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October 16, 2012

Jaime Hayon's Baccarat Zoo Bears

“Receptacle or Art Toy, every character exudes its optimistic narrative strength, full of magic and imagination.” Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon is on the fast track to completely winning over my heart. First there was his Green Chicken, with its childish, nonsensical spirit, and now, in collaboration with French glassworks legend, Baccarat, Hayon has created these spectacular crystal and porcelain vessels for a collection simply titled: Baccarat Zoo. Their tongue-in-cheek opulence is right on the money (a hefty wad of money).

I’ve got my heart set on the bears above: which is going to put Henri’s college fund back a few notches, but I’m sure he won’t mind as he wistfully stares at the cubs: perched faaaaar out of curious baby’s reach. If you’re more of a duck or monkey person then you’re in luck: the collection includes a few of those critters as well. Sorry. No giraffes.

Duck Duck Goose » Think-Inducing Toys for Tots

February 24, 2011

Little Sapling Toys Organic Number Blocks
Little Sapling Toys Brainbow Stacking Nesting ArchesLittle Sapling Toys Organic Rattle
Little Sapling Toys Organic Sapling StackerLittle Sapling Toys Organic Camera
top: Organic Number Blocks
top: Brainbow Stacking Nesting Arches and Organic Rattle
bottom: Organic Sapling Stacker and Organic Camera

As motherhood inches nearer, I find my mind is preoccupied: where to put the crib, what to put on the iPod for our (hopefully short) stint in the birthing wing of Roosevelt Hospital, whether little Pipsqueek will be as boisterous as his/her cousin Lir, the baby’s college fund, where we’re sending the little munchkin to preschool… Every parenthood-related article that comes my way is read and pondered. It’s clear: my priorities are shifting.

Along with this new lioness mentality comes my scrutiny of modern-day toys: what happened to the gorgeous and imagination-provoking toys of old? I remember this beautiful wooden duck I had when I was a child. I loved it… There are still a few purist companies out there: with toys that don’t require an army of batteries to amuse, that don’t just give it all away without evoking an ounce of exploration. Kid O (which we’ve reviewed here and here) is one. We were thrilled to find another: Little Sapling Toys on Etsy. Nick and Kimber’s collection of wooden teethers, blocks, rattles, and Montessori-esque puzzles are minimalist and beautiful, with delicately rounded corners and a lovely finish of jojoba oil and beeswax. Most of the inventory is available in maple, walnut, and cherry wood versions and now, with they nifty new laser engraver, personalized products are an option for those possessive babies on your list… Toys range from $12 for teethers to $80 for a personalized rocking horse!

“We plant a tree for every toy sold, use FSC Certified hardwoods, recycled content packaging and participate in our local green power program.” — Little Sapling Toys

Kawaii! » Angry Birds are Back! And Cuddly! Piggies Too! Oink!

February 23, 2011

Angry Birds' Yellow BirdAngry Birds' Moustache Pig
Angry Birds' King PigAngry Birds' Blue Bird
top: Yellow Bird and Moustache Pig
bottom: King Pig and Blue Bird

So, we all know that one of the best (and cutest) games on mobile devices these days is Rovio’s Angry Birds. Not only is the game ever-expanding, they make kick-ass seasonal versions (did you SEE the valentine’s day edition? Cupid piggies!!). Well, for us devoted fans, there’s one more piece of the Angry Bird empire you can own: the characters… as plushes! Choose your side: Piggies or Birds, or just sit on the fence and collect them all. The plushes are available in three sizes: 5″, 8″, or 16″. Limited quantities available so fly on over before they’re all gone!

Duck Duck Goose » Get a Grip!

January 27, 2011

top: Collégien Fête Blue Stripes and Red Polka Dots
bottom: Collégien Fête Babushka and Fauvette Redhead

The history of this company is almost as wonderful as the products they make. Located behind a little church in the French town of Tarn, the Guille family factory has existed for nearly 150 years, and has been churning out socks for about 80 of those. In 1947, the company launched its Collégien brand – a selection of sock-shoe hybrids perfect for those little tots who’ve just learned to walk and are now slipping and sliding all over the wooden floors of your apartment. Each pair is made with soft cotton knit and perforated rubber soles. Choose from a huge selection of patterns and novelty styles as well as calf and knee-high versions. Oh, and for all you envious old-folk – they have parent-sized socks too.

