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Kawaii! » Yum Yum for a Rainy Day

October 4, 2012

The strange property that allows ketchup to change from a gel like thickness to a free flowing liquid and back again is called thixotropy.

Just taking a little coffee break here at the office to enjoy another animated short from London’s Yum Yum studio. Like all the other great stuff they do, the video is brimming with suspense and humor. If you fall in love with the characters (hard not to) don’t fret, you can pick up the soft vinyl toy versions of some of Yum Yum gang here.

Weak in the Knees for Fashion Week: Alex Wang and His Gang

September 11, 2012

As if my Rocco duffle isn’t reason enough to love Alexander Wang (it is). Now he sits the snarky duo – Yo-Landi Vi$$er and Watkin Tudor Jones aka Ninja – that are Die Antwoord front row and center at his SS 2013 show and has them headline his after party. True, they are quite the poster children for Wang’s reptilian bondage SS 2013 presentation and have previously collaborated with Wang on a video promoting the designer’s Spring 2012 T campaign. Happy to see that Wang wasn’t just riding the Zef wave.

Big Screen » Love Kills Demons

January 13, 2011

Artist Chris Rubino in his studio

How does an artist move forward without forsaking his past? Take something he’s already made and give it new meaning? Over the course of one year, filmmaker Jim Helton documented New York-based artist Chris Rubino as he explored these paradigms and new direction in his work.

The final 12-part short film, “Love Kills Demons,” is a sweeping tribute to art, romance and inspiration. We’ve played it a dozen times! Peering behind the artist’s studio doors, we watch Rubino’s screenprinting, painting and drawing come to life. We see his old posters snipped and screened anew. We wander with him through Lo’s Williamsburg ‘hood, spying unexpected beauty and scribbling little love notes.

First-rate cinematography and deft editing take Rubino’s colorful work to lush new levels. Add to that the otherworldly sounds of Big Blood’s accompaniment… and this short film series is a downright feast for the senses! Watch “Love Kills Demons” in its entirety here.

Big Screen » Spread the Word, Brooklyn is the New Mission Control.

December 16, 2010

Aside from being visually breathtaking (and goosebump-inducing), this film pretty much showcases some of the best things in life: science, nature, education, experimentation, and… good times with the fam! The film documents the build, release, and recovery of a video- and iPhone-rigged weather balloon that, in the span of a wee 70 minutes, managed to climb nearly 100,000 feet (hitting the upper stratosphere) before bursting and frantically dancing its way back to earth — landing in a tree a mere 30 miles from the launch site!

The project was spearheaded by cinematographer Luke Geissbühler of Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized renown. Of course, he had the giddy help of his 5-year-old son Max and some other intrepid astronomers from the Brooklyn Space Program… If you’re as in love with the project as we are, sponsor it by buying one of the hilarious tees illustrated with the stingray-esque body of the invention. To eternity and beyond!

Big Screen » Big Crush on Marcel

November 22, 2010

“One time I looked at a diamond and it gave me a sunburn.” — Marcel

Eeek! Big fat thanks to Nami for putting a little shell named Marcel on the Lo’s List’s radar! This stop-motion animation (by Dean Fleischer-Camp and SNLer Jenny Slate) is a cornucopia of quotidian wisdoms and life questions. He’s not just a funny little Gastropod, though. Marcel has a flair for fashion: donning neon pink sneaks and, at times, a lentil hat. He also loves long walks through the apartment with his lint-dog Alan and hang-gliding. Just don’t call him Marshell. He really hates that.

I ♥ art » Sticky Business

November 17, 2010

While the Americans are still cranking out duct-tape wallets, the Slovenians have gone above and beyond. (Tape wallets? That’s sooo ’90s Janeane Garofolo at a Pavement show.) En lieu of spray-paint, the ten-person ORTO collective relies on neon-toned industrial tape — the material best known for fixing disasters — taping over the city’s dull streets with scream-worthy graphics. It’s both a snarky inside joke on the disastrous state of our cities (uh, they need some repair) and an inversion of masking tape’s previous use in street art — to nail down stencils and mark outlines. It’s also damn fun — and that’s probably why this new form of street art has been popping up everywhere.

Tape Art pays homage in equal measure to stripey-high-art-painters like Jules de Ballincourt and grungy, old-school tape street artists like Mark Jenkins (Who I got to hang out with back in 2006). But they’re not just doing this to show off. “Our sticky art is eco,” they write in their cheeky manifesto. “It is not only easy to apply, but easy to remove. Simple and fun!” Well, the results are anything but simple. Forget lame outline drawings. They can make geometric patterns as intricate as those on the walls of mosques; they can mimic the sweeping curves of spraypaint graffiti with the hard lines of tape.

