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Head Plant Sweater Dress
Yoo Doo Oxford ShirtBad Raglan Sweat
Headplant SweaterDress,Yoo Doo OxfordShirt, and Bad RaglanSweatshirt

Rather quirky and a whole lot indie, the selection of clothing over at Perks and Mini’s online boutique Someday Store is a upbeat trendsetter’s wonderland. Founders (and lovebirds!) Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey have carefully curated their catalog to include pieces from Bernhard Willhelm, Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream, Domestique, Headporter (more on this amazing label coming soon!), Medicom Toy, Neighborhood, Original Fake, Rough Pista, and, of course, plenty of stuff from Someday Store’s founding label PAM and sister label Pambook. We’ve picked out some of our favorites here (yay! Smurfs! yay! Barry McGee! yay! upside down type on canvas bag!)…

Ms. Duplo Jacquard Pants
Barry McGee Cycling CapSequential Tank
Ms. Duplo JacquardPants, Barry McGee CyclingCap, and SequentialTank
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