Kawaii! » Learn your Emoticons!

January 25, 2011

Gung's Kaoiro Japanese Emoticon Stamp
Gung's Kaoiro Japanese Emoticon StampGung's Kaoiro Japanese Emoticon Stamp

Totally useless? Perhaps. The envy of any desk trinket collection? For sure. These custom emoticon stamps from Tokyo-based company Gung are ready to crank out more than 2000 Japanese-esque smilie faces. The stationary showpiece, called Kaoiro (which means “facial expression” in Japanese) is available in three finishes (natural wood, white, or black) for the {ahem} modest price of 2,700¥ – about 33 dollars. No one said frivolity was cheap.

( • – • )

In the Bag » Lir’s First Backpack!

January 4, 2011

Skip*Hop Owl Backpack
Built NY Munchler Lunch BagSkip*Hop Hug and Hide Activity OwlRufus Butler Seder's Gallop! Scanimation Picture Book
Tangle Creations Textured TangleJapanese StickersChopper Chums Shark Puppet
Jellycat If I Were a Cow Board BookLiquid Motion ToyDr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who!
top: Skip*Hop Owl Backpack
first row: Built NY Munchler Lunch Bag, Skip*Hop Activity Owl, and Rufus Butler Seder's Gallop!
Second row: Tangle Creations Textured Tangle, Japanese Stickers, and Chopper Chums Shark
Third row: Jellycat If I Were a Cow Book, Liquid Motion Toy, and Dr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who!

Yesterday we bid a very sad farewell to little Lir who, with her parents, jetted off to visit her Safta in Tel Aviv for 2 long months! I needed to be sure she had all the superfluous doodads she might want during her stay so, I packed her a sweet little owl backpack from Skip*Hop full of fun things from her Doda and Dodo.

1Skip*Hop Owl Backpack$20

Skip*Hop Owl BackpackPretty much everything by Skip*Hop is not only adorable but intelligently designed and seemingly made by little baby toy engineers. Since Lir has now mastered owl sounds “hooo hooo” we decided that this backpack, with two compartments and a handy side pouch for her water, would be just right.

2Built NY Benny Munchler illustrated by Stephen Savage$5.50

Built NY Munchler Lunch BagA growing (and sometimes moody) one-year-old needs plenty of snacks. This Benny the Lion Munchler bag by another Lo’s List favorite, Built NY, was a perfect way to ensure that Lir’s (ba)nana would stay nice and fresh during an afternoon stroll in Tel Aviv.

3Skip*Hop Hug and Hide Activity Owl$18

Skip*Hop Hug and Hide Activity OwlThis Skip*Hop momma and baby owl is sure to keep any curious tyke busy. Baby owl squeeks and fits neatly into momma’s pouch, who’s belly jingles, one wing crinkles, the other has a little mirror, one claw has a leafy chew toy, the other a wooden ring to grasp…

4Rufus Butler Seder's Gallop! Scanimation Picture Book$12

Rufus Butler Seder's Gallop! Scanimation Picture BookThis book by Rufus Butler Seder is spectacular. And a great compromise for parents trying to ward off the evils of television, iphones, and other drone-inducing electronic gadgets. Each page holds a scanimation: galloping horse, crowing rooster, etc.

5Tangle Creations Textured Tangle$12

Tangle Creations Textured TangleThis is a great little gadget – pretty simple in concept but somehow addictive – even to us old folks. Tangle Creations makes a whole line of this product, including a chrome-looking version that’s pretty slick…

6Japanese Stickers$3.50

Japanese StickersLir has officially discovered stickers and, like any little girl, can’t get enough of them (oh how I cherished my sticker collection). So, just to torment her Safta, we sent Lir en route with plenty of sticky pictures to plaster all over grandma’s house.

7Chopper Chums Shark Puppet$15

Chopper Chums Shark PuppetLir doesn’t shy away from the more ominous characters in the animal kingdom. In fact, I would say lions and sharks are around the top of her list – if not only for the “WRAAAAR” sounds they make. This shark puppet from Chopper Chums will surely help get her narrative across.