In this time-lapse video, see two of the collective’s artists, Fejzo & Luka Ursic, show how its done. When they’re not rolling and unrolling themselves in the sticky stuff, they’re taking over a Maribor pedestrian tunnel (just beneath Titova Street), covering three blank panels with their weird visions. (And playing over the accordion-toting street musician with “Crazy Yes” — a track from Turin’s DID.) Watch them make in tape a giant man baby, a mean dog, and a tiny city. But this isn’t just cartoonish: they take up exacto blades and rulers to achieve the subtle curves of a mountainous Japanese landscape, complete with bending waterfall. It’s gorgeous, subtle, sparse. About as far from a tape wallet as you could get.

Geekology » After 30 Years of Power Pellets, Pac-Man is Still Chomping at the 8-Bits…

October 21, 2010

It was at the local ice skating rink where I first battled Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. I would feed the game’s coin slot with a bottomless pocket of quarters while destroying my pearly whites with Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales. As I shivered in the artificial cold, trying to balance on those horrid, brown, rented skates that made my ankles ache for days after, I marveled at how Pac-Man never seemed to loose its lustre. Indeed, decades later, when at one of my favorite neighborhood spots, Barcade, I still gravitate to the game and it’s 2D, 8-bit, single joystick simplicity.

Pac-Man is, hands-down, one of the great icons of the video game generation and, in celebration of the Namco® legend’s 30th birthday, Moleskine has released a limited edition Pac-Man notebook series! Choose from 5 different styles, from large to pocket-sized, blank-paged to lined. Aaad, each booklet comes with Pac-Man stickers!! Yes yes yes!

Big Screen » Throw On a Pair of Twined-Knit Socks and Press Play!

October 13, 2010

It’s hard to imagine that cold weather season is upon us when it’s a whopping 90º here in Los Angeles today. But, back home in New York (and in other corners of the world), autumn is on with winter at its heels. This killer montage by Bart Van Der Gaag entitled “Autumn by the Lake” has all the nose-biting and romantic feel of this time of year — plus some very white swans. The film is paired with a heart-wrenching piece sung by acclaimed Bulgarian folk singer Stefka Sabotinova and is so pure and blue and crisp — it’s hard to believe a place like this could exist…

Beatbox » The (totally not) Japanese Popstars

October 6, 2010

What a kick-ass and creepy new video from totally-not-Japanese band, The Japanese Popstars!! The trio — Decky Hedrock, Gary Curran, and Gareth Donoghue — hail from Northern Ireland and have gathered a near-cultish following of fans in the few years since they began their musical collaboration. This latest video, for the track Lets Go off the Destroy EP, is illustrated by upcoming T-Shirt Tuesday-er Keaton Henson. The technicolored animation leads us through a thumping hallucination of sea creatures, sausages, geese, guts, and ghastly faces, all to — poof — disappear in a perfectly harmless fluffy white cloud… Ah, those were the days.

If you’re a fan of Boys Noize, Bloody Beetroots, Les Petits Pilous, Benni Benassi, or just great, classic, electronic music meant to get lost in, grab The Japanese Popstars latest album, We Just Are, and give it a good loud listen!

The Japanese Popstars aren’t indie rave, or any other sub-sub-sub genre, theirs is big room, cool as f**k electronic music built for festivals and stadiums. They’re not dance kids aping indie kids, nor are they indie kids dropping synths and calling themselves “ravers”. — via

T-Shirt Tuesdays » Wave Your Foam Finger! It’s Football Season!

September 14, 2010

top: Retro Brand’s Alabama Crimson Tide and Ohio State Buckeyes Tees
bottom: Retro Brand’s Texas Longhorns and Tennessee Volunteers Tees

Did I mention that Lo’s List loves fall? Well, football is just one more tremendous tradition to add to the list of the season’s offerings. There’s nothing that I look forward to more than a Sunday afternoon / Monday night yelping at the tube with YZ (damn you Jets offense!) and drinking fancypants Belgian beer. To celebrate the time-honored American sports tradition, here’s our roundup of vintage-y, super-soft collegiate football team tees from Retro Brand. All the charm of the prep years minus the dormitories and barfy keg parties.

top: Retro Brand’s Kentucky Wildcats and Cal Bears Tees
bottom: Retro Brand’s Oregon Ducks and Michigan Wolverines Tees

Big Screen » Just a Few Words…

September 3, 2010

We mentioned Lo’s List’s soft spot for podcasting gem Radiolab in our Complete Carry-On post from last year but the love just keeps growing for Jad and Robert. For those of you who aren’t up-to-snuff with the program’s format, the premise is as follows: each episode dissects — whether scientifically or philosophically — a topic, from Parasites to Parabolas, Mortality to Morality. If you’re familiar with their colleague Ira Glass and his wee program called This American Life, you could say Radiolab is the geeky, science-y little brother of the WBEZ star.

“Radiolab believes your ears are a portal to another world. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. Big questions are investigated, tinkered with, and encouraged to grow. Bring your curiosity, and we’ll feed it with possibility.”

