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July 17, 2010

The Nonlife Zoo plushes

Well, it’s old news that we’re killing the planet and along with it, many of these adorable fuzzy creatures! Need some crappy stats to scare you into action? The Nonlife Zoo’s mission statement is chock full of them. How about this doozy: “more than one kind of species vanishes from earth daily”. Or this one: “human activities have resulted in the extinction of 736 kinds of biological species as of 1600”. A mere-mortal response would be to throw our hands in the air and assume that these planet-crumbling issues are bigger than us, but the key to the conundrum is in the baby steps. By acting on a local level, instigating conversation amongst friends, and, when gifting or when scratching that consumer itch, supporting projects like The Nonlife Zoo (who donate percentages of their sales to the WWF’s conservation efforts), these baby steps add up to a planet leaps and bounds more likely to survive. Read more about designers Owen & Cloud’s activism-through-design here!

The Nonlife Zoo card and Keychains (with eco grocery bags!)


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