8Jellycat If I Were a Cow Board Book$11

Jellycat If I Were a Cow Board BookEach page of this board book from Jellycat has something tactile to discover. And, if cows aren’t your thing, choose from If I Were a Bunny, Giraffe, Hippo, Kitten, Pig, Puppy, Sheep, Zebra, or Elephant. All come with appropriate tail.

9Liquid Motion Toy$6

Liquid Motion ToyThink of this as baby’s first Lava Lamp. I’m hoping that this little liquid motion toy helped satiate Lir during the 10-hour flight to Tel Aviv. And, perhaps the pink and blue colors mixing to make purple will provide as her first color theory lesson…

10Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!$10

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!Lir has already blazed through Hop on Pop, One Fish Two Fish, and There’s a Wocket in my Pocket! so, we figured it was time to add another Seuss classic to her liberry: Horton Hears a Who! We ♥ the cotton candy blue and salmony pink/red color scheme (oh and Horton of course).

Top Ten » Thank You Santa!

December 28, 2010

DKNY Shaped Down Jacket
Alexander Wang Rocco DuffleBarney's SocksMaison Scotch Toggle Poncho
Mariage Fréres Lapsang Souchong TeaRestoration Hardware Cashmere HandwarmersLili's Truffles
Tretorn Snow JoggerShel Silverstein's Falling UpKanoodles
top: DKNY Shaped Down Jacket
first row: Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle, Barney's Socks, and Maison Scotch Toggle Poncho
Second row: Mariage Fréres Lapsang Souchong Tea, Restoration Hardware Hand-warmers, Lili's Truffles
Third row: Tretorn Snow Jogger, Shel Silverstein's Falling Up, and Kanoodles

Oh Santa! I almost forgive you for that flu you plagued YZ and I with this Xmas, what with all the juicy gifts you lugged down our chimney along with it. All in all, the 25th was a veritable indulge-fest, with everything on my list neatly wrapped in recycled paper under the tree. Top that with a visit from our niece Lir – who also benefited from being more nice than naughty this year – and her parents, a magnificent brunch orchestrated by YZ, and an all-out blizzard (albeit a day late) – 2010 was a keeper in the Book of Holidays.

1DKNY Shaped Down Jacket$2295

DKNY Shaped Down JacketNot that I didn’t love my very loud Burton pixel jacket, it was high time for a new winter coat. And, seeing that there’s a bun in the oven (just going to slip that one under the radar), I needed something with a wee bit of room to grow. DKNY’s classy collection of outerwear was just the place…

2Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle$875

Alexander Wang Rocco DuffleI don’t want to tell you how much time I’ve wasted drooling over the Alexander Wang Rocco bag. And now it’s mine. Santa searched high and wide for the exact model I wanted and found it at a Barney’s in Chicago. It did come with a Claus(e) teehee: no more bags ’till next Christmas. That’ll be tough.

3Lots ‘o’ Socksvar.

Barney's SocksAnyone who knows me is aware of my weakness for loud socks and this year I got a massive dose of the accessory. Thanks to Itamar & Nessa for the stunning Vivienne Westwood over-the-knee pair and to Santa for the Barney’s and Happy Socks numbers.

4Maison Scotch Toggle Poncho$93

Maison Scotch Toggle PonchoI’m a sucker for big, knitted sweaters and usually find some greats in the men’s department of some of my favorite chains. But, for a change, this Fair Isle Toggle Poncho from Amsterdam’s Maison Scotch has all the snuggle factor with a bit more femininity.

5Mariage Fréres Lapsang Souchong Tea$9.50

Mariage Fréres Lapsang Souchong TeaIf you’re a tea lover like YZ and I, then you know that any old Twinings just won’t do. And, when you’re plowing through the holidays abstaining from all the tasty Champagne, wine, Hot Toddies, and Egg Nog, it’s good to know you have the very king of tea purveyors – Mariage Fréres – to keep you warm.

6Restoration Hardware Cashmere Handwarmers$10

Restoration Hardware Cashmere HandwarmersJust in time for the big blizzard, these snuggly cashmere-covered hand-warmers from Restoration Hardware are the perfect remedy to walking in a winter wonderland. They’re still available in four of the original colors and at half price – just $10 a pop! You can also purchase replacement gel packs.

