Comic Sans Takes a Lashing

September 17, 2009

Thank you Mirko Humbert of Designer Daily, for putting out the funniest (Godwin’s Law-inspired?) meme I have seen to date. All this Kanye bullsh*t going around? Not funny. 99.99% of the videos on YouTube? Not f*ing funny. Hitler railing on Comic Sans & his marketing team? Pee-in-your-pants hilarious. The worst/best thing? He’s right. Any corporate gimp itching for Comic (or Papyrus, or Copperplate, or freaking Impact) should be exiled to Sibera. Over & out.

Mirko’s disclaimer: “Of course, don’t take this seriously, it’s just a joke and not meant to offend anyone.” – Not to worry Mirko… We’re too busy laughing…

More about Godwin’s Law: on Wikipedia or the Godwin Usenet group
Can’t shake that Comic Sans itch? Promote the font with this tee from Veer


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