spring/Summer collection is full of track suits, jerseys, and accessories in neon pink, aqua, and yellow, paired with gray, navy and black. If you’re more of a toned-down fashionista, there are certainly some quieter items worth drooling over like the rubbery-looking backpack above!

Clockwise from top left: black Descarga tank, black & gray baseball cap, and black & pink track suit

World Cup Fever » Top Ten Soccer Balls!

July 9, 2010

Loomstate’s recycled denim and organic canvas soccer balls

It’s always a thrill to see a universal object transformed into artful keepsakes by a whole slew of creative folk. Here’s a roundup of our 10 favorite designer footballs (with a few from previous years that we couldn’t pass up), including a design from Lo’s List favorite Genevieve Gaukler (check out our Gauckler T-Shirt Tuesday post), and the obvious overall favorite, SFIDA! For you die-hards, check out more Lo’s List World Cup action here…

Top row: SFIDA’s No More War Ball, Calle Smooth Criminal Ball, and SFIDA’s España Ball
Middle row: Adidas Y-3 Ball, SFIDA I'm Only One Ball, and X-Large Los Angeles Ball
Bottom row: SFIDA’s Tomorrowland × Fabrick Ball, Calle Street Ball, Stitch x Alexander Girard Ball

World Cup Fever » Arkitip + Chinatown Soccer Club

July 7, 2010

Foosball illustration by Dan Funderburgh

Starting to worry about how you’ll fill your days once the Cup is over? With just two games left to enjoy, you might be wondering: “how will I live without my daily dose of soccer?!”. Well, to help you transition back to the real world, order a copy of Arkitip’s Issue №0055 (the World Cup special edition), done in collaboration with Chinatown Soccer Club. It’s 100% football meets design — cover to cover.

The issue features graphic design, photography, and writing from CSC’s talented collective, including a series of killer soccer club crests by Justin Fines, a photo-reportage on the soccer scene in Haiti by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, and a riotous feature about FC St. Pauli photographed by Kevin Trageser. With 160 pages of World Cup-inspired content, a free Adidas / Arkitip / Chinatown Soccer Club scarf and a slick double-sided poster, you’ll be sure to keep that one-track-football-mind happy for at least a few post-Cup days!

Each issue comes with an Adidas / Arkitip / Chinatown Soccer Club scarf and an 18″x24″ double-sided poster designed by Dan Funderburgh

World Cup Fever » Artists’ Interpretation

July 7, 2010

FIFA Official Art Posters: Isolde Krams’ “Red Elephant” and Cameron Platter’s “The Battle”

This year’s official World Cup South Africa poster — conceived by Switch Design’s Johannesburg office — is a stunner, but the Cup is never just about a single team. Why have one when you can have 17? For the second time (check out the 2006 inaugural series) FIFA’s Official Art Posters project has commissioned a group of global artists to give their impression of the Beautiful Game. Featuring works by William Kentridge, Marlene Dumas and Romero Britto, amongst others, each design is printed in limited edition runs of 2010 copies and comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a nifty FIFA Hologram (why are holograms so damn mesmerizing? More on that coming soon…). Snag your favorite (must. have. red. elephant) before they’re all gone.

FIFA Official Art Posters clockwise from top left: Peter Eastman’s “Stadium”, William Kentridge’s “Bicycle Kick”, Robert Slingsby’s “The Midas Touch”, and Julie Mehretu’s “Stadia II”

World Cup Fever » African Arenas

July 3, 2010

All photos from African Arenas © Thomas Hoeffgen

At this stage of the tournament, with so many favored teams crashing out (see yesterday’s Brazil v. Holland shock) and with the hopes of entire continents dashed by the sporting fates (poor Ghana! perfidious Suárez!) it may be time for a reminder that the World Cup is, after all, about football. At the heart of the carefully managed fanfare of this four-yearly feast is a simple game, played with no more than a ball and a set of posts. A new book by photographer Thomas Hoeffgen, African Arenas, captures just that pared-down beauty of the game.

Hoeffgen’s project spans more than a decade, during which he photographed African footballers and playing-fields in about a dozen countries throughout the continent. In many ways he presents a sober portrait of the sport: the most striking of his images reveal the football not of vuvuzelas and corporate-sponsored super-stadia but of the half-abandoned edges of daily life. His players duke it out on communal football pitches of packed earth or yellow grass — in open spaces under concrete overpasses and in the lots of the dry, suburban grid. What he reveals in African Arenas clearly transcends these few, frenzied weeks of the World Cup. Stripping back the layers of South Africa 2010 in these spare and honest photographs, he rediscovers for us the intensity and passion that the game demands from those who play it.

Thomas Hoeffgen works mostly in advertising and editorial photography and has shot campaigns for, among others, Adidas and Red Bull. See more of his work here and buy his African Arenas here. Also, for those of you who speak the German, check out this nice little interview he did with Spiegel Online.

All photos from African Arenas © Thomas Hoeffgen

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