7Lili's Truffles

Lili's TrufflesI think we can all agree that Christmas and homemade goodies go hand in hand. We can always count on or favorite neighbors Lili & Thomas for a sampling of Lili’s scrumptious truffles. Check out one of our favorite foodie blogs, Smitten Kitchen, for a hazelnut/chocolate version.

8Tretorn Snow Jogger$75

Tretorn Snow JoggerI’m a total Tretorn junkie – been wearing the same style sneaker for years now – they’re just too comfy. So, it came as no surprise that these Tretorn Snow Joggers are the most foot-friendly pair of winter boots I’ve ever donned. Go on weather. Show me what you’ve got.

9Shel Silverstein Booksvar.

Shel Silverstein's Falling UpIn anticipation of our Summer bundle of joy, I’ve taken a head start on building the little one’s personal library. Alongside several Coralie Bickford-Smith designed editions, Pipsqueek will of course need all the Shel Silverstein classics. So, under the tree we found Runny Babbit and Falling Up.


KanoodlesKanoodle is the most addictive game since I first set my paws on Tetris. Colorful, compact, and with two puzzles to solve – one 2D and one 3D, this will provide you with hours of fun. Perfect for all those airport delays and that long trip back home.

Gift Guide » Top Ten Handmade Finds @ Etsy

December 2, 2010

Beau Champing Alfabeto Print
The Pin Pals Pine Tree Hair BarretteEtco White Gold Paper Mini BowlMudpuppy Baby Head Vase/Planter
Flying Star Toys Molehill MouseNonfiction Tees' Minerals Geology TeeMacha Jewelry Karis Gold Ring
Less and More Crafting Cindy Wooden Desk OrganizerIng00te's Dad and Me Felted SlippersPeace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger Bag
top: Beau Champing Alfabeto Print
first row: The Pin Pals Pine Barrettes, Etco Paper Bowl, and Mudpuppy Baby Head Vase
second row: Flying Star Toys Molehill Mouse, Nonfiction’s Minerals Tee, and Macha Karis Ring
third row: Less and More Crafting Cindy Organizer, Ing00te's Dad and Me Felted Slippers, and Peace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger Bag

Etsy has to be one of the coolest places for gift giving — simply because most of the offerings on the site are handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. But, with this endless trove of offerings, a bushy-eyed shopper can quickly get dissuaded by too much good stuff! So, just in time for the holidays: our top ten suggested Etsy gifts (check out last year’s Etsy guide) for all the people on your list! We’ve tried to offer up a good cross-section of what the crafty marketplace has to offer: ceramics and housewares, clothes and accessories, sewn plushes and things for the little ones, and of course, art and prints! If you’re looking to take a deeper dive, be sure to explore Etsy’s numerous browsing tools here!

1Beau Champing Alfabeto Print$75

Beau Champing Alfabeto PrintWhether for bilingual baby or just the foyer, this slick, limited edition (175 copies) xylene transfer print by Beauchamping adds a humorous wink to any room. Don’t worry, there’s an aglo version too!

2The Pin Pals Pine Tree Hair Barrette$12

The Pin Pals Pine Tree Hair BarretteCan’t forget to stuff the stockings! After the big gifts have been drooled over, it’s fun to dig into your stocking and find glee in the small stuff. The selection of cross stitched barrettes, buttons, and brooches in The Pin Pal’s store are a great place to start. Ahem! Lo wants these wintery evergreens please…

3Etco White Gold Paper Mini Bowl$10

Etco White Gold Paper Mini BowlWe’re loving the delicate and precious look of these bitty gilded papier-mâché bowls from Etco’s store. What’s more, they’re eco-friendly: made with recycled paper. Choose gold, bronze, or silver inner sheen with a black, white, or brown outer gloss. A perfect place to store a trinket or jewel…

4Mudpuppy Baby Head Vase/Planter$40

Mudpuppy Baby Head Vase/PlanterFor the slightly off-kilter green thumb on your list, these hilarious baby head vases (which also work as planters) from Mudpuppy are a top-notch gift! We also love the way they look with the tillandsia air plants (which you can also buy at Mudpuppy’s shop). A one-stop solution!

