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Beatbox » Top 10 French Rap of the Decade!

Top 10 French Rap Singles of the Decade

I bought a little album called L’Ecole Du Micro D’Argent by IAM just a dozen years ago and since then, French rap has been a staple in my musical diet. I’ve discovered some incredible start-to-finish albums along the way (Taxi OST, Freeman’s L’Palais De Justice, Oxmo Puccino’s L’Amour Est Mort) along with a solid podcast: Yo La La! (although no more new episodes are being produced, you can listen to the entire archive here). I hope these ten tracks serve as a cross-section of what is best about the genre: incredible scratching, great collaborations, Arabic left and right, a diversity of regional slang, and some badass chicks who can really hold their own. Allons-y! All tracks after the jump!

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