One of our favorite episodes was a recent, heart-thumpingly moving piece called Words. The first story, centering around the experiences of Susan Schaller and a 27-year-old deaf man, shows the full, philanthropic capacity that humans can have. The whole episode just makes you want to run out into the world and so something really effing good… Just because they’re cool like that, the Radiolab team joined forces with off-the-charts-talented production company Everynone to create an accompanying Words video (seen above). Scored by Keith Kenniff of Unseen Music, this clip (the third that the Everynone threesome has produced for the radio show) will surely pull at your heartstrings as it seamlessly captures all the humor, weakness, care and wonder in the world spinning around us.

From: Tel Aviv (via Haifa) » Broken Fingaz Crew Sightings!

August 30, 2010

One of our hands-down favorite crews bombing the walls of Tel Aviv is the Haifa-based Broken Fingaz Crew. The 10-year-strong foursome (Tant, Unga, Dezo, and Kip) have a hypnotizing and intricate style which recalls 1960’s psychedelic posters, old school American comics, and B-rated horror flick poster typography. They’ve spent a big chunk of this summer leaving their mark on the walls of Beijing and Guangzhou, having been in China for the MIDI Festival, and are now back in Israel, set to collaborate with Zion Skateboards on some sure-to-be-stellar decks!

From: Tel Aviv » Alon Livne

July 29, 2010

Holy gods of fashion! Everything, just everything, is spot-on with this Alon Livne campaign I found on (which translates to “Getting Married”). The collection (for bridesmaids perhaps?!) is worn by a waify, pixie-esque model in creepy bug-like poses sporting headpieces fit for any good Cleopatra impersonator. The soft, Victorian color palette brilliantly contrasts the dark, lurking feeling of the clothes, of which I would wear every darned piece.

At age 24, this Shenkar College graduate was the Season 1 winner of Israel’s Project Runway (watch the finale here). Now, not a year later, he’s churning out impeccable collections like the one pictured here. Livne’s pre-Project years weren’t too shabby either, with stints for Israeli designer Yosef, Italian uber-label Roberto Cavalli and the beloved Alexander McQueen. If you’re lucky enough to be soaking up the sun in Tel Aviv, swing by Alon Livne’s boutique at Dizengoff and Arlosoroff.

Big Screen » Mary and Max.

July 14, 2010

Although I wouldn’t call Mary and Max. (the latest claymation flick by Adam Elliot of Harvie Krumpet renown) a feel-good flick, it certainly pulls at your heartstrings while simultaneously causing some ROTF laughing. Not only is everything about the feature aesthetically spot-on, the script is ingeniously written with little dialogue gems like the following:

“Unfortunately in America, babies are not found in cola cans. I asked my mother when I was four and she said they came from eggs laid by rabbis. If you aren’t Jewish, they’re laid by Catholic nuns. If you are an atheist, they’re laid by dirty, lonely prostitutes. So this is where babies come from in America.”

The characters are flawed, pitiful, and desperately in need of each other. Mary, with her birthmark the color of poo, has horrid parents, schoolmates that pee on her lunch, and a crush on the dapper neighbor boy. Max has an eating problem, terrible anxiety, and busies himself by making up new words like “comfuzzled, which is being confused and puzzled at the same time, snirt, which is a cross between snow and dirt and smushables, which are squashed groceries that you find at the bottom of the bag.” In their exchange of letters, chocolate, and other tchotskies, they try to find solace.

Shot over the course of a year with an average of 24 seconds of animation produced each day, the film is based on the real-life, 20-year penfriend of the director:

“He is such an interesting person and the creation of this film will be a testimony to him and the archetypical underdog that so many audiences around the world engage with. He, like Max, has Asperger’s and I have spent a long time researching this syndrome. My aim is to not just enlighten the world to ASPIES, but to demystify the many misconceptions others have about these people (even the so-called experts).” — Adam Elliot

A must see.

Do-Goodism » Adopt-a-Sloth

July 11, 2010

Video by the Amphibian Avenger

Despite all our efforts here at Lo’s List to bring you the best of art, design and commerce on the internet, there should be little doubt of what the world-wide-web, regretably, is really for: the sharing of sneezing pandas, short-sighted manatees and, now, these adorable, tottering baby sloths. Shot at the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, this video features our Folivoran friends doing what they do best: sleeping, yawning, falling over, eating, sleeping, hanging from stuff while asleep, eating stuff while apparently asleep, scratching their butts and sleeping. No other creature that we know of has evolved quite this degree of somnambulatory excellence.

But, if you take a moment to enjoy this video, take a moment too to consider the important work that the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary is carrying out. In addition to rescuing, caring for and re-releasing these often vulnerable creatures into the wild (injured animals are treated, yes, in a customized ‘Slothpital’), the Sanctuary is an important source of research and experience. Area schoolchildren learn about sloths and their ecosystem in the on-site Learning Center and visitors can take guided tours of the Estrella River delta.

Animal sanctuaries like this one are often located on the front lines of global climate change, and the expertise gained there may benefit us all. Check out Aviarios’ Adopt-A-Sloth Program or, should you be traveling through Costa Rica, consider spending a night in their ’boutique hotel’!

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