5Flying Star Toys Molehill Mouse$60

Flying Star Toys Molehill MouseOooh! These cute-cute-cute molehill mousies from Flying Star Toys are great for kids of any age! Despite their patchworkishness (?) these plushes are still super elegant. The store has a constantly rotating collection of critters so check back often!

6Nonfiction Minerals Tee$18

Nonfiction Minerals TeeFor the t-shirt aficionado or science geek on Santa’s list, the selection at Nonfiction Tees is a perfect fit. We’re digging the very bling Minerals design – can you name all the gemstones? The store offers up a ton of other great options like the Carbon Cycle Tee and the Dinosaur Evolution Tee!

7Macha Jewelry Karis Gold Ring$510

Macha Jewelry Karis Gold RingMove over sugar-plums! This Karis ring over at Macha Jewelry’s shop has been the sole vision dancing through my head. I just love the combination of the 9k gold cathedral setting and silver rock… YZ? Are you there? There are lots of other great rings at the shop too — perfect for the holiday engagement!

8Less and More Crafting Cindy Wooden Desk Organizer$57

Less and More Crafting Cindy Wooden Desk OrganizerThis minimalist wooden organizer would be a welcome addition to my OCD home! There are so many great ways to use these desk accessories from Less and More: pens and pencils, thread bobbins, makeup organizer, minimalist vase… Chose from a variety of sizes and finishes.

9Ing00te's Dad and Me Felted Slippers$125

Ing00te's Dad and Me Felted SlippersMatching Dad and Me felted slippers? How precious would these look in those keepsake holiday photos of you and your little one cuddled up reading The Polar Express by the fireplace? Ing00te’s shop has a gobs of stunning slippers to choose from: a must-peruse!

10Peace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger Bag$300

Peace4You Upcycled Paul 2023 Messenger BagFor the rugged guy on your list, snag this Upcycled Messenger Bag — made from bits and pieces of an italian duffle, a leather jacket, some 60-year-old linen, a school bag and a vintage Navy kit bag. The bags in Peace4You’s shop have just the right classy meets couldn’t-care-less fashion sensibility.

Gift Guide » Top Ten Treats for Tots!

November 29, 2010

top: Studio 49 Carl Orff Xylophone
first row: Kaiku Push Pull Wagon, Kid O Floating Ducks, and Franck & Fischer Bobby Cuddle Cloth
second row: Elsie Dodds "M" Pillow, GAP Snowsuit, and My Nose Smells Funny by Andy Smith
third row: Keep Benten Boat Shoe, Kikkerland EZ Fold Short Step Stool, and P'kolino Coat Hanger

Hip hip hooray! ‘Tis that time of year again: christmas trees, wreaths, family get togethers, snuggling up by the fireplace singing carols, oh, yes… and lots of gift giving! Now that we’ve gotten through Turkey Day, Lo’s List will be cranking out gift guides for every size and shape of critter on your list — from now till the big 2-5 (with some Hanukkah goodness along the way).

What better way to kick things off than with the wee ones!! We’ve been channeling our inner tot (and taking some serious notes from Baby Lir) and have come up with the Lo’s List top ten baby-must-have-it gifts for 2010 (check out last year’s guide here). Of course, it’s all a matter of taste, and in our world, the more color and critters the better! Lir can back us up on this one: there are few things she likes more than tucking into her Zoologique book and mimicking every animal’s voice. She’s got almost a dozen locked down: bird, snake, cow, dog, cat, bear, lion, fish, monkey, horse…

1Studio 49 Carl Orff Xylophone$300

The key to giving baby gifts is keeping the fragile state of their parents in mind. In lieu of a harsh, metal xylophone, nurture their musical ear with a mellower wooden xylophone from Studio 49.

2Kaiku Push Pull Wagon$165

At around the 1-year marker, babies seem to really dig pushing/pulling stuff around… I’m not one for mini baby strollers as that just seems weird to me. This tougher Push Pull Wagon from Kaiku is more my cup of tea. But act quick – these are selling like hotcakes!

3Kid O Floating Ducks$12

Duckies are a mandatory bath time accessory. This mother and baby duck nesting duo from Lo’s List favorite, Kid O, is lightweight, elegantly curved, and gently rocks when placed on a flat surface. Lir is just fascinated by how the little one fits perfectly on his mother’s back!

4Franck & Fischer Bobby Cuddle Cloth$27

Naptime is never lonely with a Franck & Fischer character to keep you company. The Danish company has an ENDLESS selection of cloth, crocheted, and wooden toys to drool over (and then on). Our favorite is this striped, monkey cuddle cloth.

5Elsie Dodds "M" Pillow$78

These exquisite letter pillows by Elsie Dodds have all the narrative of a book without the papercuts! Get your little one’s initials, spoil them with their full name, or take out a loan and get the whole alphabet! We’re digging the M, which shows a Moose, Monarch, Motorcycle, Maze, Monkey and Mushroom amongst others!

6GAP Sherpa-Lined Snowsuit$70

Being a New Yorker through and through, I relish this chilly time of year. Tots can love it too — especially if they’re dressed for the occasion. Gap’s sherpa-lined snowsuit with detachable mittens and booties is the perfect solution for an afternoon frolick in (soon-to-be) snowy Central Park.

7My Nose Smells Funny by Andy Smith$10

It’s become clear that Lir’s books could really say anything and she’d be cool with it. So why not go the nonsensical route when adding selections to baby’s library. We’re pining for Andy Smith’s limited edition screen printed oeuvre, My Nose Smells Funny. Can’t wait to see Lir narrate that one.

8Keep Benten Boat Shoe$35

A good pair of baby shoes is hard to find. You want style, ankle-support, durability, and value all in a shoe that’s easy to slip on. Keep’s three styles of baby kicks (boat shoe, mid-top, and high-top) totally hit the mark — and they’re organic!! They make shoes for big people too…

9Kikkerland EZ Fold Short Step Stool$14

Another Lo’s List favorite, Kikkerland livens up everyday objects with humor. This fold-away plastic step stool, available in two heights and a handful of colors, is a versatile addition to any busy home. We ♥ the industrial-meets-childproof aesthetic.

10P’kolino Coat Hanger$80

Having an adorable coat hanger just for baby is totally useful, as tiny hats, mittens, scarves and coats can get lost in the fray. This wooden tree coat hanger from P’kolino takes on both a utilitarian and playful role in your child’s room. Choose from orange, green, white, or natural. Stands 4′ tall.

Geekology » Deego’s Got Your Back(up).

November 8, 2010

top: Deego Toys Romaniac and Cálico Electrónico USB Drives
bottom: Deego Toys Chicken and Hiyori USB Drives

In the wake of yesterday’s Lo’s List computer crash of 2010, it seems appropriate to write a quick entry about Deego Toys’ adorable tools for backing up your data. Any computer user’s relationship with their hard drives is that of love and hate: yet another thing to sort, organize, care for and, equally, another thing that saves your tail (and files) time and again when faced with an iMac meltdown.

Fortunately, the old ball-and-chain YZ is a computer uber-geek and set out to perform open heart surgery on my comp, replacing the confuzzled hard drive with a brand spanking new 1TB version that has been zipping away happily for the past hour or so. Perhaps it’s easier to avoid the heartache of loosing important files when you have an adorable little piggie storing your precious data. Choose from 2 or 4 GB versions for all 2.0 USB drives with a smaller selection of designs available in 160, 250, 320, or 500 GB external hard drive versions Deego also provides customized drives for business promotions — what a killer freebie!! Both collectible vinyl and useful office gadget, this is a Kawaii meets Geekology twofer.

Found @ Etsy » Colorful Collectibles at The Sunday Times Market

November 1, 2010

top: The Sunday Times Market Front number stamp and japanese Foo Dog statuettes
bottom: The Sunday Times Market spice box and 1957 Kay Bojesen rabbit

What is a tchotchke? I would say it’s an object that you just don’t need but, somehow, are drawn towards. In the world of flea markets, antique shops, Ebay, and strange gift-givers, it’s hard to avoid the constant barrage of doodads that are daring you to find room for them in your 4th floor railroad walk-up. As our little house has started filling up with bowls of Italian glass marbles, stacks of vintage flashcards, turn-of-the-century typewriters and so forth, I’m realizing that I must become more strict with my collection curating.

So, from now on, by way of vintage, it’s only the crème de la crème of the brocante. Although Ebay has always been a fantastic resource for old school finds, I wouldn’t say it is the most pleasant of shopping experiences. Between the crap photos and the stress of bidding on something you desperately want, the pleasure of the purchase disappears. Enter Etsy. With an ever-growing group of vintage sellers, this crafter’s marketplace has become my new go-to one-stop-antique-shop. One of my favorite dealers of late is The Sunday Times Market. The Seattle-based storefront, run by husband and wife team David and Ashley, has a bright and humorous assortment of boxes, bins, signs, creatures, and kitchenwares… Their impeccable sense of taste, combined with superb photographing skills, makes perusing the pages of The Sunday Times a true pleasure. Check out the Lo’s List favorites above!

Duck Duck Goose » Virgil, Thanks for the Horse!

October 18, 2010

KidsOnRoof’s Trojan Horse

Ah, the Trojan Horse… It’s never too early for kids to discover the classics and what better place to start than with Virgil’s The Aeneid: a classic tale of military strategy. Count on the Dutch, this time by way of Amsterdam-based KidsOnRoof, to design eco-friendly playthings that are pleasing to both child’s and parent’s aesthetic. What I love most about this Trojan Horse (aside from the fact that it comes with a mini companion foal) is how perfectly minimalist it is – starting off as a plain white canvas for kids to either draw in their ideal equine creation or enjoy it as it is: simple, recycled, and sustainable.

Papercuts » Upon a Fold

October 4, 2010

top: Upon a Fold’s Musical Animal Pockets and Tracing Paper Pockets
bottom: Fusen Triangles & Semi Circles Post-It’s and Wrapping Paper Pad

The rain is pattering down on Brooklyn today — not that I’m bothered, considering YZ & I will be in 74º-and-sunny LA by tomorrow noon… But on gray Mondays like these (especially if you have munchkins that need entertaining) it’s always nice to whip out the origami paper and mountain fold your way to a paper crane mobile or a very ambitious kusudama.

The Aussies over at Upon a Fold are die hard paper people too. Justine and Matt’s goods are a celebration of the material in all shapes, sizes and applications. They’ve scoured the world for the best of papercraft, from intricate pop-up cards to perpetual calendars to delicate, hot pink baskets! If you have a soft spot for stationary you’ve got to visit their shop or just peruse their paper-centric blog!

top: Upon a Fold’s Popville Book and Puzzle Point Zoo Markers
bottom: Sectional Globe and 6/A Typographic Puzzle

Eco-Friendlies » Get Wasted with Creatables

September 28, 2010

top: Creatables Bau-Bau-Blocks and Lightweight Wallet
bottom: Creatables Tennis Ultra-Board and Old News

“Creatables is a company and network of engineers and designers that negotiate prices for industrial surplus materials from which we and our fellow designers develop nice consumer products. When you buy a Creatables product you reduce the effects of over-consumption and cast an important vote towards a sustainable development.”

Thank you Creatables, for making it so effing easy to be eco-friendly! Not only are these handy home and office supplies made entirely of factory waste, they’re downright cool — like, cooler than an upcycling hipster cool. Our favorite from the shop is definitely the fuzzy tennis ball Old News magazine/newspaper holder, a collaboration with inudstrial designer Jonas Forsman. Looking around the office, it’s just what this media-cluttered space needs!!

Duck Duck Goose » The Plush Menagerie

September 15, 2010

top: Ross Menuez Lynx and Panda Mini Cushions at Areaware
bottom: Ross Menuez Duck and Fawn Pico at Areaware

We heart Areaware, the artist collective based in New York. And on their roster of crazy cool product designers is Ross Menuez, who’s been popping up on our radar time and again. Menuez loves any vehicle that can carry a graphic and he’s decorated clothing, bags, accessories, plush toys and pillows. First we got wrapped up in Salvor, his brand of silkscreened scarves and separates with digital graphics and swirls of bright color. Lately, though, we’ve been doing cartwheels for his line of petite animal playthings. Each “Pico” pillow is shaped and screen printed with an adorable animal that begs to be squeezed. The organic cotton collection includes a zoo of animals — from bunnies, poodles and squirrels to falcons and lynxes — all priced under $30. Purrrfect — or grrrrreat — for home décor.

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